Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 65


Guys thanks for ur support!!And I wanna know that if u ppl want any twists in the story or first wanna clear their differences and wanna unite Abhigya pls tell ur opinion..and do u ppl like this montage..I have problem in updating montage so pls adjust for some episodes I ll change that 🙂
Let’s get into the story..

Abhi gets up n from bed n moved to washroom.Pragya takes Kush to another room n bathed him n they both came out washroom.Abhi comes out after taking bath in bath suit n searched his bag for his dress.Kush runs to the room by wearing a towel in his waist with wet air Pragya runs n follows him to the room by shouting.Kush says,Mamma..wait a minute I ll enjoy a second in AC.Pragya shouts,It’s getting late..Abhi was wandering here n thr hurrily n bumped with Pragya.Kush increased the chillness of AC n jumps over bed.Abhi shouts,Don’t u have eyes Oh ya u r not wearing ur chasma na Chashmish..Kishmish..Pragya shouts,U only bumped with me now u r shouting at me..Hey u come down whts the habit is that standing wet before AC(Actually she mentioned Kush)Abhi mistaken her n says,Hey..U..Whts ur problem I ll stand wet or hot whts ur problem.Pragya says,Oh..hello Im not saying u I said my son..n murmers both r sucking up my patience.Abhi shouts,Hey..wht u said.Pragya says,U both r sucking up my patience.Abhi says,Oh really then pls leave us alone n do ur work..we ll manage ourselves without ur help n moreover I ll b happy without seeing ur irritating face.Pragya says, u ppl manage by urself I’m leaving.Kush says,Mamma(in a low tone)n switched off the AC n says,Mamma..make me ready I wanna go to skl na..Pragya says,u stand before AC n moreover hereafter no need of ur Mamma na..n abt to leave.Abhi says,Suno in a soft voice.Pragya turns towards him with a sweet smile by thinking he gonna apologize.Abhi says,Before u leaving pls tell me Whr u kept my cloths give my dress.Pragya makes a stern irked face n goes to wardrobe n takes his dress n throws it on his face n left the room n sits in sofa.Kush looks on Abhi with anger face.Abhi says, champ..don’t underestimate the power of ur dad..I ll make u ready..dnt wry sweet heart.Pragya hears this n smirked.Abhi gets ready n makes Kush to wear uniform n he almost finished all n he is making him to wear socks n says,Superb..My Prince is ready..Kush says,No..have to wear this too n shows him tie.Abhi didn’t expect this n says himself,Oh..Abhi u trapped now Wht to do..n says,Kush come on my boy..tie it soon getting late na..Kush says,Papa..I don’t know how to wear tie in a husky voice.Pragya hears it n she couldn’t control her laugh n says herself, Prince ur King too doesn’t know how to tie the tie.Abhi says,Oh..Kush u r succha big boy u have to learn how to tie na.Kush says,Papa..I’m getting late.Abhi thinks wht to do n lost in mind.Kush says,Oh..Papa..coz of u I ditched u r standing like this..Abhi was still on thinking.Kush shooks him n shouts,Papaa….Pragya blurt out the laughter.Kush says, Mamma..Abhi says,Me..With a weird voice.Kush says,Haa..Aap..Abhi says,No..I won’t..Kush says,K fine I ll call her n I ll accept that our Mission failed n I ll admit that we can’t do anything without Mamma..Abhi says,Hey..Kya u shouldn’t do this to ur Papa.Kush says,Then tie this.Abhi says,Hey..mere bacchu..I too don’t know how to do this in a very low voice but Pragya was standing near the door n hears it n laughs.Kush says,Papa..with a stern face.Abhi doesn’t know how to manage.Kush shouts Mamma..Pragya comes in with a high attitude in her face.Abhi bends his head.Kush says,Mamma pls make to wear tie.Pragya gives a witty smile.Abhi says,Oh..he is just like me..bending infront of her for everything.Pragya says,Ur Papa is thr fr u na ask him.Abhi says,Kush come I ll make u to wear tie.Pragya wonders.Abhi makes Kush to stand in bed n rolls the tie around his collar n tries to tie but he fails.Kush says,Papa..getting late na.Pragya comes between Abhi n Kush n takes away the tie n rolls it properly n started to tie.For a moment Abhi just freezed for a moment as she stands infront of him n making his to get ready.After a long time,over years he is feeling the wetness of her hair n fragrance near by him.She was combing Kush’s hair at the time she felt a hand is passing over her waist..she jerks for a moment n she could see Abhi’s hand passed over her waist n he is helping Kush to Inn his shirt.Pragya could feel his close ness.Abhi locked her by keeping his both hands on Kush’s waist n helping him n He moves lil bit close to Pragya.She just shook her head n turned towards her face towards right she could feel his breath on her.Abhi just looks on Pragya’s eyes which he missed for a long while.Kush says,Thank u Mamma..Then they both came to sense n Abhi moves n says,I’m Sry..They both feel awkward n Pragya too says,I’m Sry..And they all had breakfast n they were going to skl asusual Pragya is going to drop Kush but this time Abhi too accompanied her to drop his son n also he wanna do formalities by enrolling his name as Kush’s father by giving some proofs.Today Abhi had work in different venue.While going to skl,Abhi asked,Pragya when v r leaving to India.Pragya says,Actually I was thinking abt that..Within a month Kush’s academic year ll gets over so can v leave after that so He could start fresh year in India btw in the mean time I could get some time to settle down abt cafe too.Abhi says,That’s K Im also having a month of work here Talent hunt..shows..etc.Pragya just nods.Abhi says himself,Everything is changed now I don’t know y I’m not getting my old charm my old n very own Fuggi..n gives a tired expression n says,Ufffff!!!Pragya gives him a weird look n says herself,Wht happened to him n turns towards window.As they reached skl Kush introduced his friends to his Papa n all gets happy n excited as Kush’s father is a Rockstar n all praised Kush.Kush was on cloud nine n they all left to their class.AbhiGya completed their formalities n gets back to car.Pragya says,U go by this cab I ll take someother cab.Abhi says,K..n he gets in n Pragya hires another cab n she too leaves.Abhi thinks,What I have to do now..I want my fuggi back but when I think of it I’m getting angry towards her but it’s not for Gud..I’m confused n looks outside.Pragya on other side while going in car holds her mangalsutra n says,When I ll get my life..(paas aaye..dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa huin ek adhoori si hamaari kahaani rahi aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahijaa mile.. jaa mile..ishq sachcha wahi jisko milti nahi manzilein..manzilein..rang thay,noor tha jab kareeb tu thaek jannat sa tha, ye jahaan waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam salikh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan hamari adhuri kahani plays)Abhi gets into his office(gave by Rohit to do her s work regarding audition)Rohit comes thr n says,Abhi sir..We r very happy for u.Abhi exclaimed n asks,Y.Rohit says,After a long time u r again united with Meehi na..Abhi says,Meehi?Rohit says,Ha..Ur wife.Abhi says,Pragya..Meehi??Rohit says,Haa..actually v use to call her like that..biji told everything to us v r really happy for u.Abhi smiles.Rohit says,U r very lucky to hav Meehi as ur wife.Abhi says,U can call her as Pragya na he couldnt hear someone is calling his fuggi with someother nick name.Rohit smiles n says,Oh..Its too difficult to me coz I kept this name for her before 3 years so we all managed to call her like that.Abhi manages to smile.Rohit Contd by saying,Kush is such a sweet boy like his mom..He was very well attached to me..I can’t believe my eyes on seeing Wht happened yesterday..U Suddenly hugged Pragya..Abhi asks,She is my wife na do u hav any problem he asked with a naughty tone by controlling his anger.Rohit smiles n says,Oh..No u r mistaken.Abhi says,It’s k with a smirked expression.

Precap:Abhi comes home in peak of anger n shouts,Pragya..Pragya.Kush says,Kya hua Papa..Mamma didn’t came yet.Abhi shouts,Whr is she.Kush scared of his manner.

Credit to: Tisha

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  37. Akshata Chowhan

    And plz don’t bring Rahul between abigya plz. This won’t be a good twist

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