Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 57

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Pragya stands in balcony,Kush enters the with scary face n he gets into the room n stands in a corner.Pragya doesn’t noticed that.He goes near her n touches her hand.Pragya turns n a drop of tear falled on Kush’s hand.Suddenly,Kush blurt out his tears n hugs Pragya n says,I’m Sry Ma`mma..I didn’t did anything intentionally I’m Sry Mamma..I won’t repeat this again Sry Mamma pls talk to me..pls..Pragya kneels down n cupped his face n asks,Y u did like this..u r just 5yrs now..but ur anger n attitude is upto the sky it’s not gud for u..u know how Mamma hurted by seeing u fighting with someone..wht ll I do if anything happened to u..tears rolled out from her eyes..she continued,U know na Kush..w/o u I’m nothing..U r my world..nothing in the world is important than u..Kush wiped her tears n says,Sry Mamma..I won’t repeat this again..pls don’t cry Mamma..if u cry then I ll cry n starts to cry hard..Pragya hugs him tight n kisses him.Kush says,Mamma..if u get anger on me pls scold or beat me but pls don’t be silent Mamma..

u r my world..n hugs Pragya.Pragya says, chotte Rockstar stop crying..I forgive my choco pie..n kisses him.Kush says,Really?Pragya says,Haa..really..Kush says,Then y u still crying n kisses in her eyes.Pragya says, Prince..I’m not crying come let’s put oinment on ur wound.Kush says, it ll burn na..Pragya says,Haa..then how ur wound ll heal.Pragya takes him in arms n makes him in sit in her lap n applies oinment.Kush shouts aloud n aloud..Pragya blows in his wound.Mikha comes thr n says,Ohhooo..Y u r shouting..Kush says,Granny..u know it’s burning..Mikha says, ll burn..n u deserve it.Granny says,Pragya..u know y ur beloved son fight for.Pragya says,Haa..I forgot to ask that.Kush gestures Mikha to don’t say.Pragya asks Kush,Y u beat him.Kush says,He hold my collar.Pragya asks,Y he hold ur collor.Kush says,I don’t know.Pragya says, a high tone..Kush says,Mamma..I don’t know n winks at Mikha.Mikha laughs.Pragya changed kush’s cloths n keeps dinner for him.Suddenly Pragya’s phone ringed.She attends the call.Pooja called her n says,Aunty..I wanna talk to Kush.Pragya says,Ha..wait I ll give n hands on the phone to Kush.

Kush gets the phone n gets up to leave from table.Pragya asks him to sit n don’t escape from dinner I ll feed u..Kush smirked n sits n says,Haa..Pooja phone.Pragya feeds him while he speaking in phone(She remains her moment with Abhi when she feeds him her first prepation)Pooja says,Hey Kush..I hav a wonderful Happy news for u..Kush asks,What?In excited voice..Pragya n Mikha looks clueless by seeing kush’s expressions.Pooja says,Hey..ur Rockstar is coming to Sydney.Kush stoods up n asks,Really??With a enthusiastic smile..Pragya asked,Kya hua..sit..Kush says,Mamma..personal call wait I ll back n leaves the table.Pragya says,Arey..kya personal call n looks on..Mikha laughs n says,This boy is biggest dramebaaz..Pragya says,Haa..bilkul..uski pappa hey..Mikha laughs n says,Then..he is not like u..boring..Pragya says, I’m boring..Mikha says,Oh..nahi..n carres her head.They both smiles.Kush goes to the room n says, say..really Abhi sir coming to Sydney..Pooja says, dad told me..he is coming here for talent hunt..Kush says,Oh..God..I can’t believe this..n jumps over bed..I ll surely participate in the talent hunt..Pooja says,But..

Wht abt aunty..Kush says, mamma ll accept..Pooja says,I hav an idea..Kush says,Wht?Pooja says,I ll ask my dad to divert ur mom on the day..Kush says,Haa..ur dad can do that na..Pooja says,Haa..u don’t wry practice well..n one more gud news..Kush says,Di..first of all..I can’t bear this much of happiness now whts next..Pooja says,Talent hunt is on..Opera house..Kush shouts n asks,Kya..opera house..with a super excited voice.Suddenly Pragya enters the room n asks,Kya..opera house..Kush shocked n remains silent..Pragya asks again,Kya..opera house..with a doubt n spout face..Kush says,Kya opera house Mamma..kuch nahi..She says,Arey..u said in phone na..Kush ends the call..n says,Mamma..actually I was saying my dream to Pooja dream concert on opera house..Pragya says,Achha..Kush makes a witty smile..Pragya says,K..come.Kush says,Mamma..I need a new dress..Pragya says,K tmrw Sunday n v can go for shopping.Kush gets happy n says,Lov u Mamma..She says,Arey..some one is showering the love today..whts the matter..n takes him in her arms..Kush says,Nothing Mamma n kisses her..Pragya says,Arey..Kush kisses her again n again..Pragya says,Ohho..someone is too happy today..Kush says,Haa..n laughs..Pragya kisses him n says,Mere acchee..bachhe..n smiles.After finishing dinner Pragya Mikha n Kush were in living room.Kush were cracking jokes..They both laughs..

Kush runs towards Mikha n sits in her lap n says,Granny I look like mamma or pappa..Mikha says,Bilkul thumari pappa..Pragya looks on..Kush says,No I’m like my mamma n goes to Pragya n sits her lap n takes her hand n keeps his hand with hers n says,See Granny..our color too similar..They both laughs..Pragya carres him n slowly he slept.Pragya takes him n makes him sleep in bed.Next morning,Pragya mikha n Kush getting ready for shopping..Mikha says,beta..I’m going to our cafe coz Sunday na u both go for shopping..Pragya nods.Kush says,Mamma..wear white kurta with black Jean..Pragya says,y..Kush say,I gonna wear Black n white..let’s be same.Pragya smiles n nods.After a while,The trio gets ready..n gets down..n gets in to Raju’s car.Kush says,Chachu..v going for shopping first drop granny in restaurant than v shall go for shopping hey na Mamma..Pragya nods with smiles..First they dropped Mikha..Mikha says,Come soon Bacchus..Kush says,Sure Granny u tc..Pragya says, v ll come soon.Mikha nods n gets in to restaurant.On other side,Abhi was abt to arrive Sydney.Pragya Kush was in car.Suddenly, Rohit calls Raju..Raju attends the call.Rohit says,Raju bhai..I’m in airport my car broke down so pls come to airport wanna receive a guest.Raju says,Sir..I’m with Meehi..but it’s K I ll come..n ends the call.Pragya asks,Wht happened bhai..

Raju says,Meehi..Rohit ji’s wants me to take Rohit ji n his guest from airport if u don’t mind shall v pick them in on the way.Pragya says,No problem Bhai..Kush says,Mamma..we ll get late na..Pragya says,’s just a help na Rohit’s office is on the way to mall na so its just a help.Kush says,Oh..K stop ur lecture.Pragya stares.Raju laughs.They reached airport n waiting for the guest.Just now the flight arrived.In the mean time,Kush sees a music instrument show room opposite to airport n says,Mamma..Guitar shop..Pragya says, Wht..Kush says,Come let’s go..Pragya says,No..Kush opens the door n runs.Screen slpits Abhi finishing his formalities n meets Rohit..Rohit received him n they moving towards the entrance.Screen splits,Pragya shouts Kush..Aaraam say..n runs behind him.Kush standing outside the shop..Pragya too follows him n stands behind him.Shop security says,Wait a minute Ma’am door strucked..I’m trying to open..Kush says,Soon open the door…Screen slpits,Abhi n Rohit reached the entrance n Rohit takes him to the car.(Apne roothein, paraaye rootheinYaar roothe naaKhwaab tootein, waade tooteinDil ye toote naa..Roothe to khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naa..plays in BG)Suddenly the door opens,Kush enters the shop..Pragya feels something like a familiar person calls her n she turns back(oh allah waariyan..main toh tooti yaariyan mila dey oye plays)At the sametime Abhi bends n gets into car.Kush drags Pragya inside..Abhi too feels the same n looks on to here n thr he could see a girl n a lil boy from backside n turns towards rohit.(Allah waariyan plays)Rohit says,Raju bhai..let’s go..Raju says,Ji..Meehi’s son drags her into d shop..can v wait..Rohits laughs n says,K..Abhi puzzled n looks to the shop.

Precap: Abhi and Kush are roaming around food court.

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