Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 70


Thanking each n every readers n supporters of the ffLOVE OF LIFEIts 70thepisode Im completely overwhelmed.This episode is a weekend bliss for u ppl.This episode matters me a lot coz number 7 is my auspicious n lucky number.So I dedicate this episode to all girls n guys,girlfrnds n boyfrnds,lovers,to b lovers,parents,to b parents,soul couples,to be soul couples n prince n princess of each parents..

The morning,Sun rises up.Abhi was sleeping peacefully the peace is not that bcoz its a Sunday its bcoz the party last night whr he n his wife decided to make a new start in their life with their little prince.As he was sleeping,Suddenly he feels Mr.Sun is directly pointing his light on his face..He knows it was his wife who opening up the curtains.His ears woked up but he couldnt open his eyes as sleep is blindfolding his eyes.He knows that its the time to wake up but he couldnt open his eyes coz his day ll never start by hearing a lovable call word from his wife n an irritating pat on his cheek..He had told her many times not to pat him when waking him but she has the habit of disobeying this words.As always,He heard the word.Pragya was waking him by shouting,Suniye..Suniye..he heard the voice very lower she was shouting from the way to room.She had called him almost 5 to 6 times he didnt respond.So she patted his face n waking him up by saying,Suniye..uitye na..

As he enjoyed his irritating pat he opened his eyes slowly thr was a miracle happened his son had woked b4 him.Abhi slightly rubbed his eyes n says,gud morning..fuggi with a yawn.Pragya was standing with his fav cinnamon coffee n says,gud morning with a smile n gives him the coffee.Abhi gets that n asks,So..whr is my prince again in an yawning voice.Pragya shooks his hair n says,Today is Sunday..the only day ur prince use to woke early n went for playing cricket.Pragya was folding blankets.Abhi finishes his coffee n gets up n abt to leave to washroom.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi again heard his fav word n turns with a cute smile n sleepy eyes.Pragya gives him towel.Abhi says,Without u Im nothing..Pragya smiles.Abhi kisses her forehead n leaves to washroom.After a while,Abhi was in dining table,Pragya was preparing breakfast.Kush stromed into the home with a heavy noise by hitting his bat towards wall unknowingly.Abhi says,Oye..champ y this much of anger.Kush says,Anger so cool..hitted unknowingly n smiles.Abhi says,fine go n take bath..lets hav breakfast together.Pragya says,Suniye..he doesnt know to take bath..can u pls make him bath.Abhis eyes widened n says,ok..He takes Kush n abt to go but Pragya comes n says,Leave I ll make him work is over.Abhi says,Its k..i ll manage.Pragya says,Its k..u go I ll make him bath n she takes Kush n gets into washroom.

Abhi was seeing her his mind thinks his cute fuggi is perfect mom..perfect wife now..ya today is Sunday but no rest for his wife from morning she is cooking then waking him(really a big task)then making his son ready..not only today 24×7,365 days she is doing this n he thinks,Y women hav no retirement from this household duties.Suddenly he thinks something he wanna make this Sunday spl coz he has many reasons but its not his/hers bday nor his sons bday nor their anniversary nor any festivals..the reason is they going leave Australia in a month,his visa is expiring in next 10 days,his son has exams in next week’s mid n his wife is struggling to settle down the papers of café he want to plan something for her.Pragya Kush Mikha n Abhi all r having breakfast as usual it was favs of her son n hubby..while having the breakfast Abhi thinks,His fuggi is always concern abt others but not for her own always doing others favs n delis but wht abt her own fav n deli..but he silently having his breakfast.After finishing the breakfast Abhi says,Fuggi Im going out I dont want lunch but I ll b here around 5PM.Pragya says,hmm..go n come safe.Abhi nods n kisses his forehead n calls,My champ papa is leaving..Kush runs towards him n kisses his cheek..

Abhi too kissed his cheek..n he leaves.As it was 5PM,Abhi was sharp in his home.As he entered he asks,Whr is Kush?Pragya says,He went with Ankit bhaiya.Abhi says,Fine..come with me n takes her to wardrobe n picks a red saree from her wardrobe n asks her to wear this saree n says,make it fast.Pragya asks,But y?Abhi says,I ll tell u first go n wear it.Pragya gets confused n she went.After few moments she came back with red saree n light make up with chashma n mangalsutra.Abhi sees her n as ususal he mesmerized n cant belive that she is mother of 5yr old boy.Abhi says, one thing is missing.Pragya smiles n gives him kumkum n coin.He filled her maang n they both started in car this time no driver.Pragya asks,Whr v r going.Abhi replies,Shhh..Pragya turned her face towards window with a smile.As the car stopped,They both gets down..Abhi holds her hand in his n takes her to the cruise restaurant for a dinner probably a romantic dinner.The table was isolated with scent candles.Pragya surprised n gives a smile.Abhi makes her sit n he sits opposite to her.Abhi orders her fav food.Pragya was quite surprised n says,I’m impressed.Abhi says,I know all ur favs..but u always underestimating me.Pragya laughs.

Abhi says waiter,Pls give this after halfanhour.Abhi takes Pragya to the upper part of cruise.He shows the beautiful view of Harbour bridge n opera house by holding hands on hands.Pragya dumbstrucked by his surprise n says,Awesome love it.Abhi kneels down n forwards his hand n says,Will u dance with me for this music.Pragya too gives her hand forward with smile n asks,but music.Abhi says,Simple like this..He kept her left hand on his right shoulder her right hand with his left hand..His right hand around her waist..Pragya smiles n says,but music..Abhi says,Music..the sounds of birds,Ocean,waves,ur ticking bangle,our heart beat just close ur eyes n feel the music.Pragya closed her eyes n they both feel the music n their legs moved n danced with a smile.Abhi kisses her forehead which clearly indicates she is everything to him n says,I feel this is heaven I don’t think it’s coz of this view,sea,or waves n I know it’s coz of u.Pragya smiles n gives a soft kiss in his cheek which is not that much passionate but it clearly tells him,She was thanking him for being her life.Abhi takes her to the corner n asks her wide her arms by holding her from back.Pragya laughs n asks,Like Titanic?Abhi says,Exactly.. They both laughs n spread their arms n views the opera house n harbour bridge..Suddenly she got Kush’s thoughts.Pragya turns towards Abhi n says,If Kush here he ll b happy.Abhi says,Kush is here.Pragya asks Whr by widening her eyes.Abhi says,In ur ur eyes I could see Kush(Happiness)Pragya smiles n says,I mean..Kush Abhi Mehra.

Abhi says,Abhi Mehra is also Kush.Pragya says,Arey..I’m talking abt our son Mr.Rockstar.Abhi says,Arey..Kush’s Mamma..n whistles aloud.Kush climbed up the stairs n shouts,Mamma..Pragya gets surprised n kisses Abhi’s cheek with happiness.Abhi says,I think Kush’s Mamma’s kiss is more passionate than Fuggi’s.Pragya laughs n takes Kush in her arms.Kush says,Mamma..such a beautiful view opera house.Pragya asks,How u came here.Abhi says,I take him here through Ankit.Pragya says,U r so sweet my dr husband.Abhi says,U too n pulls her cheeks.Kush says,Papa then me..Abhi says,Arey..u r the meaning of our life n they enjoyed the view.Kush says,Papa..Opera house.Pragya says,Thum Aur..thumari opera house..Kush says,haa..Mamma n kisses her n says Papa come here n kisses him too.The trio came down n seated n starts to have dinner.Pragya says,For the first time Jr Rockstar is sitting in chair during dinig.Kush immediately runs n sits in Abhi’s lap n says,Today Papa ll feed me.Abhi says,Ofcourse anything for u.Abhigyash enjoying their romantic family dinner.

So,A kind request to all Parents n to b parents wherever u go take ur kids with u their smile n laughter can make ur day n moment more precious n to all children of parents aware of that whrever they go their mind ll revolve around u love n respect ur parents luv n respect ur life partner.Spread love 🙂 With love-Tisha

Credit to: Tisha

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