Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 56

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In Australia,Pragya was watching TV.Kush wearing a loose night suit runs here n thr n Mikha follows him n runs behind him.Pragya calls Kush come here..Y u r troubling granny..Kush says,Mamma..Granny needs my chocolate..Pragya laughs n says,Maa..U also becoming kid now a days.Mikha says,Haa..beta..he ate all the chocolates in a minute.Pragya says,Kush..keep those chocolates in fridge n Come here.Kush says,No..I won’t..Suddenly a song heared for a moment n Pragya change the channel.Kush keeps the box on table n comes n stands before TV.Pragya says,Kush..come here..else ur eyes ll get power..Kush shouts, I heard Abhi’s song..Mamma..pls tune that channel..Pragya says,Haa..beta..I ll but come here don’t get close to TV.Kush says,First..Change the channel.Pragya says,Ok..baba n tuned the channel.It was Abhi’s song..Main tannu samjawhan song..Kush runs towards Pragya n sits near her.Pragya makes him to sit in lap n wraps him.Kush gets happy by seeing his song n sings along with him..Jinaa..meraaa..hoy..sajda tera..n shouts..Pragya remains the moment that Abhi sings this song in an orphanage on Abhi’s birthday by holding her in arms..Kush shouts,Main tannu samjawhan..Pragya asks,So u know this song uhh..Kush says,’s in my iPad na but this was the first time I’m watching the album..n keeps on singing the song with perfect lyrics.Pragya carres his hair n says,U know all his songs in finger say Hippopotamus..Kush says,Mamma..Mujhe patha hai..Hippo..Hippopotamus..hey na with a kiddy voice.Pragya smiles n kisses in his head.Kush turns n says,Mamma.Pragya says,Hm..Kush plays on her lap n kisses her n says,Wohhh…n says,I’m a lion n makes some sound like roaring..Pragya says,Achha..n she too roars,Uhhaaa..n they both plays.Mikha comes thr n says,Mere do..bachee..It’s getting late..come let’s sleep..Kush stands over sofa n says,Haa..granny come let’s go..Pragya holds his ears n says,U gonna sleep..without doing a work.Kush says,Oops!!I thought u forgot about that..Mamma leave my ear it’s paining..I ll go to bed after brushing..n I swear..Pragya then leaves his ear n goes with him.Pragya gives him paste n brush..Kush gets that n licks the paste.Pragya beats him gently n says,How many time I ll say u not to eat paste..Kush says,But tastes good..Pragya says,Kush…with a high tone.Kush brushes silently.Mikha slept in her room.Pragya n Kush gets into their room.Kush lies down..Pragya takes the toys..Kush says,Mamma..keep my Nightingale on my left n Rockstar in my right(Btwn Pragya n Kush)Pragya says,OK..sir n keeps the toys as he said.Pragya too lies besides him n carres his hair..Kush’s small eyes r getting drowsiness n falls asleep.Pragya looks on him n took Rockstar doll in her hand..n says,Suniye..U know ur son resembles u in everything..I never wanna separate u n Kush..But u decided to move u may hav ur own family kids hey na..I love u more n more..but I never wanna know anything abt u n cries by hugging the doll.Next morning,As usual Pragya does Pooja n wakes Kush n their routine takes place.

India,It was around noon,Purab comes MM with Air tickets..Abhi hugs Purab.Purab hugs Abhi n says,Bro..U hav to leave India today n wanna go Australia.Abhi asks,Today..Purab says,Haa..n gives him Mr.Rohit Mehta’s number n says,He ll take care of u thr n he is the organiser.Abhi nods n calls him.Rohit attends the call n says,Who is tis?Abhi says,Abhi Mehra from India.Rohit says,Haa..sir..How r u..Abhi says,Doing great..u..Rohit says,Ya..fine..n sir..when u r coming here.Abhi says,I’m leaving now I ll come by tmrw(Sunday)evening..Rohit says,That’s great n I had booked a flat in apartment for ur resting.Abhi says,thanks n catch u later n ends the call.Abhi gets in to his room n packs his stuffs.He takes Pragya’s photo n says,Hey..Fuggi v r going to Sydney n smiles at her photo n keeps in his bag along with Rockstar n Fuggi doll.After a hour he leaved to Mumbai airport..Purab Bulbul n Roshni came to send off..Abhi started his flight towards Australia.

Sydney,Rohit was talking to Ankit in his home.Rohit n Ankit were friends.Rohit says,Ankit..A guest is coming from India..I booked a flat for him in meehi’s apartment..but I think it’s different block.Ankit asks,Which block.Rohit says,A block.Ankit says,Ya..Meehi is in C block..btw who is the guest.Rohit says,Abhi Mehra..Ankit says with a doubt face,Abhi Mehra?Rohit says,Haa..yaar..Abhi the Rockstar do u remember him..hearing his name Suddenly Kush reminds in Ankit’s mind coz he is big fan na..Ankit says, he coming..Rohit says,Haa..for talent hunt..Ankit says,Hey..meehi’s son Kush is huge fan of him..Rohit says,Don’t wry..lemme introduce him.Ankit gets happy n thinks,Oh..No Meehi ll get upset na..but hav to make Kush to meet Abhi without her knowledge.Rohit says,K bro..I’m leaving hav to do preparations..Ankit nods.In school,The school time gets over n Kush n his friends r waiting for their parents..As it is Saturday Pragya ll come to pick Kush.In kush’s gang kush is gang leader there r 3 Indian boys(Rithik,Rahul and Arjun)n one Aussie boy(Andrews)n Kush hates him coz he is highly attitude.The boys were discussing abt their super heros.Rahul says,My super hero is Batman yaar..Rithik says,Mine is Superman yaar..Arjun says,Mine is chotta bheem..All laughs at arjun.Andy(Andrews)says,Mine is Astro boy..Rahul says,Kush tell me yaar who is ur super hero..Kush says,Hey dumbos..ur heros r cartoon n movie characters..but my hero is real super hero.Rohit says,U r saying abt that Rockstar na.Kush nods.Andy asks,Who is he..Arjun says,Abhi the Rockstar..Andy laughs n says,I didn’t heared his name.Kush stares at him.Rahul says,He is a big Rockstar in India..But he is not doing concerts now hey na Kush.Kush says,Haa..Rahul.Andy says,So kush’s super hero is dumb..old Rockstar n laughs.Arjun says,Andy don’t say like that yaar..he loves him.Andy continued teasing.Kush gets angry n pushes him.Andy falls down.All laughs.Andy gets up n holds kush’s collar..Kush too holds Andy’s color they both fight..Rahul Rohit n Arjun tries to stop them..but they can’t.They both fall on ground n rolls around..Both had injuries but Andy has more.Pragya comes thr n shocked to see Kush is fighting n gets anger.Rohit goes to Kush n Andy n shouts,Kush..Ur Mamma..ur mamma..Kush Suddenly stops beating him n stands up.Suddenly Andy’s parents too come thr n panics by seeing Andy.Pragya pulls Kush towards her very hard in anger n shouts,Wht u r doing..Andy’s parents too scolded Andy.Pragya apologize to Andy’s parents n leaves from there by dragging Kush.As they reach home Pragya opens the door hardly n drags Kush harshly inside the home n closed the door forcefully.Kush scared of her anger n remains silent.Mikha heared the sound n comes thr..Kush runs towards her n hugs her.Mikha gets panics n asked,Wht happened to my Rockstar..Oh..wound in forehead..shirt is dusted Wht happened.Kush remains silent.Mikha shouts Pragya atleast u say Wht happened.Pragya says,Ask ur grand son itself n gets into the room.Kush cries..Mikha takes him in arms n makes sit in table n removes his shirt n asks,Wht happend..Kush cries n says,Granny first he only hold my collar..Mikha wipes his tears n says,Oh..K bachey..Wht happened,Kush narrates the incident n hugs Mikha.Mikha says,should never beat anyone na its bad behavior.Kush says,I know but I can’t control my anger at the moment but I won’t do this again n cries.Mikha asked Kush to stop crying n asks him to apologize Pragya.Kush nods n opens the room’s door n stands in a corner n sees Pragya is standing in balcony wit anger.

Precap: Abhi reaches Sydney airport,Pragya n Kush were outside the airport waiting fa him.

Will destiny make Abhi n Pragya to meet thr!!Stay tuned..

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