Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 61


Thank u for ur patience so from today u ppl can enjoy AbhiGya!!

The episode starts with Kush says,Abhi uncle u know what day is tomorrow?Abhi asks,Y tmrw is ur bday.Kush says,No..Abhi says,Then..Independence it’s nt then wht..Kush stares at him.Abhi says,Arey baba..wait wait I ll find.Kush says,Let’s c.Abhi says,I got it..tmrw is Sunday.Kush pats his head himself n holds his head.Abhi says,Kya hua..tmrw Sunday only na.Kush stares at him n they reached the flat n Kush gets down of car n starts to walk n pretend to b anger.Abhi follows him n says,Arey..Arey..bacchu..n stops him n kneels down before him.Kush turns his face.Abhi says,K..I’m Sry baba..I couldn’t find tell me whts the day tmrw.Kush says,Uncle..have u loved anyone before.Abhi puzzled n asks,Y.Kush says,Arey..uncle tmrw is valentines day.Abhi says, a normal voice.Kush says,Haa..Abhi says,that’s K But Wht u gonna do on Valentine’s day do u love anyone.Kush stares n says,Ughhhh..Its not only for lovers..its also for says,Point..Kush smirked.Abhi says,So..Kush says,u wanna taught me a mom song which I gonna perform tmrw on our apartment Valentine’s day spl function.Abhi says,Oh..sure anything for u my sweet heart.Kush hugs him n says,Love u alot..n kisses him.Kush says,K..I ll come to ur flat so u teach me thr.Abhi says,Sure..n takes him in arms n kisses him.Abhi takes him to his flat.Kush was jumping over here n thr.Abhi smiles at him.Kush says,Uncle ur flat is so spacious..our flat is full of etc.Abhi says,Haa..cox I’m temporary guest na.Kush says,Haa..Abhi takes off his shirt n lies down.Kush says,Uncle..I ll do the same just lying like this n lies besides him.Abhi thinks y I’m feeling so Gud with him n I forgot all my sorrows when he is with me n smiles.Kush says,Uncle..Wow u hav powerful arms n touched his arms..n says,Wht shall I do to get arms like this.Abhi says,Drink more milk n hav to do exercises.

Kush says, milk n smirked.Abhi laughs.Kush says,Y u r laughing.Abhi says,Nothing..Kush sits on him n says,Uncle u r too strong is that paining as I’m sitting on u.Abhi says,No..Kush punches him on his belly n ask, that paining.Abhi says,No..Kush punches hard n says,Now..Abhi says,No n smiles..Kush says, strong u r.Abhi smiles n lifts him by keeping him on his knees.Kush was sitting on his knees n enjoyed like sitting in seesaw n laughs.Kush says,Wow..uncle..I’m enjoying u r too good love u alot..U know no one had played with me like this.Abhi asks,Y..ur dad ll play with u na.Kush smiles n says,No..he s not with us.Abhi gets sad n says,I’m sry..Whr he is.Kush says,First of all..I don’t know who he is..Then how I know Whr he is n smiles.Abhi thinks Oh no I think I hurted him..n says,I’m Sry.Kush says, problem..u r playing with me na then wht..I’m happy..Abhi gets up n wraps him in his arms n kisses him.Kush blabbers uncle..I love u..Abhi asks,Wht?Kush says,I love u..Abhi says,Love u too..Kush says,Uncle teach me any mom song.Abhi thinks n lost in thoughts(A FB shown Abhi was practising a song in his room..Pragya comes thr n hears him.Abhi stops n sighs as what.Pragya says,Nothing n smiles n abt to leave.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..why u r smiling like this..Pragya says,Nothing..Abhi says,Come on tell me..Is my champ is kicking u(At the time of pregnancy)Pragya says,Arey..It’s just 3 months how baby ll kick.Abhi says,Once the baby grown up I ll ask him to kick u.Pragya stares.Abhi smiles.Pragya says, baby won’t kick me..he/she ll hear his pappa’s music n he/she ll sing a wonderful mommy song for me..then I ll hug him/her tightly n shower kiss.

Abhi says,So mean fuggi..I had sung many songs for u but u didn’t given me even a hug.Pragya says,My baby’s song so special for me its not like urs.Abhi irked.Pragya smiles at him n says,Someone is getting jealous.Abhi says,No..I’m not jealous if ur son sing for u then my daughter ll sing for me..Pragya says,U r in thought of daughter na..I’m noticing from the day1.Abhi laughs n says,s..I wanna see this eyes in my daughter.Pragya says,Then I wanna see u in my son they both laughs FB ends)Abhi smiles.Kush shouts,Unclee…….Abhi back to sense n looks at him.Kush says,U r also like my mamma..Freezing for a while.Abhi says,Oh..I’m Sry..come let’s practice.Kush takes the guitar that presented by Abhi.Abhi teaches him the song.Kush easily observed n learned quick.While they rehearsing someone rings thr Bell.Abhi abt to open the door.Kush says,Uncle..don’t u know the steps.Abhi asks,Steps?Kush says,Haa..Step1:Hav to look through lens.Abhi just stunned n looks at him says himself,Pragya had said me this how this boy too knows abt this n looks on.Kush jumped over the lens.Abhi remains in thoughts n lifts him to see through lens.Kush sees that n says,Its security guard.Abhi opens the door.Guard gives him dinner n left.Kush says, it’s the time of dinner..Mamma ll search fa me..I’m leaving now.Abhi was still in thoughts.Kush shooks him.Abhi says,Haa..Kush says,I said I’m leaving..Abhi looks on.Kush says,Uncle..I’m leaving now shall v meet tmrw mrng..pls wear White shirt n Blue Jean.Abhi asks,Y..Kush says,Bcoz u r my valentine n kisses him n runs with guitar.Abhi smiles at him.Kush reached his home n pressd the Bell.Pragya opens.Kush says,Mamma..

I got selected today..I hav no time to talk with u gonna sleep..Tmrw u hav to wear White kurta n Blue Jean..K tata Gud nyt.Pragya says,Arey..Kush says,Mamma..let’s talk tmrw n goes to bed.Pragya smiles at him.Next night,Abhi was getting ready in n wored the color as Kush said.Kush was getting ready n took his guitar n calls Pragya.Pragya too comes thr in same color.Kush says,Same pinch Mamma.Pragya says,Arey..U only asked me to wear this na.Kush says ha..let’s go to party garden.Pragya smiles n they both goes to garden(Whr party take place)Abhi too comes thr.(Abhi didn’t Noticed)Abhi looks for Kush.As Pragya n Kush was in a gang of girls.Announcement says,Next performance is by Kush.At the time Kush takes his guitar.Pragya sees n abt to ask but Kush leaves to stage.Kush gets into stage(Abhi just looks at him with a smile n claps)n says,Mamma..this if fr u n waves kiss for her.Pragya gets excited n smiles n looks at him.Abhi tries to see Kush’s mom he couldn’t see.Kush started to sing,Jab Chot Kabhi Mere Lag Jaati Thi(Whenever I used to get bruised/wounded)Toh Aankh Teri Bhi To Bhar Aati Thi(Your eyes used to brim with tears)Maa..o..Maa.Ek Chhoti Si Phoonk Se Teri(With one gentle blow of wind from Your mouth)Sabhi Dard Mere Hote The Gum(All my pains used to disappear)Aaj Bhi Koi, Chot Lage Toh (Even today whenever I get bruised)Yaad Aati Ho,yaad Aati Ho Tum(i remember You)Aaj Bhi Meri,Aankh Bhare Toh(Today also, when my eyes brim with tears)Yaad Aati Ho,Yaad Aati Ho Tum(I remember You)Maa..Meri Maa..Meri Maa..O Maa..Meri Maa..

Teri Baaton Mein Apni Har Ek Main(In every talk of Yours,i would find)Uljhan Ka Hal Pa Leta Tha(The solution to all my problems)Tere Hathon Ki Roti Aksar Hi(The roti made by Your hands)Bhookh Se Zyada Kha Leta Tha(I used to eat more than my actually hunger)Tera Hissa Main,Tera Kissa Main(I’m a part of You, I’m a tale of Yours)Jo Sabko Sunati Ho Tum(That You make everyone hear)Aaj Bhi Meri,Baat Chale Toh(Today also,whenever there’s a mention of me)Yaad Aati Ho,yaad Aati Ho Tum..Aaj Bhi Meri,Aankh Bhare To.Yaad Aati Ho,Yaad Aati Ho Tum Meri Maa..Meri..Maa..o Maa..n gets down Pragya smiles widens her arms.Abhi claps hard n received the call.

Ishaan in call says,Peehu recovered completely n she wanna say u something n handsover phone.Peehu says,Pragya bhabi is alive but unfortunately the call ends coz of network he couldn’t call back.Abhi thinks of that n turns.Abhi sees Kush hugs his mom(But not face)Pragya gets teary eyes n hugs n kisses Kush n asks,My sweetu how u know this song.Kush says,This uncle taught me.Pragya asks who n turns her face n looks on.Abhi sees Kush’s mom n stunned.
Screen Freezes.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Dunno how many times m gonna read this

  2. I am in the cloud 9 when i read your eoisode i got scolding from my hubby yes i have smile on my face throughout the story very very nice episode and expect the next very soon can’t control please update soon.

  3. Sanya Happy birthday…Hani told me abt ur birthday.. Wishing u happiest bday stay blessed..
    Actually guys I was making up the next episode I ll update soon but I don’t know if it is possible by this night..thanks for ur comments I really respecting ur feelings n humbled n I apologize for that coz I made 62nd episode but I thought it was not that much good so I’m rewriting it that’s y I’m really really really sorry 1000s of sorry for making u ppl to wait..n ur anticipation making me to write more better again I’m apologizing for this I’m Sry guys..:(

    1. Thank you tisha

    2. but plssss try to update today at least plssss di plsssss waiting 4r ur update

  4. Its ok tisha …we r waiting for ur ff…update it soon. Dear

  5. Omg omg sri…jus can’t imagine…how u r writing it like this dear..I really wanted to know… U r jus awesome…love u to the core dear…u r something special…I’m jus imagining wat ll happen in next episode…can’t wait dear..update it u so much dear…u jus rocked..:)

  6. U r the best sri…u r making us to smile n making us to realize wat love is…the making of ur story is just amazing… Hats off to u dear…nee mattum paiyana poranthuruntha ne enga irunthalum thedi vanthu unna impress panni kalyanam pannirupen..;-)

    1. thank u so much kirthi luv u too :*

  7. Its TRUE razia sinnanjiru ragasiyame song is perfect for abhigya it is played in Tamil na.. awesome .. nd also un vizhigalil vilundu nanga elugiren song suit for abhigya eyelock… always abhigya rockzzxx

  8. Akshata Chowhan

    Dil bhar aaya

  9. wooow i’m in love with your ff

  10. Can u please update ur next episode fast…please…

  11. pls update tisha

  12. Awesome…. Eagerly waiting for the next part….plz update it fast……

  13. Ur just awesome no words to say i m stunned with ur writing

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