Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 49

Guys thank u for ur support!!And I wanna end rabul’s wedding soon without dragging the rituals..coz even I bored of my ff current track..So there ll b drastic change in this ff after the completion of 50th episode!!

The episode starts with Pragya gets to the room n thinking that,y Peehu n Alia is behaving weird..Abhi asks Pragya,wht u r thinking..Pragya doesn’t respond n still thinking abt that.Abhi shouts,Hey..fuggi..Pragya backs to sense n says,Haa..Abhi asks,Wht u r thinking..Pragya says,Nothing..n leaves to changing room.Abhi slept..Pragya too slept.In morning,Pragya wakes up earlier n freshup n went to kitchen earlier.Dadi..Dasi..Tayiji..Mitali were thr to hav their start the fast.Pragya n all ladies had their kheer.After a while,Pragya enters Alia n peehu’s room but they were sleeping tight to she thinks,Not to disturb them..And she went to her room with coffee n wakes Abhi.Abhi wakes up n says,Gud morning fuggi..Pragya says,Gud morning n gives him the coffee n folds the blanket.

Abhi sips the coffee n says,Ummm…I missed ur coffee for last few days..Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,So..u r keeping fast for me today..Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,No need of that..I ll fine n don’t do tez rituals.Pragya says,Suniye..Don’t start in morning..go n get ready..Abhi says,Then..ur wish n leaves to changing room.All were in living room.Alia n Peehu was abt to leave some where but Dadi stops them n says,Stay in home today..Should not go outside..Alia says,Ok..Dadi n they both abt to leave to their room..Pragya comes thr n says,Are u both r fine..Peehu says,Haa..bhabi..y.Pragya says,Just asked n smiles at them.All were discussing abt to the RaBul’s wedding arrangements.Just now Sarla’s family arrived with Purab.Pragya n Abhi greeted them n they started to doing the preparations for wedding.It was evening,Dadi called all the ladies to the terrace to finish their fast.

Pragya calls Abhi to come.As the moon comes,All sees the moon.Pragya looks the moon n Abhi’s face n Abhi smiles at her.He takes arti for him n abt to keep tilak.Abhi holds her hand n says,How many times I ll say this..don’t put tilak..All r watching him.Pragya feels bad..All kept tilak for their husband.Pragya says,Suniye..all r watching us..n abt to keep tilak..Abhi says,Fuggi..y can’t u understand..u know na I didn’t like to have tilak..Already v had a issue over it but u r doing the same.Pragya becomes sad n thinks,All r doing their rituals peacefully n thinks wht to do.Dadi says,Abhi..don’t do this accept the tilak..She is keeping fast for ur goodness n long life..but can’t u have tilak for ur wife.Abhi says,But Dadi..Pragya says,Dadi..leave it no need of forcing him n gets teary eyes n abt to keep the arti plate down.Abhi sees her n feels bad n holds her hand n makes to put tilak on his forehead.

Pragya looks surprisingly with a smile on corner of lips.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..don’t get upset..I ll hav tilak once in a ur hand on this day..OK..Pragya pats her shoulder n says,Thank u with a teary smile..Abhi gives her water n Ladoo.Pragya smiles n says, ladoo.Abhi laughs n says,Give me a hug..Pragya hugs him tight n Abhi too hugs her.All sees them n smiles.Abhi n Pragya was in their room in night n they were having some funny talks..Next day,Rabul’s engagement..All were excited abt that..And in evening,All gathered for engagement n the engagement too happened well with all blessings.As the days passed,All the wedding rituals happened well n wedding had completed.Abhi gifted them the best holiday vacation for abroad.Bulbul n Purab thanked Abhi n Pragya.Sarla was in peak of happiness.Abhi n Pragya smiles at them.The months passed,The issue between Alia n Ishaan n Peehu didn’t sorted out.Ishaan had came from London.Pragya was with Dadi Alia n Peehu.Suddenly,Pragya feels unwell..She says,Dadi I’m leaving to room feeling dizzy.Dadi says,K..beta..u go n take rest.

Pragya nods n abt to leave but she lose her balance n abt to fall.Alia holds her n says,Bhabi r u k..But Pragya faints..Alia shouts,Bhai..Bhai..Abhi Peehu n all comes thr.Alia makes Pragya to sit in couch n spills water on her face.Abhi sits besides pragya n says,Wht happend ur eyes n panics..Pragya opens her eyes slowly.Peehu comes thr n checks Pragya n smiles.Abhi says,Hey idiot..y u r smiling.Peehu says,I think it’s a Gud news..Dadi asks,Is it Peehu..Peehu nods with a huge happy smile.Abhi asks,Wht..Dadi says,Arey..u both going to b parents..I’m gonna b great grand mother n smiles.Abhi just freezed n says,Really??With a excited smile.Peehu says,Haa..pulses seems to b like that but v hav to check once in hospital.Abhi says,Hey..I can’t wait for a while..Pragya says,K..Peehu let’s check with kit.Peehu says,K bhabi..And after a while..Peehu comes out of pragya’s room with jumping joy n says,Yes it’s positive..Bhai gonna b father..I’m gonna b Bhua..n shouts.Abhi becomes happy n jumps over n hugs Dadi n all n enters to his room.Pragya abt to come out..They both bump at each other.Abhi says, u hear that..v gonna b parents n shouts n joy Pragya smiles n Abhi lifts her n twirls around.

Pragya says,Oh..Oh..enough..let me down..I feel dizzy..Abhi makes her to sit n says,Are u k?Pragya says,Ofcourse I’m OK..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi I can’t control my’t handle this much of joy..Pragya says,I’m so happy..n holds his face n says,Thank u..for giving me this beautiful moment.Abhi says,I wanna thank u..n he goes near her tummy n says, junior..I’m ur pappa..How r u??U know u just came into our life n given us a bunch of joy today..we can’t see u..come soon to my arms..We r just waiting for ur arrival n gets emotional.Tears rolled from Pragya’s eyes n hugs Abhi.After a while,Peehu comes thr n says,Bhai..let’s go for hospital..Its better to check thr..Abhi nods n Abhi Pragya along with whole family leaves to hospital.In hospital Sarla janki n Pragya’s Dadi came thr n hugs Pragya.Peehu asks Pragya to come in.Pragya goes in n takes test n says,Bhabi..Y u didn’t said anything to us..Pragya says,Hey..I don’t know yaar.Peehu says,Don’t lie..Bhabi..Pragya says,Actually I thought to take test but busy over Bulbul’s wedding..Peehu says,That’s’s abt 90 days..exactly.. 75days..but I don’t know how u didn’t feel that..Pragya smiles n says,Oh..baba..I’m Sry..Peehu comes out n says,It was around 2nd half months of pregnancy n all gets happy n Abhi says,Peehu..u had given such a wonderful news I ll get U new car..Peehu says,’s a great offer bhai..All smiles n Peehu asks Abhi to come in to see ultrasound of baby..

Abhi was super excited n gets in.Peehu shows..but Abhi says,Whr is the baby..Peehu shows something like dot..Abhi says,Is that my baby..Pragya n Peehu laughs.Peehu says,’s just 2 n half u could see this only..Abhi says,Haa..I know..don’t teach me n smiles.All sees the ultrasound n gets happy.All returned home with joy.Dadi throws a party n all were dancing n having fun.Abhi comes home with lots of gifts n toys to his room.In room,Peehu says,Bhabi..ur kid ll b more intelligent like u..Pragya says,How??Peehu says,Coz u r reading more books na..Pragya smiles.Abhi enters the room..Peehu sees him n says,Excuse me n leaves with a smile.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..see Wht I had brought for my child n shows all.

Pragya gets happy n says,Arey..I think u became kid now a days.Abhi says,Yes..I wanna shower my kid as a father..Which I didn’t got from my father n gets emotional n lies in Pragya’s lap..Pragya says,Pls don’t get emotional then I ll cry..Abhi says,See..I’m Happy today n I’m nt crying..n takes his guitar n starts to tune up n says to the child,Its fr u my champ..listen to this.Pragya smiles n says,How u r saying it’s a may b angel na..Abhi says,Haa..may b angel r both angel n hav to think name for them.Pragya says,I already decided 2 to 3 names..Abhi said,tell me..lemme judge how is ur selection.

Precap: Alia Peehu n Ishaan decided to meet in place on Diwali.Ishaan calls Pragya n asks her to come to the place along with Peehu n Alia.

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