Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 45

Thank u guys for ur comments!!From this day I thought to take story with some musical touch!!In upcoming episode thr ll b major twists but I’m sure it ll leads to a beautiful story!!Happy valentines day?

The episode starts with Abhi lifts Pragya n Pragya looks over the lens n says,Pappu..Abhi says,Pappu??Pragya says,Haa..leave me down..Abhi leaves her n opens the door.It was Abhi’s frnd Pappu.Pappu asked Abhi,Is I’m disturbed u..Abhi says,Not at all..actually u saved me from her classes.Pappu asked,Classes?Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi says,Nothing..come in..They 3 sits on sofa.Pappu asks,Abhi can v have drink?Abhi looks on Pragya.Pragya smiles n nods n gets in to the bedroom.Abhi n Pappu having drink n recalling their moments n having fun.Pragya in room reading book n waiting for Abhi.She highlighted some lines in yellow marker which she feels for Abhi.She remains some of their happy moment (jo main kehta hoon, jo sunta hoonjo sehta hoon,tere liye..main girta hoon,sambhalta hoonphir chalta hoon,tere liye plays)translation(whatever I say,I hear,I bear with,all for you.I fall,I get steady again,I walk again then,for you)And falls asleep.After a while Abhi comes to the room n sees Pragya resting in headboard by holding the book.Abhi goes near her n takes the book from her hand n makes her sleep in bed n covers her with blanket.Abhi looks at the book where some lines highlighted..

he went to the couch n sits thr n reads the line that was highlighted n smiles n looks at her(baadalon ki tarah hi totune mujhpe saaya kiya haibaarishon ki tarah hi totune khushiyon se bhigaaya haiaandhiyon ki tarah hi totune hosh ko uDaaya hai sanam re..Sanam re..Tu mera Sanam hua re..plays)translation(like clouds,you have created a shade over rains,you have drenched me in storms,you have blown away my senses)And he started reading that book n takes a green marker n highlighted some lines which he feels for Pragya n falls asleep.In next morning, Pragya wakes up n sees Abhi sleeping in couch.She goes near him n says,Suniye..Suniye..n takes the book from his hand.Abhi wakes n sees,Gud morning..She says,Gud morning..but u slept here all night he nods n goes to washroom.Pragya sees the green highlighted lines n smiles.Abhi comes thr.Pragya asked,Suniye..U had marked this lines uh?

Abhi nods n smiles.Pragya goes near him n asks,So..when Rockstar had become a reader.Abhi says,Last night n smiles.Pragya says,I think u hav awesome reading sense..u hav highlighted beautiful lines.Abhi says himself,toz lines r for u Fuggi..But he says to Pragya,I felt sleepy by reading this book..that’s y I slept in couch.Pragya says herself,I know u highlighted this lines for me n smiles..n says to abhi,Ha..n leaves to washroom.

After a while,Abhi asks Pragya,can v go for pappu’s home.Pragya asked his wedding is tmrw na.Abhi says,Haa..but he asked us to come today for attend their rituals.Pragya says,OK..then let’s go.Abhi n Pragya reached thr.Pappu welcomed both of them.Abhi sits with Pappu n Pragya mingled with their family members.After a while,the function gets started..Pappu’s sister gave her 2yrs old baby to Pragya n leaves for work.Abhi n Pragya sits together n Pragya is in extreme joy in playing with that baby.Abhi says,Hey..hello..Mrs.Abhi Mehra..Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,I’m ur husband..Abhi.Pragya says,Haa..Wht happened to u?Abhi says,After coming here U forgot me na..Pragya says,No..not like that..just look at this baby..cute smile hey na..Abhi holds her chin n turns her face towards him n says,See..I’m also cute na..Pragya smiles at his innocence n wraps her left hand around his neck n says,Oh..U r so sweet my Ladoo…Abhi says,Sweet OK..Wht abt cute..Pragya says,Toooooo..toooo..cute..n pinches him in cheek.Abhi smiles n says,That’s my fuggi n taps her nose.Pappu’s sister called Pragya.Pragya asks Abhi to hold the baby..n leaves.

Abhi holds the baby n says,Oh..Mr..little master pls don’t spoil my dress its my request n plays with baby..The baby starts to cry..Abhi tries to pacify but he doesn’t stop crying.Abhi says,Hey..come on little master I’m a Rockstar let’s take a Selfie..pls don’t cry..but he doesn’t stop crying.Abhi says,Arey…Wht kind of boy u r pls don’t cry..n shouts Pragya..Pragya comes thr n asks,Wht?Abhi says,He is crying..I tried to pacify but..Pragya says,Oh..lemme handle..n gets the baby..but he doesn’t stop crying..n wetted her saree..Abhi laughs at her.Pappu’s sister comes thr..Pragya says,I don’t y he is crying continuously..She said,Its OK di..when he feels uncomfortable he ll cry n I’m Sry he wetted ur saree.Pragya says,Its ok..Abhi laughs at her.Pragya asks him to keep quiet.Pappu’s sister said,Sry di..come I ll give u some other saree.Pragya nods n goes with her.She gives her the saree.Pragya wears n comes down.Abhi sees her in Dashing white saree n stunned..(nazron se nazrein mili to..when my eyes met your eyes,jannat si mehki fizaayeinthe atmosphere fragranted like heaven,lab ne jo lab chhoo liya to..when we touched our lips with each other,aasmaan se barsi duaaien,prayers showered from sky,aisi apni mohabbat..such is our love,aisi rooh-e-ibaadat,such is the essence of our devotion,hum pe meherbaan do jahaanthat..both the worlds are kind on plays).Pragya comes near him n waves her hand before his face..Abhi comes into sense n says,Ur looking so beautiful..n abt to hug her.Pragya pushes him n says,Wht u r dng..ppl r watching..Abhi says,Its ok..U r my wife na n hugs her.Pragya pushed him n leaves.Pragya was playing hide n seem with some kids.Abhi n Pappu r kidding n teasing others.Pragya’s eyes were tied up n playing.

All kids hides n she seeks for them she slips from the steps n falls down..(just 5 steps)n shouts.Abhi n all r rushes towards her.Abhi removed the cloth from eyes n gives her the hand.Pragya can’t stand n says,Its paining can’t move my leg.Abhi shouts,How u r so careless..U hav eyes..additionally wearing chashma can’t u see..The kids says,Abhi uncle..u only removed the cloth n v were playing hide n seek..n laughs..Pragya too smiles..Abhi says,U r smiling na..Then be in this position I’m going to hotel..Pragya looks on Abhi.Abhi shouts,U r so irresponsible u Think urself as a kid n lifts her n says Pappu,Sry..Pappu v r leaving now.Pappu says,Its ok u take care of her.Abhi makes Pragya to sit in car n Abhi starts the car in anger.Pragya looks on him n keeps her hand in shoulder.Abhi pushed her hand.Pragya says,I’m Sry..Abhi says,Pls don’t say anything..just keep quiet..Pragya stares him n turns.As they reached hotel,Abhi asks Pragya to come.Pragya says,Still its paining how could I come.Abhi stares her n lifts her n gets in to the room n throws her on bed.Pragya shouts,Ouuhhh!!y u r hurting me more.Abhi says,U r hurting me Pragya..Pragya says,What I had did?Y u r yelling at me.Abhi says,Yes..I’m mad at u coz ur making me like this.

Pragya remains silent.Abhi says,U r smiling at tries to apply oinment on the sprain.Abhi says,Give it to me..I ll apply.Pragya says,No..need of that..u shout whatever u wanna say..n refuses to give the oinment.Abhi sits n keeps her leg in his lap n snatched the oinment from her hand and applies in her leg gently.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,Don’t smile like this..Pragya says,I ll..Abhi too smiles at her n says,Hereafter don’t play this silly games..If u wanna play..then play with me..Don’t play with steps.Pragya nods n smiles n says,So can v play now.Abhi pats her cheek says,First..Take rest then v can play n smiles.Pragya smiles.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya returning to MM.

Guys I’m gonna give some leap in this story..A leap of 3 months is u all OK with that leap..
And thanks to all who supporting this ff..And I felt somewhat bored of this story line so I thought to give 2 leaps in this story..So pls share ur thoughts regarding this.

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  1. Very nice loved this episode u can take leap but of less period coz we hv to see abhigya newly married life…

  2. Wow wow wow amazing yar….

  3. U r awesome tisha

  4. Innu m konjam romance .. Aprom leap Sri .. Ipo leap venam 2 3 episode potum .. Honeymoon mudinjurcha ena ? Inumk konja nal avanga Kashmir la yae irukatum

    1. Tripthi arora

      hey razia do u know tamil?

  5. Go ahead with ur storyline dr I know whatever u do it will be awesome just go ahead and today’s episode was amazing. Keep going yaar

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    The episode is just Awesome yaar……The way Abhi caring his Fuggi na…….I like that soooooo much……..Of course u can add leaps ….but for short period……….

  7. Ya pls… Don’t want leap… Let them enjoy… Newly wedded couple na…

  8. Really superbbb nd cute epiiii……keep going yaarrrr…..

  9. Wow wow that was a good episode

  10. good episode tisha 🙂

  11. Superb yaar… Do as ur wish bt give it best yaar…. BT today’s episcode s toooo cute..

  12. Tisha today’s episode was so so nice ……. u r taking to leap its nice idea but let them enjoy their honeymoon and after thwn u can take to leap pls it’s my request I think u r ok with it !!!

  13. Thank u guys!! so sure I ll give leap after some episodes

  14. Awesome tisha

  15. I love to read this kind of story itz nice to read..

  16. Why u didn’t write today’s episode tisha di?

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