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Abhis phone gets vibrated n he picks the was his sweet sister Peehu.Abhi says,Haa meri ladli..Peehu says,So u hav my number in ur phone.Abhi says,What?Peehu says,Do u remember me who am i?Abhi says,Oh..come on..stop this..I was quite busy.Peehu says,I know..busy with pyaari biwi or with my cutie pie(In a taunting tone)Abhi thinks hovery pyaari biwi n says,So..come to point.Peehu says,How so mean?Actually I called to talk with my Rockstar not with u.Abhi says,Then talk na.Peehu laughs n says, poor bro..U r an outdated Rockstar.Abhi says,k..I ll giveto Kush(In a smirked tone)Peehu says,make it soon.Abhi goes to hall n calls Kush.Mikha says,Kush is playing in garden.Abhi says,Oh..then whr is she?Mikha asks,Who?in a smiling face.Abhi says,She..she ur daughter.Mikha says,Come on Rockstar say as ur wife.Abhi says,Arey..Meri maa..Kahan hai meri pyaari biwi.Suddenly Pragya comes thr n hears it Abhi feels lil bit embrace n gives the phone to Pragya.Pragya looks clueless n stares Abhi.Abhi places his arm over Mikhas shoulder n says,Maa..y ur daughter is always stern.Pragya gets irked n says,Suniyee

Abhi says,Maa..say me na..Mikha laughs n says,Its manufacturing defeat.Abhi says,Exactly n they both leaves by pulling her legs.Pragya gets irked to the core n says,Hello..who is this?(In phone)But Peehu cuts the call in the mean time over their nok-jhokes.Pragya made a weird face n says,Y he gave the phone to me.After a while,Kush Abhi n Mikha came back.Pragya calls them for dinner.They all gathered in dining table.Abhi sees the dishes in table n gets excited as everything is his favourite but he intentionally said that,Oh…Such a boring food..Kush says,But papa..this all my fav na.Abhi says, I ll adjust for u.Pragya stared Abhi and Abhi too glared Pragya to see her reaction.Mikha started her dinner.Pragya feeds Kush she didnt served him.Abhi looks on Pragya.For a while she ignored him purposely.

Abhi lose his patience n abt to serve himself.But Pragya takes away the bowl.Abhi gives her a stern look n again he tried to take but he failed.Mikha n Kush moreover finished the dinner.Mikha n Kush left the table.Abhi thinks,Oh..they both had finished their dinner but Fuggi u r so mean Im hungry pls I wanna hav all my favs made by ur hand.Pragya gives him a look n she started to hav her dinner.Abhi looks on.Pragya thinks, he is making me to cool my anger with his look n she serves him.Abhi becomes happy n started to hav his deli dinner.Pragya makes a secret smile.They all abt to go for bed.She noticed that Kush was already slept in his fathers chest but Abhi was still awake.He noticed her she was abt to lie in couch but she suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen.(She have this pain rarely but this pain ll give her immense pain as she felt during the time of delivery)Pragyas face suddenly changed she hugged herself n her hands crushed her dress in her lower abdomen as she couldnt bear the pain but she maintains to hide her pain but Abhi noticed that her hands were crushing her cloth hardly n becomes clueless.Pragya leaves the room n closd the door n she sat up in sofa in hall n she switched on the TV whr songs from Abhis album was playing.She just folded her legs n hugged a pillow n just closed her eyes n hears the song.Abhi feels restless after watchingher like this n he makes Kush to sleep in bed n he comes out to hall.He sits besides her n takes the remote Pragya was unaware of Abhis presence.Just then their loves song played(Main tanu samjhawan)

Pragya just opened her eyes n realizes Abhi was next to her.Pragya asks,U didnt slept yet.Abhi was abt to ask,r u k?but he says,I came to watch cricket match.Pragya says,Well..U can change the channel after this song.Abhi was gazed that still she is his love fuggi.Pragya was trying hard to hide her pain but Abhi asked,r u k?Pragya says,ya..Abhi could realize she was suffering n he cant tolerate her condition he suddenly gets into room n calls Peehu n says,Something is wrong with Pragya she is suffering of pain can u pls help me with an hesitated voice.Peehu says,rlax bhai..give it to her.Abhi gets into hall n gives phone to Pragya n says,Peehu wanna talk with u n he went back to room.Peehu asks,Bhabi..kya hua aap ko?Bhai told u r suffering of pain.Pragya just shocked how he knows that n looks over the room.Peehu says,Bhabi..Pragya describes her pain.Peehu says,I think its normal pain but its better to check once I ll suggest my frnd who is a gynecologist thr.Pragya says,k..Peehu says,can u give the phone to bahi.Pragya gives the phone to him.Abhi asked,Peehu…Is everything is k..Peehu narrated.Abhi says,K..v ll go by tmrw itself send me the address.Peehu says,k Call ended.Pragya says,Thank u.Abhi says,No need of thank u..i had a part in ur I hav rights over Kush..I also hav the responsibility over this pain.Pragya had tears in her eyes n she remains dumbstruck by seeing his love n care for her.Abhi says,Nothing to wry u go n take rest..Is still is paining?Pragya nods.Abhi says,Then hav some pain killer.Pragya says,K..n lies on couch.

Abhi still looks on her n thinks,Wish I could share her pain..I can’t see her in such way..n he sits in bed by resting his head in headboard by looking at her.Next morning,Abhi says,Pragya hav to go for hospital after dropping Kush.Pragya says,Give me the address I ll manage.Abhi asks,How is ur pain?Pragya says,It’s still the same.Abhi feels really bad for as he couldn’t see his talkative wife silent.They both dropped Kush in skl n headed to clinic.On the way,Pragya was looking over window..Abhi was looking at her.Abhi says,Pragya..Pragya says,Mm..He says,Y u r concentrating on pain just try to divert ur attention.Pragya says,I can’t tolerate my pain.Abhi feels someone stabbed his heart he couldn’t see her tears in her eyes.As they reached hospital,Abhi n Pragya gets into the room.Abhi says,Hi..Tina(Doc Peehu’s frnd)Tina says,Haa..bhai..bhabi..pls come in..I was waiting for u both.Abhi smiles n says,Pragya..Tina says,Haa..Peehu told everything..Let’s take a sonoline scan.Abhi says,Make it soon..Tina says,It’s already ready bhai..Bhabi pls u come in.Abhi says,May I..Tina looks on Pragya.Pragya nods.As they get in Tina done a scan as it’s normal scan they ll give some press to have clear view.Pragya can’t bear the pain n holds Abhi’s hand tight.Abhi feels that she is crushing his fingers.Abhi can’t see her pain.She controlled her tears but Abhi can’t control his tears.Tina says,Bhai..relax nothing to wry..I ll inject a pain killer pain ll b reduced in a hour.They came back to the room.Pragya asks,Y thr is pain.Tina says,Bhabi..For u it’s normal delivery na.Pragya says,Haa..Tina says,Have u met any accident that caused wound something in ur abdomen or during the time of pregnancy.Abhi looks on nervous.

Pragya says,Haa..Tina says,Ya..fine..Thr was a inner scar in lower abdomen but it’s not the cause of pain thr is a formation cyst in the scar so only it causes pain..It’s good u had came here in early else it ll b formed as fibroid then thr ll b risk in future pregnancy but nothing to wry we can cure the cyst in tablets.Abhi gets relived.Tina asks, was the pain now.Pragya makes a small smile n says,Ya..better.Abhi gets his soul back after seeing her smile.Tina prescribed tablets n says,Within a week u ll b alryt.Pragya smiles n says,Thank u.Abhi says,May I ask onething.Pragya looks on.Tina says,Ha..bhai..Abhi says,There is not risk in next pregnancy na..I mean Is she is fit n fine for next pregnancy.Pragya feels embraced n stares at him.Tina makes a smile n says,Ofcourse.Abhi says,Thank u..n they both came out of hospital.Pragya stares at him.Abhi asks,What?Pragya asks,When u became so shameless?Abhi asks,Me..shameless..Pragya says, can u ask like that.Abhi says,Whts wrong in that..Kush too need a sibling na n makes a naughty smile.Pragya gets irked n says,Cheee..n left the place.Abhi says,She is so weird but she smiled na I’m relaxed n smiles.

Precap:A girl comes to Abhi n kissed him..Abhi too hugs her..Pragya shocked.

Credit to: Tisha

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