Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 53

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6 Years passed in Abhi n Pragya’s life.And now we could see the play of destiny in an interesting way.Hope u all like.Let’s get in to the episode.

It was an awesome climate in Mumbai..Morning it was around 7o’clock.Dadi Dasi and gets ready to go for temple.Alia comes thr n says,Dadi I’m going to meet Peehu if bhai woke up ask him to come in afternoon after finishing his work.Dadi says,Tk..beta but have breakfast n then go.Alia says,Who is preparing breakfast?Dasi laughs n say,Obviously..Ur bhabi..Alia smirked n says,Oh..No..I ll have my breakfast outside n leaves.Dasi says,Still Alia is scaring of her preparation.Dadi asks Dasi to shut up..else she ll make it as an issue.Dasi laughs.Purab comes thr n sees Dadi n Dasi.(PurBul is staying in MM)Purab asks dadi,Today who is ur target..Dasi says,’s Mitali n laughs.Mitali comes thr n says,Dasi..Y u always teasing my prepation.Dasi says,Arey..I’m not teasing..Alia Is scared of ur prepation n ran n laughs.Purab too laughs by hiding his mouth.Mitali smirked n goes to kitchen.In Abhi’s room,Abhi was sleeping like a kid by hugging is favorite pillow n besides him a cute lil girl(3yrs old her name is Roshni)is sleeping hard by hugging a teddy bear.A girl opens the door with holding a tray with two glasses of milk.She noticed that Abhi n Roshni is still sleeping.The lady/girl goes near Roshni n kisses in her face.Roshni slightly opens her eyes with a cute smile n says,Gud morning..Maa..The girl says,Gud morning my angel..Come on get up..drink the milk n folds her blanket.Roshni shouts,No..Maa..I won’t..drink..n jumps on bed.Suddenly Abhi wakes up n says, lil angel is waking me up like this daily..The girl says,Wht to do..she is becoming naughtier day by day coz u ppl r pampering her more na.Abhi smiles at her n says,Bcoz she is our pretty angel.Roshni hugs Abhi n says,Thank u..The girl gives milk to both of them.Roshni nods.Abhi says,Hey..Angel come let’s drink together..they both drank the milk with a smirked face..n says,Finished mamma in chorus.The girl takes Roshni in her arms n asks Abhi to get ready as he has meeting today(Abhi Purab are doing business n launching new singers in their brand Abhi is not doing concert)Abhi nods n gets in to changing room.After a while he comes down.Dadi n Dasi greets him n ask him to have breakfast.Abhi n Purab and all having breakfast n Mitali is serving.Abhi is feeding Roshni.Dadi says,Abhi..Alia had gone to meet Peehu so she ask u to come after finishing ur works.Abhi nods.Dadi asks Purab,Whr is Bulbul.Purab says,She ll come.After finishing breakfast,Abhi n Purab leaves to office n attends the meeting after a while around noon..Abhi says,Purab I’m leaving to meet Peehu.Purab says,Bro..even I hav no work..I’m too coming yaar.Abhi says,K come n smiles.

The screen flips,A beautiful country Australia a beautiful city Sydney.An apartment is shown in which C Block 7th floor..C7-43 flat..A girl/lady wearing a white full sleeve kurta with a blue pants folded her hairs by clip..doing Pooja for God.On otherside,The beautiful Sydney opera house is shown with Blooming n Rocking lights..Crowd were shouting..A 5 yr old boy with Rocking head band n wrist bands n a black studs on his ears with a tuned up guitar by showing his back.The crowd shouts n cheers him alot.The boy turns with a rocking BGM..the crowd gives him alot of cheers n dieing for him.The boy waves the hand n stringed his guitar..and starts to sing..Dil rorahaaaye yaaye..Tu aaja mere mahi..mere mahi..mere mahi..with stringing his guitar..The boy hears the crowd shouting,Kush..Kush..Kush..The boy was extremely overwhelmed suddenly he feels the voice were downing n only one voice still saying kush..Kush..But he continues singing,Mere mahi..mere mahi..Suddenly,He feels some one is pating his cheeks while he singing n a voice s still saying Kush..Kush..!!Kush slowly opens his eyes by singing,Mere mahi..mere mahi..He sees his mom is waking him up by calling his name.He Suddenly wakes up in night dress by rubbing his eyes shouts,Mamma..its again u..The mamma is none other than our gorgeous Pragya.Pragya smiles at him n says,Haa..Kush says,Mamma..How many times I said u don’t pat me on cheek while I’m sleeping(guys u remember Abhi also said Pragya not to wake him by pating his cheek).Pragya says with a smile,How many times u ll dreaming a same dream..mere mahi..mere mahi..n who is ur mahi..Hmm..Kush stands on bed n hugs her by wrapping his hand around her neck n says,Mamma..U know na who is mahi..Then y u r asking..If I say his name u ll get upset or lost in thoughts I don’t know y but I don’t wanna to upset my mamma n kisses her cheek.Pragya says,Meri achhe bachee..n kisses him..Kush says,Mamma..I’m a Rocking Rockstar na..Mikha comes to room n says,Haa..U n Ur Rockstar madness.Kush says,Granny..See one day I ll become a Rockstar like Abhi(Kush doesnt know that Abhi is his father but for him he is a Rockstar he is his idol,inspiration)n gives some poses.Pragya gets upset by hearing his name.Kush sees her n says,Oopss..Sry mamma..I didn’t said intentionally I’m Sry..Pragya suddenly changes her face n smiles at him n say,Koi..baath nahi..beta..Mikha says,Haa..haa..don’t butter ur mom..always Rocking songs..Pragya says,Haa..u r ryt Maa..He doesn’t know even a devotional song.Kush says,Arey..old fashioned mamma n hot granny who told I don’t know devotional songs..Mujhe pathaa hai..Pragya says,Achha..suno with an excited smile.Kush starts,Om jai jagdheesh hare..yo..yo..swamy jai jagdeesh hare..yo..yo..Pragya says,Arey..rukho..Whts that yo..yo..Kush says,’s a Rockstar style.Pragya keeps her hand on her waist n stares at him with a smile.Kush continues by singing,Bakth jano ki sankatt..n he forgot the next line..n thinks with a kiddy voice n continued by singing,Bakth jano ki it like like a Rockstar wohhh..n jumps on bed.Pragya n Mikha laughs at him.Mikha says,Naughty boy..come on get ready soon it’s getting late fr ur skl.Kush runs n hugs Pragya with a kiddy smile.Pragya says,Arey..mere bachu n kisses him..Kush too kiss her n says,Love u mamma..Pragya says,Love u alot n gives him deep kiss..Mikha smiles at them.Pragya says,OK..come let’s get ready..and tries to unbutton his shirt..Kush says, to changing room then do this else my hot body ll b exposed.Pragya laughs n takes him in her arm n gets him to changing room by saying,Ur age alone is 5 but ur talks r like 50.Kush smiles.Pragya givess him brush n paste n asks him to brush properly n warned him to not to eat the paste.Kush nods..n asks,Mamma..hav to brush in up n down manner na..Pragya says,Haa..but don’t eat the paste..After brushing I ll give u milk.Kush nods with a sad face.Pragya goes to Mikha n gives her coffee n says,This boy is too naughty.Mikha says,Like his father hey na.Pragya looks on.Mikha asked Pragya,How long u ll hide abt Abhi from Kush..He is growing up now he is using Internet under ur control but he can’t be like this forever..n moreover u r not a normal person to hide ur identity..if he Google abt Abhi’s personal details then he ll know abt all..Kush is such a caring child..he never used even Abhi’s name before u..n he never let anyone to say his name or information abt him b4 u coz he doesn’t wanna see u sad..even he don’t know y u r getting sad by hearing his name but he is always protecting u..I had told u when we r leaving from India..that u r doing a great mistake by leaving ur family..but u said ur kid is important for u but now Kush has the rights to know abt his father na..Pragya gets teary eyes n says,Maa..U know na Now..May..He(Abhi)ll have his own family then how ll I tell Kush abt his father I don’t wanna give him fake desires abt his father.I ll say the truth when he gets matured.Mikha says,Then ur wish.

No precap coz it ll break the excitement.Stay tuned..

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  1. Tisha its nice but its breaking my head… Wat ll be the part? Who is that girl n roshni? I hope it ll be bulbul’s baby… Can’t even imagine another girl in abhi’s life… Pls yaar update ur next episode as soon as possible…

  2. I didnt expect such a twist…nd who s that new girl…s abhi got married….noooooo plzzz disclose d secret yaar…..i m waiting 4 abhigya reunion…..nd i luv kush scenes….

  3. Tisha The twist is ok but I didn’t like the last two episodes

  4. Yesssss the girl is bulbul only… Because there is no convo like Abhigya… That baby also didn’t use the word papa… N that girl said u ppl are pampering her, so definitely its bulbul… I ll be relaxed now…

  5. Afta a long .. I felt lyk bfor .. I used to read wid a smile na
    . tat hpnd today .. I guess tat roshini is nt abhis child some one els may b purab .. N the girl woke up abhi n roshini may b bulbul .. Let’s wait n c 😉

  6. Omg omg omg omg

  7. Oh god sri…is abhi remarried??? Who s roshni n that girl in abhi room ya?? Aiyo reveal the truth soon n unite abhigya soon dear…update next episode today evening itself yar…plssssssss…..fingers crossed..

  8. omg amzing episode but why abhigya is seperated but loves khush’s antics like abhi like a father like a son loved it yaar pls unite abhigya soon na

  9. So many suspense yar… please reunite abhigya… I am waiting for next episode please update as soon as possible…

  10. Superb yaar really sooooo cute Kush… While reading today’s episode I continuously laughing n tat devotional song sung by Kush s sooooooooo cute… I felt he s just a little abhi with same attitude n care for family n pragya n cuteness all same copy of abhi bt only age s different I really loved it bt one wish plzzzz don’t show tat abhi s remarried lk tat… Plzzzz it’s my humble request…. I 99.99999999999 percent I felt tat abhi s not remarried let’s wait… Bt I thk my whole day vl pass by thinking abt ur next episode…. I’m just waiting with much much muchhhhhh excitement…

  11. good episode

  12. nice pa… not remarried abi?

  13. Nice episode… But plz don’t show that abhi is remarried….n unite abhi n pragya

  14. it’s vry interesting plse upload nxt episode tday itself plse unite abhigya soon it’s kind request

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………I like it soooooo much……….I think that girl is Bulbul&Roshni is RaBul’s daughter……. & Anyway, Kush is Awesome yaar……Just like ABHI the ROCKSTAR…………….

  16. Superb wait to read the next

  17. Superb move awesome…, keep rocking

  18. It’s very nice tisha but I have a doubt is pragya still wearing her chasma

    1. no reji no chasma 🙂

  19. Kayathri (ranveer)

    tisha u will read love novel ?

  20. Awesome tisha but who is the girl with abhi pls clear this and unite abhigya soon as possible… Waiting for the next part

  21. Sandy I’m feeling pitty that u didn’t like last two episodes n I’m Sry yaar..And pls disclose the reason from that I can know wht u feeling n that I won’t repeat that..And kayathri I didn’t read any novel ryt now..but may b in future 🙂 And guys..AbhiGya ll b united so soon..pls don’t wry..

    1. Tisha
      I didn’t like coz abhigya got separated and as rose thought I too feel like abhigya lost their cute memories with their child. Unite them soon ?

  22. Kayathri (ranveer)

    k yaar

  23. its nice tisha but is abi got remarried??? but plzzzzzzzzz dn’t show like that

  24. Nice epi..y pragya hide him??.i m waiting for ur nxt updates..

  25. Tisha I too didn’t like ur last 2 episodes .. bcoz of this destiny abhigya lost a lot of wonderful moment with their child .. now plz atleaat dont make abhi married another girl.. u made abigya child as 5 yrs old .. dont make this as usual dialy serial .. by making abhi married to another girl .. while reading alias first part of dinning .. I felt that cooked women is abhi second wife after knowing that s mutali Thn only I got relief .. plz made abhi to marry another girl..

    1. I too feel the same.

  26. Sorry for mistakes .. dont make abhi to marry another girl

  27. Tisha onnu sollata .. No urgency dear .. Take yua ff the way u like cuz in yua ff if they re not together na kuda their feelings n yua thots vl make me feel lyk they r together so no compulsion to unite them urgently .. Bt I’m sure abhi nt remarried .. Cuz as far as I ve seen ekthas shows n Hindi serials the show in which no multiple marriages is kkb as far as I knoe .. Na patha varaikum .. So I hope u too vl nt change the original abhigya characters by multiple marriages .. Fa me abhi is fa pragya n pragya s fa abhi .. They’ll live n they’ll die only lyk tat no new pair fa dem

  28. please yaar reunite abhigya its my humble request

  29. Junior rockstsr is perfectly mstch with the photo attached,i like it.

  30. Sure guys I won’t separate AbhiGya just wait fa some more episodes

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