Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 41

Guys really feeling happy for ur support for completing 40 episodes keep supporting!!Thanks to all my commentators Silent readers!!Actually Somiya Surbhi Naveena Reji I’m a fan of ur ff keep doing!!
Recap:Pragya’s haldi function gets over.
And today’s episode wedding of Abhi and Pragya!!

The episode starts with Sarla Janki n Pragya’s Dadi welcoming all the guests who came for wedding in Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall.Bulbul Pragya Purvi was in Pragya’s home n helping for Pragya.In Abhi’s home..Dadi calls Alia n Peehu.They both comes thr n peehu says,Dadi we r ready n we both leaving now to help bhabi..and v hav to inform Sarla Maa that u all ll come thr at 6’o clock hey na..Dadi.Dadi smiles n says,Haa..beta..Chalo jaldi jaoo.Peehu n Alia smiles n left to Pragya’s home.In Pragya’s home, Alia n Peehu reached thr Sarla sees them n asks,Y u r late..Peehu says,Alia took much time to get ready..Alia says,No Maa..Peehu took much time..Sarla says,Arey..baba..OK..leave it go inside.Peehu says,Maa..Sarla says,Haa..beta..Peehu says,Maa..Dadi told they all ll b here at 6.Sarla says,OK..beta..u go n see ur bhabi n Come soon n come with Bulbul coz u girls wanna take care of guests na..Alia says,OK..Maa leave it to us..don’t get tensed..Alia was taking selfies.Sarla says,Dheko..woh ladki..n holds Alia’s ears.

Alia says,Ouuchh..Sry Maa..n runs inside.Peehu n Alia enters the room n sees Pragya.Pragya was looking dazzling in red with sandal outfit with bridal makeup.Peehu says,Wohhh!!Just mesmerising beauty..Alia says,Haa..yaar..I don’t know how bhai gonna handle this.Pragya smiles n blushes..n looks outside.Alia says,Bahbi..bhai ll come at 6oclock..n 1more hour is thr.All laughs.Peehu says,Purvi u stay with bhabi..v all leaving Maa asked us to come n Peehu Bulbul n Alia leaves.They 3 r welcoming the guests.

As time passes,It was around 6o clock groom’s Family is arriving in 3 cars.First Dadi gets down..the music instruments starts banding..Pragya sees through the window.Abhi gets down of car in sandal sharvaani n with the same color tarbun..Pragya sees n smiles.Sarla welcomed them n Sarla greets Abhi n puts tilak on Abhi’s forehead.Abhi received tilak with a smirked smile.Pragya sees that n laughs.Purab says,So now no other go u have to do all the rituals today.Abhi says,Wht to other go..Purab says,Enjoy bhai..Abhi says,Shut day u have to do all these things at the time see how I gonna taunt u..Purab says,I ll agree all the rituals with smile.Abhi says,Ya..but u ll face double torchuer than me coz Bulbul ll swallow u.

Bulbul hears that n asks,Jiju..did u told anything abt me.Purab laughs.Abhi says,Not at all..I don’t dare to say anything about u n smiles.Bulbul says,That’s Gud n leaves with Purab.Abhi sits in chair alone n thinks,For how long I hav to sit like this I’m the hero today by these ppl r looking over guests n thinks to call Pragya n he took his phone.Suddenly Peehu comes thr n snatched the mobile n says,No u should not use mobile..Abhi says,This is not fair yaar..I’m feeling bored..Peehu says,Bhai..don’t wry within very few minutes bhabi ll come.Abhi gives a surprised expression n says,Really..Peehu says,Haa..Abhi says,Smarty pants..I know she ll come in few minutes n tries to get mobile from her hand.At the time,Pragya comes to the mandap with Sarla Dadi n Alia.

Abhi didn’t noticed first,Dadi asked,Arey..Peehu Abhi atleast today stop ur fight my bahu had came.Abhi looks on Pragya with a surprised expression n dazzeled by her beauty.(Allah waariyaan plays).Peehu sees Abhi n laughs n hold his chin n says,Bhai..close ur mouth else something ll go inside ur mouth.Pragya laughs by hearing this n sits besides Abhi.Abhi just comes to sense n says,Looking beautiful..Pragya blushes.Alia comes thr n asks for Selfie with them..They agrees n Alia Peehu Purab Bulbul purvi Aakash Abhi n Pragya tooks groupfies.Dadi comes thr n says,Itz OK enough n calls Abhi n Pragya to mandap..Abhi n Pragya gets to the mandap n sits thr..pandit ji explains the rituals n abt the promises n asks Abhi to wear mangalsutra to Pragya.Pragya prays God at the moment,Give me the strength n courage to fullfil all my duties as wife n bahu.Abhi thinks,I promise that I ll fulfill all the duties of husband n takes mangalsutra n wears it to Pragya.(sarva mangala plays)All smiles n blessed them by throwing flowers.Abhi n Pragya smiles at each other.Pundit ji asks them to go off 7 rounds.They both hold their hands n go off the round n finished the rounds.Sarla feels happy n her eyes is filled with happy tears.Pundit ji asks Abhi to keep kumkum in Pragya’s maang.Abhi says himself,So Pragya..the day is today n keeps kumkum in her forehead (Mere mathe ka kumkum song plays).

Pragya feels happy n smiles at Abhi.Abhi whispered in her ears,So from this moment u r completely mine n no one can separate us n holds her hand.Pragya with teary eyes nods.Pundit ji asks them to get aashirvad from elders.They both got blessings from Dadi Dadi Sarla Maa Pragya’s Dadi tayiji n tauji n all other elders.Sarla kisses Pragya n Abhi n says,U both should b happy forever.All smiles..Dadi says,So we can leave within few minutes..Sarla asks,Punit n mamaji to go with Pragya to Pragya’s home.Pragya feels bad to leave her home n all.Sarla hugs Pragya n says,Don’t cry beta..see I’m not crying so u should b happy like this forever n smiles.As usual Bulbul n purvi hides Abhi’s shoes.Abhi was searching his shoes he couldn’t find anywhere.Abhi shouts Pragya,Pragya comes thr n asks wht?Abhi says,My shoes r missing..someone stolen my shoe..Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,Arey..I’m serious but u r smiling at me.Pragya says,Its like a game..usually bride’s members ll play like this n groom should find his shoe.Abhi says,Why??Can’t they able to buy shoes..Pragya stares at Abhi.Abhi says,Arey..I mean it was a superb game n I’m enjoying it see how I’m enjoying by searching my shoes n leaves for searching.Pragya smiles at him.Bulbul n purvi goes to Abhi n says,So..U can’t find na.Abhi asks,What?Bulbul says,ur shoes Jiju..Abhi says,So its with u na..give me..Bulbul says,First give me the money..Abhi asks for What?Bulbul says,U can’t find na so penalty.Abhi smirked n gives the money.Bulbul gives the shoes n says,So sweet of u Jiju n smiles.Abhi imitates her by saying her words.Bulbul smirked n leaves.Pragya was speaking with Sarla Maa.Abhi comes thr n says,Come fuggi let’s go..else ur behen ll hide u then she ll ask money for that.

Pragya says,So for that u r hurrying.Abhi says,No yaar..if she hides u then I don’t have much money to give bcoz u r priceless na.Pragya smiles n says,Smarty..Sarla smiles at them.Dadi comes thr n says, we could leave.Sarla Bulbul gets emotional n hugs Pragya.Pragya says,Don’t wry I ll come here by tmrw n not only tmrw I ll come everyday to trouble u n smiles.Sarla blesses her n Bulbul smiles..Abhi says,Maa..u had relieved from one trouble so soon send another trouble to Purab n smiles.Bulbul too smiles.Abhi n Pragya n all left to MM.There Dadi asks,Pragya to do grahapravesh..Pragya asks Abhi to come with her.Abhi n Pragya gets in n their foot prints r printed in floor.Dadi gets happy by seeing them.Abhi was in his room balcony..Alia n Peehu takes Pragya to his room Abhi sees them,Alia n Peehu shouts happy married life bhai n Bhabhi enjoy the shughraat n pulls Pragya inside n runs from thr.Abhi n Pragya smiles at them.Pragya goes to balcony Whr Abhi is standing n they both sit in a couch thr.Abhi wraps his arms around her shoulder..She holds his hand n they both looks at the moon.Abhi says,So how u r feeling now Mrs.Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra.Pragya smiles n says,I’m feeling very happy Mr.Abhishek Prem Mehra n they both smiles.

Hope u guys enjoyed the episode!!No precap today!!Stay tuned for the cute cuddle moments of Abhi n Pragya..??

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