Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 52

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The episode starts in Mikha’s home were Pragya can’t wake from bed as her leg has been injured she saw her face with injured scars still there.Mikha says,Beta don’t wry for this u ll b alryt within a month.Pragya just smiles n asking Mikha in a low voice to give phone that she wants to call her home.Mikha gives her the phone.Pragya gets happy n calls Abhi,But his phone is switched off..Pragya thinks y he switched off the phone n says,Oh..No I can’t remember Purab’s she thinks to calls Bulbul.A screen split,In MM..Dadi says,Sarla ji Purab is ryt how could v get a marriage topic infront of Abhi..he is completely depressed about Pragya’s death.Bulbul says,Haa..Dadi..but v can’t see Jiju like this if we get engaged to a new relationship atleast he ll try to move on or try to forget..there is no other way else we ll lose Jiju..I can’t tolerate anymore my di left me..then Peehu is in coma..can’t bear anymore bitterness n cries hard.Purab consoles her.

A screen flip,Pragya calls Bulbul, Bulbul attends the call but she couldn’t identify her voice.Pragya says,I’m Pragya.Bulbul gets angry n says,How many ppl ll play like this shameless ppl..U know my Jiju n v all r devastated but u ppl r doing such silly things..can’t u hav minimum humanity in ur heart..don’t u dare to use my di’s name n cries n pleads not to do this to them they can’t bear anymore worries v r trying hard to console ourselves but these kinds of fake calls giving us hope then atlast an unbearable pain I’m begging u pls don’t use my di’s name for ur cheap publicity my jiju gonna get married soon n ends the call.Pragya says,Bulbul..bulbul..but she ends the call with tears n become clueless n thinks to call MM.Mikha comes near n says,Beta wait I ll bring u something to eat.Pragya nods with sad n tired tone of voice with extremely tired eyes.In MM,Sarla bulbul Dasi all r asking Dadi to speak with abhi.Alia comes thr n shouts at them..How could u ppl think like this v lost bhabi Peehu was in bad condition but u r discussing abt bhai’s remarraige n cries.Purab says,Alia understand the situation we are also in unbearable pain but for that we can’t lose Abhi too n pacifies her.

In hospital,Abhi was sitting with Peehu by holding her hands n says,Pls atleast u come back to me..I can’t see u like this..Pls open ur eyes n call me Ladoo..Pls don’t be like this..n cries..Ishaan comes thr n keeps hand on his shoulder,Abhi holds his hand n cries hard.Ishaan says,Control urself bro..Abhi says,How could I control..u know my mom dad died when Peehu was a 7 months baby..Me n Alia had seen our mom n dad n v spend some years with them but Peehu didn’t know anything..I brought her up as my kid..I ll do anything for her happiness..Im ready to give my life for her as now no use of that I’m living in this world without my fuggi n my baby..n cries.Ishaan pacifies him n asks him to go back home.Abhi nods n leaves.

On other side,Pragya calls to MM.Dadi attends the call.Pragya says,Dadi its me Pragya.Dadi thinks it as prank call n gives to Dasi.Dasi shouts n yells.Pragya says,Dasi..Itz me Pragya.But Dasi says,See..v r trying to Abhi to get normal pls dnt hurt him by doing this he gonna get married soon.Pragya says,Y u ppl r not believing me..n shouts..But Dasi ends the call..n disconnected the phone connection..Abhi comes to MM n sees Dasi yelling at phone n says himself, Again a fake call..y u left me fuggi..see how others r playing with ur name n gets to his room without talking to anyone.Pragya cries hard n says,No one is believing me how could he move on n get ready for another marriage n cries hard..n says,Herself..y my destiny is playing this worst game in my life..Bulbul saying that they r trying to forget me..but how could they..they won’t accept me with this scared face n broken legs n cries hard..n says,How could I bear my kid in this one is thr for me n she continued to b cry harder n harder.

Abhi enters his room.His room was in dark n gets into wardrobe n sees her clothes n holds her cloths n cries.Then he came to his bed n lies down n remains about his moments with her..He use to rest his head in her lap n says,Y u left me fuggi..n took fuggi doll in his hand n hugs the doll n cries hard..fuggi I never cried like this before but I can’t control my self n I can’t able to believe that u n our baby is not with me.(Rang thhe, noor thaJab kareeb tu tha Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaanWaqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam saLikh ke chhod gaya tu kahaanHamari adhuri kahani..Hamari adhuri kahani..plays)Mikha was preparing something for Pragya,She sees a old news paper n sees Pragya’s photo n recognize her as Abhi’s wife.But in the mean time Pragya took a very big foolish decision of her life.Mikha goes to Pragya’s room n sees her crying hard.Mikha goes near her n keeps hand on her shoulder n asks,Beta..U r Rockstar Abhi’s wife na..Pragya says,No..Mikha says,But see his wife’s face resembles ur face..if u doesn’t hav any scares u ll b like this girl.Pragya says,No..I’m a rude broken voice..Aunty.

I’m an orphan n cries hard…Mikha shocked n consoles her n says,Don’t wry beta..I’m thr fr u..I’m also an orphan old lady my sons left me..Im running a cafe in Australia this house is not mine..I’m just staying here for rent..I ll return to Australia next month..If u feel comfortable with me u can come with me to Australia n don’t hesitate to say anything to me just call me as Maa n Mikha cries.Pragya too cries n says herself,I don’t know if I’m doing ryt or wrong I don’t wanna hurt anyone anymore I’m leaving all u ppl n says to Mikha,Mikha Maa..Mikha gets happy hearing Maa from her mouth..Mikha says,Haa beta..Pragya says,Maa..take me with u to Australia bcoz I hav no one here n cries.Mikha gets happy n says,Sure beta..don’t say u r an orphan coz I’m thr fr u..Pragya hugs her.

In Abhi’s room Dadi enters his room n sees Abhi talking to fuggi doll n keeps her hand on his head.Abhi hugs Dadi n says, Dadi..y she left me dadi..n cries..Dadi says,Bass..beta..bass..I can’t see u like this anymore..Abhi looks on..Dadi says,Abhi u r hope of my life now..I can’t see u like this..while I’m seeing u like this im begging god to take my life..Abhi says,Pls don’t say like this Dadi..Wht I ll do if all my loved ones left me..U n Alia is my hope now..Dadi says,Then pls come out of this darkness.. Pls try to forget the bad happenings..Abhi says,How could I move on..Dadi says,if u can’t do for u..pls do for me for my sake..Abhi says,pls don’t say like this..I can’t lose anyone anymore..I ll try to move on..Dadi asks,Abhi to get remarried.Abhi looks on.

Precap:(spoiler)Guys from next episode it gonna b a play of destiny Wht ll happen in AbhiGya’s life..will they meet again..will Abhi get remarried.will peehu get conscious n reveal that Pragya is still alive.All gonna b very interesting stay excited for 2nd innings of AbhiGya’s destiny.

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  1. No yaar plzzzz don’t seperate abhigya yaar… Do whatever u want as ur wish bt don’t seperate abhigya n thr any leap thn humble request abhi remarriage I can’t take it any more…. Plzzzzzzzzzzz unite abhi n pragya n don’t make her to go to Australia plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. So sad for pragya yar… please don’t separate them it’s my request yar…

  3. Actually v have to thnk u for givng such a amazing abhigya story thnk u dr…
    Nice stry plsss don’t separate abhigya .pls …,

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice yaar……….But Plzzzzz Don’t get Abhi Remarried…………… & Unite ABHIGYA …………………

  5. Superbbb episode yrrrr I can feel that pain of Abhi it is awesome yr…. go on..

    1. Tisha size of a pic should b exactly less then 50kb and 1200*720 pixels 1200 pixels width and 720 pixels height…. only this I can tell u….

  6. nice episode but don’t get abhi remarried if you are planning to remarriage bring pragya again as a bride that good solution. and bring peehu from unconscious to conscious but episode was heart touching

  7. big of twist …

  8. Tisha pls really its disappointed me… Sorry if i hurt u… Pls change ur story line,in real KKB also they r crying,here also uh… She is pregnant so they must enjoy each moments of pregnancy,comparing with other ff i love urs lot,its my humble request,pls change the story line…

  9. U r awesome tisha. Bt don’t separate abhigya plz.

  10. Wow interesting…….tisha

  11. Plz unite abhigya soon by the way the epi was very emotional.i felt like crying.poor pragya

  12. Nyc epi………

  13. Super amazing did peehu knows the truth about pragya? But anyways its awesome

  14. nice episode

  15. Ooooo trisha cant wait yar… its interesting … heart beat s vry high while reading ur ff… unite abhigya..plz dont let abhi to remarry like our daily saops.. keep rocking ya

  16. Pls tisha don’t separate abi and pragya and don’t abi get remarried but this ff is awesome i really like it. Keep it up

  17. Tisha what is this yaar? Didn’t expect this from u, how everyone easily can forget her,i think this is the very first episode which i dont like n disappointed… Plsssssss… Separation couldn’t even think…

  18. Please tish don’t separate abi and pragya for long time and don’t abi get remarried but this ff is awesome and too good. Keep it up

  19. Hey its nice but don’t separate abhigya for so long if possible unite them within 10episode not more than 15 as the current track of kkb is boring>:) and i have interest to watch kkb only after reading ff like urs pls don’t separate them for long :,(:,(:P and i m silent reader for long time but no more :B

  20. tisha it is emotional episode but still no one is believing pragya ……. and i think abhi will go for a concert to australia and there he finds pragya this is my guess am i right???

  21. Very nice episode..and intresting..dont separate them
    .pls reunite abhigya…apa dhan story read panna romba intrestinga irukum.

  22. Guys just wait for a episode Then u all ll feel happy n Sry for making I guys upset..

  23. I knoe v can’t c them happy alwz bt unite them soon . . n I don wan abhi to accept fa re marriage .. Bt dunno wt to say .. Do sumtng b make them realise their love more

  24. amazing plz update next epi. as possible as & somiya i am very angry on u that u r not updating your ff i am egerly waiting plz updates & sory if i hurt u

  25. Nooooooooo plzzz dont separate themmm plzzzzz yaar….dont do this….plzzz reunite them asap….nd i m waiting 4 d nxt innings….

  26. please unite abhigya

  27. Sri… I accept that they can’t be happy all the don’t make abhi to accept for another marriage ya..n unite abhigya very soon…my heart is paining wen I’m reading this episode..pls at least make peehu to gain conscious n inform everyone that pragya is alive..

  28. Sri, I know u ll unite abhigya soon… apart from our suggestions, the episode was really awesome n emotional.. Loving ur ff don’t mistake our suggestions.. This is bcoz we see their pain daily in real we don’t want that in ff too..that’s u dnt get upset by our suggestions I always say u jus rock…keep going dear 🙂

  29. Guys thank u for all ur comments and I can understand all ur feelings but pls don’t wry I ll unite abhigya so soon..keep on supporting!! And Surbhi n reji thanks for the guidance.. love u all..and kirthi I ll never mistaken for your comments well it’s Gud that I can know ur feelings na..☺

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