Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 77 (Part-2)


He is none other than ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA my WORLD my SUPERHERO everything n the angel is PAPPAs FUGGI PRAGYA ABHISHEK MEHRA my LIFE..SHE IS EVERYTHING..Abhi n Pragya holds their hands n had tears in their eyes..Kush says,I LOVE U PAPA..and I LOVE U MUMMA n waves kisses.ABHIGYA too waves kisses to their son.Suddenly,Lights offed on stage..Pics of Abhi shown in the screen.Abhi wonders again. n looks at the stage.Kushs kiddy voice comes from the dark stage he says,Papa..this is for u..I dont know whether this is a best tribute to u but I had tried my level best I hope u ll love it..Abhi pragya hears his voice n excited wht he is gonna do..they cant take their eyes off stage they looks at the stage with an excited smiling face.Here spot light falls on Kush were he is standing before a mike by wearing his guitar..He starts to string up guitar n sings with a kiddy voice n with a sparkling smile.

KUSH:chanda ne puchha taro se taro ne puchha hazaro se chanda ne puchha taro se taro ne puchha hazaro se sabse pyara kon hai papa mere papa, papa mere papa papa mere papa, papa mere papa mithi mithi bato se wo sabko hasanta hai ho pyari adao se wo dil bahlata hai ho duniya me aate jate wo pyar lutata hai sagar ne puchha naiya se naiya ne pucha khivaya se sabse pyara kon hai papa mere papa,papa ha mere papa

Here he finishes n says,LOVE U PAPA..Abhi cant control his tears of joy n rushed towards the stage n hugs his son tight n kisses him n lifts him in his arms n says,LOVE U TOO..Kush smiles n says,Next time,I ll give best song for u Papa.Abhi gets emotional n hugs.Pragya almost stood speechless.The whole media were capturing pics of son n father.In India,Dadi almost had tears of joy n says,Woh..baccha..bilkul Abhi hai..Peehu says,Wow..Kush he is just so he loves his Papa..I cant belive Bhai has such a son wow it was like being in dream land.Alia says,Ofcourse,Peehu I too felt the same.In stage,Kush says in mike,I have to thank many persons..My Mumma ll use to say whenever u done a job with others help v should thank them so im gonna thank who r all helped me.First of all,I have to thank my Pyari..Pyari..Purab chachu..Alia bua n Peehu bua..they only helped me..Love u Chachu..Love u bua..Puarb waves him kisses.Then,My friends who r all sang with me..Thank u my friends..Then my lovely Granny who helped me to speak this much sweetly..granny..u know na I LOVE U A LOT..Mikha smiles.Then he says,And a big big thanks to my Papa n Mumma who always being my support n they r my life..Thank u PAPA..Thank u MUMMA..LOVE U BOTH..Abhi was just dumbstruck he cant belive what was happening around him.As concert gets over all praised Abhi n Kush n concert was super duper hit.Abhi n Kush comes down of stage.Kush runs towards Pragya n hugs her tight.

Pragya lifts him n kisses him.Kush asls,Mumma..u liked it.Pragya says,I loved it..really proud of u.Kush kisses her n says,Thank u..Pragya says,Owww!!I have to thank u my baby..u rocked it today.After a while,They reached home.Pragya asks,Purab..Mikha to fresh up lets have dinner together.They nods.AbhiGyaSh gets into their room.Abhi was in mixed emotions he behaving so weird after the concert.Pragya notices him n decides to talk to him later n says,Suniye..go n freshup..Abhi nods n leaves.After a while,Pragya makes Kush to bath n changes his dress.Abhi was continuously watching them without taking his eyes off.He just quietly watched his sons cute antics n smiled at him when he cutely troubles his Mumma.Pragya too freshed up n calls all for dinner.Kush was sitting in Pragyas lap n she is feeding him.Mikha says,Arey..chotee nawab..u become a rockstar now but still u dont know to take bath..dont know to eat..when u gonna learn this n all..If u gone to skl in India u have to attend 9-5 classes u have to eat ur lunch urself..wht u gonna do u ll take ur Mumma Papa to skl.All smiles.Kush asks, that true..Pragya nods with smile.Kush says,OhhoMumma..Abhi says,Arey..Maa..he ll manage..Afterall he is my son na..Pragya says,Haa..Maa..even Kush can manage himself but thr r some grown up kids in our home na they cant manage themselves n smiles.All laughed at Abhi.Abhi says,Arey..this is not fair yaar..

Purab says,Di..u r ryt..I know still he doesnt know how to wear tie na..Kush says,Haa..chachu n laughs.After a while they finished their dinner n having funny chats for a while.Mikha says,k..its getting late let us sleep..Purab says,Haa..I forget to make call to my two cute devils they gonna kill me n left to make a call.Suddenly,Abhi receives a was peehu..Peehu says,Oh..whr is my cute lil star..Abhi says,Then u didnt called to speak with me.Peehu says,Not at all..Bhai u see thr gonna b huge fans for Kush than u.Abhi smiles.Peehu says,k..k..give the phone to my rockstar.Abhi calls Kush.Kush n Pragya comes thr n Abhi gives him phone.Kush says,Hello..Peehu..hw r u?Peehu says,Superb..u rocked it today..Kush asks,Whr is Aalu?n he runs out of room by talking in phone.Pragya says,Dhekiye na..Aap ki bête..he is calling them by name.Abhi smiles.Pragya asks,Suniye..kya hua..Abhi says,Nothing fuggi..I cant belive wht is happening around me..its just looks like a dream for me.Pragya asks,Matlab..u r nt happy.Abhi says,Ofcourse Im happy..happiest person in the world..Pragya smiles.Abhi says,I dont know this small kid loves me a lot..u saw na how he surprised me..his words every words stabbed my heart..our son..our blood..a part of my blood is standing before me dedicating for was like heaven I dont have words to explain my feeling..for the first time Im feeling the divinity of was just driving me crazy..our son..

i cant belive our son is this much mature..u heard na how he said my past he feeled can a son love his Papa this much this is strange na..I dont know Is I deserved this much from my son..tell me fuggi Is im a gud feels different being a father..I felt completely different..Pragya smiles n says,Ofcourse u r a best father..even I too felt jealous of seeing Kush that he has such a wonderful father.Even I couldnt belive that our son is doing this much but he is just like u..U know when he was in my womb I usually pray to god that he should be like uhe should speak like u..walk like u..running here n thr..his voice should b like u..and finally he is just like u..U know how I’m happy today..Abhi hugs Pragya n says,Without u I can’t get such a gift of my life..U n Kush..I don’t know how to express my feelings.Pragya says,U fullfilled my life..Kush enters n the trio shares a family hug.

Precap: Abhi was leaving Australia with Purab n Mikha.

Credit to: Tisha

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    Dono how to express my feelings..
    Surely u must take next step in ur carrier this field

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  6. Why is Abhi only leaving without pragya and kush. Don’t separate the happy family once again plz. It is my humble request. I don’t know even if you read your comments but if you do don’t deprecate them. Also plz read your comments cuz ppl r writing them for u to read

    1. Ofcourse I ll read all the comments… thanks for ur comments lots of love 🙂

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  19. You are rocking tisha.i remember the thirukural of father and son.its amazing and its in blood. Abhigya got such much talent so their mixing of blood is same sure.the photo of the boy also mixing of abhigya ditto. Nice yar,precap mention abhi-abhigyaush or any other twist. Dont separate them. They should compensate 6 years and a lifetime is not enough for them.a little cute princess for the prince to support and charming their life.move it in a positive and happy way.thanks in advance.

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