Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 77 (Part-1)

Abhi n Kush takes over the stage with his music band accompanied them in BG.Before starting the performance Abhi n Kush gives a short words together,They says,This song is to the woman who ruling our lives actually she is our life,She is our music,she gives us the music,She is everything for us a small dedication to our world who revolving around us 24X7 to protect us to care us to love usIf v hurted u before v r really sry(by holding their ears)Abhi says,So this is for my says,This is for my world they both waved kiss towards her.Pragya almost had tears in her eyes she too waved kisses to them..Abhi sighs her no tears by keeping his finger in eyes.Pragya nods with a smile.Purab claps hard..In India whole Mehra n Aroras watching it in TV.In stage,All lights turned off only spot lights n some stage lights as they do in concert.They showed Pragyas pictures on screen on stage.Abhi and Kush strings their guitar n starts to sing together.
Maine Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai(The one whom I have seen just now)
Kaun Hai Woh Anjaani(Who is that stranger)
Woh Hai Koi Kali Ya Koi Kiran(Is she some flower-bud or some ray of light)
Ya Hai Koi Kahani(Or is she a story )
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon(As much as I see her,I think)
Kya Use Main Keh Doon(Should I go and tell her)
Pretty Woman,Hey Pretty WomanDekho Dekho Na Pretty Woman(Look look now)
Pretty Woman Pretty WomanDekhte Ho Na Pretty Woman(You are seeing her)
Pretty Woman Pretty WomanTum Bhi Kaho Naa Pretty Woman(You also say it now,Pretty woman)
Pretty Woman Sone Ka Rang Hai(She has the color of gold)
Sheeshe Ka Ang Hai(Her body seems to be made of crystal)
Jo Dekhe Dang Hai Kya Kahon(Whoever sees her,seems astounded what should I say)
Hairaan Main Bhi Hoon(Even I am surprised)
Yeh Kya Andaaz Hai(What is this style)
Itna Kyun Naaz Hai(Why is she carrying so much pride)
Ismein Kya Raaz Hain Kya Kahoon(What’s the secret in this,what should I say)
Woh To Pal Mein Khush Hai Pal Mein Khafa(She is happy in one moment,and angry in the other)
Badle Woh Rang Har Ghadi(She changes her color,every moment)
Par Jabhi Dekhoon Roop Uskea(But whenever I see her)
Lagti Hai Hai Pyaari Badi(She seems so lovely)
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon(As much as I see her I think)
Kya Use Main Keh Doon(Should I go and tell her)
Pretty Woman, Hey Pretty WomanDekho Dekho Na Pretty Woman Pretty WomanDekhte Ho Na Pretty Woman Pretty Woman Pretty WomanTum Bhi Kaho Naa Pretty Woman Pretty Woman
Aankhon Mein Hai Nasha(In her eyes, there is intoxication)
Zulfon Mein Hai Ghata(Her hair is like the clouds)
Pehle Hamne Ada Yeh Haseen(Before this,such beautiful style)
Dekhi Na Thi Kahin(I had not seen anywhere)
Dekhi Jo Yeh Pari(When I saw this fairy)
Masti Dil Mein Bhari(My heart got filled with pleasure)
Hai Yeh Jadogari Ya Nahi(Isn’t this sheer magic)
Ho Na To Janu Kya Hain Naam Na Janu Main PataI(neither know her name nor her address)
Par Itna Hai Maine Jana(But I have gotten to know this)
Jise Dekhle Ek Nazar Bhar Ke Us Ko Karde Woh Diwana(Whoever she throws a glance at she makes that person go crazy in love)
Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon,Kya Use Main Keh Doon Pretty Woman,Hey Pretty WomanDekho Dekho Na Pretty WomanLook look now, Pretty Woman Dekhte Ho Na Pretty Woman Pretty Woman.

Pragya blushed hard after hearing this song as whole media focused her.She claps hard for her hubby n son.Purab too claps hard.As performances over Abhi comes down.Pragya hugs him n asks whr is Kush.Abhi says,Arey,he was here..whr he gone..Suddenly his voice came from stage,Papa Im here..Abhigya wondered.Kush says,Usually Mumma n Papa ll tell me the story but today Im gonna tell a story to all over world..Its the story of a superhero.AbhiGya watched him surprisingly.Kush says,There was a boy in a small home,he had 2 sisters almost they r like his daughters they r his world he lost his parents at the age of 4 but he never gived up for that he had his dadi with him she supported him a lot..he worked very hard from his childhood..he had a best frnd in his life almost like his brother he is the best soul mate for him n he too have a girl frnd at he age of 6.Abhi almost feels so emotional n smiles by holding Pragyas hand.Kush says,They both use to play in streets,eat in roadside they grown up they didnt meet in the mean time he had his passion over music so he worked hard n hard he done playing guitar in hotels too then he got selected in audition n a big musical company is ready to launch he worked hard n hard almost he worked every notes 100 times to give his best to attain his best.Tears rolled down from Abhis eyes with a completed smile..Kush says,As the Album launched,he had succeeded well..the album was super duper hit his album n his name was most chanted in the year.As his album gets hit he had many girl fans.Abhi made a blurt out smile..Kush says,then he had made a wonderful family he brought up his sisters well in this society one is a business tycoon n one is doctor now.In India,All had tears in their eyes Peehu n Alia hugged dadi.Kush says,After his success he had many proposals too but when his next album was not that much hit all were gone out of his life except his dadi n sisters then he worked hard again n again then he got his lost name,fame everything..Then one day an angel entered in his life,Yes..the same girl his childhood girlfriend she had changed his life..she got him to love..she made his music too..Pragya smiles.Kush says,Then he married her their life was wonderful then there was an accident it leads to make them apart to live separately for 6 years..then one day he was united again with his wife but there was another person too in their life their beautiful..wonderful..naughty son(smiles while saying)then his life was more colorful n meaningful..the day he raised n to till now he is the only n No.1 rockstar in the world..He is none other than ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA my WORLD my SUPERHERO everything n the angel is PAPPAs FUGGI PRAGYA ABHISHEK MEHRA my LIFE..SHE IS EVERYTHING..

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Ashly

    Wow… Wonderful Episode… Pretty Women song is one of my fav… Really Fantastic… Kush story about Abhigya is emotional,when kush smiles when he said about himself was just cute…

  2. shree

    Tisha really really awesome yar… I love u so much today too emotional I am crying hardly yar… hats off to u I have no words to say… really great and that song sung by kush and abhi really love it this episode chance less

  3. Nivethitha

    Oh my god it was soooooooooooo cute kush rockzzzz the part it was fabulous di I can’t wait for next part

  4. sana

    superb yaar…so so..good…but u uploaded less episode….u uploaded a big song,episode is less…next episode also upload today itself….pls…

  5. kirthi

    Aiyo sri….loved it to the core…very lovely song…n the speech given by kush was really very emotional…I cried with a smile while reading that…really hats off to you dear…very proud of you…best episode ever…love u dear for giving us such episode…waiting for the next one…

  6. kirthi

    Really sari…I can’t say…there is no words to say how happy I’m ..intha episode best nu sonna, adutha episode atha Vida best ah iruku…unoda Ella episode uhme best tha..Oru naal kuda na bore ah feel pannathu illa..u r always THE BEST as I always say..:)

  7. Awwwww…. Awesome akka…..
    Today kush rocked in ur ff… No words to express
    I just loved it a lot????

  8. Rose

    oooommmgggg … srimadhi tears r rolling n my eyes.. cant tear wn kush told about abhi life… now too its teary.. vry heart touching .. so emotional .. u r such a talented guy.. god bless u frnd

  9. NasimaTN

    Wow..such an amazing epi..i expect a lot today from u.but its too short tisha..and its very emotional….i am waiting for nxt ..but its too long..and update soon tisha..i m eagerly seriously waiting for nxt epi..i like it so much sri..pls update soon…

  10. Reji

    Very nice srimathi and I send a friend request from my fb account will I accept that request ??? … and ofcourse srimathi rocks

  11. vaishali

    awesome yaar i couldnt stop smiling while reading this lovely episode i loved it to out of the world amazing yaar tisha pls update the second one fast na…

  12. durga

    Ohhhhhh soooooooo sweet n cute episode yaar… Really Kush’s abhigya story s really soooooooo sweet really really really love it a lotttt

  13. I don’t know how to say about this part…………Really I have no words …………….Meri Mamma Pappa Promise……………Sach Mein I loved this………….Kya kahoonn kaise kahoonn , Really I Don’t know……………… How Emotional Episode it is…………….When Abhi & kush before starting Concert na said about Pragya na……….Its Superb……….. And when Pragya blushes during the song they sung na…………Its Awesome……….Aise laga ki ….. Seriously Each & Every scenes are happening in front us………We are watching that moments…………When at last Kush said about Abhi’s life na…..Tears are rolled down from my eyes…………..Then the last words he said about his Mamma & Pappa na………Its Extremely Beautiful…………… I can’t wait now to read the second part……….plzzzzzzzzz post it soonnnnnnnnn…………………..

  14. devi

    O tisha srimathi i loved ur episode infinitely what a bond u r creative between abhigyush.very nice dear we r all fan of urs as abhigya fan i gave u great applause from their side also. Kush story it was awesome he got it from purab right he is also a gem and real close friend. He means a lot for abhigyush.anyway you did a mind blowing job not today everyday. Thanks a lot.

  15. devi

    I wish abhigyaush should get next jenmam with their shabbirsriti roop same face structure and everything like they are now in real life and should lead their life like your story as a real should happen in tamilnadu particularly in a heavenly place like hillstation.guys pray for this but dont disturb their real life now.they lead a nice and loveable life it should continue as happy with kids and all.

  16. Nithi

    Omg omg omg…..Sri really u r awesome dear…I had a tears in my eyes while reading ur story…heart touching lol…u r rocking:)

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