Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 47

Thank u guys for ur comments and I had read some of ffs Surbhi Hani Tripathi Arora Somiya and Naveena urs r too good n Pls continue!!
The episode starts with Abhi was in same wet dress increasing the AC cooling n enjoying in balcony with snow.Pragya goes thr and shouts at him for increasing the chillness n goes with towel n toweled his head n face shouts,Still u didn’t changed the cloths u became mad..Abhi tries to hug her.Pragya says,Suniye..pls just now I changed the cloths.Abhi laughs n says,U r thr take care of me then y should I wry..Pragya says,Ok..come on go n change ur dress.Abhi smiles n says,OK..mamma..n goes.Pragya switched off the AC.Abhi changed his cloths n back to room n asks,Hey fuggi y u switched off the AC..Pragya says,Have u gone mad..I ll die of chillness pls don’t on it again..Abhi laughs n says,Ok n jumps to the bed..Pragya says,Arey..Wht happened to happy mood.Abhi says,Haa..coz u forgive me na..Pragya smiles n says,But u r an anger person..tough to console..Abhi says,u r so stubborn it’s tough to plead u.Pragya says,Arey..I’m innocent..Abhi says,Haa..u r innocent in a tackling voice.Pragya says,ok I’m feeling sleepy I gonna sleep..Abhi says,Now itself uh?Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi says,This is not fair.

.Pragya says,I forgive u na its a big deal.Abhi says,Showing attitude uh?Pragya says,I don’t wanna fight again.Abhi says,So..I wanna fight..Pragya lies on bed n turns opposite to Abhi n covers with blanket n closed her eyes.Abhi says,Im talking to u.Pragya says,Shhh..I wanna sleep..Abhi murmers Whatever it may b how could he hug fuggi.Pragya hears that n says,Arey..Pls leave it n sleep..Abhi says,But..Pragya says,K..blabber urself n sleeps.Abhi says,Arey fuggi..n sees her in sleep n kisses in her cheek n carres her n he falls asleep.In morning,Pragya wakes up n says herself,Today..Pappu’s wedding na n smiles.She tries to move but she was tightened by Abhi’s arms.Pragya tries to move out but she can’t.Pragya smiles n carres his face gently n abt to kiss him in forehead but he opens the eyes n winks at Pragya.Pragya beats him n says,So u r pretending na..Abhi says,S..just for a morning kiss..Pragya says,Che..che..cheater..Abhi pulls her towards him..Suddenly his phone rings..n he turned to pick the call.Pragya gets up n leaves to washroom n freshup n back to the room.Abhi was still lying.Pragya says,Suniye..who is on phone..Abhi says,Pappu..Pragya toweled her hair n says,Ha..Today his wedding na wanna go thr go n get ready soon.Abhi nods n leaves.Abhi gets ready n comes to the room n says,Shall v go..Pragya says,Haa..but can v leave to Mumbai tmrw..Abhi asks, soon.Pragya says,It has been many days na wanna see Maa,Bulbul,Dadi..Peehu,Alia missing them so much.Abhi says,But..

Pragya says,It’s ok I’m just suggesting do as ur wish n smiles.Abhi thinks wht to do.Abhi n Pragya reached Pappu’s home n rituals r happening thr.Abhi n Pragya reminds their wedding n Pragya says,Suniye..I’m remembering our wedding..Abhi says,I too thought the same n smiles.As the wedding gets over..Abhi n Pragya congratulated both.Pappu’s sister asked Pragya to sing a song.Pragya says,How could I sing..He is a Rockstar..he ll sing well.Pappu’s sister said,No..Abhi bhai asked me to request u..Pragya looks on Abhi.Abhi smiles n signs to sing.Pragya blushes n says,How could I I’m not a professional better u sing.Abhi takes the mike..n announces,Attention pls..Pragya says,Wht u r dng?Abhi announced that,Abhi mehra’s wife Mrs.Pragya Mehra gonna sing a song for newly wedded couple n for all n smiles n gives the mike to Pragya.Pragya becomes tensed n looks on Abhi.Abhi signs her to sing.Pragya looks on Abhi.Abhi smiles n downs his head.Pragya sings,Sanam re..Sanam re..Tu mera Sanam hua re..Karam re..Karam re..tera mujhpe karam hua re..
Abhi looks on Pragya n melts in her voice.She completed her performance all claps n Abhi remains silent n keeps on staring at Pragya.Pragya comes near him with a smile.Abhi just smiles at her.Pragya looks at him n smiles.Abhi asked,So..Pragya says,Wht so..Abhi says,Nothing n wraps her in his arms n says,Love u..Pragya says,I know u ll respond like this n pushes his hand.Abhi says,Ur calculation n manipulation never fails on me na.Pragya laughs n says,Bcoz..No one know u more than me..Abhi says,Really..Pragya says,Silly..Abhi says,And that’s u..Pragya stared him n pushed him n leaves the place.Abhi follows her..Pragya asks,Y u r following me..Abhi says,Wanna give u something n hides his hand.Pragya sees that n asks,Whts in ur hand?Abhi says,Nothing..Pragya asks him to show his hands n tries to take his hand from the time she comes closer to Abhi n Abhi kisses in her cheek.Pragya says,Oh..God..Wht happened to u..showering alot of love.Abhi says,Yes..Wht to do..we gonna leave tmrw na so enjoying some last moments of honeymoon.Pragya holds his hand n asks,Really with a cute smile.

Abhi says,Haa..Fuggi..Pragya says,Y u r so sweet..Ladoo n comes near to him n says,Love u..Abhi says,Some one is getting more romantic today..Pragya says,Haa..cox my boy friend is full filling all my needs.Abhi asks,Boyfriend..with a pouty face?Pragya says, rolling her fingers over his shirt button.Abhi asked,Who?Chintu?Pragya stares at him n says,No..My boyfriend is unique,caring,lovely,hot,sensible..Abhi smiles at her..n asks,So who is he?Pragya says,Abhishek..Abhi wonders n surprised that he called him by his full name.Abhi says,So u r not in love with Abhi…Pragya says,No..I’m in love with Abhishek not Abhi the Rockstar.Abhi pulls her into his arms.Pragya kisses him in cheek n runs away.Abhi says,I wanna see this smile n happiness in ur face all through my life.Abhi n Pragya gets back to room.Abhi lies on bed n Pragya packing their stuffs..Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi asks,U ll never leave me na..Pragya asks,Are u mad?Abhi says,Say me..Pragya says,Ur happiness is mine n I ll do anything for u..I wanna see u always happy like this n smiles.Abhi too smiles at her.Some one ringed the Bell.Pragya abt to go..Abhi says,Wait lemme see n goes near the door n abt to open but he reminds the steps which taught by Pragya n turns towards her n smiles at her.Pragya too laughs.Abhi sees over lens n says,Hey..its ur boyfriend..Pragya goes towards him n pats him n asks,Who..Abhi says,Bak bak Chintu..Pragya smirked n says,I’m hiding somewhere pls don’t tell him I’m here..Abhi asked,Y he is ur best friend na..Sry I won’t lie..Pragya says,No..he ll speak too much than we would fight again if that’s OK for u then no problem.Abhi says,OK..n asks her to hide under the bed.Pragya goes n hides.Abhi opens the door n hugs him n says,Arey..bak bak Chintu come on..come on..Chintu asks,Whts bak bak..Abhi says,Nothing come in..Chintu asks for Pragya,Abhi says she went to a frnds marriage..Chintu says,Oh..but I had bring food for u both.Abhi says,Oh..that’s great..Chintu says,k..I ll leave now..Abhi says,So u don’t wana spend time with me.

Chintu says,Excuse me with a surprised face..Abhi says,I mean nothing..Chintu says,K I’m leaving n looks over the room n went off.Abhi closes the door n says,Fuggi come out..Pragya comes out n says,Uff…Abhi smiles n says,Let’s have his food..Abhi n Pragya laughs n had his food with a smiling face.Abhi says,So it’s our last day here.Pragya says,Pls don’t countdown like this I feel guilt coz of me v r leaving early na.Abhi says,’m not doing it for u I’m quite selfish I have meeting tmrw..that’s y..Pragya says,I know u r lying..Abhi says,Hey fuggi u became very smart..Pragya says,I’m smart always..Abhi says,No u r with me na that’s y u becoming more smart.Pragya says,No n throws the pillow.Abhi too throws the pillow.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya reached Mumbai n Alia says Peehu that she gonna say abt Ishaan to Abhi.Peehu looks on.

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