Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 75


Thank u so much for ur comments guys love u all!!Keep supporting!!And a comment from USA I honestly didn’t got wht U r saying abt my ff or real kkb if u r saying abt my ff then OK sure I ll make the story better but I can’t do anything in real kkb even v fed up of the current track 🙁 Guys on Saturday 19th March morning 9AM KKB n AbhiGya fans r conducting a campaign to end tanu track in Twitter so fans of AbhiGya pls use the hashtag #endtanutrack on ur edits and all ur tweets tag actors cvs team but pls don’t bash actors especially don’t bash Leena can tag Ekta mam on that and pls don’t use abusive words on such hashtag it’s just a way to give our frustration over dragging Tanu’s pregnancy track to the team of guys don’t hav Twitter account no problem create a new one 😉 it may b funny too but it’s just a try NOTE:Pls don’t bash actors on ur tweet just express ur frustration n disappointment over long running Tanu’s pregnancy track.Use hashtag #endtanutrack on 19th march 2016 starts from 9AM.

Pragya beats Abhi n says,Kush..see I beated him now stop crying.Abhi asks,Wht I had done?Y he is mad at me.Pragya says,Even I too don’t know u both went together na.Kush was crying continuously.Pragya pacifies him n says,Stop crying..n kisses him in head.Abhi looks confused.Kush had buried his face over Pragya’s chest after sometime he stopped crying n takes his head out of his Mamma’s chest.Pragya says,Oh..mere bacchee..see ur eyes r swelled y u cried Hmmm n kisses in his eyes.Abhi asks,Oh..Wht happened my Rockstar?see how ur face is so dull n wipes his tears.Still there is trail of tears in his cheeks.Kush pushes Abhi’s hand by Keeping his face anger.Pragya says,Arey..why this much of anger on Papa mere acche bacchee na.Abhi says,Kush..he feels really bad he couldn’t see his crying this much.Pragya asks,Now tell me..Wht happened?Kush says with a cry voice(but no tears in his eyes)Mamma,Papa ll always make me to sit in his lap n he ll learn me guitar na..Pragya pats him n says, Wht..

Kush says,He done the same with other boy also..Pragya asks,matlab..I didn’t understand which boy..Abhi says,Arey…tum..u r crying for that(with a relived voice)Kush sees down n nods.Pragya asks,Oh..Wht happened?Abhi says,Actually fuggi..When v r rehearsing a boy continuously missed his notes so I encouraged him n tried to ease him by making him in my lap..Kush shouts,Aoewwwww!!Don’t say it again the scene is again coming infront of me.Pragya says,Arey..Kush..for that y u r crying.Kush says,He is my Papa na y he is making that boy to sit in his lap.Pragya says,Uffoo!!Abhi says,Oh..come on my boy..I just done that to ease him wht in that.Kush says,U don’t know Papa how it feels when my Papa is holding someother boy.

Pragya says,Kush..beta..Suniye..I don’t know how to make him understand.Abhi says,Lemme explain him.Abhi says,Hey champ..u r great guitarist na..u never need anyone’s help..though u need help I’m thr fr u to help u but who is thr for them..v r doing concert na so v hav to take care of them..Kush looks on him in a sad face.Abhi contd by saying,Beta..u love me as a Rockstar na..Kush nods.Abhi says,Then..many of them ll love me as Rockstar na..Kush nods n says,But..Y make him in ur lap..u r my Papa na..Abhi says,Haa..Ofcourse Sirf thumari Papa..see..if ur frnd Arjun cries infront of u Wht ll u do.Kush says,I ll try to console him..Abhi says,How u ll console them.Kush says,I ll wipe his tears if he doesn’t stop crying I ll kiss him n try to make him ease.Abhi asks,If I got angry on u for kissing him then wht ll u do.Kush says,Y u r getting anger Papa I’m just tried to console him na.Abhi says,No..u kissed him na how can u kiss someone except ur Mamma n Papa..Kush says,U r ryt..but it ll make him comfortable na.Pragya watches them with a smile.Abhi says,So..that’s y I did na..he is not comfortable he missed his notes so I tried to console him when v tried to make someone comfortable with love n care they ll b K na..they ll b ease na.Kush says,Haa..Abhi asks,So..Papa did a mistake or??

Kush says,No..actually u r helping him na like that I use to do with Arjun n smiles innocently.Pragya just looks at Abhi n smiles.Kush says,So..I’m over reacted na..Sry Papa..Abhi says, need of sry my dear it’s quite normal but u understood the fact na..Kush says,Pakka..n jumps from Pragya’s lap n hugs Abhi.Abhi too hugs him tight a drop of tear falls from Abhi’s eyes.Pragya just looks on them with a smile in her face.Kush breaks the hug n kisses his Papa in his face.Abhi says,So..should never cry like this hereafter.Kush says,Haa..Papa sure i won’t cry..Pragya carres her son’s hair.Abhi smiles n says,Hey..Kush..U r getting possessive on papa but u know many fan girls ll kiss ur Papa at the time see ur Mamma she ll burst like ballon.Kush laughs.Pragya says, I’m ur target..Abhi says,Ofcourse..Hey na Kush..Kush gives hifi.Mikha says,So..I had prepared Ladoo for my ladoos so can v hav.Abhi n Kush shouts,Ofcourse..Kush runs behind Mikha to take Ladoo.Abhi smiles at his son n abt to leave.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya says,Love u..

Abhi shocked n asks,Wht u said?Pragya blushes.Abhi gives a excited smile n says,Fuggi..Really I can’t believe my ears..Oh..fuggi told that she loves me best feel ever.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Oh..ho..hold on..u said love u to..Kush’s Papa na..Pragya smiles n says,May be..Abhi gets her wrist n says,So..U r not in love with Abhishek u r in love with a boy’s father cant u feel ashamed.Pragya says,Excuse me!!he is my son too na.Abhi wraps his arm around her n says,Ofcourse..Pragya says,Leave it..but really u r the best Papa.Abhi smiles n says,When best Mamma is thr then I should give my best to b a best Papa na..Pragya pokes his finger in his chest.Kush runs with laddos in hand n hugs AbhiGya.Abhi lifts him in his arms n says,So..My Ladoo.Pragya says,Junior Ladoo ll feed senior ladoo n laughs.Abhi n Kush stares at her n smiles.Next day afternoon,Abhi n Kush returned home after their rehearsal just 1 day to go for concert.Kush says,Mamma I’m very tensed..Abhi says,Oh..come on my boy..perform just like that..Kush nods.Someone rangs the Bell.Kush says,I ll see..Pragya says,First..see through lens before she could complete Kush says,I know fuggi..Pragya says,See he is calling me like u.Abhi laughs.Kush opens the door n asks,Aap??I had seen u..The man says, lil Rockstar u r just like Abhi n hugs Kush.Kush says,Aap..Purab Chachu na..Purab says,Haa..he had tears in his eyes by seeing Kush.Purab asks,Whr is ur Papa n Mamma..

Kush says,They r inside come with me Chachu n holds his hand n drags towards room.Purab sees Pragya n says,Pragya di..Pragya n Abhi looks at him Abhi says,Hey..Puarb..Pragya goes to Purab..Purab hugs Pragya with teary eyes n says,Y u left us di..v missed u alot..Pragya too cried n says,I’m Sry..Purab..they break the hug.Abhi smiles at them.Pragya asks,Whn did u come?He(Abhi)didn’t told me anything.Abhi says,Let it be surprise..Pragya smiles n asks,All r fine na Bulbul..Roshni..Maa..Dadi..Purab says,All r fine.Kush stands over bed n says,Oh..ho..Whts happening here..Abhi says,Oh..Purab he is our..Purab says,Come on one needs his intro his face n antics itself portraying that he is my naughty Abhi’s Naughtiest son.Kush smiles n asks,Chahu..whr is Roshni..Purab says,She is in India but all r waiting for u..Kush says,Really..Papa v r going India na after finishing my exams.Abhi nods n smiles.Mikha comes thr n greets purab.Purab touches her feet.Mikha wished him.Pragya asks Purab to take rest n Abhi takes him to guest room.They both chatted for a while then Purab had a nap after a while.Kush silently enter to the room n stands near door.Purab sees him n asks him to come.Kush smiles n runs towards him.Purab makes him in lap.Kush asks,U r Papa’s bhai hey..Puarb smiles n nods..Kush asks,Will u help me.Purab says,Ofcourse..anything for u.

Precap: Abhi and Kush was standing in stage to give their performance.Pragya smiles.

Credit to: Tisha

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