Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-6


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Recap:Abhi gets to know about Purab and Bulbul’s love.

The episode starts with Pragya in her room folding the clothes and bulbul comes there and says,Di why u r doing all the work alone leave it to me I ll do everything for u.Pragya shocked and asks is this my Behen bulbul or not and pinches herself.Bulbul says di don’t do like this.Pragya asks what’s the matter and smiles at Bulbul.Bulbul says u r the most wonderful di in the world.Pragya again asks what’s the matter.Bulbul says,di..Pragya says mmmm…Bulbul says di…I want to tell u most important thing but I don’t know how u ll react.Pragya says,Bulbul come on tell me.Bulbul says,di..I’m in love with Purab.Pragya looks on.Bulbul says,even he too loves me alot and looks at Pragya’s face.Pragya keep looking her.Bulbul ask her to say something and asks di are u anger at me pls tell me anything pls di.Pragya hugs her and kisses in her forehead and says my behen ll never made any mistakes and I completely trust u bulbul.

Bulbul gets teary eyes and hugs her tightly.Pragya wipes her tears and says u don’t worry I ll make mom to understand u don’t worry.Bulbul says no di..don’t say anything to mom we ll say her once ur marriage is fixed.Pragya asks what??Bulbul says yes di..I ll get married after ur marriage.Pragya says,Bulbul what’s this currently I’m not ready for marriage.Bulbul says no problem di..we ll wait u r my di..I can do anything for u.Pragya says but purab…Bulbul says di..don’t worry we both took this decision and purab too told he won’t get married before Abhi so u don’t feel guilty.Pragya smiles and says I’m really happy for u and they both hugs.Bulbul says,di..tomorrow we can go for dinner and purab wants to meet u.Pragya says ok sure.Sarla maa shouts from outside and asks them to sleep.They both laughs and lies down to sleep.

Pragya received a message Abhi.Pragya took her phone and reads the message.
Abhi: So,u r coming tomorrow na?
Pragya: what??I can’t understand!!
Abhi:I know Chashmish u Can’t understand anything bcoz u r a tube light!!lol ๐Ÿ™‚
Pragya: Hello,I’m a good medalist in my PG!Don’t underestimate me!!
Abhi:Hey,gold medalist!!Shut up!!
Pragya: Why should I shut!!U r not able to express ur words clearly.
Abhi:Chashmish!!U can’t understand my words bcoz u r a idiot.
Pragya: If I’m idiot u r a big idiot and fool!!
Abhi:I’m fool???U..u..
Pragya: What..??U..u..
Abhi:Nothing!! Get lost!!
Pragya: U get lost!!U only texted me first!!
Abhi:Ohhhhh!!!Just stop it!!
Pragya: Ok I’m stopped!!and what u was saying?
Abhi:Areyy!!Tube light Chashmish!! Bulbul didn’t told u anything uhh??
Pragya: Ohh!!!Ya she told me everything and we are going for dinner tomorrow!!
Abhi:Acchha!! U ppl r going na then what about me!!

Pragya: If u are free!!U may join us!! We never mind!!
Abhi:Areyyy!!Ms.Pragya I’m the organiser of the dinner and I gave them this idea and that’s I asked u that u r coming tomorrow!!
Pragya: Ohhhh!!!I’m sorry!!
Abhi:Who needs ur sorry!!
Pragya: OK!!Im withdrawal my sorry!!
Abhi:Ladli Chashmish!! Stop this !!
Pragya: OK!!
Abhi:That’s Gud!!OK we ll meet tomorrow have a good sleep!
Pragya: Gud night!!

They all four gathered in a restaurant for dinner. Abhi had booked a table for candle light dinner.Purab greets Pragya. Pragya says I’m really happy for u and bulbul and says come let’s go.Abhi stops her and asks bulbul and purab to enjoy the dinner and says he had booked a table for them.Bulbul asks then di and u.Abhi says I won’t swallow ur di u don’t worry go and enjoy.Purab and bulbul leaves for dinner.

Pragya asks Abhi, then what we gonna do.Abhi replies,lets fight.Pragya asks what??Abhi says,I too don’t know what to do wait lemme think.Pragya stares him.Abhi sees a theatre near by there and thinks to go but he saw the movie name and jerks(it was Annabella and he was scared of ghosts)but Abhi thinks Pragya is with him so she ll accompany him so decides to go.Abhi says Pragya, Chashmish!! We ll go for the movie and shows the theatre.Pragya sees the movie name and jerks(she too scared of ghosts)and says ll go somewhere like temple..gurudhwar…Abhi says I’m a Rockstar how could come there come let’s go for movie.Pragya nods no.Abhi asks acchha!! U r scared of ghosts ryt that’s y u are refusing and laughs at her.Pragya replies at all I’m brave woman!!Abhi OK then lets go na??

Pragya says yes,sadly.They both seated in their respective seats.Pragya thinks and says herself, Pragya u should be strong u should never show ur fear infront of him.Abhi thinks and he should never show his fear infront of her if u show ur fear then she ll tease u then no ll trust u as a Rockstar.The movies starts and both were sitting in the edges.Pragya says Abhi, nothing in this film is too scary Abhi replies ya Chashmish u r ryt and they both smiles and continues watching suddenly a weird sound arrives in the movie.Pragya Suddenly hold his hand Abhi too hold her hand tightly.As the ghost appears in the screen they both start to scream by holding their hands.Whole theatre was watching them suddenly they both gets up and came outside.Pragya says I won’t go inside again to watch.Abhi says even I too Chashmish I won’t go and they both Suddenly leaves their hand from each other’s hand.Abhi asks Pragya are U sacred of ghosts. Pragya nods yes and says,u too na.Abhi nods and they both laughs at each other and they gave hifi.

They became very close friends,it was about 6 months and they both feeling good at each other’s company.Abhi in home getting ready to meet Pragya.Peehu and Alia comes to his room and starts teasing him.Abhi says what ever u both wanna tease..then tease me bcoz we both are good friends nothing more than that.Alia asks acchha bhai u have many friends but u not at all met them everyday and Peehu asks Abhi,bhai admit the fact that pragya is special to u and they both smiles at Abhi. Abhi says nothing like that.Alia says then why u r meeting her daily.. If u didn’t met her a single day u ll start to miss her then u ll realize that she was special to u.Abhi says nothing like that if I didn’t meet her I won’t miss her and my dear angels don’t imagine urself and he leaves to meet Pragya.

Abhi and Pragya met in a restaurant.Abhi and pragya having their dinner.Pragya says,Abhi…Abhi says hmm…Pragya says I wanna go Delhi for two days.Abhi shocked and asks in anger voice,for what?? Pragya replies,She has a seminar there and she has to attend. Abhi asks pragya,sure u wanna go u didn’t told me anything before suddenly u r saying this.Pragya replies its my dream to attend the seminar so I have to go.Abhi gets annoyed and says ok!!do what u want and leaves.Pragya looks at him and follows him.Abhi standing near his car and thinks and conversing himself that,She didn’t ask me anything about that but she is just informing me that she is going.Even she didn’t called me to accompany her what’s she is thinking in her mind she just making me mad on her and kicks the car and says himself Abhi why u are so much worried for her she is just ur friend nothing than that be cool where ever she wanna go she could go and looks at Pragya standing there.Pragya thinks and says herself don’t know what he is thinking about me he even didn’t told me that he ll accompanying me and says he doesn’t have any feelings for me I’m just a friend for him and she adds don’t expect any emotions from him.She goes near him.

Abhi asks shall we go Pragya nods yes.Abhi drops Pragya and she asks Abhi will u drop me in airport tomorrow.Abhi says no I have important work tomorrow u go by urself. Pragya remains in tears in his eyes and nods and she says bye Abhi nods and pragya leaves from car.Abhi calls Pragya, she turned with smile (expecting that he would come to send off her)Abhi says all the best in mild voice.Pragya asks huuhhh??Abhi says all the best do well…Pragya smirked and says thank u and leaves.Abhi too leaves.Pragya turned and sees him going in car and cries and says he doesn’t have any feelings and went into her home.

Precap:Abhi calls Pragya,Pragya’s phone was switched off.Abhi being restless and sits with tears(hamri adhuri kahani plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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