Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 66


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Abhi was in his office looking over the files of selected contestants along with Rohit.In noon,Kush calls Abhi.Abhi picks n says, Rockstar had came from skl ryt..Missing Papa uh??Kush says,Exactly,U know papa I didn’t attend even a single class today I was thinking of u..when the skl ll finish n wen I ll meet u..When r u coming Papa..I’m missing u badly..U know Granny is sleeping..Mamma went to cafe..Feeling bored I wanna go for music class.Abhi laughs n says, lil Prince..Papa ll b thr soon n Hereafter no need of going for music class..stay home I ll come within a hour.Kush says,Come soon papa..come soooooonnnn..Abhi says,Arey..sure mere bachhe.Kush says,K..I’m waiting fr u.Abhi says,Haa..did u hav lunch.Kush says,Haa..Granny had feeded me.Abhi says,Gud boy..Kush says,K..I’m going to speak with Pooja di but papa come soon.Abhi says,Sure..Call ends.Abhi says,Well,Rohit take away Kush’s name from selected list.

Rohit says,Sir..Abhi says,Do it man..Kush is my son na I can’t take him under auditioned contestants.Rohit says,Fine sir..I ll remove his name.After an hour,Abhi was working in laptop he gets a call n it was Pragya.Abhi attends the call n says,Haa..bolo.Pragya shouts,Kya bolungi..Abhi says,Arey..then y u called me.Pragya says,U told Kush to quit the music class.Abhi says, a casual tone.Pragya asks,Y.Abhi says,Have u gone mad?He is my son..Abhi..Abhi the Rockstar’s son..y should he wanna learn music from someone.Pragya says,Don’t behave as soon smart..if u were a teacher then u won’t send ur son to skl uh?Abhi says,Poor comparison..n I’m not..

U r a teacher..yaad rakho.Rohit wonders teacher.Pragya says,Then Wht abt the fees that I paid for him for this month.Abhi says,Kanjoos..Pragya says,Suniye..Have u forgot our childhood.Abhi says,Haa..yaad hey..But my son has the best..n whts ur problem.Pragya thinks herself,It’s waste of arguing with him n ends the call.Abhi on other side,Suno..Hey..n he says himself,How dare she ended the call n kept the phone.Rohit asks,Sir,Meehi was a teacher uh?Abhi says,Haa..n came to sense n says,Rohit let’s do our work..I wanna leave home soon my son is waiting for me.Rohit smiles n says,U r too lucky..Lovely cute wife n kid.Abhi can’t enjoy his compliment instead he became anger n manages to control it n makes his face as normal.Rohit says,Sir..u know I had proposed Meehi.Abhi was shocked n gets to peak of anger n runs his fingers over his hair n folded his fingers n keeps his hand in his chin n gives him a stern face killer look.Rohit Contd by saying,But she refused..Actually I know she ll refuse..Sir Sry pls don’t mistake me.Abhi thinks himself,Hey if I get a chance to kill a person in my life then I ll kill u..n says,Rohit it’s quite normal but should not propose to someone’s wife na.

Rohit says,At the time I don’t know that she was married..but when she refused me I accepted it n till now we were Gud friends.Abhi says himself,This fuggi Is always idiot how could she is being friend with the one who proposed her n says,OK..I’m leaving now my wife n Son ll wait for me.Rohit says,This time Meehi ll b in cafe na how ll she wait fr u.Abhi can’t control his anger as he couldn’t hear that someone is updating her wife’s doings n shouts,Oh..Rohit just stop calling her as Meehi n I know very well abt her she ll return home soon.After saying this Abhi thinks how she ll wait for him in home..n leaves.He was in peak of anger.He reached home n entered inside n shouts,Pragya..Kush comes n runs towards him n hugs him.Abhi continuously shouts,Pragya…Kush says,Papa..Kyahua..Mamma didn’t came yet she ll come aftr a hour.Abhi asks,Whr is she.Kush scared of his anger n says,Papa..Y u r anger on Mamma(in an innocent voice)Abhi Suddenly changed his mood n says,U scared my prince.Kush nods by hanging his head down.Abhi says,I was just making u to scare that’s it n smiles.Kush shouts Papaaa with a happy face n beats him in his shoulder n says,U pranked me na..Abhi says, u scared my prince.Kush says,This is not fair Papa..Abhi feels relaxed after speaking with Kush n says,Kush..Wait I ll b back.Kush says,K n runs towards his room.Abhi leaves to cafe n reached thr.He could see Rohit was talking with Pragya n Pragya was laughing.Abhi goes to them..Pragya wondered n says,Aap?

Abhi says,Haa..Btw Rohit Wht u r dng here.Rohit says,Sir..I just came to meet her..Pragya so I’m leaving now.Abhi thinks himself,How dare he is..I just hate him.Pragya says, Rohit.Abhi says,Then I’m also leaving.Pragya asked then y u came here.Abhi asked when u r coming home.Pragya says,I ll come in 1 hr.Abhi says,K..n leaves with Rohit.Pragya wonders Wht happened to him.Abhi keeps his hand over Rohit’s shoulder n says,So..Rohit..Rohit says,Sir it’s getting late so I’m leaving.Abhi says,K..they both came out n Rohit goes.Abhi removes his jacket n follows Rohit n covers his face from back with his jacket n beats him hard.Rohit shouts who is this…Abhi beats him hard n hard n left the place by leaving him in the place.After an hour,In home..Abhi n Kush was playing guitar Kush was in Abhi’s lap.Pragya stroms into the home by shouting,Suniye..Suniye..kahan hai Aap..Kush hears it n says,Oh..ho..

U both y behaving like this Papa..when u entered the home u shouted Pragya she is shouting for u..u both never ever enter calm.Abhi laughs.Pragya came to room n asks,Y u beated Rohit.Abhi gives a shock reaction(here his acting starts)n asks,Wht..Rohit was beated uh?Pragya Wht u r saying says,Look I’m ur wife OK I know u from ur hair tip to toe..y u beated him(in a Vexed voice)Abhi says,Hey..r u serious who beated my Rohit Oh who having this much dare to beat my Rohit.Pragya takes his jacket out of her bag n throws it on him says,Atleast u should have take this jacket back with u na..Abhi Contd pretending n says,Hey wow Pragya how u get this jacket I was searching it from morning u r so smart u found it n smiles at her..Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,Wait lemme call Ankit n I ll ask abt Rohit.Pragya goes n sits in sofa n says,Everyone knows that u beated him.Abhi says,Oh..Fine..Pragya says,Hereafter he won’t work with u..He won’t talk with me..u r happy na.Abhi makes a witty smile n murmured,Very happy…Pragya asked,Wht u said in a stern voice.Abhi says,Actually I wanna ask how u find my jacket.Pragya shouts,Ahhhhh!!!!n throws pillow on him.Kush laughs at Pragya.Kush says,Mamma..u r really looking like a balloon when u r getting angry.Pragya stared Abhi.Abhi says,Haa..Kush fuggi ll like ballon only na.Pragya says,Haa..n laddu ll also like laddu only na.Kush asks,Who is laddu.Abhi says,Hey..Pragya don’t u dare to say that..else..Pragya says,I ll say…What u ll do..Laddu Rockstar..Kush says,Laddu Rockstar..n laughs.Pragya says,Haa..Laddu..laddu..Rockstar n gives him hifi.Abhi says,Kush u know ur Mamma is a Chashmish…Kishmish..

Kush says,Kya..Kya..mish..Pragya says,Suniye..if u said that then I ll say that u having the habit of falling from bed.Abhi says,How dare..u said this..Kush says,Oh..Papa u too n laughs.Kush wait I ll show ur Chashmish mamma’s photo..keep ur heart strong don’t get scared.Kush laughs.Pragya says,Oh..u..Mr.Laddu..My son is not a scary doll like u.Abhi says,U r saying me as scary doll so wait Chashmish I ll expose ur chashma avatar to ur son n took his mobile.Pragya tries to stop him n holds his hand.Abhi was trying to relive.Kush sees this n gets bored n says,Oh..even I didn’t fought like this n pushes Pragya towards Abhi n runs away.Abhi lost his balance n falls on bed.Pragya too falls over him.Pragya looks into his eyes.Abhi lost in her eyes n takes his hand toward her cheeks n carres her hair softly.(Sayiaara plays)Suddenly Abhi’s phone vibrated he gets a jerk n back to sense.Pragya too back to sense n gets up n says,I’m Sry n left the room.Abhi takes his phone n says,Who the hell is this correctly called in wrong time.

Precap: Abhi takes Pragya to a gyno specialist in guidance of Peehu.

Credit to: Tisha

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  4. Thank u guys and I loved that Mojo ji scene from pp movie I imagined it for AbhiGya n it sounds more funny so I used here..??and shruti ya I’m a Tamilian and all the best for ur exams do well dr..And all the best for all who r writing board exams do well..

  5. Akshata Chowhan

    Plz don’t bring Rahul between abhigya

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