Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 64


Thank u for ur huge response!!Keep supporting!!Here we get in to Abhi Mehra’s family!!
Same night,Contd of yesterday’s..Abhi takes Kush to make him brush.Abhi asks,Whr is ur brush..which is ur paste..Kush says,Pappa..See this is my brush..this is my paste n applies paste on brush n says,Pappa this is my teeth n starts to brush.Abhi laughs n says,See..tmrw I ll give ur paste n brush.Kush says,Have to brush in up n down motion..U know pappa..Abhi says,Uh??Kush says,Haa..Mamma had told me.Abhi thinks,She is proving that she is literally..systematically..a boring professor.Kush says,Pappa..finish..U didn’t brush.Abhi says,No..Kush says,Dirty pappa..Abhi says,Arey..Proud of ur father..Atleast I’m brushing once a day..but ur Mamma won’t brush even once.Kush laughs..Abhi takes him in his arms n gets back to the room.Pragya spreading over the bed spreads.Abhi leaves Kush over bed.Kush stands on bed n says,Mamma..

Tell me one thing.Pragya says,Mm..Kya..Kush says,Mamma..u ll brush daily na.Pragya exclaimed n asks,Wht?With a irked face.Kush laughs n says,Papa told u won’t brush even a single time.Pragya says,Chee..Kush laughs.Abhi controls her laugh n manages to be anger at Pragya.Pragya stares at Abhi n murmers,Bad joke..I had ever heard.Abhi hears n smirked at her.Kush lies on bed.Pragya keeps pillows on the edges of bed(usually she use to keep for Kush)Abhi looks confused y he is keeping pillows.Pragya understood his expressions n says,If Pillow is not in edges Kush ll fall down.Abhi says,No need of that coz..I’m gonna sleep with him today I ll beside him.Pragya says,Oh..then..sure have to keep pillows n kept pillows on edge.Abhi stared at her n lies besides Kush.Kush laughs n says,Mamma..Whr is my Rockstar n Nightingale.For a moment Pragya lost her sense n says,Ur Rockstar is besides u na..Abhi looks on.Pragya says,I mean..n keep his dolls besides him n says,Gud night Kush..I ll sleep with Granny today.Abhi shocked inside as he never wanna miss her anymore but he can’t show in his face n keeps his face normal.Kush says,Mamma..U r ryt..My real Rockstar is besides me on a side n so I need my real Nightingale on other side na..then only I could sleep..else I won’t sleep.Pragya looks on Abhi.

Kush gets up n holds her hand n drags her towards bed n says,Pls Mamma..Mere liye..Pragya melts in his words n nods.Abhi sees that n thinks,He is just like my fuggi..Making all demands by Keeping the face like innocent..dramebaaz..Kush gets happy.Pragya lies besides him n covers him with blanket n carres his hair.Kush holds Abhi n a hand n Pragya in other hand.Kush says,Mamma..Pragya says,Mmm..Kush says,Come close to me.Pragya comes closer Kush kisses him n says,Love u Mamma..Pragya too kisses him.Kush says,Papa..u too come close to me..Abhi comes closer Kush kisses him n says,Love u alot Papa..Abhi smiles at him n wraps him around his arms.Pragya looks at this n gets happy but she couldnt show it in her face coz she needs his arms to wrap her around his arms along with Kush.Kush feels comfortable over burrying his face over his father’s chest n his cute lil hand hugs Abhi around his shoulders..n his lil fingers touches his back.Abhi feels very happy as his lil legs r over his legs n Abhi carres his hair.Pragya pats Kush’s back gently.Kush slightly shook his head out of Abhi’s chest n says,Papa..Abhi says, Rockstar..Kush asks,Papa..have u ever seen me before..I mean when I was kid.Abhi looks Pragya with a stern face which clearly shows his anger towards her n the words of Kush indicates them how he misses his father.Pragya remains no words for his look.Abhi says,Haa..beta..I had seen u before..Kush gets excited n says,Really..Papa but I had seen u in TV only I didn’t seen u before..then how..Abhi smiles n says,I too seen u in TV screen..

Kush says, with a super excited voice.Pragya looks on.Abhi Contd by saying, Rockstar with a smile in his corner of lips..When I saw u..U Whr in deep inside ur Mamma’s tummy..u was so small just ur 4n half months baby..At the time doctor hey na..Kush says,Doctor??Abhi says,Actually doctor nahi..ur Peehu bua hey na..Kush says,Haa..She showed u in TV screen..Kush asks,At the was my look Papa..Abhi says,U were so small..cute..I was longing to hold u in my hands at the time I slightly heard a tub..tub..Kush asks,Tub..tub..Abhi says,’s ur heart beat..the best music I had ever heard my lovely son’s heart beat.Pragya had tears in her eyes n gets up n left the room.Abhi didn’t mind her n Contd by saying,When I heard ur heart beat I felt like I was hearing the best music in the world.Kush makes a cute smile at him.Abhi kisses him.Kush again gets his face towards Abhi’s chest n hears his heart beat n says, I’m also hearing the best’s best music my papa’s heart beat n kisses him.Abhi gets emotional n had tears in his eyes n hugged him tightly.Kush says,Tmrw I ll say abt this to my frnds that I heard the best music in the world n also I ll say to all that Abhi the Rockstar is my idol..

my inspiration everything is my Papa..Abhi hugs him tight..Kush too hugs him n says,Love u Papa..pls hereafter don’t leave me..Abhi says,I swear I won’t leave u at any cost n kisses his forehead.Pragya watches this from the door corner with teary eyes n goes to living room n sits in sofa n starts to cry hard by saying,How ll I give back for such a loss..How I ll give Kush’s past 5yrs back to him..I had done a great mistake in my life n cries hard.After a while,She gets back to the room..She sees Abhi n Kush sleeping deep by hugging each other.Pragya slowly gets near to them n carres Kush’s face n Abhi’s face..n says,I’m Sry..I know Sry is not a crct way to apologize u both but Kush ur Mamma has no other choice than saying Sry n kisses his forehead..n says to Abhi,I had done disloyal with u..But I love u..I can’t live without u..Pls forgive me n kisses his forehead.Abhi made a slight jerk.Pragya moved from the place immediately n lies in couch..By seeing Son n father..(Tere bina..Plays)In the mid of night,Abhi wakes up to for rest room at the time he could see Pragya is sleeping in couch.He goes near her n downed his knees n softly carres her face n says,However u may b..Whatever the mistake u had done..but I can’t hate u..n I won’t hate u..but y u did this to me n gets up n leaves to rest room.

Then he comes back n sees her,Again goes near her n kisses her forehead softly n says,Love u Fuggi n goes to bed..n lies down beside Kush n sees,Son n mom..As the sun rised up,Pragya wakes up n sees Kush n Abhi sleeping hard.As she sees Abhi she could feel that both her kids were sleeping well n she goes to freshup without disturbing them.After a while,She came to wake them up as Kush wanna go for skl..Abhi wanna go for work(talent hunt over Australia)She opens the curtains..As Abhi says,Fuggi..lemme sleep..pls..he said like a kid..Pragya wonders if he forgive her.After a moment he opened his eyes then he came back to sense..after a long time he had a deep sleep.Pragya wakes up Kush..Kush says,Mamma..5 mins..Pragya says, Rockstar it’s already getting late come on..come on..Abhi just looks on.Pragya leaves n came back with a mug of coffee for Abhi.Kush n Abhi wakes up n sits over bed..Pragya gives coffee to Abhi.Abhi asks,For Kush..Pragya says,He ll drink milk after brushing.Abhi nods n abt to take coffee mug.Kush rubbed his eyes with a yawn n says,Papa..U won’t drink coffee na..As u said on that day..n he yawns continuously.Abhi says,Haa..I didn’t drink for past 6 yrs but it’s the time to break the fast n takes the coffee n sips it.Pragya gives a smile.Abhi says himself, is making me flat..with this coffee..but Abhi..don’t melt down before her so soon.Pragya takes Kush in her arms n says,Suniye..U freshup hav to go for work na..n leaves. Abhi says, she started her black magic n runs his fingers over his hair.

Precap:Kush calls Pragya to wear him tie.Abhi says himself, son is as like me..Abhi says,Kush..come I ll wear u tie.Pragya


Credit to: Tisha

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    1. Tisha
      Can you please give it a thought to add some romance between Abhigya ????

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    Superb and awesome yaar…. lovely and mind blowing episode and love track between them …

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  21. Tisha one small request, in new montage this kush is not satisfied,the old one who carries Guitar is superb,change that…

    1. Sure but all said me that montage is not so clear so only I changed that and moreover that montage describes how AbhiGya met each other coz of Kush’s music so I used that montage whr Kush is playing guitar..and now this is for how AbhiGya ll forget and forgive their differences and how Kush gonna make this so I used this montage no problem 🙂 after creating new one I ll change and thank u for saying this Ashly..

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