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Abhi n all left Australia in 4PM flight.Kush gets happy n says,So..Mumma..our first plan worked out.Pragya was still in tears n reminding Abhi’s sad face.Kush shooks her n says,Mumma cumon grow up..Pragya stares him n announcement made for check in for their flight.They made all the formalities.Kush was quite excited his first flight..for the first time he going for India n he knows he gonna b thr forever.Before some minutes of take off Kush reminds Pragya to call his buas.Pragya calls Alia.Alia sees the phone n says,Peehu..its bhabi n attends the call n puts on speaker.Pragya says,We gonna take off in few minutes.Alia says,Don’t wry bhabi..v got a new sim for u nothing to wry.Peehu says,haa..bhabi..I ll thr to receive u at sharp 9’oclock.Pragya says,But as our plan Aila ll receive me na..u have to make ur brother busy for whole day..Alia says,Haa..Peehu y u r changing the plan.Peehu says,Im scared..y u ppl r giving this big task for me..Alia can handle him na.Alia says,No..U r trapping I mentally prepared for my I cant change in last minute.Peehu says,Arey..whts thr to prepare is u gonna play 20-20 with Pakistan..Alia says,Oh..smarty..u..Pragya says,Oh..just stop it..Peehu only u can make him busy coz he wont get anger on u so u hav to do this.Alia smiles on Peehu.Peehu says,k bhabi..have a safe flight.Pragya smiles n says,That’s my girl..ur bhai ll reach by take care of him.Alia says,oh..ho..Love..Love..wifey..Love for Rockstar hey na babhi.Pragya smiles n says,haa..n ends the call.Abhi Purab Mikha was in flight n there is only few hours to reach Mumbai.Abhi was seating btwn Puarb n Mikha..they both were cracking jokes n laughing.Abhi was missing his wife n son badly n gets irked of their non-stop non sense jokes.Abhi asks,How u both can laugh like this.Purab asks,Excuse me!!what kinda question is this they both laught at Abhi.Abhi asked,Maa..u r not missing ur daughter n grandson uh??U also laughing with this idiot.Mikha says,s..Im missing them..but what could v do..Abhi smirked n not in mood to laugh or bear their laugh.After few hours,All reached Mumbai.Abhi Mikha reached was around 12AM but no one seems to be slept all were waiting for him.As he n Mikha entered.Abhi introduces Mikha to all.Peehu Alia Mitali Aakash Rachu got blessings from Mikha(Aakash-rachu married n they have 3 yr old son Aarav)Abhi sees Peehu n gives her a bone crushing hug n says,U know how u scared us coz of ur long never ending sleep.Peehu had tears n says,Oh..forget it bhai..come lets sleep..Peehu takes Abhi to his room.Alia takes Mikha to the room they arranged for Mikha n says,Maa..hereafter this is ur room.Mikha says,thank u beta.Alia says,No problem..u go n take rest.On other side,Pragya n Kush was in travel.Kush almost scared n hugs Pragya tight n says,Mumma y its too even don’t know hanuman chalisa..Pragya laughs n says,First time na that’s y..Kush just fall asleep in her arms.Pragya was lost in thought of she gonna see her maa..bulbul..her daughter..the MM she lost in memories.In MM,Abhi lies in bed.Peehu says,Gud night bhai..Abhi says,Gud left the room.Abhi is being so restless he is missing them to death.Abhi calls his fuggi but the answer he heard is switched off.Abhi thought she may slept n tries to sleep after a while he slept coz of tiredness.In morning it was 7,His curtains was already opened..he feels that sun is falling on him.He murmers in sleep,Lemme sleep fuggi..his ears is longing for the word from his wife..his cheek is waiting eager to get his irritating till that he decided to remains sleep but after a minute he doesn’t get anything nor his pat nor her voice so he suddenly opens his eyes n wondered himself he was in MM in his room but his fuggi was not here.He suddenly gets from bed n took the phone n calls his fuggi but it remains switched off he become restless.And it was 8 AM he freshed up n came down he sees all were in dining table including Mikha.Abhi thinks,No one is here to give me a coffee..if my fuggi is thr she wont let me to open my eyes without the aroma of that heavenly coffee n smirked n sits in dining table.Alia says,K..Im leaving I hav important work n sighs Peehu.Peehu nods.Alia left.Abhi asks,Peehu whr she is going this much earlier.Peehu thinks, here he started his innings of questions I don’t know Im gonna answer all his questions today..God ji..pls give me the strength n folds her hand n sees up.Abhi notices her n shooks her n asks,Y u r seeing up..Peehu says,Nothing..Abhi says,I asked u whr Alia is going this much earlier.Peehu says,She hav some work.Abhi asks,Wht work?Peehu says,That how do I know.Abhi says,This is not fair..i hav to talk to her.Peehu says,Ofcourse.Abhi says,k..Im leaving to my room.Peehu shouts,No..u cant go thr.Abhi shocked n asks,Y.Peehu thinks wht to say n says,Shopping..v hav to go for shopping.Abhi says,Shopping??with me??no Im not in mood of shopping u go with Ishaan.Peehu says,He is out of town n more over Im gonna buy stuffs for Bhabi n Kush so u should come.Abhi says,Peehu ur babhi is phone is switched off so Im not in mood of shopping pls understand.In Airport,Alia receives Pragya n Kush.Alia gives them bone crushing hug n lifts Kush n kisses him.Kush asks,How r u Aalu?Alia says,Superb..btw babhi here ur phone.Pragya says,thank u..Pragya calls Peehu.Peehu’s phone was on table.The phone rings the caller name displayed as Bhabhi..Abhi just glanced but within a second Peehu takes the phone.Abhi asks,Who is that Bhabhi.Peehu says,Its noy bhabhi..its Babaji..n attends the call.Abhi murmers Babaji but kaun hey babaji..Peehu goes far n attends the call.Pragya asks,U both r out of house na.Peehu says,Not yet..ur hubby is not in mood of coming out..Pragya says, K for now v r going to Maa’s home but u have to take him out.Peehu says,But..Pragya ends the call.Peehu says,’m just in deadlock Wht to do n thinks n came back to table.Abhi asks,Who is babaji..Peehu lost in thinking n says,Ishaan..Abhi asks,Ishaan..babaji?when he turned to b spiritual guru.Peehu came back to sense n asks,Who?Abhi says,Ishaan..Peehu asks with a shock,When Ishaan becomes spiritual guru n how u know?Abhi says, happened to u..Just now u said babaji is Ishaan.Peehu says,Oh..just leave it come let’s go.Abhi asks,Whr?Peehu says,Shopping..pls bhai..don’t ask any more questions v r going atleast come for my sake else I ll cry n pretends to cry..Abhi says,Oh..meri Maa..I’m coming pls don’t cry.Peehu says herself,Well done..Peehu..God ji..pls b with me the whole day..They both left for shopping.Alia Pragya n Kush reached Arora house.For their surprise,Purab Bulbul n Roshni was thr.As Alia stops the car before the home.Kush gets out without closing the door he enters home n stands in door n shouts,Chaachuu…Purab minds reminds such a cute voice btw how could he forget the voice.Purab rushed towards him n lifts him n says,Rockstar is that u came here..Bulbul Sarla almost wondered.Pragya just enters the home.Purab says,Pragya di..whts happening that true or dream..Pragya looks on Sarla n Bulbul.Sarla widens her arms Pragya runs towards her n hugs the Aroras share a emotional moment.Purab takes Kush thr n says,Maa..this is ur grandson..our Rockstar’s Rockstar.Sarla takes him in hand n kisses.Bulbul too kisses him n says,He is just like Jiju..Kush says,Haa..Masi all r saying like this..Sarla says,Oh..beta..n kisses him.Kush says,Naani..who r all in this photos it seems to b like Mumma..Bulbul says,Ofcourse it’s ur Mumma n me.Suddenly a small girl comes thr by rubbing her eyes.Pragya says,Roshni?Bulbul nods.Pragya rushed n hugs her.Kush says,Hey..Roshni..n hugs her.After a while,Purab asks, u both here so soon.Alia explains all.Purab says,Wow..that’s great.

Precap: Abhi n Peehu was abt to enter MM.At the same time Alia Pragya n Kush reached thr in car.Peehu sees Alia’s car n gets panic n thinks,Oh..No.all is gonna spoil in a sec

Credit to: Tisha

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