Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 78


I should thank each n every reader of my ff..each n every persons who were commenting on my ff..thank u so so much..without ur support I ll never reach this much of episodes..Feeling happy when I read all ur comments.COMPLETELY HUMBLED..

The week starts n Kush was running towards his final exams.In home,Pragya was almost lost with Kush in brushing him for exams.For 3 days,Abhi n Purab was almost idle..coz they hav no work.Purab says,Bhai..Im gonna book tickets for us.Abhi says,Haa..Purab tmrw Kush exams r getting over so lets leave tmrw..wait a minute I ll come with u n left to his room.In room,Pragya along with Kush preparing for exam.Abhi enters n ask,Oh..I don’t know who is gonna write exams..Mumma or Kush..Kush says,Boring Papa..Uffff!!!!just a day all this crap ll gets over.Pragya stares.Abhi says,Oh..fine now u r my son..Pragya asks,matlab..Abhi says,I have a fear that if my son ll become like u by reading stupid books..then he ll also have to wear chashma na but he again proved that he is like me hate to read..Pragya says,Stupid many times I had told u not to insult my books.Abhi laughs.Kush says,Papa..Im not that much bad in studies..I had pursued A+ hey na Mumma..but I hate exams..Abhi says,I know..u r my son na..u ll always be first..Pragya laughs.Abhi asks,Y u r laughing..Pragya says,When u scored first mark?Abhi says,Always..Pragya asks,Really n laughs.Abhi says,Haa..leave it..u concerntrate on ur son(trying to escape from her trap)Pragya laughs n says,U r college..drop out na..Kush wonders n laughs n asks,Really papa??Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..who told u..hmm…no Kush ur Mumma is lying.Pragya laughs n asks,Is im lying..Abhi says,Ya…I’m dropped out coz I got selected by music company during my last year so unable to write whats wrong in that.Pragya says, is also a lie..Kush says,too bad Papa..kitna joot bolungi aap Mujse..too bad.Abhi says,Arey..Ur Mumma is lying..Pragya says,No,Kush..ur papa falied in final semester then only he got the chance in music company till now he didn’t cleared the paper hey na..y u r lying to our son n laughs.Abhi irked n says,Haahaahaa..Whats there to laugh..thum Phd hey??nahi hey na chup kar..Kush laughs.Pragya throws pillow on Abhi.Abhi smiles n says,k..k..tmrw we r leaving Australia na..Kush says, way Papa..Pragya sighs Kush,y by raising her eyebrows.Kush winks at her n says Abhi,Papa..tmrw v cant leave coz I have formalities to get document is school na..Then only Pragya remembered about hers n Kush’s plan.

Pragya says,Haa…v cant leave tmrw..Abhi shouts,Whts the stupid formalities v r going that’s it..Pragya makes him to sit n says,y u r getting anger its important na v have to get his certificates..etc..Abhi asks,U said u got all those certificates but today u r saying like this u both r playing prank on me?Kush says,Papa..Me playing mean papa u didn’t trust me uhh?(pretends to cry)Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Oh..dramebazz..stop acting.Kush stares.Pragya says,Suniye..i got only some certificates remaining they ll give it on day after tmrw..Abhi says,Let them post it..Pragya says,No..i have to whts ur problem u cant stay for one more day..Abhi says,Ohh..Phd..If stayed here for one more day I ll b in jail..U know na My VISA is expiring tmrw.Pragya n kush pretends to b sad n asks,Now wht to do?Abhi asks,y u r asking me n becomes sad.Pragya says,No problem..u Purab Maa..u 3 go first then me n Kush ll come after 3 days.Abhi asks,What?Are u joking?idiot..try to grt certificates today itself..v r leaving tmrw..Pragya n Kush blinks at each other.Pragya says,They strictly said they ll give that day after tmrw..then how to get by today..Abhi says,Don’t wry..I ll go to his skl n I ll ask them wht kind of skl they r irresponsible..Pragya n Kush didn’t expect this.Kush says,Papa..dont go n fight thr then all think bad abt u n me.Abhi says,I know how to handle n abt to leave.Pragya holds his wrist n makes him to sit n downed her kneels n says,Y u doing like this..try to understand..Abhi says,But..fuggi..Pragya says,wht?Abhi says,How ll I stay visa is expiring na(he becomes very sad)Pragya says,Koi..baath nahi..i said na u ppl leave tmrw…v ll come after u.Kush says,haa..Papa..Abhi says,U both ll never miss me na.Pragya feels very bad for fooling him n looks over Kush.Kush nods no..

Pragya controlled herself n says,Just 3 days…actually two days..u ll reach thr on Friday..v ll be thr on Sunday na..Just a don’t worry…my ladoo na pls don’t keep ur face like this.Abhi says,How could I leave u..I cant.Kush says,come on Papa..dont over react..Abhi says,See..fuggi wht he is saying..n keeps his face utter sad.Pragya says,Kush!!Abhi says,Tell me wht I have to do now.Pragya says,Go n book tickets for u 3.Abhi keeps his face like a kid n says,k..I ll b back n left home with Purab.After he left,Pragya n Kush gives hifi.Kush asks,Mumma..u r an idiot..U r abt to say the truth na.Pragya says,Wht shall I do..when I see him sad.Kush says,Mumma..if v gave him that surprise he ll b double happy na.Pragya nods.(Pragya n Kush decides to give surprise to Abhi so they made a plan with help of Alia n Peehu)Within this mean time,Pragya n Kush packed all their stuffs n bag packs n hides it in store room.Abhi came back to home.Mikha was packing her stuffs(she also doesn’t know abt Pragya n Kush’s plan coz they lied to her as they done with Abhi)Abhi says,Maa..v r leaving by tmrw 4PM.Mikha says,haa…beta..but Pragya n Kush??How they ll come alone.Abhi says,Ha..maa..wht can v do..they took decision..if v opposed u na wht they ll do..Mikha says,Its all ur mistake..Ur pampering them too much na so only..Abhi says,u r ryt..hereafter im gonna b strict with those 2.

Mikha smiles tauntingly n asks,Really?Abhi laughs n says,How could I b strict Maa..n hugs Mikha.Mikha laughs n says,I know..Abhi enters his room Pragya n Kush were packing Abhi’s stuffs.Abhi sits on bed n says,So..u both r hurrying to send me off..Pragya hugs him from back n says,Not at all..n kisses his cheek.Kush runs towards him n sits in lap n says,No..Papa..v ll gonna miss u n kisses his cheek.Abhi holds both of them n says,Im gonna miss u badly n had tears in eyes.Next day evening,Kush finished his exam n waiting for Pragya in skl.Pragya says Abhi,U ppl go first I ll pick Kush from skl n I ll b thr for send off.Abhi says,So bad..y u r sending me with them..u don’t want to spend some time with me atleast now..v both can pick Kush na..wht happened to u fuggi(becomes very sad n disappointed of her behavior)Pragya says,If v got late in skl then u ll miss the flight na..thats y im saying..Abhi asks,So..if u got late in skl u wont come..atleast to send me off na..its need..I ll manage..who Im to u Im just..just..just leave it do as ur wish..Pragya becomes sad n says,Not like that n touches his hand.Abhi says,don’t touch me..Im leaving with them..I ll manage..u go n pick Kush..Bye..And if u have time after finishing ur work come to Airport else u do ur work n left to Airport.Pragya says herself,Oh..he is its just for few hours sure he ll b happy by our surprise.Pragya calls a cab n stuffed all her n Kush’s bag packs in car n went to Ankit’s home n gave the home’s key n hugs Ankit n says,bhaiya take care..Ankit says,U tc..go safe..

(Pragya n Kush leaving in 7PM flight)Pragya picks Kush from skl.In car,Kush asks,Mumma..if papa get suspicious on us.Pragya says,No..but he is angry on me..Kush says,Leave it Mumma..u packed all my stuffs na toys..Pragya says,haa..see u alone have 5 bags.Kush laughs.Kush n Pragya reached Airport.Abhi sees them.Purab says,Di..aagaya.Abhi just ignored her n lifts Kush n says,Come soon..Papa ll wait for u.Mikha hugs Pragya n says,Come safe..Purab says,Haa..di come safe..Pragya looks on Abhi but he was talking with Kush.The final announcement was given n they all starts moving.Abhi passes over the gate without speaking with Pragya.Then he runs towards her n hugs her(Allah waariyan plays)n says,Come soon na fuggi..pls..Pragya cries n says,Sure.Abhi says,Love u n kisses her forehead n they all left Australia.

Credit to: Tisha

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