Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 71

Im very very very sorry I couldnt upload my post yesterday lil engaged with convocation ceremony so I apologize u all.And yes the name TISHA is collage of sriTISHAbir coz they r giving the soul for my imagination thats y I used their name n my real name is SRIMATHI and Im from TAMILNADU.Then some one asked my twitter acc so my twitter ac is(@Srimiaayilya)thanks for all ur support towards my fan fiction.As today,Many tamilians r writing ff all the best to all..Reji,Somiya,Queen,Surbhi,Ria I know I forget some other names pls dont mind I love all ffs..Keep on going..Spread love ( god bless (
Now getting into the story of ABHIGYASH

The same night,Abhi Pragya n Kush were returning to home.Kush was sitting in Pragyas lap n meanwhile Abhi was on drive.Kush was talking continuously abt their dinner n view n all.Abhi Pragya made a smile on his talks.Kush gets irked as he is speaking no one is responding he is the only one who talking continuosly.Kush says, a sad voice.Pragya says,Hmm..Kush asks,Mamma..y u r so dull..Pragya says, asks,Fuggi..Wht happened r u k.Pragya says,Arey..Wht happened to u both I’m K y u r asking me like this.Kush says,Then y u r silent.Pragya says Kush,U r talking n I’m listening it n carres his hair.Abhi smiles at both.Kush kisses Pragya.Kush asks,So..Mr.Abhishek Mehra y u r dull.Abhi says,Pragya..whts this..he is calling me by name.Pragya laughs.Abhi says,It’s not fair Mr.Kush Mehra..n I’m not dull n smirked.Kush laughs n says,So..Mr.Abhishek Mehra..will u teach me how to drive.Abhi says,Pragya again he is calling me by name u also enjoying that.Pragya says,No comments n laughed.Abhi says,No..I won’t teach to attitude persons n make faces.Kush says,Mamma..see Wht ur husband is saying n continued to taunt Abhi.Pragya says, son is not that much attitude than u.Kush n Pragya gives hifi.Abhi gets irked.

Kush says,So Mr.Abhishek Mehra..Abhi stops the car n says,Oh..Yes..order me boss..Pragya n Kush laughs.Abhi says,U naughty n takes him from Pragya’s lap n make his son to sit in his lap n starts the car n just taught him abt Break,Clutch n gear.Pragya says,Oh..ho..My rockstars its Australia..So don’t play in road let’s go home.Kush says,Oh..ho..Mrs.Abhishek just stop ur stupid lectures.Abhi laughs n gives him hifi.Pragya says,’s Papa n Kush r happy na atlast as always u both taunted me.They both smiles n Abhi says, fuggi my day ll never end without taunting u n pulls her cheek in a hand.Kush pulls her both cheeks n says,Oh..Fuggi..My day ll never end without taunting u.Abhi says,Oye..Wht did u said..she is my fuggi..Kush says, first she is my Mamma..They reached home n Abhi stops the car n says,No..she is My fuggi first then only ur Mamma..Pragya laughs.Kush says,Arey..She is my Mamma then only ur fuggi in a kiddy voice.Abhi says, fuggi..Pragya gets irked n walked in to the home.They both r following by arguing.Mikha asks,Pragya why they r arguing.Pragya says,Maa..both had gone mad..just ask them.Abhi says,I know her first so she is my fuggi then ur Mamma..Mikha sees n asks,Arey..again u started ur argument uh?Wht happened today.Abhi says,Haa..Maa..lemme tell U.Kush says,Granny..lemme tell I first..Abhi says,No..u ll build up the story so I ll say it first..Kush says,No..Mr.Abhishek u ll create a story I ll say first.Mikha says,Arey..Arey..Just forget it..I’m gonna sleep now it’s my mistake n goes to the room.Kush says,Coz of u Granny didn’t heard.Abhi says,’s coz of u.Kush says,It’s coz of u..u only..u only n shouts.Abhi says,Arey..if I shout it ll never b true.Kush says,’s coz of u..its coz of u..its coz of u n sings the same n entered the room.Abhi says,No..I’m saying na its coz of u.Kush says,Oh..can’t u understand it’s coz u Mr.Abhishek.Pragya gets irked n shouts,Oh..

both of u just shut up..still now u r arguing for the same.Kush says,No..v r not arguing for the same u r wrong.Abhi says,Haa..u r could u say that v r arguing for the same..Wht u Think of us.Kush says,Haa..Mamma..u always underestimating us..Abhi says,Haa..always n always.Pragya says, u both r targeting me..Kush says,I’m not..ur husband is targeting u.Abhi says,No..ur son only n they both turns their face apart n stand apart.Pragya says,Wht happened to u both..Abhi says,Coz of ur son I’m behaving like this.Kush says,Oh..hello..Coz of u I’m behaving like this.Pragya shouts,K..u both fight like this but pls don’t talk with me hereafter..K n goes to balcony in anger.Kush says,So u r happy now Mamma gets anger on me coz of u.Abhi says,Arey..Wht I did..u did all this.Pragya gets irked more n comes in shouts,Kush..whts ur problem he is ur papa u should give him respect will anyone call his papa by name..y u r behaving like this day by day ur becoming more mischievous n Naughty..Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya shouts,And..u..u r lil kid than him..u r equally arguing with him as a father u have to say him that he should never fight with anyone but u r fighting with him like a kid..whts wrong with u I’m wrong I just pampering u both na that’s y u both r behaving like this..if u both wanna do this again then I ll leave this room n I ll never come to this room I ll stay with granny n sits in bed angrily.Abhi sees Kush n Kush sees Abhi.

Kush says,I’m Sry Papa..Hereafter I won’t call u by name.Pragya hears that.Kush Contd by saying, Here after I won’t fight with u.Abhi says,I’m so Sry Kush..even I too..I mean I won’t fight with u.Pragya hears n just sits.Kush sighs Abhi on Pragya’s side.Kush goes n stands before her n Abhi kneels down before her.Pragya turned her face.Then they both hold their ears n says,Sry Mamma..hereafter we won’t fight we won’t said in chorus.Pragya sees them n couldn’t control her smile.They both again says,Sry Mamma..Pragya smiles n widens her arm.They both rushed into her n hugged her.She too hugs them back n kisses in their foreheads.They both kissed her cheek deeply.Pragya says,Oh..K enough enough stop buttering it’s already late so let’s sleep.Kush says,OK..then change my dress..I have to brush na n smiles cutely..Pragya says,Arey..Wht a miracle my son is volunteerly saying that he gonna brush today n smiles n kisses him n takes him n hand n left the room.Abhi smiles.After brushing n changing cloths Kush n Pragya enters to Mikha’s room..Pragya asks,Maa..still u didn’t sleep how many times I had told u sleep earlier y u r doing like this n offs the TV.Kush says,Granny I wanna say Wht happened today..v were in cruise then dinner n he saying continuously.Pragya says,Kush let Granny sleep n Its getting late come let’s sleep.Mikha says,Arey..Pragya how excitingly he saying all this u go after hearing I ll send him.Pragya says,Maa in a stern voice..

Mikha says,Arey..K I ll send him within 10mins pls permit us n makes her face like a kid.Pragya smiles n says,Oh..ho..persons in this home r small kid than Kush n leaves.Kush continued his saying Mikha hears with a smile by keeping him in her lap.Pragya just enters the room Abhi hugs her from back n says, wife is alone now.Pragya says,Wht u r dng..leave me na.Abhi tighten his grip n places his cheek over her cheek n says,I won’t..u r always so busy..running here n thr..can give some time for husband na after years v r together today but still u r acting to b normal.Pragya says,So some one is..Abhi Suddenly taps her nose button.Pragya stopped.Abhi laughs n says,Great..after years the nose button is working well n asks,How was the day..did u like my surprise,.Pragya sighs him at nose.Abhi says,Oh..u r so cute n kisses her cheek n taps her nose again.Pragya smiles n says,I loved the surprise I don’t know how u became this much romantic in years.Abhi says,So..u loved it na..I’m happy n turns her towards him n holds her face n brushed her lips with his thumb n abt to kiss her.Kush shouts,Papa open the door..wanna sleep..Abhi says,ohhhoo..i think he doesn’t want any siblings.Pragya laughs.

Precap: Abhi says, I wanna say to the world that I’m THE ABHI is back.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. rutu

    So sweet…… . their cute little fight….. I loved it very much… .. Good going TISHA keep going like this only

  2. kaif

    awesome srimathi amazing episode and please upload it fast we dont have patience to wait to your ff.

  3. Nivethitha

    Thank god u update I was seeing my phone for every half hour that u posted or not finally u posted and coming to today’s episode it was sooo cute and sweet dr. It was amazing. I just loved it. Keep rocking sri and upload it soon..

  4. sheetha

    So so cute.. I was continusly smiling when reading.. Only ur ff can bring. Tis smile.. U r always best… Aprom vena ena solrath u varthaiyae illa.. Tish.. I m proud that u r also from tn

  5. surbhi

    actuallyyy Tisha I loved that fight yr…. it was damn awesome or should I call you shreemathi 🙂 the episode cuteness overloaded…

  6. sheetha TN

    And a request to all my tamil frdz ..TN gra word ah ellarum unaga name ku pinadi add.. Panuga.. Tis is my thought.. Wat u say frndz

  7. Tamizh

    Nice [email protected] Gud to hear u r frm TN. Superb. If time spares read SM.

  8. kirthi

    As usual u wer rocking sri…I was totally smiling all through the episode…very happy to see abhigya’s romance after many days..just rock on… n I need ur fb profile name bcoz I’m not in twitter u for giving us such episode…eagerly waiting for next episode..:-)

  9. Reji

    Wow srimathi I am surprised that u only wrote this ff I thought that ur name is tisha …. u have a surprise to me but anyways first I said tisha rocks …. but now my best friend srimathi rocks…..

  10. vaishali

    awesome tisha dii happy to know u r also tamil nadu my mom’s name is also srimathi loved todays episode to the core no one can write like this other than u awesome

  11. shree

    Finally u said ur real name in 71th episode… as usual u r rock it yar… u know what I was bored telling awesome super extraordinary like this yar… because day by day episode was superb… this is the real love of life… waiting for next episode yar…

  12. durga

    Superb superb superb superb really awesome n I love it a lottttt…. Tat abhi n Kush fight I really loved it thn abhi n Kush sd pragya sry mamma it’s really cute n awesome n I really love it… Ohhhhhh wat a cute family…

  13. Samyuktha

    Thank god u updated, I was on cloud nine seeing ur ff. Today’s episode is awesome as usual., very cute fight..I love it.

  14. nasima

    Yeah..i agree with kirthi..asusual u r fantastic..awesome…no words to xplain…very cute…

  15. devi

    You are wondering with words.abhigya,s romance, kush and abhi fight.all are nice excellent. As usual you r the mind cooler from the hot of real kkb.

  16. razia

    Sri I loved the last part .. Don wan to. Mention the line .. Bt It was jus awesome .. Omg .. Bt I’m jus wondering how u gonna make abhigya intimate wen Kush is so disturbing them 😉 I expected it today .. Bt yua brilliantly moving the story .. Sri wid yua ideas I’m pretty sure u can take love of life till 150 epis .. Don stop til u don get ideas .. Bt I hope ul take it til at least 150 n vl start another fresh abhigyas plot .. Hey na

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