Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 50

Thanks for ur support Keep supporting!!It was my 50th episode thanks for all ur support Keep supporting!!

The episode starts with Abhi asks Pragya to suggest ur selection.Pragya says a name,Kush..Abhi asked,Excuse me..with a weird expression.Pragya says,Oh..don’t over react..Abhi says,Whts this Kush..Pragya says,Name..Abhi says,It’s a boy name..if it is a girl then..Pragya says,Mmm…kushi..Abhi asks,so u decided hey na..Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi says,Whts this Kush..kushi..Pragya asks,Y u didn’t like tez names..Abhi says,It’s nice..but..Pragya asks,Wht?But..Abhi says,If it’s twins..Pragya says,So some need twins here..ryt..Abhi smiles n says,Its a wish..but don’t know wht has written in our destiny.Pragya smiles n carres his face.Abhi gets up n shows two toys which he bought today.In toz 2toys,1is a girl doll which wearing specs..Abhi says,This is my fuggi doll..Pragya says,Fuggi doll?Abhi says,Haa..n takes a boy doll with head bands,Wrist bands..Pragya says,’s looking like u..I’m loving it..n kisses the toy n says,Rockstar toy..Abhi says,Oye..madam..ur Rockstar is sitting b4 u..ur kissing this toy..n takes the toy in hand n says,Hey..stay away from my wife.Pragya smiles n says,Confirm..Abhi asks,Wht?Pragya says,U just bought all the toys for u nt fr ur kid hey na..Abhi laughs n says,For both the purpose..n fuggi r u sure abt this names.Pragya says, u hav any other suggestions..Abhi says,Wait lemme collide their names with my name n says,Kush Abhishek Prem Mehra..Kush means it means Abhishek Mehra is happy..Then another name..Luv Abhishek Prem Mehra..Luv means it means Pyaarii Abhishek Mehra..Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi ur selection is superb yaar..Always Love n Happiness ll b with me in name of my kids hey na..Pragya smiles n says,Wohh..U r a genius..Abhi says,Haa.

.I’m loving this names..Pragya smiles..Abhi says,Do u hav any expectations how our kids ll b.Pragya says,Y not..Ofcourse..if it’s a boy then he should resemble u in every attitude..everything I wanna see all ur sweetness in our son althrough our life.Abhi says,Really..but I wanna girl..Whose eyes resembles like urs..she should be cute like u..I wanna see ur cuteness in our daughter..Pragya says,I heard that every kid whether it’s a boy or girl..they ll hav both the qualities of mamma n pappa hey na..Abhi says,Really..Pragya says,Haa..may b..Abhi says,Let’s hav to wait..more than 7 months..Can’t wait..Hey fuggi ask him/her to come soon.Pragya smiles..Abhi asks,Are u happy.

Pragya says,Y u r asking like this I’m very happy..feeling out of the world..n holds his hand n says,Be with me always..Abhi says,Always thr for u..Abhi hugs her..Pragya pushes him n says, ll get hurt na n smiles.Abhi says,It’s not fair hey my champ..I hav first priority on my wife.Pragya pats him n says,No first my baby then u..Abhi pretends to b sad.Pragya says,Don’t act too much.Abhi smiles n says,U r becoming too smart..Pragya says,As always..they both smiles n Pragya hugs the doll.Abhi takes the doll Suddenly her chain struked with the toy as Abhi takes the toy the chain’s link breaked n chain falls from her neck.Abhi didn’t noticed that..Pragya shouts, Suniye..Wht u had done..see my chain gets cut..n abt to cry..Abhi says,Im sry fuggi..I didnt noticed im sry ols dont cry I ll get U new one..Pragya cries n says,U know na it was my first gift..y u did this n cries like a baby.Abhi doesn’t know wht to do n tries to pacify her but she was still crying by holding the chain.

Abhi says,Hey fuggi..pls don’t cry I ll make this as old pls don’t cry..Pragya says,Really with a sad tone.Abhi says,Promise..Pragya says,U know that chain ll always make me to feel that u r always with me..Abhi says,I’m Sry sleep..n makes her sleep. As a month passed,It was a day of lights and it is Diwali..Pragya was dressed up in pink saree with a slightly flaunting baby bump.Abhi also comes in pink n all praised them.Pragya stares at Abhi.Abhi asks,Wht happn to my sweet mommy she is so upset.Pragya says,It’s abt one month..U didn’t repair my chain hey na..Abhi says,Close ur eyes..Pragya says,No need of that give me..Abhi says,First close ur eyes..Pragya says,ok n closes the eyes..Abhi holds her hand n makes her to wear a ring.

.Pragya opens her eyes with a excited smile n looks on the ring,and in that it’s written as AbhiGya in minute letters..Pragya says, was like same ring which I gifted u na..Abhi says,Haa..n shows his finger’s ring n says,Same to same..Pragya says,So pretty but Whr is my chain..Abhi says, it is baba n gives her the chain.Pragya gets happy n wears it n says,Thank u..Rockstar..Abhi says,Only thank u..Pragya kisses him in cheek n runs.Abhi says,I wanna this happiness althrough my life.All were firing crackers n having fun..Pragya watches Abhi firing crackers n smiles.Abhi asks Pragya to come but Pragya refused.After a while,All gathered in a hall..Peehu goes to Abhi n Pragya n says,Bhai..I wanna say u one important thing,Abhi asks,Wht?Peehu says,Alia is in love..Alia signs Peehu not to tell.But Pragya noticed that n asks Peehu who s the guy..Peehu says,Ishaan..Abhi says,Ishaan?Peehu says,Haa..Abhi says,I know him..nice guy..Pragya asks Alia,R u happy?Alia nods.

Dadi says,Abhi v hav to consult with his family.Abhi says,Sure Dadi all smiles.Alia calls Ishaan n says all the happening.Ishaan shocked n shouts,Y u r doing this..Alia says,Y u r reacting like this..n says,I wanna meet u n Peehu ryt nw n asks them to come.Alia says,K..Ishaan thinks,Y this Peehu s doing like this I wanna sort this confusion n calls Pragya n requests her to come with alia n Peehu.Pragya says,How could I come without informing Abhi..Ishaan says,pls Pragya it’s really important.Pragya says,K..n goes to Alia n Peehu n says,I’m also coming with u..Peehu shocked n asks,But y..Pragya says,Ishaan asked me to come.Alia thinks,Sure..something gonna happen..Ishaan ll reject me for that only he called bhabi..Peehu says,But bhabi..Pragya says,I know u r hiding something..So I wanna meet Ishaan.They both refused n finally agrees.The trio abt to leave but the time Abhi saw Pragya n asks,Whr u r gng?Pragya says,I’m gng with Peehu n Alia.Abhi says,Im also coming..Pragya says,It’s k ur both sisters with me na dnt wry..Abhi says,But it’s not safe..u going out..Pragya says,Relax..Abhi says,K baba..go n asks Alia n Peehu to take care of her..n says,Hey..fuggi come soon I ll wait fa u..Pragya nods n leaves.As they reached the place.Alia calls Ishaan.

Ishaan says,Ys..I’m here..But Alia thinks to know whts in ishaan’s mind so she thinks to meet him alone first so she says,Peehu..Bhabi..Ishaan s not attending the call so I ll go n see u guys wait here..Pragya says,let’s go together..Alia says,No wait in car..lemme check n call u.Pragya says,OK..Peehu sees a Gulfi stall n says,Bhabi..see ur fav..Pragya says,Come let’s go n hav..Peehu nods n they both goes to the shop..Suddenly,Abhi calls Pragya..Peehu says,Surely it ll b bhai.Pragya nods with a smile.Pragya says Peehu,Stay here..I ll b back n attends the call.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..Whr r u..Pragya says,Just now out of car n abt to hav Gulfi..Abhi says, could u hav unhygienic food..Pragya says,I want now..Abhi says,Stupid..pregnancy harmones..Pragya says,Pls i ll hav only one.Abhi says,No..

Pragya sees a isolated home is burning n a kid shouts fr help.Pragya says,Suniye l ll call u latter n ends the call.Pragya shouted Peehu to help the kid but in traffic Peehu couldn’t hear Pragya’s voice.Pragya she itself goes near to the home.It was highly firing..Pragya gets in to the burning home n tries to save the kids..Peehu sees it from opposite side of the road n shouts,Bhabi..Pragya saves the kids n tries to leave the burning house but suddenly her saree pallu strucks in a nail n she strucked thr n unable to move..A sharp wooden beam hits her neck n leg.Peehu shouts..Pragya was completely suffocated.Peehu tries to go but a car came near to the burning house a old lady n a man rescued unconscious Pragya.Peehu sees that n tries to cross the road.Alia n Ishaan comes thr n sees her n shouts Peehu

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  1. Congrats dr for ur 50th epi… Keep rocking

  2. tisha congratulations for ur 50th episode yaar and i am wishing that u should reach 100 and if may 1000 episodes too all the best and i love ur ff keep going dear…….!!!!!!!

  3. tisha u did it !!! finally u reached 50 th episodes and u completed it !! my wishes and supports is always with u u r a ff srimathi i mean ff genius u shuld reach 100 and 1000 episodes all the best dear great job and i really loved ur ff !!!

  4. Congrats 4 ur 5oth epi………..its really awesome yaar……its impossible 2 make 50 epi………u did it…..i m really happy 4 u tisha…….Superbbbbbb……nd plzzzzz let nothing happen 2 pragya……nd also unite peehu nd ishaan……keep going yaar…..

  5. Oh my god can’t wait to know what happened to pragya.. Pls update it soon yaar and today’s episode was amazing and it was a superb twist… I am waiting for ur next part

  6. Congrats for the completion of cool “50”…..
    OMG !!! Hope nothing happens to pragya and baby.

  7. Oh no… please yar don’t do this…

  8. No it shouldnt happen there should be cute little rockstar

  9. Oh my god plzzzz don’t give any bad news yàar… Plzzzzzzzzzzz it’s my humble request plzzzzzzzzzzz yaar… Tat too don’t do tat alone plzzzz

  10. Supper episode i just love this epi….

  11. Sri….congrats on your 50th episode dear…love ur ff…its very very nice today…a unexpected twist…can’t imagine wat will happen further.. Waiting fr d next episode dear…go on n rock in your style..

  12. Congrats for 50th episode… And because of this Accident nothing should happen for Pragya n un born baby… Plssssssssssss

  13. 50th episode congratulation and nice epi

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    First of all,Congrats for your completion of 50 Episodes…………..The episode Nice yaar………..But don’t make bad with Pragya & Child……..plzzzzz its a Request yaar………….

  15. awesome twist yrrrr…. and Congo for 50th episode.

  16. nyc episode hope nothing happens…

  17. Congo sre .. Fa completion of 50 episodes .. Bt y dis tensed twist yaar .. Hoping ntng vl happen to pragya dear ..

  18. Amazing and congrats

  19. congratulations for ur 50th epizode N????keep going ur episodes are so awsome?? i loved it and todays episode is so superb ?? abhigya’s converstion was sooooo cuteeee???????

  20. Amazingly episode Tisha.. N congrats for completing 50 episodes

  21. omg pls pls pls nothing for pragya and baby..

  22. Thank u guys for ur great support!!
    And one more info..No ffs for 3days coz telly updates is not accepting any ffs for 3 days..they ll start receive from Wednesday so feeling bad for that..should wait till Wednesday

    1. I’m gonna miss u r ff badly

    2. Ya tisha u r right I also tried to post ff but telly updates is not accepting any ff till Wednesday so I also will get bored without ff

  23. Oh my god….have to wait fr 3 days…??? Bt y they r nt accepting…acho I don’t know Hw will I spend 3 days without ur ff dear..on Wednesday pls update soon n update at least 2 episodes sri….

  24. congratulations for ur 50th episode yaar all the best i am a big fanof ur ff love this episode a lot, pls don’t make abortion for pragya, but loved this episode…

  25. congrats

  26. Even I too bored without ff sure I ll upload 2/episodes on Wednesday

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