Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 62


Thank u guys for ur comments n support!!Here v go with Abhigya n Kush.
Kush says,Mamma..this uncle taught me this song n point finger on Abhi.Pragya turns her face n looks at the man n stunned.Abhi sees pragya.(A huge bit of silence they both cant belive their eyes)Kush drags Pragya by holding her hands by saying,Mamma..u know na he is Abhi..Abhi the inspiration n keeps on talking.Pragya just looks at his face tears rolled from her eyes.Abhi looks as stunned not even a word came out of his mouth.Mikha sees this n thanked god n says,Here after everything ll b fine..pls give happiness to my daughter n her family n smiles.As Kush gets her to Abhi.Abhi realized that is Pragya n slowly raised his hand n softly touched her face.Pragya just looks into his eyes she couldn’t see anywhere.

Kush puzzled n looks on them.Abhi cupped her face.Pragya holds his hand with teary eyes as she doesn’t know how to react.Abhi suddenly pulls her towards him n gives her a bone crushing hug.Pragya too hugs him tightly.(door jaaoge jo tum mar jaayenge hum..sanam teri kasam o..sanam teri kasam o..sanam teri kasam..plays)Pragya kisses him in his forehead n cheeks n hugs him back.Abhi too kisses her.Mikha announces in mike that after 6 years my daughter is with her husband..for us this is a real valentine’s day..Kush exclaims as husband??..Mikha says,I was waiting for this moment over years..The crowed clapped at them.Rohit,Ankit wonders is Abhi is Meehi’s that’s y Meehi doesn’t want to hear anything about him n gets confused.Pragya breaks the hug n runs from there with teary eyes.Kush looks on Abhi n stares him n runs behind her by shouting Mamma..Mikha sees this n follows her.Abhi runs behind Pragya.Pragya goes to her room n sits in couch n cries hard.Kush comes thr n wipes her tears n he too cries as he sees Pragya’s tears n says,Mamma..pls don’t cry..i cant c u like this pls Mamma..pls don’t cry.Mikha comes thr n says,Pragya wht u r doing is not fair..y u left him thr n u sitting here n crying like this..hav u gone mad I wont let anymore to keep father n son apart.

Just Abhi comes thr with confused face n teary eyes.Pragya says,What ll I do maa..if he has his own family.Abhi opens up n says,own family?Mikha sees him n takes Kush with her n leaves the room.Kush says,Leave me granny..see Mamma is crying n he too cries.Mikha takes him in her arms n leaves from thr.Pragya looks on Abhi.(A long silence).Pragya breaks the silence n shouts,Y u come here?Abhi goes near her n cupped her face n asks,Wht u r saying?I was almost living as dead for 6 years..But ur asking me y I came here.Pragya asks,Really..then wht abt ur 2nd wife.Abhi asks,Second u ever think Im remarried.Pragya puzzled n looks on.Abhi takes his hand from her n says,No..U cant be my fuggi..u cant b my fuggi..n sits down on couch by holding his head.Pragya says about her phone call to MM & Bulbul n all were saying abt Abhi’s remarriage.Abhi looks on.Pragya says,So only.. I decided to leave u..coz u hav moved on..Abhi shouts,How could u belive that im moved on from u..Pragya says,Im sry..but at the situation I have no other really sry now I could understand how difficult life u r going through n hugs Abhi.Abhi pushes her n says,What did u said,Sry..huhh..sry..

Is ur sry can bring those 6 years which I lost..Pragya cries at his words.Abhi contined by saying,Did u think of ur mom,my u ll think abt them when u didn’t think of u become so selfish fuggi..Sry..Pragya..coz u know my fuggi ll always trust me..Even if I said her that I’m gonna marry a girl she won’t trust the words coz she trust me more than anything..Pragya cries by hearing his words n says,Just think for a moment from my situation..when I heard abt remarriage I..Abhi shouts,Remarriage my foot..Pragya just scared n stops.Abhi says,Ur saying Sry..n kicks the couch..Pragya looks scared.Abhi says,U know what the word Sry means..If u said that Sry..Can v get those 6yrs..Can I get my son’s childhood..come on open up..y u r just crying like this..u r brave..example of a independent woman who ditched by her wicked husband..who bear up n brought up her kid alone..hey na..then y u r crying like a coward..speak up..n holds her arms tight.Pragya cries n closes her eyes.

Abhi leaves her n says,Even I can’t show my anger on u..u know coz I love u..I can’t see u crying like this..n hits his hand towards wall.Pragya doesn’t know wht to do..Abhi says,How could u did this to me..U know when Purab’s daughter plays with him..I feel very lonely coz there is no one in my life except our love n memories.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,U know how I missed this word every day n cupped her face n says,Y u left this..u know I can’t hate u idiot..Pragya holds his hand n cries.Abhi relives his hand n says,Its high time now..if u don’t wanna live with problem just stay here..but I won’t let my son anymore.Pragya shocked by his words.Abhi goes to Mikha’s room Pragya follows him.(Mikha told everything to Kush)Kush runs towards Abhi n hugs him n cries n says,I’m Sry..Mamma..cried na I can’t bear that that’s y I stared at u..n says,I’m Sry pappa..Abhi gets emotional as he hears the word”Pappa”n lifts him in his arms n kisses him.Kush says,Pappa..My pappa Abhi..Abhishek Mehra n hugs him.Pragya sees this.Abhi says,Come..beta let’s go..Kush asks,Whr pappa..Abhi says,To our home..Kush says,Mamma..Abhi says,No..v both r going..Kush says,This is our home na..Abhi says,No..beta..this is our guest place..but u both stayed here for long n takes him n goes to his flat..Kush sees Pragya n cries,Mamma..Pragya goes to Mikha n says, what shall I do Maa..He is going by taking my life in his arms..Maa pls maa..ask him to stop..Mikha holds her n pats her.Pragya runs behind him.Abhi gets to his flat n closes the door.Pragya knocks the door n shouts,Suniye..Pls pls don’t do this pls lemme to b with Kush..

I can’t live without him pls..n cries.Abhi opens the door n drags her inside with anger n says,U can’t live without him for 5 minutes but u separated me n my son for 6 years..Pragya says,I said na I’m Sry..Kush says,Pappa..let’s go to our home n we can sort all issues over the pls pappa..n begs him.Abhi can’t see him like this n agrees.They all came back to Pragya’s home.Mikha says Abhi,Beta..just think from her point of view..she thought u r remarried if she was in could she give identity to her child..She never been happy without u..Kush is her happiness n life..Abhi says,Atleast she have a hope to live as Kush is with him..Wht abt Me..Mikha says,I could understand but pls b patience if u both fight like this then it ll effect on Kush’s future n she adds,Beta..Pragya n kush r not my guests..they r my life.Abhi just calms down Pragya watches it silently with tears in her eyes.Abhi says,K..I’m agreeing for My son..n it doesn’t mean that I forgive ur daughter n goes to his flat n packed his stuffs n came back to Pragya’s home.Pragya tries to take his bag.Abhi pushes her hand n goes in.Mikha says,Pragya don’t wry..everything ll b alryt soon.Pragya nods.Abhi calls to India,He speaks to Peehu Ishaan Dadi Sarla Purab Bulbul Alia n says the whole thing.All gets happy.They wanna speak with Mikha Pragya n Kush.Abhi says,K..I ll come on Skype n ends the call.Abhi calls Kush n asks,Do u hav Skype in ur iPad..Kush says,Haa..pappa y..Abhi says,We gonna meet ur Nani..bua..Chachu..n all.Kush gets excited n says,Wow..pappa..I’m so excited.Abhi smiles n says,So go get ur iPad let’s have a chat..Kush says,But pappa..connection hub is with Mamma she won’t let me to use internet without her knowledge.Abhi says himself, How kanjoos she is..she had made my son to bend infront of her for each n everything n says,Ask her that I want that..n ask ur Granny n mom to come.They all come thr n they started their chat all gets emotional n gets happy too.Abhi sees Pragya’s smiling face n says himself,see how she is smiling idiot..n stares at her.Whole chat Abhi was looks on Pragya.

Credit to: Tisha

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