Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-5


Recap: Abhi comes to Pragya’s home with his dadi and Peehu.

The episode starts with Pragya surprised to see Abhi she just looked surprisingly.Dadi sees pragya and bulbul and hugs them.Pragya and bulbul gets wishes from dadi.Peehu hugs Pragya and bulbul.Bulbul greets Abhi and smiles.Pragya smiles at Abhi.Abhi just keep on looking at Pragya.Suddenly,Pragya’s phone ringing from the terrace and she excuses and went to pick the call.Abhi asks sarla,Aunty can I go for upstairs.Sarla replies,Its also like ur home u can go everywhere.Abhi smiles and goes for upstairs.

Pragya was standing there by seeing the moon.Abhi comes there and asks,are you feeling for someone by looking at the moon.Pragya turns and says no I’m just looking. Abhi smiles and says,I want to ask u one thing. Pragya thinks he should never ask me about my words on love.Abhi asks her what did u said about love ur words are repeating in my mind. Pragya says please don’t ask me anything about that.Let’s forget that and be just good friends. Abhi says,Well,U r agreeing that what u said was not true and it was just a lecture that’s y u r not answering my question. Pragya says just now I said u na don’t bring the topic again. Abhi smiles and says OK let us be friends and gives his hand and pragya too gives her hand and smiles.(sanam re plays).Abhi feels comfortable and free when he was with her.Pragya thinks why I’m this much happy in this moment.They both came down. Abhi says,Chashmish today only I thought to do some songs on friendship and fortunately we become friends today and I’m in good mind surely I ll make a fantastic album and I’m feeling good and energetic after seeing u and I’m getting good mind and concept for my album I think its all because of u.I think ur luck works on me.Pragya feels happy.

Dadi asks Pragya to sit.All are having some good time.Pragya can’t take her eyes from Abhi. Pragya thinks he is the first person who thinks me as a lucky girl and she feels happy.Abhi thinks that why he is so comfortable and free when he was with pragya and keeps on looking her.Dadi says sarla,OK we are leaving for now please u r welcomed to our home and come with ur family.Sarla says sure we ll come.Peehu dadi and Abhi gets into the car.Pragya looks on Abhi and Abhi too did the same.Then Abhi messages Pragya bye..Chashmish take care and don’t keep on looking me like this I can’t able to move out of here.Pragya reads the message and smiles. Abhi sees her smile and says bye and start to drive the car.Peehu says dadi,Dadi i had seen a magic today.Dadi asks what magic.Peehu replies Bhai’s magic I saw something different in his eyes.

Abhi says nothing is different and asks her to keep quiet otherwise he ll stick her mouth. Peehu smiles. Abhi thinks yes,Peehu was ryt I was behaving weird today why can’t I take my eyes from pragya I’m just freezing when she looks at me.They reached home and Dadi asks Peehu and Abhi to have dinner. They both said we are not hungry u have dinner and have tablets. Abhi says I’m leaving to room Peehu take care of dadi and says Gud night. Peehu and Dadi says Gud night.

In room Pragya thinks about Abhi.Bulbul says Gud night di.Pragya too says Gud night but she remains lost of mind. In Abhi’s room Abhi was thinking about Pragya and he messages Pragya by saying Gud night. Pragya too replies Gud night.
Abhi:U didn’t slept yet?
Pragya: No!!
Abhi:So,can we meet tomorrow?
Pragya: No,I have back to back classes tomorrow!!!
Abhi:Ok teacher!!U carry on(Abhi thinks she doesn’t have any feelings for me as I have)
Pragya:Then!!(thinks if he gets angry with me?)
Abhi:Nothing!!Have a good sleep!!Good night!!
Pragya: Gud night!! Sleep tight!
Abhi: Chashmish!!
Pragya: Yes.
Abhi: Why u r doing this to me?(thinks why I’m restless why I’m feeling for Pragya this much)
pragya: What I did?(Pragya thinks is he is in anger for her refusal to meet him?)
Abhi:Nothing!! Nothing!! (Abhi says himself she is holding my breath)
Pragya: okay ( pragya says herself Abhi please say something I’m just feeling different)
Abhi:Gud nyt!!
Pragya:Gud nyt!!

Abhi thinks she is doing some black magic with me that’s y I’m behaving like this and he says himself Abhi u r a Rockstar nothing can make u weird be free she is just ur friend and he sleeps.
pragya thinks is I had developed any feelings for him no how could it happen within a day.pragya says herself Abhi is ur friend nothing than that And she sleeps.

Next day evening, Abhi was roaming around the house he felt bored.He calls purab and asks him to come to his home. Purab says he was with some special person and excuses that he can’t come today.Abhi decides to go to purab’s office. Abhi reaches purab’s office heard the love conversation of Purab and bulbul. Abhi entered the room and asks and finally this is the matter.Purab and bulbul looks tensed.Purab says yes,Abhi we r in a relationship.Abhi looks on Bulbul and says Chashmish’s behen and smiles. Purab smiles and says we love each other.Abhi congratulated both and asks when u both getting married??

Purab says my marriage is in ur hand. Bulbul says mine is in my di’s hand.Abhi asks what u ppl are saying I can’t understand.Purab says I ll get married after ur marriage and I’m very clear about my decision. Bulbul says I ll get married after my di’s marriage. Abhi asks bulbul whether ur di know about ur love.Bulbul nods no.Ok lemme tell her.bulbul says no I ll tell her pls u don’t tell her then she ll get upset on me.Abhi says OK and smiles then leaves.

Precap: Pragya says Abhi, I want to go Delhi for a seminar.Abhi looks Pragya and asks sure u wanna go.Pragya replies yes,its my dream seminar.Abhi says no problem do what u want and leaves.pragya becomes sad.

Credit to: Tisha

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  9. Tisha !! Previously I didn’t chance to read the story. But believe me its really awesome. Please continue and update on daily basis. The way you phrased each line is really cool. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. it’s very nice plse update next episode

  11. Thank u every one!!!Ur comment is really meant alot to me!!And guys I’m updating my episodes on daily basis but telly updates ppl took some extra time to post it on the site!!

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