Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 48

Thanks for ur support guys!!Keep supporting!!I thought to end this ff in some more episodes!!Pls give ur feedback over it..

The episode starts with Abhi gets ready n asks Pragya to come soon as Pragya comes they both check out the room n started towards airport.They reached airport n started flying to Mumbai.And they reached Mumbai.First they gone to sarla’s home.Abhi n Pragya entered in Sarla sees them.Pragya runs n hugs her.Sarla kisses in her forehead.Abhi n Pragya got blessings from Sarla n dadi.Sarla calls Bulbul,Bulbul comes n Purab follows her.Bulbul sees Pragya n Shouts,Di..n gives her a bone crush hug.Purab hugs Abhi.Abhi asked,Btw Purab y u r here.Purab n Bulbul looks at each other n smiles.Pragya says,He may come to see his to be wife.Bulbul blushes.Abhi says,Haa..fuggi..we have to get them married soon.Pragya says,Sure..sure..Sarla says,Beta..I too thought the same n smiles.Abhi says,So..let’s call Pundit ji n ask him for the date for all rituals.Sarla says,Arey..beta just now u both had came v can discuss abt it later.Abhi says,no..Maa let’s talk today itself.Sarla nods n calls Pundit ji.

Purab winks at Bulbul.Pragya says,Bulbul.. Congratulations!!Bulbul says,Di..shut up..don’t taunt me..Pragya says,It’s my turn to taunt u..atleast I ll do atleast 50 percent in Wht u hav done to me.Bulbul says,Acchaa with a taunting tone.Pragya says,Haa..Bulbul says,Leave it di..tell me Wht happened in ur honeymoon.Pragya says,No..I won’t say anything its personal n smiles at her.Bulbul gets anger n keep her face pout n says,So u started to hide the matters from me na..Pragya says,Oh..I was just joking.Abhi asks,Hey fuggi y u r boring her come..come n sit here n give ur boring lectures loudly all can hear na.Pragya says,Whts ur problem..I was talking to my sister.Bulbul says,di..Jiju can’t stay alone without ur lectures that’s y he is asking to give it loudly..hey na jiju.Abhi says,Haa…Im dying for ur di’s lecture in taunting voice..I only know how students get boring over her lectures.Pragya says, words ll b boring for boring persons like u.Abhi says,So I’m the boring person then y r so excited person who always reads a fatty book.Pragya says, is divine it’s not like ur stringed guitar to give noises,Abhi says,’s not noise it’s music..

n I warning u don’t insult my guitar.All stunned of their fight n looks on them with a boring face.Pragya says,Achha..then I’m warning u don’t insult my books..don’t u dare to insult.Abhi says,How dare u to insult my guitar..Pragya says,U first insulted my book so I insulted ur guitar that’s all.Abhi says,Oh..just stop it.Pragya says,Ohh y should I stop..Abhi taps her nose n says,Just pause u r talks.Pragya Suddenly stops.Abhi says,Haa..just be like this n taps her nose again.Pragya says,Do u think I’m a tape recorder.Abhi says,Even tape recorder has remote control but it’s not for u n Ur bak bak bak talks.Bulbul shouts,Enough!!!!!!Abhi n Pragya stops their argument n smirked at each other.Bulbul gets tired of watching their fight n drinks water Sarla laughs at them.Pundit ji arrives n Sarla greets him n asks for the dates..After a while Pundit ji leaves by giving the dates.Sarla announces,Engagement is day after tomorrow..n the next day,Sangeet n mehandi n the next day is wedding.Bulbul n Purab smiles.Abhi says, the date is fixed so lets do preparations..

All smiles n nods.Abhi says,Then OK v r leaving for now..let’s meet tomorrow..Purab says,Maa..can me n Bulbul go out for a while..Sarla says,Haa..but come soon..They nods n leaves.A man from their marriage hall called Sarla n says,Mam..we had changed the lights..come n take a look at this.Sarla nods n says,Abhi n Pragya u both stay here..I ll b back soon..Abhi says,’s k v r leaving.Sarla says,Arey beta..u didn’t had anything wait I ll back soon.Abhi says,It’s k Maa..pls don’t treat us as guest.Sarla smiles n says,K..go safe n meet u both tmrw n Sarla leaves.Pragya was in kitchen.Abhi goes thr n says,Hey..Fuggi..I’m going if u wanna come then come with me let’s go.Pragya says,No..I’m not coming today..u go I ll come tmrw.Abhi didn’t expected this answer n he says himself,Abhi..Y u gave her such option..see she is not coming u gonna b alone today n says,Fuggi..its k come let’s go.Pragya says,No..u only said na if u wanna I thought to come I wanna here today..Abhi says,Are u…sure..sure..I mean..u wanna..Pragya says,Haa..u can sleep today with out hearing my bak bak talks.Abhi feels bad but he says,Ofcourse..I ll sleep well today.

Pragya gives a smirked smile.Abhi says,OK..then I’m leaving..Pragya says,Hmm..go safe..Abhi says,I know with a anger face.Abhi abt to leave.Pragya waits for his reaction.Abhi turned back n says,Fuggi..sure u r not coming uh??Pragya says,Haa…u’s getting late na..Abhi says,Haa..haa..I’m leaving with a sad face.Pragya controls her smile n looks at him.Abhi again tried to leave but he again turned towards Pragya n says,Pls come in morning earlier..coz can’t start my day without u.Pragya smiles n says,Sure..I ll come early..Abhi says,Sure..I’m gonna miss ur talks..Pragya says,Huhh??Abhi says,Ofcourse I ll miss u na..Pragya says,’s too much..I think I pampered u alot..that’s y u r reacting this much..Wht ll u do if I died??Abhi shouts,Just stop it fuggi..don’t even say like this..I can’t live without u..then my life ll b miserable even I can’t imagine could u say like this..Pragya with an emotional voice..says,I’m Sry..Abhi says,I don’t need ur Sry..Pragya holds her ears n says,Sry with a cute face.Abhi cupped her face n says,Pls don’t even say this again.Pragya says,OK..baba I’m Sry..u forgive me na..Abhi says,No..u hav punishment..

Pragya asked,Wht?Abhi says,u hav to come with me today..I won’t allow u to stay here..Pragya says,’s not fair na..Abhi wraps her around his arm n says,Its only sweet heart come let’s go n takes her with him.Pragya says,U r a cheater..Abhi says,U r a teacher..Pragya says,Huhh??Abhi says,Rhyming yaar!!Pragya says,So stupid..Abhi says,I know u r n laughs.Pragya says,No it’s u..Abhi taps her nose n Pragya stops.Abhi laughs n says, button is working.Pragya stared and gets into the car.They both headed towards MM.In MM,Alia says,Peehu today bhai coming na I gonna say him abt me n Ishaan.Peehu looks on n says,Di..first u ask Ishaan then u confess to bhai.Alia says,U r ryt n calls Ishaan.But Ishaan sees Alia’s number n ignored.Alia asks Peehu to call him.Peehu refuses then Alia called him from Peehu’s phone.Ishaan attened the call,Alia says,Y u ignored my call..Ishaan gives some excuses,Alia says, I gonna reveal abt our relationship infront of my bhai.Ishaan shouts,How could u do this.Alia says,Y..Ishaan says,Whn I confessed my love for u.

Alia gets shocked n abt to cry.Peehu tensed by seeing her tears n snatched the phone n says,Ishaan..Ishaan says,Peehu I can’t be dumb..hereafter..I’m in London now I ll back in 2 months till that I don’t want Alia to create any scenes..and u r too selfish for ur family..U wanna me to sacrifice my love.Peehu ends the call n says Alia,Di..Ishaan was saying that he was in London so he ask u to wait till he come back that’s it pls don’t wry..Alia says,Really he said this,Peehu says,Haa..di..don’t cry..Alia hugs Peehu.Peehu pats her n thinks,Once Ishaan came hav to put end for this triangle story.As Abhi n Pragya reached MM.Dadi sees them n hugs.Peehu wiped Alia’s tears n says,Come on di b seems bhai n bhabi had come so come let’s go down n they gets down.Abhi sees them..Alia n Peehu hugs Abhi n Pragya.Peehu asks,How was the trip..AbhiGya says,It’s great..Dadi says,Pragya tmrw..karvachauth beta..Pragya says,Haa..Dadi surely I ll make fast.Dadi smiles..Abhi says,Again rituals,Oh..that’s k..n informs abt RaBul’s wedding plans to Dadi n all.All gets happy..Dadi says,Acha beta..V should bang the wedding n all laughs.Abhi leaves to room.Pragya noticed Alia n Peehu n thinks something is wrong..they can’t b this much silent n thinks to enquire them.

Precap: Pragya takes arti to Abhi n abt to keep tilak..Abhi holds her hand n stopped her n yells at her.

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