Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 40

Thank u guys for ur support this the 40th episode of our ff thanks for ur support!!
Recap:Abhi forwarded his hand for Pragya.

The episode starts with Pragya looks on Abhi.The crowd shouts Abhi..Abhi..n asks Pragya to dance with him.Pragya feels shy.Bulbul says,Come on di..Alia n Peehu shouts,Come on bhabi..Sarla n Dadi smiles n claps hard.Pragya holds his hand with shy face.Abhi smiles and lifts her in arms.All cheered them.Pragya shys n covers her face in his chest.Abhi makes her to stand in center of the stage.Thum Hi ho song plays,They both danced romantically all cheered them.As the song gets over..Abhi at last sings,Chain bhi..mera dard bhi..meri aashique ab thum Hi ho..n holds Pragya’s hand n kneels down before her.The crowd n family clapped hard.Pragya n Abhi looks at the crowd n smiles.As the show ends.Abhi n Pragya n family wr gathered n Dadi takes them aarti n Sarla keeps them tikka.Dadi says,All ppl had become jealous by seeing this Jodi.Sarla says,Haa..ji..u r ryt..they r looking great together..Peehu says,Rab ne bana de Jodi hey na..All laughs n nods yes.Abhi smiles at Pragya.Dadi says,OK..come let’s all go for home tmrw mehandi n sangeeth na.Alia says,Haa Dadi then day after tmrw wedding.Peehu says,So excited..

Bulbul says,Jiju just one more day is thr to enjoy ur bachelor life.Abhi says,Yes..u r ryt..the last happiest day of my life n smiles.Pragya stares at him.Abhi abt to say,Just joking..within that pragya says,I know wht u gonna say.Abhi says,Smarty uhh..n smiles.Pragya smirked.All leaves to their respective homes.

Next morning,Sarla was doing arrangements in marriage hall as Sangeet n wedding gonna happen thr.Pragya wakes up n sees Bulbul is getting ready.Pragya asked,Arey..Bulbul what a miracle u woke earlier.Bulbul says, is ur mehandi n sangeeth so there is no time.Within few hours mehandi then in evening sangeeth then tmrw early morning haldi then marriage n smiles.Pragya gets sad n teary eyes.Bulbul says,Di..Abhi n family comes thr n Sarla welcomed them n asks them to sit.Abhi goes to see Pragya in her room.Bulbul wiped her tears n says,Di..plz don’t cry then I ll cry..pls di..Pragya hugs her n says,from tmrw my sister ll won’t fight with me like this in morning na..Bulbul says,Haa..there is no one to wake up me in morning n cries.Pragya says,I ll miss u n kisses her.Bulbul too cries n says,Di..

U have to come here daily..Pragya says,Sure..but u hav to b responsible n should not trouble Maa..Abhi hears all this n smiles.Bulbul was standing n Pragya sits in bed by hugging Bulbul.Abhi from behind says,Arey..Bulbul no problem keep ur sister with urself then I ll b escaped n smiles.They both saw him.Pragya stares Abhi.Bulbul says,Jiju..n cries by hugging Pragya.Abhi says,Arey..pls stop ur 70s filmy scene.Pragya asks him,Is this looks like filmy.Abhi says,Ofcourse n sits besides her n holds her hand.Pragya pushed his hand.Abhi says,Arey..u don’t wry u want a person to fight with u in morning na don’t wry I ll fight well than Bulbul so don’t wry..Pragya n Bulbul smiles n hugs each other.Abhi smiles at them n carres Pragya’s head.

After hours,Mehandi ceremony started n all others r preparing for sangeeth n rehearsing their dance.Abhi n Pragya was sitting in the couch.Pragya says,Abhi..this time u can’t find ur initial that much easier like before.Abhi shocked n asks, have to find initial uh..Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi says,No its boring yaar..See thr Sangeet is gonna start so lets dance it ll b fun.Pragya stares at him n says,First u find ur initial then I ll dance with u.Abhi says,Its too much..when I look at these designs it looks like noodles n my mind is puzzling.Pragya says,OK fine u go n enjoy ur Sangeet dance well but I won’t come till u find ur initial.Abhi says,OK fine n leaves from thr.Pragya wonders as he left the place n says herself, How selfish n stares him.Peehu rakes the mike n announces,Can I have ur attention pls..All looks at her.Peehu says,So guys the most awaited moment had its the time to dance.

.All cheered n shouts.Peehu says,Our romantic Rockstar’s wedding sangeeth is gonna start with a romantic performance by Purab n Bulbul.All claps n cheered.Abhi looks on Pragya.Pragya avoids looking him.Purab n Bulbul comes to the stage n the Gerua song plays,They both danced romantically.Abhi says himself,How stubborn she is..Pragya says herself,How stubborn he their performance gets over all clapped n Raj n Mitali comes to dance stage n dances for Tuje dekha toh ye song.All laughs at mitali’s dance n Raj missed her in a catch she fells down.Raj himself laughed.All laughed..Pragya too laughed n sees Abhi but he doesn’t laugh n looks on Pragya with sad face.Pragya says herself,His desire is winning every time n goes to him n says,Come let’s dance.Abhi looks at her n says himself,how sweet she is..she always give up her desires for me n says Pragya,Ya..let’s dance but thr is one more work which is undone.Pragya asks,What?Abhi holds her hand n says,I have to find initial na n smiles.

Pragya smiles n takes some mehandi n applies in his nose.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..wht u r doing n wiped it.Pragya shows her hand n Abhi tries to find the initial.Peehu sees that n says in mike,Guys see thr my bhai is struggling n smiles all look at them.Abhi says,Peehu now ur happy na.Dasi says,Arey Abhi first find the initial from my bahu’s mehandi.Bulbul says,When we start countdown then Jiju ll find soon.Peehu says,U r ryt..n abt to start..Abhi says,No need of that n says,Here it is the letter A n shows to all.Pragya n all smiles.Abhi says,So let’s dance now n goes to stage.Janam Janam song plays they both dance romantically at alast Abhi lifts her in arms n all shouts wohhhh!!!And the sangeeth gets over n Dadi says Sarla,Sarla ji we r leaving now I ll come in morning for haldi.Sarla nods n Abhi waves bye to Pragya n left.

In Abhi’s room,He sees Pragya’s things n says,Today u all had came here n tmrw my angel ll come here n smiles n thinks if she came here whr ll she sleep..n says himself, Ofcourse in bed..but if she refused to share the bed with me then whr could I sleep n thinks lemme ask her tmrw n sleeps.In Sarla’s home,Sarla was giving some advice n says,U should make me proud in ur sasuraal..u hav to fullfil the duties of a wife,bahu,chachi..Pragya says,Maa I hav the rights to fullfil the duty of Daughter too na.Sarla gets emotional n hugs her n cries.Pragya’s Dadi comes thr n says,Sarla don’t cry..our Pragya is very lucky to have a husband like Abhi.Sarla says,U r ryt biji..Dadi asks Pragya to sleep as she wanna woke earlier.Pragya nods n keeps her head in Sarla’s lap n sleeps Salra carres her face.

Next morning,Dadi,Alia,Peehu,Mitali,Tayji all came to haldi.First Sarla applies haldi then followed by Dadi Mitali n all.Pragya was looking for Abhi.Alia says,Bhabhi..bhai doesn’t come this time..bhai asks dadi but dadi gives him nice words so he didn’t come today..Pragya laughs.After the haldi gets over.Abhi calls Pragya n says,Hey fuggi u alone enjoyed the haldi without me na??Pragya says,Yes..without u I enjoyed alot n smiles.Abhi says,OK..b single n enjoy ur life all alone.Pragya smiles n says,Ok..No problem..Abhi says,But I hav a problem..cox I can’t live without u..just wait for few hours then u can’t escape from me for life time.they both smiles.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya was sitting n balcony n sees over the moon (Allah waariyan plays)

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