Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 63


Thank u guys for ur support I wanna clear u abt onething that Abhis anger towards Pragya is so genuine so hope u ll enjoy!!

soon their difference ll go apart (
All having chat in Skype.Pragya gets extremely happy as she got everything back in her life.Dadi says,Pragya its enough..its been long time u r separated from us pls come soon to India v r just waiting for u n our junior Abhi.Pragya smiles n says,Sure dadi.Kush says,Dadi..Naani..Granny..owww Im having many old angels with me n laughs.Dadi laughs n said,Arey..he is just like Abhi all smiles.Over the convo Abhi was looking at Pragya but she didnt noticed him.Abhi thinks himself,I missed ur smile n ofcourse I missed u too..but in this situation I cant forgive u for wht u had done to me(He wanna b with her but his fake anger n ego Is not letting him..he thinks himself that he is anger on Pragya but by heart he wants her now n forever)Peehu noticed that Abhi was looking on Pragya n says,Dadi..lets do pack up n sleep..someone is not bothering us.Abhi came to sense n awares that his sister is pointing him n says,U just dont talk with me long u ll sleep..U know everyday I cried coz of ur long sleep.All gets lil emotional.

Peehu says,Oh..really..then come back soon n see how Im gonna vanish ur sleep.All laughs.Kush says,Bua..So u should make me as ur partner.Peehu says,Sure my Junior..Kush says,Woow..ur so sweet..Pragya pats him in his head.Alia says,Oh..ho..Bhabi..If u come here more trouble r waiting for u.Bulbul says,Haa..di..Roshni says, u saying me as ur trouble.Purab says, lil angel..Ur mom is not that much dare..All laughs.Abhi says,btw Peehu,whr is ur bodyguard.Peehu says,Who?Alia laughs n says,Ishaan..Ishaan says,Alia..u forgot that u also a bodyguard who always sit with ur lil sister.Abhi says,Ha..Pragya says, triangle love story came to end.Alia says,Haa..bhabi..Afterall she is my sis I could do anything for her.Peehu hugs Alia.Sarla says, im completely on cloud nine as all worries vanished in a moment thanked Mikha.Mikha says,No need of thanking me..she is also my daughter na.Pragya hugs Mikha n says,So..Im the luckiest person who have 2 pyaari moms.All laughed.Kush yawned.Peehu says,Ok..k..lets pack up..Let them sleep..Kush says,I really like u bua..

u understand my feelings very well.Peehu says,aww..Love u Rockstar.They all gave loves n wishes eachother n signed off.Pragya says Mikha,Maa..u know how Im happy today n hugs her.Suddenly Abhi says,U not all deserved this..whatever let it b im hungry could give anything to eat.Kush says,Ha..Pappa..I too feel hungry..come lets go for dining table.They both leaves.Pragya stares Abhi angrily.Mikha says,Dont wry beta..Dont get temper.Pragya says,this is too much maa..i know I did a mistake but I apologized him I know he is in anger but how could he say that I didnt deserved this.Mikha says,Arey..just leave it..dont irk him more by ur anger..everything ll b back to normal within some time.Pragya nods n they both leaves to kitchen.Pragya brings Roti n their favourite green chutney along with Panner butter masala.Pragya says,Kush..go n wash ur hands.Abhi smirked at her.Pragya notices that n gets anger n says,Excuse Me..Im not talking to u y u r smirking at me.Abhi says,Hey..look Ms.or Mrs.Pragya whatever dont make a chance to talk with me.Pragya smirked n gets in to kitchen.Abhi too smirked at her(As like he is enjoying this anger relationship)Kush comes thr n climbed up on table n sits on table as usual.Pragya comes thr n kept the plate for Abhi forcefully in anger.Kush gets jerked by the sound.Mikha shouts Pragya with a stern face.Kush says, u wanna break the plate.Pragya says,No..Kush says,then y u kept like this.Abhi says,Nothing my rockstar..

she is just showing attitude to me.Pragya gets irked.Pragya serves him n Mikha n she too sat beside n starts to feed Kush.Kush says,wow..Mamma..My favs chutney..superb Mamma..Pragya smiles n looks at Abhi as he doesnt said anything as this his fav too.Abhi feels himself,Afer a long time Im having my fav from my favs hand.Pragya keeps on looking at him with excited eyes n a bit of smile in her corner of her lips..which clearly shows she is waiting for his words.But he didnt respond cox he completely getted in his plate.Kush says,Mamma..aaaahh n opens his mouth for his next bite.Pragya smiles at him cutely n feeds him.Abhi noticed her smile n gets happy..for a moment he saw his fuggi..Kush says,Mamma..aap ki haath main jaathu hai(There is magic in ur hands).Abhi just a moment lost his anger n says,Haath main nahi..aankhon main hai..(Not in hand in her eyes)Pragyas lips curved as she smiles.Abhi back to sense n says,I mean..mean..n takes Kush n makes him to sit in his lap n starts to feed him.Mikha smiles at Pragya.Pragya too smiles.Abhi feeds Kush.Kush says,Pappa..

if i hav from u then Mamma ll get upset better u both give me a bite..first Pappathen Mamma..k.Abhi smiles at him n says,k.Mihka says,Oh u 3 play by feeding im gonna sleep..Pragya says,maa hav tablets.Mikha says,haa..ha..n goes to her room.Abhi feeds a bite n then its Pragyas turn.As Kush is in Abhis lap.Pragya moves her chair besides Abhi n starts to feed.As eachtime Pragyas hand crossed Abhi she just comes lil closer to him..where he could feel her breath.kush says,enough Mamma..this is last bite k.Pragya says,k n gets hand to his mouth.But suddenly Kush holds her hand n diverted her hand towards Abhis mouth.Abhi too responded by opening his mouth by losting in Pragyas eyes.Pragya feeds him.Kush says,wow..Abhi came to sense n says,im sry..n gets up from chair with Kush.Pragya smiles n says herself,I know u ll forgive me soon.As they finished their dinner.Abhi n Kush were lying in bed.Pragya goes to washroom n changed herself to night pants n tees n comes out by wiping her face in towel.Abhi gives her a look by holding his hands behind his head by resting in headboard he just looking at her eyes.

Pragya too looks at him.(Jaaye jahan tu jayee..paye mujhe hi paye..saye ye mere hain tujh main samayae..Sayiyaara main sayiyaara tu sayiyaara..sitarron kay jahan may milenge ab yaara plays)Suddenly kush shouts,Mamma..see papa had gifted this guitar on that day.they both back to sense n Pragya takes it in her hand n looks at him n says herself,I know u r the best father in this im feeling guilt for separating Kush from u.Abhi looks at her n says himself,Y u gone apart from me..i need my fuggi back..I know u r the best mom in the world who gave up her happiness for her child but y dont u think that Im nothing without u.Pragya took the night suit for Kush n abt to change.But Abhi wakes n forwards his hand without seeing her face.Pragya handsover Kushs dress.Abhi changes his dress.Kush was abt to sleep.Pragya says,Kushhin a taunting tone.Kush says,Oh..ho..Mamma I thought u forgot that.Pragya says,How I will..come lets brush.Abhi says,I ll take him.Pragya says,But he she complete her words.Abhi says,He ll eat paste..I know I ll handle n goes.Pragya wonders how he knows that.

Precap: Same night,Kush is lying between Abhi n Pragya.Kush asks Abhi,Pappa..hav u seen me before..I mean when I was a kid.Abhi looks on Pragya.Abhi says,Yes.Pragya lo.oks puzzled.

Guys I hope u all enjoyed the episode.

Dont get disappoint as Im showing difference between Abhi n Pragya.soon they ll b patched up in an intresting way..Stay tuned..Keep supporting..all the ffs..and its time to thank all my readers n ffs writers.Thank u u all..

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. pls upload next episode yaar…fast….pls…

  2. Wow…its very nice trisha… love the way u write abt their cute fight… s even agree tat abhi’s anger s genuine so pls continue this… v actually feel d love n tis fight also… wish to see the video of these episodes… luv u yaar u r rocking :-*

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