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Recap:Abhi and pragya hugs each other and pragya leaves to the venue.

The episode starts with Purab in his office sitting tensed.Bulbul comes there and asks, Purab what happened?Purab replies,Bulbul..Today there is a meeting for Abhi with producers which is really important for his career but he is out of town.Bulbul asks, Out of town??Purab says,Yes bulbul he left to Delhi.Bulbul says,Woooowww…..Superb…Purab asks what??I’m roaming here and there in restless but u r saying Superb.Bulbul says,Purab Pragya di had gone Delhi for her seminar so I think…. Abhi had gone Delhi for Pragya di.Purab smiles and asks how u r this much sure??Bulbul says,U said na this meeting is important for him but he didn’t attend and moreover he doesn’t have any reason to go Delhi apart from pragya di and for past few days I was thinking that something is there between Abhi and Pragya di.Purab gets happy and says, Bulbul u r ryt..It would be great if they both get married and we have to find what’s going on between them.Bulbul agrees and smiles.

Pragya reached the venue and did her seminar all applauded for her seminar and they gave 1 hour break in between seminar.Pragya comes out and calls Abhi.Abhi was in tight sleep.Pragya calls Abhi, Abhi gets panic and attend the call and said, Yes Pragya is everything is Ok…Pragya says,yes everything is fine and I did very well now it was a hour break that’s I called u.Abhi says, Congrats!!Finally u did well..Pragya thinks its all because of u Abhi as I saw u today before my seminar that’s y I’m good today.Abhi on other side Pragya… R u thr…Pragya says,Yes and asks what about ur meeting.Abhi says,yes I was in meeting how could I forget the meeting as I came Delhi for that meeting na??..Pragya says herself He is sleeping but he is lying me and smiles and says Abhi ohh..that’s ok carry on we ll meet in evening.Abhi says,Pragya..can u share ur location once u finish ur seminar I ll come there and pick up u.Pragya says OK..I ll share u and ends the call.Abhi smiles and says hey,Chashmish u r just mind blowing u made my day.Pragya shares the location and thinks Is this love and I can feel such emotions from him and smiles.

In evening,Abhi reached the venue and waiting in the car for Pragya and he sees Pragya coming out of the hall and she is surrounded by her colleagues who are praising her for her performance in seminar and the organiser hugs Pragya and says u did extra ordinary.Pragya thanks him.Abhi sees that and become anger(jealous)and calls Pragya and says, Hey,Chashmish I’m waiting here for a while but u didn’t mind me u r enjoying with ur friends na?..Pragya searches him and sees his car and says,sorry just now I saw u..ya I ll come and ends the call.Pragya thanks all and leaves and gets into the car.Abhi starts the car and drives rashly with anger face.Pragya asks him,Why u didn’t ask me anything about seminar.Abhi says,I had seen all their applause and I know u ll did well.Pragya smiles and thinks he is jealous and says u r looking cute when u r in anger.Abhi smiles and says hey…Chashmish…U r flirting with me ryt…Pragya smiles and nods no I’m just praising u.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya asks Abhi where we are going. Abhi replies for dinner.Pragya asks where.Abhi asks,Where???U suggest where to go!!

Pragya says,I don’t know about Delhi except Agra and Tajmahal.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya asks Abhi, How much distance from here to Agra?Abhi asks why?Pragya replies,No just i asked. Abhi asks, U wanna go there?Pragya replies no..but I have a stupid wish and laughs.Abhi asks wish???What’s ur wish??Pragya says,I said na stupid wish so its not important leave it. Abhi says, I asked what’s the wish and answer my question.Pragya says that I wanna stand at the top of Taj mahal and wanna see Agra and river yamuna and says too stupid na I know they won’t allow anyone to top of the taj mahal and smiles.Abhi smiles at her and thinks to fulfill her wish.He started driving towards Agra.Pragya asks him,How long u ll drive I feel sleepy and hunger too.Abhi thinks how unromantic she is I’m with her and such a long drive but she is feeling sleepy so weird and thinks is she doesn’t have any emotions for me and looks at her.

Abhi stops the car and ask her to sit in car itself and he ll back.Pragya nods s and asks him to buy something to eat.Abhi smirks and goes.Pragya says herself,Im very hungry but he didn’t get my feelings but he smirked at me and sees Abhi speaking to someone and many girls surrounded him by saying Abhi.. Abhi..and they are taking photos.Pragya gets annoyed and thinks if he wanna spend time with his fans why should he brought me here and gets angry.She keeps on looking at him a fan girl kisses Abhi.Pragya loses her temper and gets out of the car.Abhi sees her and feels embraced and happy too.He thinks her eyes confessing her jealous for me and calls a man to sort out his fans and leaves from there.Abhi comes near the car and asks Pragya why didn’t u come out??Pragya didn’t replied.Abhi smiles and ask her to sit inside and says we wanna go.Pragya says,I’m not coming with u..u wanna go then u go alone.Abhi asks her,Are u feeling jealous??Pragya looks at him and becomes tensed and says,Why could I feel jealous for u and sits in the car.Abhi says good and starts the car.

Abhi says himself,Abhi don’t get confused whether she feels for u or not just do what ur heart says.Abhi stops the car and asks her to come out.Pragya asks,Now for what??Abhi replies just come out.Pragya comes out.Abhi comes behind her and ask her to close her eyes or remove her chashma.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says just joking and asks her to close her eyes.She closed her eyes and Abhi keeps his hand palm on her eyes and asks her to walk straight.Pragya asks are U kidnapping me??Abhi says yes, I’m gonna kidanap u and kill u.Pragya asks what??Abhi asks her to keep quiet and ask her to stop walking and he make her to stand and takes his palm from her eyes and asks her to open her eyes and asks her to see the view.She opened her eyes and says everything is out of my view.Abhi asks what?and wored her specs to her and ask her to see now.

Pragya sees the view and she feels cloud nine (it was her wish to view Agra and yamuna river from the top of Taj mahal)Abhi holds her hands from back and widens her hand and asks how do u feel now??Pragya says,It was just incredible I don’t have any words to describe and says,Thanks…Thanks alot.Abhi says ur stupid wish is fulfilled na??Pragya replies yes,but how u got the permission. Abhi just says I’m a Rockstar.Pragya smiles at him and asks,How they build such a wonderful building in this river bank.Abhi takes her hand and places in his chest and asks her to close her eyes and he asked.. What u did first u felt my heartbeat or u started counting?? Pragya replies I’m feeling ur heartbeat and thinks I’m comfortable and happy at this moment.Abhi asks her to open her eyes she takes her hand.

Abhi says,How u felt my heartbeat like that shahjahan had build this with feeling that’s y this place looks too beautiful,some things can be understood only by feelings not by words or others measures and smiles at her.Pragya keeps on looking the site Abhi feels happy and thinks whatever may be the relationship between me and pragya I want this althrough my life and I want her to be happy like this as always. Pragya thinks the same that she wants him to be happy and she want to see his love and care in his eyes althrough her life.Abhi asks shall we go??Pragya nods yes and they gets into the car.Pragya thanked him.Abhi says,No formalities just chill.Abhi smiles at her.They reached the hotel Abhi ask her to go and sleep its already late and says, Gud night Chashmish!!Pragya says,Gud night!!
Abhi asks her to get ready in morning as we have to leave Delhi.Pragya nods and leaves.

Precap:Dadi asking Abhi to accept for his marriage the girl of her choice.Abhi nods no looking on dadi says ok without interest and thinks that his feelings for Pragya had end and cries(Do pal ruka plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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