Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 43

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The episode starts with Pragya dadi Dasi alia Peehu were in living room n they were making jokes n laughing at each other.Abhi comes thr n asks,So..Mehras wassup..Alia says,Nothing bhai..just chattering..Abhi comes n sits with them n says, n Pragya decided to go for trip Kashmir.Alia n Peehu smiles n asks,Trip ya Honeymoon..Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Haa..both..n ask them to keep quiet..Dadi says,OK..beta Whr u r going..Abhi says,Kashmir..Alia says,Kashmir?Abhi says,Haa..Alia says,Y can’t u think of some other places.Abhi says,No..lts Pragya’s wish to go thr..Alia says,Then objections..All laughs.Dadi asks,When r u leaving beta?Abhi says,Tmrw..Pragya asks,Tmrw(with a shock voice)Abhi says,Haa..y u have any other appointments..Pragya says,No..but wanna see Maa before leaving.

Abhi says,No problem come let’s go now.Dadi says,Arey..beta..wait..have dinner then u both may go.Abhi says,No Dadi we ll hav outside.Dadi says,Pragya is this OK for u n smiles.All smiles at Abhi n Peehu says,Bhai u finished today.Pragya staring Abhi.Abhi asks,What??Happened!!Dadi says,So u go out n hav dinner v r gonna have dinner prepared by ur wife n they all leaves.Pragya looks on him n leaves to dining table.
Abhi thinks, how I forgot this..surely I’m gonna die today..beta Abhi this night also no romance only fight..First she ll scold..then I hav to hear..if I hear she ll scold wanna butter her b4 the war starts n goes to dining table.All keeping their plates..Abhi too sits thr n kept his plate..Pragya serving to all except Abhi.Abhi says himself, Abhi she is in peak of anger..n says,Arey..Im also a family member na.All smiles at him.Dadi n Peehu says,Wohaaa!!Food is really supreb divine..Bhabi,U r so sweet..u have to cook for me daily pls..Pragya says,Arey..bachu..don’t say pls I ll surely do for u n smiles.All praises her food.Abhi says,Its not at all fair..U know I’m hungry..But all r enjoying the food..Peehu says, combo roti with this green chutney I love it.

Abhi gets irked.Peehu smiles at Abhi.Abhi tries to serve himself n abt to take the roti.Pragya beats in his hand n says,So u Mr.Abhi u can go out n hav dinner..u r much interested in outside food na.Abhi says,Arey..I didn’t mean that..Pragya received a call from Sarla n she went to speak.At the time Abhi takes a piece from Peehu’s plate n tastes the roti n chutney.Peehu says,Arey..wait I ll complaint bahbi.Abhi thinks, really tastes good..not good best..but how to eat.Pragya comes thr.Peehu complaints Abhi.Pragya thinks to play taunt with him.Pragya says,Don’t wry bachu..I ll give u another roti n gives her.Abhi gets irked n thinks,This fuggi is doing too much..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..finally I’m asking u..ll u give me the food or not.Dadi signs Pragya to give.Pragya winks at Dadi n says,No..I won’t.Abhi pretend to b anger n leaves the table by saying,OK..u eat all the food n left to his room.Dadi says,Arey..Pragya he left in anger.Pragya says,Don’t wry Dadi he is just acting.Alia says,Haa..Dadi..keep calm n have food..All laughs.Dadi says,Arey should never play with food n asks Pragya to call Abhi.

Pragya calls Abhi.Abhi was busy in phone.Pragya shouts Suniye…Abhi comes out by speaking in phone n sees her n signs what?Pragya signs to come n have to food.Abhi holds on the line n says,I don’t need..go n have urself.Pragya says,Arey..But he went in.Dadi says,Pragya beta..u take the food to ur room he ll eat.Pragya nods n takes the food n goes to the room.Abhi still busy in phone.Pragya keeps the food on the couch n signs him to have.Abhi ignores her n says in phone,U know Purab..Thr is no one to give me the food..Ha..thumari Pragya not caring her hungry husband n pretends to b innocent.Pragya looks on him n takes the plate in her hand.Immediately Abhi opens his mouth n says,Aahhh!!Pragya smiles at him n feeds him.Abhi smiles n says,Hey fuggii..really I love it.Pragya says,Is Purab is online.Abhi says,No one is on line.Pragya holds his ears n says,I knew it..Abhi says,OK..I’m Sry..Pragya says,Its ok..and makes him to eat.Abhi says,Fuggi..I’m really loving it..Especially this green green chutney.Pragya says,thank u..Abhi says,Did u had..Pragya says,No..Abhi says,No problem..n feeds her.They both smiles n having their dinner.

After a while,Pragya asks Abhi,Suniye..Its already late v r leaving tmrw then how could v go home.Abhi says,While leaving to airport we ll go thr.Pragya smiles n says,OK..n leaves to changing room n starts packing.Peehu comes thr with a sweet box n says,Ladoo..Abhi turns n shouts,Arey..don’t call me with that name.Peehu laughs n says,Bhai..I forgot that name but u remembered me I came here to give this sweet box..but now I wanna say this to bahbhi n asks,Whr is she..Abhi says,Arey..meri Maa..chalo n gets the box from her hand n pushes her out of the room.Pragya comes out..n sees sweet box on bed n says,Ladoo..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya asked,Wht?Hmm..Abhi say,U called me na?

Pragya asks,when?Abhi thinks, Abhi..u gonna trap by urself..n says,Nothing fuggi n tries to go out.Pragya comes infront of him n says,Suniye..Whts the matter?Abhi says,Nothing..Pragya says, is thr..u r hiding from me na??Abhi says,Woh..Pragya was looking at his face seriously.Abhi says,I ll say,but u should forget after hearing that n should never tease me.Pragya smiles n says,I thought something important but I think it ll b funny.Abhi says,See..u r kidding me now itself.Pragya says,OK..OK..tell me.Abhi says,Ladoo..Pragya asks,What?Ladoo.

Abhi says,My name..Pragya says,Huh??with miserable face.Abhi says,My Nick name..Pragya doesn’t get that n asks,Whts ur nick name.Abhi says,I told u na..Pragya thinks n says,Oh..Ladoo..n laughs at him.Abhi says,See..u r laughing na..n sits in couch with anger face.Pragya pinches his both cheeks n says,Ya when u r getting angry ur face turned orange n looks like Ladoo..n say,Kuuuchiii…Kuuuchiii..kuuu..Abhi pushes her hand n asks,Whts this kuuchhii..kuccihiii…blah..blah..Pragya says,Nothing Ladoo..n smiles.Abhi says,Hello..Ladoo is better than fuggi..Pragya says,Fuggi the name is kept by u..others ll don’t even say I’m looking like ballon..but ur name suits u..Ladoo..Abhi stands with innocent face.Pragya says,which sounds good..Abhi the Rockstar or Ladoo the Rockstar..Abhi says,Its enough na..with a innocent face n with lil bit anger.Pragya sees him n goes near him n says,I’m holding her ears cutely..Abhi sees that n says,Its OK fuggi..n smiles.

Pragya says, That’s my Ladoo..Abhi says,Again u r saying this n starts to chase her.She runs n slipped n holds Abhi’s shirt..Abhi loses his balance n falls on bed.Pragya shouts Abhi holds her mouth.They share an eye lock(Sayiaara plays)He kissed her..Pragya lost in him n hugs him.Abhi hugs her back n kisses in her forehead.Pragya looks on him.He removes her specs.Pragya asks,Arey..y u took off my specs.Abhi says,Shh…Pragya says,But..Abhi says,U can see ur world with my eyes now no need of chashma n takes her to the balcony n makes her to stand.Abhi hugs her from back n says,Do u love me..Pragya asks,Hey..whts the question is this.Abhi says,Answer me..Pragya says,Ofcourse..loving u than anything in this world.Abhi says,Every moment in our life happened infront of promise me infront of our moon that u won’t leave me..Pragya gets emotional n hugs him n says,I won’t leave u..I ll do anything for ur happiness.(EK bg plays)

Abhi hugs her back n says,Even if u left me I ll come wherever u go.Pragya hugs him tight n kisses him in cheek.Abhi says,I love u Fuggi..Pragya says,I love u too..n they hugs each other n gets intimate.

(So,We should not see into their bedroom after them enjoy..we ll see them in next morning,I mean next episode..Hope u guys enjoyed this)

Precap: Pragya teaches Abhi about How to open the door.Abhi gets irked n says,Within all these steps the person standing outside ll lose their patience n left off..hey na.Pragya looks on.

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