Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 69


Happy after reading ur comments!!And Sadhana Not only Hi for those ppl loads n loads of love for all of them who loving and Adoring my fan fiction..Thank u all..Love u all..
Abhi Pragya Kush n Mikha gets into the car for shopping.Kush was in Passenger seat Kush over his lap.Pragya n Mikha backside.Kush says,Papa..dress code is black.Abhi smiles says,K..fine Rockstar.As they reached the mall.Abhi n Kush going forward.Pragya n Mikha following them.Pragya sees them n thinks,How father n Son has same mannerisms..same n everything n smiles.Abhi n Kush gets into the shop.Pragya n Mikha too goes thr.Abhi n Kush looking for shirts..Pragya came to help them.Pragya suggest a white shirt pattern for both of them.Abhi says,Oh..keep IR boring suggestions with urself we don’t need ur suggestion for Rockstars..Kush smiles.Pragya gets sad n had tears in her eyes..Abhi noticed n ignored her.Mikha says,Pragya come let them select..shall v go for our outfits.Pragya nods.All purchased their outfits.Abhi says,Shall v hav something.Kush says,K..Papa..They all goes for a ice cream parlor.Abhi looks over Pragya’s sad face.But Abhi ignores her.Kush says,Papa..

I want Chocolate ice cream.Mikha says,Me too..Abhi says,For me coffee..Pragya says,I don’t want anything.Abhi says,Come on Pragya..Y u r so reserved.Pragya stares Abhi.Kush says,Mamma..come on..Pragya says,K..I need a Gulfi..Immediately Abhi smirks n says,For having that u can sit simply by watching us.Kush says,Papa..u know Mamma loves Gulfi..Abhi smirked.Pragya gets sad n thinks,He is completely changed..he is Not the Abhi whom I loved..the man who sitting opposite to me is Kush’s Papa..He is not my Abhi anymore..her eyes filled with tears..Abhi noticed that but he ignored.They all had their delis..But Pragya not at all enjoying her Gulfi..for the first time it tastes too bad for her..she feel that she was having her fav under some pressure.After a while,They had dinner thr itself..its too late on night.They all reached the home n all goes to hav a good sleep..coz they wanna look fresh in tmrw’s party.Mikha goes to her room.Kush was sleeping in Abhi’s arm.Pragya abt to take him from his arm.

Abhi says,Shh…I ll make him to lie on bed.Pragya nods n she feels that everyone in her life is moving out of her.Firstly,Abhi…he is behaving so weird..Second her lovely son..Not at all spending some time with her..always he is with his father..He is enjoying his father’s warmth feel..These thoughts made Pragya to b stay restless.She was standing n looking over bed Whr father n Son was lying..Whr Abhi’s arms Whr in her son’s waist n his son’s leg over her hubby’s tigh.She thinks,Is really I’m having a part in their lives or I’m just here for namesake.The behavior of Abhi is the main reason which insist her to think like this.She goes n lies n couch with lots n lots of worries n questions in her mind.The next morning,All were excited abt their party especially Abhi n Kush for them it was the first party they gonna enjoy together.Pragya was not at all interested in today’s party but she has to go..she didn’t wanna create scene before Abhi by refusing.As the day passed,Father n Son was having good time as always.And from morning Abhi n Kush didn’t even wanna see Pragya as they were busy in making fun n enjoying each other’s company which makes Pragya to feel alone in an island.So time passed very slowly for her n the time arrived,It’s evening..All the 3 in their house was really excited..

all were busy in getting ready.Today Kush also doesn’t need her help as today he is not going to wear any tie.Father n Son gets ready in perfect black n black coat which covered their white shirt.. n perfect black pant as the match of their coat.Pragya was dressed up in Mikha’s room by wearing a black saree with a thin silver metallic glittering lace as border with a simple make up wearing her dearest Mangalsutra n kumkum in her maang..after a long time she take off her contact lens n she was wearing his favorite chashma.Mikha was dressed up in black salwar kameez.Then the family arrives to the hall after getting ready.Pragya sees Abhi n Kush as they both were looking like replica.Pragya says,U both r looking great with a smile.Kush says,U too Mamma..u r wearing specs today looking different.As all wives Pragya also expecting for a compliment from her hubby but he didn’t even see her he left to the car.Disappointment remains in her eyes.All headed towards the party garden.The party was for all Indian frnds n thr some official Aussies r also thr.As Indians r thr everyone knows abt most of the ppl r his fans.Mikha was merged with her age group.Kush is playing with pooja.Abhi was busy with guests.Pragya was in ladies group eyeing on her husband..but he didn’t noticed her.As Abhi was busy in talks a girl headed towards him n kisses him in his cheek..Pragya increasing her shock he too hugged was his fan.As their hug breaked..Here Pragya’s heart too broken.

Ankit asks Abhi to give a song for guests Abhi says,btw Ankit..I had stopped singing on stages for past 6 yrs..but I wish to restart but not today as I hav to discuss with my wife.Ankit smiles.Pragya decides to go n hav words with him..she gathered courage n gets to him n clears her throat n says,Suniye..Abhi turns n says,First stop calling me like boring See how girls r here chanting my name Abhi..Abhi..but u r still in 60’s.So this is high time.Kush runs towards them n says,Mamma..Papa asked me to select new mom from this girls crowd.Pragya blurt out her tears.She cries aloud.Abhi can’t control his laughter..n says,Fuggi..fuggi..pls dnt cry..romath fuggi..He tooks her to corner Kush follows them by laughing.Abhi says,Pls dnt cry fuggi by controlling his laugh n holding her arms.Pragya cries aloud n says,Don’t touch me..u r nt my Abhi..Abhi says,Fuggi..see I’m ur Abhi..Pragya says,No..My Abhi ll love when I call him as Suniye..he ll love Wht I love..but u didn’t even see me today.Abhi says,Who told..I saw u from head to toe..u r wearing my fav fav first n foremost rights on u ur kumkum..Pragya looks on him.Mikha too comes thr as she saw Pragya’s crying.Pragya says, Abhi ll always love my selection but u r saying my selection is boring.

Abhi says,No fuggi see me n Kush was wearing the shirt which u selected yesterday see n opens his coat n says,Kush show her Mamma is crying na..Kush laughs continuously.Pragya pushes his hand n says,No..U r lying..u hate me ryt..My Abhi ll always use to say whenever he sees Gulfi he ll remind me but ur not my Abhi take off ur hand n says,U r just Kush’s father not my Abhi..go n hug ur fan girls..Go n find a new mom for ur son n pushed his hand from her arms.Kush says,Mamma..I don’t want new mom n laughs.Pragya says,U never talk with me u only need ur father not ur Mamma..U completely forgot me always sleeping with ur Papa playing with ur Papa laughing with ur Papa so u don’t need ur Mamma na.Abhi laughs n says,I know all this..I did intentionally to bring my fuggi out.Pragya looks on.Abhi says,I thought this is the right way to bring out my fuggi out of Kush’s Mamma..Kush smiles n hugs her in her thighs.Mikha laughs.

Pragya wiped her tears n looks confused.Abhi says,So Mrs.Abhishek Mehra..I’m still ur Abhi whom u use to play with at the age of 6..whom u met in the studio on the day of recording.I’m still the same Abhi,Who always love to call his girlfriend as Chashmish who love to hear sweet word “suniye” in my wife’s voice the same Abhi who always pampered alot by his loveable fuggi..Pragya remains tears in her eyes n hugs him buries her face in his chest.Abhi too hugs her..n says,I’m Sry..for hurting u since yesterday.Mikha pats her back.Kush says,Papa..see now I’m alone..They break the hug n smiles at Kush.Pragya wipes her tears.Abhi says, Prince n lifts him in arms n Abhi n Pragya kissed him in cheeks.Kush smiles.Abhi smiles n says,So..from this moment thr is no misunderstanding..Only LOVE..LOVE(Pragya Kush n Mikha shouts n chorus)HAPPY LOVE like a ROCKSTAR.All laughs n hugs each other tightly.

Credit to: Tisha

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