Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 72


Thank u guys for ur support!!Keep on supporting!!Reji I thought u know that I’m TiSha but now only u got to know it’s k love u alot.Razia for sure I ll give n I too have an idea of new plot let’s see in future..And many of guys r saying that wanna AbhiGya to get intimate but I don’t know it ll b good by posting some intimate scenes over here coz I came to know that more school students r here so its bothering me to post such stuffs..So drop ur views n suggestions..
………………………………………….Getting back to the story………………………………………………………….
Abhi opens the door n tooks Kush in his arms n says,So let us sleep na..Kush says,Ofcourse.. But y u ppl locked the door I didn’t came yet na..u ppl forgot me..There was a moment of embracement btwn Abhi n Pragya.Pragya looks at Abhi.Abhi searching for excuses as his son is asking unanswerable questions..Finally he said,I was changing cloths that’s y I locked the door.Kush asks,Oh..Papa can’t u feel ashamed to change infront of Mamma..Pragya dumbstruck n smiles at Abhi.Abhi says,Oh..Wht abt u..u still doesn’t know how to bath na.Kush jumps from his arms n hugs Pragya n says,Afterall I’m my mamma’s cute lil Prince.Pragya too hugs him n says,Haa..He is my lil Prince but u r grown up na..Abhi says,’s not at all fair.Pragya laughs.Abhi takes Kush n makes him lie in bed..Abhi n Pragya borderd their son by lying besides them.Kush falls asleep n he turned towards his mom n hugged her tight..Abhi too slept by keeping his arm around his world.Pragya feels protected that she n his son is under his arms n looks over her world..Whr she could realize that her son is just a clone of her arrogant,caring,naughty,sporty,lovely,kiddy,childish,innocent Rockstar husband.She smiles at both n kissed his son n father of her son n she too joined in their dreamland.The sun rises,Pragya really had a important meeting today as she wanna settle down the papers of cafe in a beneficial way.She waked up in a rush as she was dreamed alot along with her world.She freshed up herself n rushed to kitchen to prepare breakfast as she doesn’t wanna trouble her maa.She went back to the room her world was still sleeping by hugging each other there is not even a sign of coming out of sleep she doesn’t hav much time to wake them slowly or romantically..she pulled the curtains of big glass doors of their room.Abhi whispers,Oh..fuggi..shut the curtains.His.wife was almost not in the mood of let him sleep she says,Utiye na..I have to go for meeting regarding cafe wanna prepare breakfast so pls wake up soon n make ur son ready for school.Abhi doesn’t respond as he is not all waked up.Pragya shouts,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmmm…n yawns n opens his eyes slowly by rubbing his eyes n says,Gud morning fuggi..Pragya says,Gud morning..did u heard wht I said.Abhi yawns n nods.Pragya gives him coffee.Abhi gets that n says,Hey..Fuggi..see my lil champ is sleeping so cute..n kisses him.Pragya says,Arey..u wanna ur son to go for school r u going to adore ur son sleep.Abhi says, left to kitchen by saying make it fast Rockstar.Abhi finishes his coffee n wakes his son.Kush says,Oh..Mamma…pls lemme sleep for 5 minutes..Abhi says,I’m ur Papa..Kush rubbed his eyes n opens it slowly by yawning.Abhi says,Come let’s get ready.Kush says,Papa..first u get ready then wake me up.Abhi says,K fine n abt to leave..then he says,Oh..hello..u r going to skl not me.Kush says,Oh..Papa..Abhi takes him in arms n takes him to washroom.Kush says,Papa..u can’t force me..Abhi says,Hey..Wht I had done as forcing u.Kush yawns.Abhi gives him paste n brush n asks him to brush fast.Kush brushes lazyly by licking the paste.Abhi sees n shouts,Oye..champ Wht u r dng..u r eating the paste.Kush says,Not exactly..Abhi says,It’s not fair my son..if ur Mamma sees this then I’m gone n snatch the brush from Kush n he makes him to brush.After brushing Abhi takes him to bath.Kush plays with water n refusing to wash his hair with shampoo he screamed n shouted,No..Papa..No..No..Abhi shuts his mouth n says,U know Kush papa is exhausted by making u to brush now be a Gud boy n lemme to clean u n abt to apply shampoo on his hair.Kush continuously moving his head by nodding in various direction in fraction of secs.Abhi says,Arey..Meri bagwann..pls..Kush says,No..shampoo ll irritate my eyes.Abhi says,So u r troubling ur Mamma like this every day.Kush says,No..more than this..Abhi says,Really..with a exclaimed smile.Abhi asks,How u use to trouble Mamma it’s sounds good can u explain it.Kush standing in bathtub n says,Haa..Papa I ll say how I use to trouble Mamma n laughs n lost in giving talks to his father.Abhi hears him with a smile n applies shampoo on his head when his son was lost in his talks.Kush touches his hair n says,Oh..Papa u trapped bad ur cheater..Abhi laughs n washes his hair.Kush shouts,No..u r too bad n splashed water on his face.Abhi says,Oh..ho..shut ur mouth else water ll get into ur mouth.Kush shouts, a cheater..cheater..Abhi says,Oh..ho..n laughs..He makes him bath n toweled his hair n came out of washroom n makes him wear dress by standing before the mirror.Pragya comes thr n says in a breath,I had kept breakfast in table..pats Abhi’s shoulder n says,Have ur breakfast n feed Kush n drop him in school..I’m leaving now bye n kisses his son’s cheeks n then her husband n abt to leave.Kush says, minute..Pragya says,Ha..tell me fast.Kush asks,Mamma..who is looking so adorable me or ur husband he asked by brushing his hair cutely.Pragya in rush says,Ofcourse u in evening n abt to leave.Abhi again holds her wrist n asks,So..I’m not looking adorable..he too brushed his hair infront of mirror n keeps his lips pouty.Pragya smiles at his antics n says,Ofcourse u r too adorable n kisses his cheek n abt to leave.Kush says,So Mamma..I’m not that much adorable than ur husband na.Pragya says,Arey..u both r looking u in evening..n left the home.Pragya gets into car n thinks,Handling two kids is really a difficult task n smiles.It was evening,Abhi n Kush almost back to home.Kush was in Abhi’s lap by playing guitar n says,Papa..when ll u do concert..I’m dieing for that Papa..I love u alot as a Rockstar I adore u more n more..Abhi thinks,’s the right time I have to restart first have to discuss with fuggi.Just now Pragya stromed into home with huge shout,Maa..Kush..Suniye..All gets panicked n rush towards her.Pragya hugs Mikha n says,Oh..Maa..I had done it in a beneficial way.Abhi asked,Wht u had done fuggi..Pragya with a huge smile says,I had settled down the papers n fortunately Ankit bhaiya came forward to make a partnership with us..So it means he’ll manage our cafe with his workers n maa v ll get our equal profit share in ur bank account..Mikha says,Whts the need of transferring to my account.Pragya says,Maa..coz u deserved it maa..this cafe is coz of it’s necessary pls lemme in my way.Mikha says, as ur wish..Pragya says,So..all sorted out now we can move to India without any property issue.Abhi smiles n says,Oh..good job fuggi..n hugs her.Pragya smiles n says,Only Kush’s exam is thr in next week if it gets over then v can move to India said in exciting voice.Kush n Mikha goes out to buy something.Abhi says,Fuggi..I wanna talk to u.Pragya says,Ha..tell me.Abhi holds her hand n makes her to sit in her lap n asks,Wht do think..I wanna restart my Rockstar life.Pragya leans towards his cheek n placed her cheek with him n says,Ofcourse even I wanna discuss with u..pls do that soon..Abhi gives her a deep kiss in her cheek n says,U r always easing melting a ice..So I wanna say the world I’m ABHI THE ROCKSTAR is back with a bang.Pragya too kisses him n cheek n says,Kush ll b happy if he hear this.Abhi says,I wanna launch my son too..n wanna say that,Abhi is complete now with his Rocking world.Pragya asks,Launching Kush?looks puzzled.

Precap: Abhi says,Whts wrong in that fuggi..he is the one n only person who deserve this.

Credit to: Tisha

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