Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 58

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Abhi looks on through the shop via glass n asks,Wht shall v waiting for Mr.Rohit.Rohit says,Sir,Actually my frnd n her son came in this car as my car broke down I ask Raju bhai to pick us..In the mean time,Her son Kush,takes her mom to the instrument shop coz he is just a big fan of u..Raju says,Haa..Sir..I never seen a boy like him very active sensitive n talented too.Abhi quite impressed n asks,Sry I didn’t remember Wht was his name?Rohit says,Kush.Suddenly, Abhi gets the memory that he n Pragya deciding name for their baby at the time they selected the name Kush.Abhi thinks,His name is Kush..If I had a son today his name is also b kush.In shop,Kush says,Mamma I need a guitar like which Abhi sir has .Pragya says,Arey..woh guitar..Kush yeh..Fender Electric Bass guitar hey beta..U know it cost more than 50k..Kush asks, u know u won’t watch his song n concert na..then how u know these details.Pragya remains silent with no answer.Kush says,Mamma..I don’t know I need that guitar same black n white color.Pragya says,Hey Kya nayi technique cornering n demanding by standing in shop.Kush says, guitar is old fashioned na so I need new one.

Pragya says,U r begginer na so that acoustic guitar is K fr u come let’s go..Kush says,No I won’t come..I need that guitar.In car,Rohit says,Raju bahi call Meehi n ask them to come long we r waiting.Raju says,Ji..n calls Pragya..Pragya attends n says,Haa..Bhai..Raju says,Meehi come soon..guest n Rohit is waiting for u both.Pragya says,Haa..v r coming n calls Kush to come.Kush says,I won’t come..n gets to guitar section.Pragya says,Kush dont b stubborn Rohit uncle is waiting for us..Kush says,Ask them to go I won’t come n keeps his face anger.Raju says,Meehi..r u thr..Pragya says,Haa..bhai..u ppl go v ll manage n ends the call.Raju says,K..n says,Rohit ji..they ask us to leave.Rohit smiles n says,K..let’s go..Abhi still looks on the shop n thinks,Y I’m feeling that someone very close to me is here.At the same time,Pragya turns n sees the car leaving n says herself,Y I’m feeling that someone close to my heart is here..n goes to Kush.Kush stares at Pragya.Pragya asks,Whts ur problem?Kush says,I need the guitar..Pragya says,Kush..samjona beta..Mamma has not that much paisa nw I ll get U next month..Mamma didn’t refused anything na trust me I ll get U next month.Kush says,Promise..Pragya says,Pakka..Pakka promise..Kush smiles.Pragya says,Come let’s go..dramebaaz.Kush laughs..n says,Mamma..u r so beautiful today.Pragya says,Ohho..again u r buttering me now whts ur demand..Kush says, Mamma..Pragya says,No..Kush says,Pls Mamma..pls Mamma with an innocent face n smile.Pragya says,No way..Kush continued demanding n they enter to the dress shop.

Abhi n Rohit reached a apartment(same Whr Pragya stats but dif block)Abhi sees the flat n says,Its quite comfortable n thank u Mr.Rohit.Rohit says,No problem make u comfortable I’m leaving now if u wanna go anywhere call Raju he ll take u.Abhi nods.Rohit leaves.Raju says,Abhi sir,Nearby chain of restaurants r thr n Indian cafe also thr.Abhi says,Thank u Bhai but I’m gonna take rest now.Raju smiles n says,K n leaves.In shop,Kush goes infront of mirror n sees himself n says,Uffooo I forgot to do this Mamma see I forgot to do this u also didn’t remind me.Pragya asks,Wht?Kush bends his knees n rolled his pant for 3inches in his left leg.Pragya sees this n says, also u ll wear this type pants.Kush says,’s rolled up pants Rockstar style..u never understand this come let’s go n drags her.Pragya says herself,He resembles his pappa only..not even like me for 1 percent n smirked.Kush buys,A black jacket..white tee in which a guitar pic is printed n a fashioned blue jean..Pragya says,That’s all r something else..Kush says,Thats all mamma..n smiles.Pragya pays for it n they left the shop n hired a taxi n goes to their restaurant.Pragya takes the bag n gets into café’s room..ppl r enjoying their food n Nancy(a employee in their café)says,Hi..Meehi wassup..Pragya says,Just now finished shopping for Kush..btw Whr is Maa..Nancy says,Inside..n Whr is Kush.Pragya says,He ll b here n roaming all over the place n smiles n gets in.Kush was roaming in the place which he usually do coz all shop n cafe owners like him.Screen splits,Abhi had a lil nap n wakes up n freshup n decided to go out..n he reminds Raju’s words n decided to go for the walk as it’s near by.Abhi gets ready n wears a jacket n moves out n walks over the road by seeing here n thr.

Pragya was busy in kitchen in work..Mikha was inside the café owner room.Abhi walks n reached the place Whr chain of restaurants are thr(like food court).Abhi feels the same thing again someone close to him is near by him..Abhi says himself, Y I’m feeling comfortable n fresh n positive after reaching here n looks here n thr.Kush was roaming here n thr n goes to a chocolate shop n says,Hi..Mr.Wilson..hw r u..Wilson says,Hey..Kush I’m fine hw r u..Kush says,I’m doing great as Always with a rock attitude.Wilson says,Oh.that’s great n Wassup.Kush says,Nothing Mr.Wilson..just came here to see u n says,K bye I’m leaving n left the shop.Abhi enters to the the food court.Pragya suddenly feels something n comes out n sees,But everything is normal n she exclaimed herself, y I’m feeling like this n gets back to kitchen.Abhi goes to burger King n abt to order the food but he sees the menu n gets bored n came out.He sees a coffee shop thr,He thinks to hav coffee but he stops(A FB shown:While Abhi n Pragya sleeping in nyt..Abhi shouts of stomach pain.Pragya wakes up n asks,Wht happend?Abhi says,Don’t know I had slight stomach pain but now it’s heavy..Pragya gets panic n calls doctor.Doctor comes thr n says,Nothing to wry..btw Abhi how many coffees ll u hav a day.Pragya says,5-6 doctor y.Doctor smiles n says,That’s the problem..avoid coffee for somdays he ll b alryt n leaves.Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi says,Wht ll I do when my sweet wife’s coffee is so sweet..Pragya says,So no coffee for u from today..Abhi says,this not fair how I spend my day without ur coffee..Pragya says,Suniye..I decided no coffee for u from today only plain milk..n leaves the room.Abhi smirked with a sad face n shouts,This is not at all fair..FB ends)

Abhi smiles n says himself,I’m missing ur coffee fuggi..u know till today I’m drinking plain milk..On otherside,Kush buys a chocolate n licks that n roams here n thr over the food court.Abhi walks backwards by seeing the coffee shop n lost in his fuggi’s thoughts..Kush was completely concentrating on chocolate n he watching the LCD screen Whr his favorite Aamir Khan’s movie is airing.Kush looks on chocolate n the screen back to back n enjoying the chocolate..Suddenly a man hits him n chocolate falls down from his hand..Kush shouts, is the hell he is n looks at the man.

Screen Freezes!!
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