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Recap:Abhi drops Pragya in her home.

The episode starts with Pragya packing her stuffs and bulbul and Sarla helping her.Sarla worried that how could Pragya manage alone and asks Pragya,May I come with u how could u manage all alone.Pragya replies,Maa please don’t worry u had brought up me as a brave girl with courage and self motivated then why u are worrying.Sarla smiles and kisses her and ask her to sleep soon.Bulbul hugs Pragya and says for the first time I’m gonna sleep without u for next 2 days and gets emotional.Pragya says,Bulbul come on u r grewn up stop behaving like kid its just 2days na and hugs and cries.Bulbul asks di..pls don’t cry then I ll cry.Pragya replies,OK see I’m not crying I’m smiling and she smiles at bulbul.Bulbul smiles at her and asks her to sleep soon.Pragya nods yes.Bulbul lies and slept.Pragya was checking her stuffs and lies down to sleep she picks her mobile and checks the message she didn’t received any message from Abhi and she starts to read their old conversation and thinks to leave a message.In Abhi’s room Abhi just sit in lost of mind and thinks she is making me mad for the first time I’m feeling this much and says himself till the last she didn’t called me to accompany her Is I’m nothing to her and sits in confusion.Abhi’s phone blinked he took the phone and looked it was pragya’s message he gets excited,opens and reads the message Pragya had sent Gud night.Abhi gets anger and says is this gud night message is important for her after snatching my sleep and throws the phone and says Abhi stop doing this u r nothing for her don’t expect any emotions from her and he tried to sleep but he couldn’t so he drinks and slept.Pragya looks on her phone for his reply and thinks I’m nothing to him he was busy with his work and feels bad and slept.

Next morning,Pragya hires a cab and saying bye to bulbul and Sarla and she gets into the car to reach airport and thinks even Abhi didn’t called her how he is behaving this much weird and looks on the window sadly.Pragya reached the airport and goes to check-in counter and finished her formalities she keeps looking on her phone and she heard the announcement that flight is ready and she thinks to call Abhi and calls him Abhi in his room sleeping tightly he couldn’t wake up he didn’t pick the call.Pragya becomes sad and sends him a message that “I’m leaving take care” and gets into the flight and switch offs her mobile.Abhi wakes after a while and looks his phone he surprised to see a missed call and a message from pragya.He reads the message and he feels very sad and about to cry that message hurts him alot and he calls her back but her phone was switched off.He calls her back to back but her mobile remains switched off. Abhi sits desperately and keeps on caling Pragya but it remains switched off he cries by looking her message(Hamari adhuri kahani plays).Abhi decides to go for Delhi.He calls Purab and says,I’m leaving to Delhi u manage all the meetings with producers. Purab says but Abhi.. How could producers ll agree this Abhi says,I really don’t care if they refused just cancel the contract and ends the call.Purab remains confused and clueless.

Pragya reached Delhi airport and officials welcomed her says we had booked a room in hotel u can fresh up and u come to the seminar hall in our car Pragya thanked them and gets into the car she lost in mind and thinks she should perform well but how could I I’m feeling that something is missing and she forget to switch on the phone.Abhi gets into the flight and thinks how could I find her I even don’t know where was the seminar and he remains cluless.Pragya reached the hotel and she freshed up and she going to have her breakfast. Abhi reaches Delhi airport and takes a car and calls Pragya but her phone remains switched off Abhi becomes tensed and sad(Hamari adhuri kahani plays again).

Abhi asks the driver to move towards the hotel(the same hotel Pragya was staying).Pragya comes to the hall and had her breakfast and she called her driver to come and take her to the venue.Pragya moves out where Abhi reached the hotel.Abhi was check-in the room in reception.Pragya moves out via reception and she didn’t noticed Abhi and Abhi too didn’t noticed her as she was going behind him.Pragya feels something that abhi is here and turns but he left from the reception.Pragya says he is not here and gets into the car.Abhi entered his room and thinks how to find Pragya and thinks to ask bulbul but his ego stops him from asking anyone and he says himself I came here but how could I find her and Abhi calls Pragya and this time the phone is ringing he feels happy but the calls ends unanswered Abhi thinks what’s happening.Pragya in car driver about to start the car Pragya asks him to wait and gets down from the car and says she forgot her mobile in her room and asks him to wait that she ll back driver says OK madam.

Pragya rushes in steps.Abhi keeps on calling her and he kept his phone on ears and walking out of his room.Pragya opens her door suddenly a voice came from backside calls her Pragya.Pragya turns and surprised it was Abhi.Abhi looks happily.They both hug each other and cries.Abhi hugs her tightly(Agar tum saath ho plays).Pragya lost in his hug and hugs him tightly.

Then she breaks the hug and wiped her tears and asks,Abhi what are u doing here? and thinks he might came for her and expecting the same answer from Abhi.Abhi was about to say I here for u but he says,Well,Pragya….I have a meeting here that’s y.Pragya disappointed and says Ohh in low tone.Abhi thinks why I said a fake reason and looks on her and asks Pragya about seminar Pragya replies yes,I’m going for that I forget my phone that’s y I came back.Abhi says Ohh..and this is my room just opposite to ur room and smiles.Pragya smiles and takes her phone and says bye to Abhi and says its getting late Abhi says OK carry on and asks Pragya if u were free in evening shall v go for dinner.Pragya smiles and nods and leaves.She gone a distance suddenly Abhi called her,Chashmish!!!Pragya turns,Abhi says all the best do well!!Pragya says thank u with a smile and leaves.Abhi felt happy by seeing her smile. Pragya gets into the car and looks her phone she sees 30 missed calls from Abhi and smiles and says he might come for me but he is hiding and smiles by herself.

Precap: Abhi takes pragya’s hand and keeps in her chest and asks her to close her eyes and asks what u did first…u felt my heart beat or u started counting my heart beat..

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Credit to: Tisha

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