Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 54

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It is India,Abhi n Purab entered to the hospital to meet Peehu.(Peehu was still in coma but she is recovering by giving response when Abhi talks with her)Abhi n Purab enters the room.Alia was sitting besides Peehu n Ishaan was checking her pulses.As Abhi enters Alia gets up n says,Hi..Bhai..Abhi says,Hi..guys..Ishaan how is my angel.Ishaan says,Her game is gonna over..she is recovering well n smiles.Abhi sits besides her by holding her hand..n says,Guys..pls excuse us..Alia Ishaan Purab smiles n leaves the room.Abhi starts speaking with Peehu.Abhi says, angel..wake up to me..I’m just waiting for ur bakbak talks without his control tears r rolled out from his eyes..n continued by saying,Wake up soon n call me as Ladoo bhai..u know Peehu no one is thr to fight with me..tease me..Fuggi left me na so no one ll give me bak bak talks..if u wake up soon I ll hear ur talks.Tears r coming from Peehu’s eyes..Abhi says, also I made u to cry na I’m Sry..n continued to talks with her by saying all his routine abt office n all.After a while..Abhi says,So I’m leaving now..u take care..

Alia n Ishaan s thr k don’t wry n kisses her forehead n comes out of room by wiping his tears.Alia Purab n Ishaan sees that n says,Be strong..Abhi says,Haa..ya..n smiles.Abhi n Purab leaves to MM.As Abhi n Purab enters MM..Roshni runs towards them..Abhi sees her with a excited smile..n abt to take her but Roshni runs towards Purab n hugs him by saying pappa…Abhi smiles but his face changed sad.Dadi noticed that.After hugging Purab n comes to Abhi..Abhi takes her in arms n says, was the day my baby..Roshni says,U know maa beated me today n pretends as crying.The girl comes thr it’s Bulbul..Abhi asked,hey..Bulbul y u beated my baby..Bulbul says,Jiju..u r pampering her alot that’s y she is becoming more naughty..Roshni jumps from Abhi’s arms n goes to Bulbul.Bulbul takes her in arms.Purab says,Roshni shall v go out..Roshni with a excited smile,Haa..pappa..Bulbul imitates her by saying,Haa..Papa..n they 3 went out.Abhi looks on them with a smile.Dadi comes to him n says,I know wht u r thinking..Abhi says,Nothing Dadi..n leaves to his room with a forced smile.Abhi enters his room n closes the door n takes Pragya’s photo in his hand n says,Y u left me..U know I’m lonely here..If u with me v ll also have a baby like Roshni n I ll buy many gifts for our baby every I’m just living for dadi n kisses her photo.
Screen flips to Australia,Kush coming out of washroom after brushing by saying,Mamma..I brushed..Pragya from kitchen shouts,Take ur bag n sit in dining table I’m coming..Kush takes his bag n climbs on Dining chair n stands on Dining table.

Pragya comes thr with a glass of milk n cup of coffee..n says,Arey..kyun yesa karrehey thum..don’t stand on table sit down..Kush says,Haa..n sits over table.Pragya gives him milk.Kush smirked n looks on her coffee cup.Pragya keeps the coffee cup on table n says,Finish ur milk I ll bring ur home work calendar n leaves to room.Kush is fond of Pragya’s coffee but she won’t give coffee for him as it’s not healthy for child.Kush hurrily takes her coffee cup n had a sip n keeps on the cup as it is before Pragya comes.Kush was staring the glass of milk.Pragya comes thr n says,Kush..just an hour is remaining hav to do home work drink the milk soon y u r staring at the glass..come on drink it soon..Kush smirked his face n says,Mamma I ll drink afterwards..Pragya says,No excuses..drink it ryt now.Kush make faces n drinks the milk in a single sip by closing his eyes.Pragya smiles at him n says,If it was a cold coffee..ur face ll glow..Kush finish the milk n says,Haa..Mamma..if it’s ur coffee then my face ll hav super glow.Pragya says,Haa..haa..come let’s do the homework..Kush says, mustache(it comes when he drinks milk)Pragya says,Haa..I seen..first do the homework.Kush says,Mamma..take me to mirror I wanna see my mustache.Pragya says,I know wht u r trying to do n wiped milk from his lips n says,First do ur homework no excuses.Kush says,K Mamma..Pragya sips coffee n sits with himn n sees his calendar,Kush ur homework is animal read this animal names with description n write the name of animals.Kush says himself,Y Rockstar wanna know abt animals..useless syllabus..Pragya asks,Wht did u said..Kush reads aloud,Hippototomus can live in both land n water..Pragya smiles n says,Hippototomus nahi bacche..Hippopotamus..Kush says, a kiddy voice.Pragya says nahi..Hippo..pota..potamus..repeat it.

says,Hippo..Hippo..potaa..pota..mus..Hippopotamus..Pragya says, learn the spelling..Suddenly a man comes thr with 10yr old girl..His name is Ankit n his daughter,Pooja..He was a president in Indian Hotel association..Pragya was running a cafe restaurant,In the name of “Mikha Indian cafe n restaurant”so all ll call pragya as Mikha ji..Ankit comes in n says,Haa..Kush is learning abt Hippopotamus uh?Pragya sees him n says,Arey..Ankit bhaiya..Pooja come in..n greets them.Mikha comes thr n says,Come beta..Ankit asks mikha,how r u biji..Mikha says,Fine..Pooja sits with Kush.Kush says,Hi..di..Pooja says,Hi..Kush..n whispered his ear by saying,Today u hav any dream..Kush says,Haa..Concert in opera house..Ankit hears it n says,Ary..Thum..still dreaming the same dream n smiles,Pragya gives him coffee n says,Haa..bhayia always Rockstar..concert..Music..Kush smiles n says,Mamma I’m in strong in studies too..u know Pooja di is poor on studies..Pragya says,Hey..don’t tease ur elders Kush stands on table n says,Nahi..Mamma..she ll say Czechoslovakia as Czechloslivakia n laughs..Pooja says,Kush I ll say correctly..u only pronouncing Hippopotamus as Hippototamus n laughs.Kush says,No I ll say correctly see,n says,Hippo..Hippopotamus..hey na Mamma..Pragya nods n smiles.Kush says,Now I told crctly now u say.Pooja says,Czech..Czechloslivakia..Kush laughs n says,See Mamma..Pragya says,Shhh..n says,Pooja it’s czecho..Czechoslovakia.Pooja nods..n says,Czecho..Czechoslovakia..Pragya smiles n says,Crct..Kush claps n says,Finally di..told in crct pronunciation.Ankit says,Meehi(Ankit ll call Pragya as Meehi)I hav a meeting today so drop Pooja in skl while u dropping Kush.Pragya nods.Ankit leaves.

Pragya says,Kush come on pack ur bag soon.Kush packed the bag.Pragya takes him in arms to bath.After taking bath Pragya makes him to wear dress.Kush says, I ll wear my socks n tie by myself granny learnt me.Pragya says,Achha..But u ll do experiment afterwards coz getting late na..Kush holds her hand n makes her to sit n says,Wait n watch n takes the socks..Pragya lost in thoughts(FB shown:Abhi was getting ready for a function..Pragya gives him the suit n says,Get ready soon..u can’t get ready w/o my help n smiles..Abhi says, u think urself as smart.Pragya says,I’m smart..Abhi says,Go n sit thr n see how I’m getting ready w/o ur help.Pragya says,Challenge..Abhi says,Ha..n smirked.Pragya says,OK..n sits in couch..Abhi wears his suit n seeks for socks.Pragya smiles at him n says,Its in..Abhi says,No need of ur help n smirked..Pragya smiles n says,K..Abhi finds his socks n wored it.Then he takes tie n tried to wear if by standing b4 mirror..Pragya laughs at him.Abhi sees her n says,Don’t laugh..I ll wear but he can’t.Pragya goes near him n makes him wear tie..Abhi says,U won again..Pragya smiles.Abhi cupped her face n hitted his head towards her head n says,So it proved im nothing w/o u they both smiles FB ends)Kush shouts,Mamma..Pragya came to sense n says,Haa..Kush says,Mamma..I can’t wear tie..I think I need more practice.Pragya smiles n thinks he is ditto of his father n makes him to wear tie.
Precap: Kush buying accessories in shop by holding Abhi’s photo.

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  1. Wow
    It’s awesome
    I want abhigya’s reunion soon
    It’s lovely

  2. Divya chandru

    Lovely , waiting for moments of there reunion abi and pragya

  3. Awesome yar… peehu and abhi relation and please reunite abhigya

  4. Wow it’s superb episode I was laughing when kush was saying hippopotamus as hippototamus and pragya’s flashback scenes was amazing. Unite abhigya soon dr. Waiting for there reunion and update the next part soon dr

  5. nice.. when will meet abi and pragya?

  6. Your creativity is very awesome no other words to tell such an excellent fan fiction writer and please reunite the abhigya soon I can’t wait more

  7. Superb…..

  8. Its narrated well reuite them soooonnn

  9. Yeahhhhhhh My prediction was right… Its bulbul n her baby…. Pls unite them soon… Atleast pragya is enjoying with her son,but abhi is all alone… Pls ya…

  10. Wow! So nice yaar

  11. Wowwww…..superbbbb its very touching yaar btw peehu nd abhis convo……nd i want abhigyas reunion…..pmzzz make it soon…..yaar…..plzzzzzz

  12. awesome episode tisha specially that hippototamous I loved that…

  13. wow awesome episode yaar

  14. Tisha, your story is amazing! After one/two continue your ff. I forgot, who is peehu? Abhis Sister?
    Keep going!

  15. Superb yaar… Really superb story bt one thg please unite abhi n Kush at least plzzzzzz when roshini run to purab by saying Papa bt abhi longing for take her in his arms tat scene s sooooo sad…. Sooooooooooo at least unite abhi n Kush… Plzzz unite them…

  16. Superb episode…

  17. Awesome yar,but sad for abhi he is very interest in his child but he missed all his sweet and naughty activities so please reunite them very soon wait to watch.kush makes kushi everytime.

  18. awesome yaar love our little rockstar khush same ditto of his father waiting fr abhi and pragya to meet again and their expression why can’t cv’s take the story like this???? update soon na pls

  19. Sri…episode was very nice..tears rolled down in my eyes when when abhi was feeling while roshni went towards purab..u r making d story in realist manner dear..that s y u r rocking…but pls say me wen abhi pragya n kush will unite..tell me till how many episodes we have to wait.., so that I can make my mind set..pls ya tell me that..

  20. The way the story is narrated is really good ?. Also Abhi’s speech with peech was so sentimental ?please unite abhigya soon ??

  21. Srimathi di its awesome hats off to u its amazing 🙂 but pls reunit abhigya fast

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  25. It is like bade ache lagte hai

    1. it may resemble balh but I’m not gonna take the story like balh it’s totally different 🙂

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  27. Ya tisha its like balh … while reading I too remember ram priya nd peehu scns.. 4 more episode like this ah.. no. Plz change and try to make them meet within 1 or 2 epi.. bad to c abigya seperated…

  28. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb…….. I like it a lot yaar……….

  29. Very gud entertaining episode wid al masala sentiment fun kushs behaviour makes me laugh n Im dying to c him .. Apdiyae appa madhri .. Gud gng tisha .. Nan ethana vati Dan orey vishayatha thirupi thirupi solradhu nallarku I’m feeling happy great loving nu .. Vera words kedaka matudhu .. So nowadays I’m not commenting much u knoe

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