Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 46

Guys sorry for the late update I changed the story line lil bit that’s y can’t upload yesterday!!So forget about previous episode precap..I decided to give leap after some episodes!!Now a days getting less comments but its ok hope u enjoy!!Keep supporting!!
The episode starts with Pragya sitting n bed by resting in headboard by reading some book.Abhi comes thr n asks,Feeling btr?Pragya says,Somewhat..Abhi lies besides her n rests his head in her lap n says,So..U gonna write exam?Pragya asked,Huhh??Exam??Abhi says,Haa..thts y u r reading always!!Pragya laughs n says,So u r bored!!Abhi says,Ofcourse..can’t go out cox u hav pain in ur leg..Wht shall I do..Pragya carres his hair n smiles at him n says,Shall v go for a walk..Abhi asks,Ur leg is paining na..Pragya says,No..its better now..Abhi says,Then OK..come let’s go..They both leaves for the hotel garden.Abhi n Pragya holds hands in hands n starts to walk.Abhi says,If u feel paining then say me..I ll lift u..Pragya says,No need of that..I’m smiles.Someone from behind says,Pragya…

Both Pragya n Abhi turned..Suddenly Pragya says,U..Chintu..with a exclaimed n happy face.Chintu says,so..its u Pragya n hugs her..Pragya too hugs him n says,Wht a surprise!!U didn’t came for our marriage na…Abhi looks on both of them n feels jealous n wraps her around his arm n asks,Who is he?Pragya says,He is Chintu..can’t u remember?Abhi says,No..Chintu says,Hey..Prahi..he left our colony when he was 12 so how could he remember.Abhi stares Chintu n asks,Who is Prahi..Pragya says,Its me..he usually call me with this name n smiles.Abhi looks on.Pragya says,He is my best friend from my childhood..I think u forgot him..Chintu says,Haa..Prahi..his expressions itself portraying that he doesn’t remember me that’s r u Abhi?Abhi says,Fine..Chintu says,I’m really Sry..I can’t come for ur wedding coz I have lots of engagements over here.Abhi asks,its ok..btw Wht u doing..I mean ur work.Pragya says,He owned a catering agency here..supplying caters n he ll cook very well n smiles.Abhi feels jealous but he couldn’t show n says,Oh..that’s great..Chintu..Abhi asks Pragya,So can v leave.Pragya says,What??Just now I met him after 2 yrs..u r asking to leave no way..Abhi says,No..u hav pain in ur leg na that’s y.Pragya says,I said na thr is no pain.Suddenly Chintu asks,Wht happened,Prahi..r u k..n kneels down n holds her leg n asks,Is still paining?Pragya says, leave now I’m OK..Abhi was in peak of anger but he controls himself.Chintu asks,Wht happened?Abhi says,She fell down from steps.Chintu says,Oh..Prahi..u should b careful na..n pats her shoulder.Pragya smiles n says,I was playing hide n seek that’s y..Chintu says,Abhi..u r very lucky to have a partner like prahi..I don’t know how she accepted u.Abhi says,Why??with a attitude tone.

Pragya says,Hey..Chintu..I’m very lucky to hav a partner like him n rests in his arms n smiles.Abhi did a smirked smile on Chintu.Chintu says,U both looking great..yaar..but I ll say Abhi is very much lucky..Abhi..u know I had proposed Pragya during our clg days but she refused n gives me the Gud lecture of from that day to till nw v r very gud friends hey na..Prahi..Pragya says, a low voice n looks over Abhi’s face.Abhi was in anger..Pragya could realize his feelings..that how he feel now n feels bad..Pragya says,Chintu..leave it..Abhi says himself,Hey..Chintu..How dare u r to propose my fuggi..n u r saying abt ur proposal in front of me..if I get a chance I ll screw u.Chintu continues by saying that,Hey..Prahi..could u remember that during our clg days u always use to eat my food..Pragya looks on Abhi n says,Haa..Chintu says,so don’t wry I ll bring the food for u prepared by me by tmrw.Pragya smiles n says herself,He is hurted very should leave the place n says,Chintu I feel sleepy anyways u r coming tmrw na v ll continue tmrw now v r leaving.Chintu says, u both tmrw n leaves.Abhi leaves Pragya thr n went to room with anger.Pragya follows him n enters the room.Abhi was in anger n standing near the window.Pragya goes thr n hugs him from back.Abhi pushed her.Pragya asks,So u r anger at me na..Abhi says, anger tone.Pragya turns Abhi towards her n says,I’m Sry..Abhi says,No need of ur Sry..Pragya says,Come-on..Abhi says,How dare he is to call u Prahi..even I didn’t called u with such dare to hug dare to hold ur feet..Pragya says,Arey..he is just my frnd..Abhi says,Wht kind of frnd..can’t he know how to behave..Pragya says,Its k leave it na..Abhi says,U doesn’t know how I felt..Pragya says,I know how it feels..when ur girl fans kissing u..hugging u..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..they r my fans that’s it..Pragya says,He is my frnd that’s it..n leave it..Abhi says,But..Pragya says,Wht but..u know how I feel when ur girl fans hugging u n kissing u..but it doesn’t minds for u but when my frnd hugged me aftr a long time it matters for u hey na..Abhi says,Yes..bcoz u r my wife..I can’t see someone is hugging u..y can’t u understand that.Pragya says,I said na just leave it I don’t want to fight..Abhi throws the things n hits the bed n says,so I’m the person who wanna fight..

Pragya says,Y u r over anger tone..Abhi says, ll hug my wife if I get anger over that I’m over reacting na..Pragya says, how u can’t resist ur could I resist my frnd who I’m seeing after 2 yrs..Just think..then u ll realize that u r over reacting.Abhi shouts,Don’t even say it Pragya..that I’m over reacting..Pragya says,Yes..u r..then y u r breaking the stuffs..its not ur home..Abhi gets to the peak of anger n says,I ll break n I ll pay for it..n breaks the things.Pragya shouts,Do what ever u wanna do..n be anger n stay with ur anger ego n left the room by closing the door forcefully.Abhi shouts,Go..I won’t care n sits in sofa.After a while,Abhi called the room service n asks to clean the room.They came n cleaned the room.Abhi thinks is I’m really over reacted..may be..but Whr the fuggi had gone..n goes out to garden.Abhi sees Pragya in garden bench.Abhi says himself,Even Im also in anger but I’m here to convince her but she ll always call me as egoistic whatta woman n goes near her.Pragya doesn’t respond.Abhi sits near Pragya n holds her hand.Pragya relieved her hand n asks,So now u back to u ll apologize..I have to forgive u n wanna behave normal na.Abhi says,Who came to apologize to u with a smile.Pragya stares him n says,U r…..n leaves from thr.Abhi follows her n says,Yes..I’ was abt to say this na..Pragya says,Oh..ya..n egoistic too.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..don’t tell that word..I’m not that much bad..Pragya says,I ll..Abhi says, who is pleasing?Pragya says,U..

Abhi asks,Who is not ready to forgive me?Pragya says,Me..but..Abhi says,Wht u decide urself who is more egoistic.Pragya says, says,Haa..always..Pragya says,But admit that u r egoistic.Abhi says,No..u r n spills water on her n runs.Pragya chases him n takes water from the pool n spills over him n says,No its u..Abhi says,No..its u..Pragya says,No its u..n pushed him in pool.Abhi falls on the swimming pool n shouts,How could u do this..Pragya laughs n says,U deserve it..Abhi says,Very bad behavior with a smile n says,But it feels Gud..n waves the water..Pragya says,Then enjoy..ur pool bath in snow here n walks from thr to room.Abhi shouts,Go..fuggi..I won’t come today..gonna enjoy here.Pragya says,Pls b here I ll b sleep calm today n leaves.Pragya gets to room n was abt to sleep..but she looks for him but he didn’t came..She says herself,How the climate is cold..but he is still enjoying the cold water..Suddenly,the Bell ranged..Pragya says,Haa..aagai..bachuu..n opens the door.Abhi shouts Fuggi..n hugs her with fully drenched wet dress.Pragya shouts,Wht u r doing?leave me..Abhi says,Its a penalty for u..n keeps AC in high cooling..Pragya’s dress to gets wet..n shouts u became mad..y u r increasing the cooling..I ll die of chillness..Abhi again hugs her with wet dress n laughs.Pragya shouts n offs the AC n pushed him n went to washroom n changed her cloths.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. tisha i just loved this episode and abhigya’s cute fight and abhi’s jealousy u r just rocking yaar !!!!!!!!!it’s really really good!!!!!!!…..

  2. Nivethitha

    Wow it’s awesome yaar I loved today’s episode and don’t feel for less comments because they are many who are enjoying your ff may be they have no time to comment but please don’t feel for that because u r going in good story line its simply superb u just go ahead… And update the next part soon yaar

  3. kirthi

    Very very cute episode tisha…I jus loved wen abhi bcum jealous… That was really cute yar…n I too wanna bcum ur frnd…tell me ur profile name ya..

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