Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-4


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Recap:Abhi pragya leaves from recording theatre and Abhi thinking about Pragya’s words on love.

The episode starts with Abhi entering the Mehra mansion where dadi dasi and Peehu are chatting with each other and laughs.Abhi sees them and sat near Peehu and asks dadi who is ur victim today and whom u r teasing today. Dadi replies Abhi,Peehu was sharing her day about college and friends.Abhi smiles at them and asks Peehu did purab called u.Peehu says Abhi yes he called me and ask about ur recording and I told recording was cancelled due to bhai’s bad mood and smiles at Abhi. Immediately dadi asks Abhi what happened is everything is going well. Abhi replied I’m OK now after had a good time with a new person who is my old friend.Suddenly Peehu says pragya and winks at him.Dadi asks pragya…??Abhi asks dadi have u forgot that chashmish and smiles.Dadi replies ohh I remember she is a such a sweet girl.Abhi nods and smiles and says she is cute but giving lectures and thinks pragya’s words on love and he asks himself why I’m remembering her words again and again and sits like lost of mind. Peehu calls bhai..bhai..Abhi just back to normal and says Mmm.Peehu asks is everything is okay.Abhi replies I’m okkkk and says I gonna fresh up myself and call me when u going to chat with Alia.Peehu says OK and Abhi leaves to his room.

Pragya reaches her home and entering to the home bulbul shouts and welcomed her by saying ohhhhhh my di had sung a song for the rockstar Abhi and hugs her.Pragya says no bulbul today recording was cancelled.Sarla asks pragya is everything is ok Pragya replies I’m OK ma u don’t worry sarla smiles and says I ll bring ur favorite tea and pakoda pragya smiles and nods.bulbul gets sad and asks why recording was cancelled pragya told everything that happened there.Bulbul smiles and says ohhhh u got a new relationship with ur old friend ryt and teases her.Pragya asks her to keep quiet and says he is just my friend that’s all.Bulbul says I too told the Same I think u had mistaken my words and teases her and smiles.Sarla comes to their room and says pragya to invite Abhi’s family to home and says before 15 years we are all very close to each other and started to say some old things bulbul interrupts and says maa we had heard many times pls don’t say it again and again its boring.Pragya says sarla maa just now we met after a long time how could I invite them immediately.Sarla says ya u r ryt and we ll meet them in some other time and leaves the room.Bulbul continuously smiles and teases Pragya.Pragya says bulbul don’t do these smiles on me.Bulbul says just kidding di and hugs her.Pragya thinks about words that she told to Abhi about love and smiles.

Abhi in his room thinking that he should never cheat his fans by giving fake love songs so I should do some Rocking friendship songs for my fans and he took the guitar and making some notes.Peehu comes to his room and asks we are going to Pragya’s home are u coming? Abhi asks why suddenly. Peehu says as I told about Pragya dadi wants to meet sarla aunty and pragya and Dadi was saying that after hearing about Pragya she is getting old memories and she insisting me to take her to their home so only I’m asking u are u coming with us.Abhi replies no I have lots of work and if came Chashmish ll bore me with lectures and moreover my fans ll surround me by shouting Abhi Abhi!!!Peehu stares at him!!Abhi says just joking and chill baby.Peehu asks are u coming or not it’s getting late for us.Abhi says I’m not coming u ppl go ahead and says bye.Peehu leaves angrily by closing the door forcefully.

Abhi thinks I said no to Peehu but my mind asking me to go and meet Pragya and asks me to clarify his doubts on her words about love which comes in his mind frequently. Suddenly Abhi gets up and decides to go.While he came Peehu and Dadi getting into the car and asks the driver to go to the colony.Abhi comes and stops them and asked whr u both are going Peehu replies I told u na. Abhi asks what u told me u didn’t told me anything Peehu shouts I told u but u refused to accompany us Abhi says haaaahh dadi she is lying she didn’t told me anything.Peehu says dadi bhai is lying. Dadi asks them to stop and says Abhi we are going to sarla ji’s home are u coming with us.Abhi says Ofcourse dadi how could I let u two alone sure I’m coming and winks at Peehu,Peehu stares him and gets into the car.

In car Peehu says dadi ur grandson is big liar I called him but he refused to come but now he is lying.Dadi smiles and says leave it beta he is playing with u.Peehu smiles.In Pragya’s home Bulbul and pragya was sitting in terrace and chatting about their friends and making fun at each other. Abhi,Dadi and Peehu reached pragya’s home and enters inside sarla gets surprised and greets them with lots of smile she hugs dadi Abhi and peehu.Pragya’s dadi sees them and gets happy greets them and asked them to sit and asked janki to bring tea.Sarla says dadi just now we are talking about u and ur family and planned to invite u but u all gave us a lot of surprise. Dadi says Peehu and Abhi told they met Pragya today after hearing this my heart wants to meet u ppl immediately and smiles.Sarla says u ppl surprised us alot.Abhi says aunty I’m a Rock Star and my dadi is Rock Star dadi and my sister is Rock Star sister so we love to give surprises and laughs.Dadi asks sarla where is ur two princesses and Peehu too asked sarla aunty where is pragya di and bulbul di.Abhi thinks why dadi is saying that chashmish as princesses she is lecturing and typical boring woman and smiles.Peehu asks Abhi why u r smiling by urself. Abhi says I was smiling at u Peehu asks why is Im looking like a joker. Abhi says absolutely no doubts at all and laughs at her.Peehu complaints dadi.Dadi asks them to keep quiet and stop fighting like this.Abhi smiles. Sarla calls bulbul and pragya and asks Abhi dadi and Peehu to have tea.Bulbul shots from terrace maa we are busy and we won’t come.Sarla calls them to come down as there is a surprise waiting here.

Precap:Abhi says OK let us forget those things and let us be good friends and gives his hand pragya too gives her hand and smiles.(Sanam re plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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