Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 59


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A man bumped with Kush n his chocolate fells down,He shouts,Who is the hell he is n looks at the man..The man too looks at him n says,Oh..I’m really sorry..Kush shouts,…U Abhi..Abhi..hey na..Abhi the Rockstar..OMG..I can’t believe this true or I’m just dreaming n starts to jump.Abhi smiles n says, lil star may I know what’s ur name..Kush says, can’t believe it n says,I’m Kush..Sir..Abhi gets thought of the moment with Pragya when they decided their baby’s name.Kush says himself,Kush..don’t show before him that u gonna perform in talent hunt if u say that today then he won’t get impressed.Abhi shooks him n says,I’m Sry..Kush..I ll get U another chocolate..Kush says,It’s K problem..chocolate is not at all necessary when u r with me n smiles.Abhi asks,Whts ur age with a smile.Kush says,5..Abhi asks,Then how u know me?I mean I had stopped doing my concerts then how u know me..Kush says,Actually my granny was ur fan..and as I’m also ur fan nahi..which is beyond than that.Abhi smiles n says himself,This boy is so cute..charm after a long time I’m feeling that someone who close to me is being with me n smiles.Kush says,Sir..can v hav coffee.

Abhi smiles n says,U ll hav coffee.Kush says,Haa..I ll but my mom doesn’t know abt that I ll betray her n laughs.Abhi says,But..beta..I won’t drink coffee..Kush asks,Kyun sir..ur mom also won’t let u to drink coffee my mamma..Abhi smiles n says,Ha..beta only plain milk.Kush says,ufffoo…my mom ll also do the same just a plain a poor student’s answer sheet..Abhi laughs hard by hearing this n says,U r so cute.Kush makes a smile n says,Thank u sir..usually all use to say like’s K Wht to do I’m so handsome na..Abhi wonders n says himself,How sweet n childish this boy..n smiles..Kush says,Sir..shall v go..Abhi says,Whr..Kush says,we having a cafe here shall v go n hav coffee..Abhi says,But..Kush says,Wht sir??Abhi says,Ur mom ll b thr na..Kush says,Haa..I forgot that K let’s have here itself n holds his hand..Kush n Abhi walking by holding hands on hand.They both were roaming for a coffee shop where no one can see them.Abhi asks,Kush..Here thr is a shop..

Kush says,Sir..if v drank here then Mr.Leech ll tell to Mamma..Abhi asks,Mr.Leech?Kush says,Ha..his name is Charles but me n pooja di na v kept this name his character resembles as Leech.Abhi laughs.Kush says,Sir,come let’s go thr(an isolated coffee shop)n runs inside n Abhi follows him.Abhi sees his hand is wet of sweat as they both hold their hands for a while n thinks,After 6yrs my hand is getting wet of sweat usually fuggi ll give this to me but today this boy making me more comfortable n I feel fresh n happy n sees Kush.Kush says,For me cold coffee..Sir for u..Abhi smiles n abt to say milkshake but Kush says,Oh..u won’t drink coffee na so is milkshake is K fr u na.Abhi nods n smiles.Kush says,Then..chocolate milkshake n smiles.Abhi nods n says,Hey..Its my fav.Kush says,Mine too n gives his hand for hifi..Abhi too gives hifi.Kush says,Sir..Abhi says,EK minute..Ek minute..y u calling me sir.Kush says,My Mamma told me to give respect to others especially when I watch u on TV i ll use to say simply Abhi..But Mamma ll ask me to say as Abhi sir n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Its K u can call me as ur uncle.Kush immediately says,K Abhi uncle.Kush sips the cold coffee n Abhi looks at him.

Abhi asks Kush,How was the coffee?Kush says,Gud but not as my mamma’s n smiles.Abhi thinks,Fuggi if u thr then v ll also hav a cute boy like this who always giving bak bak talks like u..n asks,Kush..u r a chatter box ryt..Kush says, Mamma ll use to say that I’m the naughtiest boy she ll use to compare me with Andy..Abhi asks,Andy?Kush gets involved in saying abt Andy n says,Haa..he is an Aussie highly attitude I won’t like him he always use to taunt Arjun.Abhi says,Oh no another new character Arjun..I think u hav many friends.Kush says,Haa..many frnds..while in this talk few drops of coffee spilled over his shirt.Kush says, n takes the water n wipes it immediately by saying,If Mamma see this then she ll give me boring lectures.Abhi asks,Boring lectures?Kush says,Haa..she ll give lectures when I eat paste..Abhi laughs n asks,Do u eat paste?Kush says,Haa..u won’t eat pastes uh..u know it ll b so good in taste..Abhi says, lil star ur mom is saying for ur gudness..Kush says, u too n pretends to sad.Abhi pinches his cheeks n says,So cute..Kush says,And u too..

Abhi laughs n Suddenly he recevies a call Abhi attends the call,It was Rohit.Rohit says,Abhi sir..Hav u got ready for meeting..Abhi says,Oh I just forgot that..I’m sry..Rohit says,Itz k dnt wry I ll pick u.Abhi says,Oh..thanks..btw I’m in food court..Rohit says,Ya..I ll b thr n 5 mins.Abhi says,Ya..K I ll wait fr u in outside n ends the call.Kush says,Leaving for work uh?Abhi says,Haa..but I really like u my boy..Kush says,I too like u my Rockstar n smiles.Abhi says,Come I ll leave u in ur cafe n ll leave.Kush says, he comes thr Mamma ll get upset na n says,No problem uncle this is my area I ll go by myself.Abhi says,Are u sure?Kush says,Haa..Abhi says,K lemme pay the bill.Kush says, I ll pay..Abhi says,Achha..u hav paisa..Kush says,Haa..I hav my piggy bank na I have lil money..Abhi says,So sweet but I ll pay coz I spoiled ur chocolate na..Kush says,Ya..K then u itself pay..Abhi smiles n says,Naughty..Kush smiles.Abhi pays n abt to leave.Kush calls Abhi uncle come here.

Abhi comes to him n kneels down before him n asks,Wht?Kush kisses in his cheeks n says,Love u..Abhi gets overwhelmed n feels that some super divine grace n love had touched him n kiss Kush’s forehead n says,Love u too..take care..Kush smiles n thinks, I gonna impress u on Competition n leaves by saying bye..Abhi looks on him..He feels that his soul is detached from the body n feels bad of leaving him n left the place.Kush comes to cafe n gets into cafe room n shouts n jumps n dance.Pragya scared n turns to him n asks,Y u r shouting..Kush says,I’m not shouting..I’m enjoying n shouts n twists his legs by saying naannaannaa…Pragya kneels down before him n asks,Someone is on cloud nine today.Kush says,Ha..Pragya asks,Whts the matter with smile.Kush says in a singing tone,It’s seceret..I won’t’s a personal..i won’t tell.Pragya says,Arey..Kush says,No way..Pragya says,K leave..let’s go home..Kush Granny n Pragya reached home.Pragya n Mikha freshed up but Kush was in the same excitement.Pragya comes thr n says,Oye..dream boy..come let’s change the dress.Kush says,Lift me..Pragya lifts him n makes him stand on bed n removes his shirt n gives a night dress.Pragya notices coffee stain on his shirt n asks, was the coffee.

Kush asks with innocent face,Wht coffee Mamma..Pragya says,Come on sweet a buttering tone.Kush holds her cheeks says,Mamma..u r too smart..Smarty pants..n kisses her.Pragya beats him gently n says,So u drank coffee..Kush says,Haa..n ran away by closing Pragya inside the room.Pragya runs behind him n knocks him to open the door.Kush says,No..Mamma..U ll not scold me na..Pragya says,if I came out I ll beat u..Kush says,then stay inside.Pragya murmers n tooks his shirt n puts in washing machine,while seeing the stain she remains a moment(A FB:In morning Pragya brings a cup of coffee n plain milk n wakes up Abhi..Abhi woke up n says,Gud mrng.Pragya says,Gud mrng..Drink this milk soon..Abhi says,Milk?Then for whom this coffee?Pragya says,For advised u na not to drink coffee so only milk.Abhi smirked n took the glass..Pragya gets to the changing room at the time Abhi had a sip at the coffee n places as it is.But a drop spilled on his tee.Pragya sees that n asks,Whts this?Abhi says,My heart.Pragya keeps her hand n asks,Oh..n whts in ur heart(taunting tone).Abhi says,Ofcourse u fuggi.Pragya shows stain.Abhi says,It’s kiss mark.Pragya says,Kiss?Abhi says,Ha..n kisses her n runs away FB ends)

Precap: Pragya also getting ready with Kush to see his competition.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Ohh my goddd
    For every line I just kept smiling
    Tisha ur ff brings a smile on me every time I read it
    Ur just awesome
    Eagerly Waiting for the next episode
    Pls post it soon na
    Too much if suspense

  2. Oh my god.., it’s really cuteee epi…. I just love it…

  3. Its just Awesome………. I loved it………????

  4. Ur episode Awesome…i feel very happy…this episode touched my heart…when abi will pragya??plze make this story…when abi knows kush is his beta??everyday i eagerly read ur story…it makes me glad….thank u…

  5. hahah tisha that boy u made that character cute awesome yr….

  6. i like this very much yaar….pls continue…but unite abhi and pragya fast….update next episode as sson as possible…

  7. It was amazing awesome superb fantastic and no words to say tisha it’s really fantastic. I loved the bonding between abhi and kush it was amazing. Pls update the next part soon and waiting for abhigya reunion

  8. so nice episode happy to see kush and abhi ………!!! and wow talent hunt is going to happen tisha pls make abhi and pragya to meet each other!!!

  9. Wow tisha today you give extraordinary bonding between abhi and kush I really loved it… keep rocking yar

  10. Amazing yaaar

  11. Cute episode

  12. Super awesome amazing can’t stop smiling

  13. Wow… Superb… Amazing… And Kush how smart he is,just loves him lottttttttt…

  14. super tisha…go on..

  15. awesome ya realy realy cute cute it.kush bak bak talk is love it………

  16. Omg girl u rocked it … Unite them soon .. Nw I can’t wait

  17. Very nice episode sri…the bond u have shown between abhi n kush was jus mind blowing..and nw all I need is abhi n pragya reunion..thr nice love…thr cute romance…thr cute eye lock..thr cute nok jok..pls sri..unite them soon…it’s just few episodes that they are it felt like really 6 years went..:( wen they will see each other n wen they will unite ya?? how many episodes are there for that??

  18. realy enjoy.

  19. It’s really superbbbbbbbb I’m very loving episode please make abhigya unite please update next episode tomorrow morning itself

  20. Hi tisha I am a silent reader I never comment in any fan fiction and you this episode is awesome

  21. Ohhhhh tisha… Today after reading episode n thn precap my reaction too like kush’s reacting after having coffee with him… I mean I’m also in cloud nine.. Lovely sooooo sweet n love ur ff a lottttttttt…

  22. cute episode………….kush -abhi bonding superb….

  23. Offooo tisha u r rocking yaar… It’s awesome ?

  24. Touching reunion of abhi kush when they got the family eagerly waiting for that 6 years very too much.abhi missing kushs childhood its so sad.interesting line byline episode my eyes searching for your next episode.

  25. Tat hand wet tas so true na .. How u get al these things in yua mind .. I love you Sri love u .. Ne matum paiuana irundhurundha propose panirpen 🙁

  26. awesome tisha i like it. again no word to say

  27. I had never watched this serial tisha. But after going through your ff, I was like how I have missed such a wonderful serial. I have read your all 59 episodes today. I am waiting for the day when will the family unite,
    One more thing I have liked in your episodes is that you were giving a regular updates and thanks for that…..
    Waiting for your next episode…

  28. Tisha,
    Abhi and kush scenes were really cute. Its gonna be ? 60th episode tomorrow. Will they be reunited again ?
    Don’t say no please

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