Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 44

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The episode starts with Pragya n Abhi sleeping.Pragya turns to opposite direction of Abhi n sleeps tight Suddenly she heard noise n jerks n gets up n turned Abhi’s side n can’t find him thr..she gets down n sees Abhi had fallen from bed.She sees him n laughs hard.Abhi says,Don’t laugh fuggi..give me the hand.Pragya laughs n says, sweet Ladoo..n gives him the hand.Abhi pulls her towards him.She fall on him.Abhi says,Laugh now..Pragya says,Arey..leave me..Abhi hugs her n says,How could I leave u..I promised u na..I won’t leave u alone.Pragya says,oh..u became Romeo now a days.Abhi says,Yes..bcoz I have Juliet with me na..Pragya says,So smart.Abhi says,Haa..Pragya says,Ok..leave me..Abhi relives her.They both stood up n sees the time.Abhi says, its late..have to get ready else v ll miss the flight.Pragya says,I told u na..I hav to go for home if u don’t take me thr then I won’t come anywhere.Abhi says,Meri Maa..I ll take u..Pragya says,that’s Gud n gets in to wardrobe.Abhi was waiting for Pragya.Abhi knocks the wardrobe door n asks,Hey much time ll u took for getting ready.Pragya says,Ya just a minute..n opens the door.Abhi asked,Oh..madam..u can apply ur lip gloss n whatever after coming out of changing room na.Pragya says,But things r inside na..Abhi drags her to the dressing mirror n opens the drawer n shows her stuffs n asks,So wht is this..Pragya says,Yeh..yeh..Abhi says,How many beauty parlor will u open in a room.Pragya remains silent.Abhi left to changing room.Pragya smirked n follows him.Abhi asked her y u r coming here again..Oh wanna bath with me uhh n winks at her.Pragya says,Chee…I came to take my bangle.Abhi says,wait for ur bangle n closed the wardrobe door by pushing Pragya outside.Pragya shouts to open the door.Abhi laughs from other side n says,Wait my dr wifey.After a while,Abhi gets ready n opens the door.Pragya was sitting before him in bed.Abhi asks,How I’m looking??Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,Oh..thank u..I know I’m looking great.Pragya pushed him from way n gets in to the changing room n takes the bangle.
Abhi follows her n hugs her from back n kisses her.Pragya pushed him n moves on.Abhi says,Hey y u r fuming at me like this..I hate this fuggi..

Pragya stares him.Abhi says,I mean how my fuggi treated me yesterday night but today she changed.Pragya looks on.Abhi says,Arey..baba..I’m Sry..n knees dwn n holds his ears.Pragya smiles at him n says,My cute ladoo..Abhi hugs her n says,My lovely fuggi.Pragya says,So can v leave.Abhi says,Ofcourse..They both gets down n Purab comes thr n says,Have a safe n happy trio Abhi n di.Abhi n Pragya smiles at him.Dadi n all blessed them n Alia n Peehu waves bye..Abhi n Pragya left.In Sarla’s home,Pragya runs in n hugs Sarla silently.Sarla gets scared first n recognizes as Pragya n hugs her back.Bulbul comes thr n says,Oh..some guests had came.Pragya asks,So I’m a guest for u uh?n holds her ears.Bulbul hugs n says,Welcome di..Pragya too hugs her.Abhi comes in gets blessing from Sarla n dadi.Bulbul takes Pragya aside to room n asks,Di..U have to tell Wht happened thr in these days..Pragya says,She prepared dinner n all praised n saying the name Ladoo..Bulbul says,Oh..di..then..Pragya says,Then he chased v both fall on bed..Bulbul says,Oh..romantic uhh??then.Pragya says,Then Wht??Its personal I won’t tell u.Bulbul says,Di..its not fair..Pragya says,no..I won’t..Abhi comes in n asks,Fuggi can v leave.Bulbul says,Jiju..u may go I won’t leave di.Abhi says,How could I go for trip without ur di.Bulbul says,Trip?Abhi asked Pragya,U didn’t told her anything uh?Pragya nods no n says,I was abt to say.

Abhi says,k come soon I’m waiting in hall.Bulbul beats Pragya n says,So u didn’t told me anything.Pragya says,Arey..Bulbul I was abt to say.Bulbul says,Its k..n hugs her n asks,which place u ppl r going.Pragya says,Kashmir.Bulbul says,Woww..di..enjoy but don’t forget to send pictures.Pragya nods n both came to hall.Abhi n Pragya gets blessing from Sarla n dadi n leaves.
After hours of travel they reached Kashmir in evening.They were way to hotel.In the middle they both gets down,n tooks photos over thr.Abhi asks,So my fuggi..happy..Pragya runs to the cliff n shouts very happy Mr.Rockstar.Abhi follows her n says,Hey fuggi..That much happy u r.Pragya says,Ofcourse n hugs him.Abhi smiles n says,Hey..ppl r watching us.Pragya says,Its OK..n hugs him tight.Abhi smiles n hugs her n kisses in her head.A man snaps the pic n went near to Abhi n Pragya.They saw him n breaks the hug.The man gives them the photo n says,U both r looking as made for each other.They smiles at him.As the man was in winter wear.

Abhi could not recognize him but the man says,Abhi..can’t u remember me.Abhi looks on n says,No..Pragya looks on.The man removes his winter wears.Abhi recognized him n says,Hey..pappu n hugs him.Pragya says,Pappu??Abhi asks,Hey how r u man..Pappu says,Great..but u forgot me na after becoming a Rockstar.Abhi says,Nothing like that..Pragya looks on.Abhi says,Pragya this my school mate Pappu..Pappu this is my wife..Pragya says,Hi..Pappu says,I know she is ur wife..U both looking lovely together.Abhi says,thanks..but Wht u doing here..Pappu says, after tmrw my wedding gonna happen here.Abhi n Pragya wished him.Abhi gives him the hotel address.Pappu says,u both wana attend my wedding.Abhi says,Ofcourse..n waves bye to him.

They both reached the hotel room.Abhi throws the bag n lies on bed.Pragya too throws the bag n falls on bed.Abhi asked,Hey..fuggi..go n unpack the stuffs.Pragya asks,Unpacking?For what??Abhi says,we gonna stay for long time na.Pragya says,Long time..Abhi says,yes n falls asleep.Pragya gets up n freshed up n orders dinner n wakes Abhi.Abhi wakes up n says,So u prepared the dinner.Pragya says,Haa..I went to hotel’s kitchen n prepared.Abhi says,Oh its hotel uh n haves the food n says,I miss ur green chutney.Pragya says, u hav n gives him.Abhi says,I said I miss urs.Pragya smiles.They finished their dinner.Abhi feels fresh..n he gets the call..n went to attend the call.Pragya calls Bulbul n narrates Wht happened..then she feels sleepy n falls asleep.Abhi returns to room n sees,Pragya was sleeping by hugging the pillow.Abhi says,Himself,How could she sleep n goes near her n takes the pillow from her.Pragya opened her eyes n stares him n turns other side n continued sleeping.Abhi gets irked n lies besides her n drags the blanket to his side.Pragya too drags the blanket to her side.Abhi gets up n knees down on bed n pulls the blanket.Pragya holds the blanket tightly n asks,Whts ur problem..Abhi says,I too need blanket.Pragya pulls the blanket hardly n Abhi loses his balance n falls on Pragya.(Tu Jo aaya plays)They share an eye lock.Abhi carres her hair n abt to kiss.

The calling bell ranged.Abhi didn’t hear that.Pragya keeps her finger in Abhi’s lips n says,Someone is pressing the Bell do u hear that.Abhi keeps his lips pouty n looks here n thr n again the Bell ranged.Abhi gets up n says,Haa..Fuggi..n goes to open the door.Pragya follows him.Abhi was about to open the door.Pragya says,Arey..Wht u r doing..Abhi says,Have u gone mad!!Gonna opn the door.Pragya says,U don’t know how to open the door.Abhi asks,What??Pragya says,First u hav to keep ur hand in lock..n keeps her hand in lock..then have to look through lens..n tries to look through lens but her height is not upto the lens she jumps..Abhi sees n laughs at her n asks,Wht next..Pragya says,No probs..take a stool n stand up over it n can look..n she looks for stool.Abhi says,Within tez procedures the person standing outside ll lose their patience n left off hey na.Pragya looks on.Abhi comes to her n lifts her n ask her to see who is outside.Pragya smiles n looks through lens.

Precap: Pragya was playing with some kids n falls from the steps.

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    Soooooo cute love story yaar…. ……Its Really beautiful………

  4. Oh my God .. This is wat I wanted .. Love it .. Especially the first scene

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  7. Soooooo cute episode yaar…

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  9. soooo cute episode

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