Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 39

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Recap:Pragya asks Abhi to impress her on his concert.

The episode starts with Abhi drops Pragya in her home.Pragya says,Gud nyt.Abhi too says,Gud nyt n leaves.In next morning,Abhi was sleeping in his room.Pragya comes to his room with bag packs n all her stuffs,books,n all with the help of Robin.Dadi comes thr n says,Pragya beta..make room comfort to u don’t hesitate to ask anything.Pragya smiles n says,Ji..Dadi..Pragya takes her bag n gets into wardrobe.Abhi was still sleeping.Pragya sees him n smiles n carres his hair n says,Today I came to ur room as ur love soon I’m gonna be here as ur wife n smiles n arranges her cloths in wardrobe.Abhi wakes up sees bags r in couch n wonders whose bag is this n calls Robin.Pragya hears the voice n comes out of wardrobe n says,Gud morning n smiles.Abhi shocked n says,U..Wht u dng here in the morning in my changing room n pushes her from way n enters to the wardrobe n shocks to see her cloths everywhere n shouts,Pragya..Pragya comes thr n asks,Wht?Abhi asks,Whts this?Pragya says,My..cloths..Abhi says,I know..but y u hanged here..Pragya says,Within 2 days I gonna come here so Dadi asked me to arrange my stuffs in ur room.Abhi shouts Dadi..

Dadi comes n asks,Wht??Y u r shouting in morning.Abhi says,This girl had kept all her stuffs in my wardrobe.Dadi says,Haa..I called her in morning n asked her to do this so don’t trouble her let her to do her work.Pragya smirked at Abhi n gets in to the changing room.Abhi follows her.Pragya was keeping her salwars in hanger n takes Abhi’s cloths n folds that n kept in shelf.Abhi asks,Hey fuggi..Y u keeping my cloths in shelf.Pragya says,I’m cleaning this room n keeping all those stuffs properly.Abhi says,OK..go out I wanna take bath..I wanna change..Pragya smiles n says,OK..U go to wash room y should I have to go outside.Abhi says,Ok..fine stay here..I ll change my cloths n removes his tee.Pragya closes her eyes n says,Chii..shameless n gets out of the wardrobe.Abhi smiles n says,That’s Gud fuggi..

Pragya was keeping her accessories in dressing table n then she stacked her books in bookshelf by keeping Abhi’s music CDs in another shelf.Abhi freshed up n comes out n sees n shocked again n shouts,Fuggiii..Pragya says,Ohhh…now what??Abhi asks,Wht u had done.Pragya shocks n asks,Wht I had done?Abhi says,U changed my music CDs shelves.Pragya says, what??in an innocent face.Abhi gets melted n says,Nothing..its ur room from today so do as ur wish with a smirked face.Pragya says,Aww!!So sweet of thank u n piches his cheeks.Abhi smiles at her n goes to comb his he opens the drawer he could see all her accessories n murmured himself,Areyy!!My table becomes mini beauty parlor don’t how I gonna adopt this changes.Pragya hears that asks,What did u said?Abhi says with a smile,Achii..Achii..nail paints I think i should try this.Pragya asks,What??U gonna try these nail paints.Abhi with smirked smile says,Haa..meri pyaari chori fuggi n leaves n says,Himself..Arey baba..just escaped from her lectures.Pragya says herself with a doubt face,What’s this pyari chori fuggi..n doing her work she wipes dust from his photos n changed the place of some wall photos n kept his things properly.Abhi finishes his breakfast n came back to room n sees his room n wonders.Pragya sees him n asks,How is it?Abhi comes in closes the door n wraps his arms around her shoulder n says,Looking great..looking different..but..Pragya asks,What but..u didn’t like this changes uh?If u don’t like these changes I’ll set back as prior.Abhi sees her face n melted n says,Hey..Fuggi..

U have alrights in my life y not in this room or in this house.Pragya says,Thank u..Abhi says,Its need of thanks.Pragya asked,Can I keep one more thing here.Abhi says,Hey u don’t need to ask for my permission do as ur wish.Pragya smiles n shouts,Robin..Robin..take that n Come in.Abhi asks,What?Pragya smiles n says,Wait..Robin comes in with miniature mandap for keeping idols of God.Pragya asks him to hang the mandap in wall(as we saw a god mandap in AbhiGya’s room).Robin nods.Abhi asks,Hey whts this,..this is not fair na..Pragya u know very well I won’t like this but u r getting this to my room..Pragya looks on.Abhi says,I mean..our room..Pragya says,Pls mere liye..Abhi says,OK do as ur wish n gets into his music room as he has concert in evening.

Pragya fixes mandap n God’s idol n does pooja n leaves to music room.Abhi stops when Pragya enters.Pragya says,OK..I’m leaving now I had setted all n smiles.Abhi says,U will come for concert na.Pragya says,Ofcourse I ll I have to see how u gonna impress me.Abhi smiles.Pragya was abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n says,Thank u..Pragya says,No need of thanks n smiles n says, u in the evening.Abhi says,OK..Pragya leaves.After a while, Abhi enters his room n feels good.He says himself,today my room is feeling different feeling positive for me n sees God’s mandap n says,I don’t have belief in u but I could accept u for my fuggi n leaves the room.In evening, Abhi was in his vanity n the show is abt to start.Pragya’s family n Abhi’s family comes thr.Pragya asked Purab,Whr is he?Purab says,He was in his vanity.

Pragya asked Purab to take him out.Purab says,Di..if he came out fans ll surround him better u go in.Pragya feels bad to go inside.Purab says,Di no problem u can go inside.Pragya nods n goes in.Abhi was thinking something.Pragya asks him,So u r thinking how to impress me ryt.Abhi sees her n wonders n says,Hey..I didn’t expect u here n asks her to sit.Pragya sees his van n says,Wow..its looking great yaar..Abhi smiles at her innocent expressions.Pragya says,But its vanity na so the real fun is thr when it moves..when v travelled in this..whts the use of it by standing in a place then it is also like a room na..Abhi smiles n says,Hey..professor u r questioning me?Pragya smiles n looking here n thr.Abhi sits with her n holds her hands n says,Fuggi..Pragya was looking somewhere n says,Hmm..Abhi says,Look at me.Pragya sees him n signs what?Abhi says,U hav to dance with me today.Pragya says,No..Abhi says,Pls..mere liye..Pragya looks on n says, could I..I feel shy n I ll b scared of all these crowd.Abhi says,OK..if I impressed u by today’s performance u have to dance with me OK.Pragya just looks on.

Abhi says,Come on accept the challenge.Pragya says,Y u r making everything as a challenge.Abhi says,Well..its my style..I love challenges.Pragya says,OK..I ll accept ur challenge in a low voice.Abhi says,OK..come let’s go..its time to start the concert.Pragya says,Best of luck..Abhi says,I need..(abt to finish the sentence)Pragya finished the sentence by saying,all ur luck..hey naa..Abhi smiles n says,Haa..Pragya says,My luck n prayers ll always with u.Abhi says himself,I know bcoz ur my luck.They both left the vanity.Abhi goes to the stage n Pragya n all watching him.Abhi sings,Allah looking at Pragya n he couldn’t take his eyes off Pragya.

Pragya keeps on smiling.Abhi sings the line,Roothe toh kudha be roothe saath chote naa n winks at Pragya.Pragya smiles n signs him.They both are speaking through eyes,Abhi says,So u r impressed.Pragya smiles at him n nods no.Abhi says,I know ur lying..n I know how to make u to dance with me.Pragya signs,Acha let’s c.Abhi announces that he needs a dance partner to dance with him.The girls in the crowd raises their hand n waving kisses.Abhi too waves kisses.Pragya gets jealous n looks on him.Abhi smiles at her asks her through eyes,So now u dance with me na.Pragya replies in same way, u r smart but sorry try something different.Abhi smiles n selected 3 girls from the crowd n asks them to come to stage they comes thr with smile n kisses him.Pragya in the peak of jealous.Abhi looks at her n goes near her n kneels down n forwarded his hand to dance with him.Pragya looks on.Abhi says through eyes,So fuggi this is ur last chance if u refused then I’m not responsible to ur anger.Pragya looks on.

Precap:In Sangeet,All whre dancing except Abhi n Pragya.Abhi looks on Pragya sadly.

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