Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 38

Thank u guys!!Thanks for supporting!!Keep supporting.I know u guys are quite bored of last episode so don’t wry here after every episode ll b with more spices.
Recap:Peehu n Ishaan arguing.

The episode starts with Alia comes to see Ishaan Whr Peehu n Ishaan arguing.Peehu sees Alia coming thr n asks Ishaan to don’t hurt Alia n hides somewhere.Alia comes thr n hugs Ishaan n says,I know u r feeling shy to confess ur love but don’t wry no need of that I know u r loving me alot.Ishaan feels bad n looks on Peehu.Peehu feels bad to see Ishaan n Alia together.Ishaan breaks the hug n says,Alia..I wanna say u onething n abt to say the truth but Peehu nods no with teary eyes so Ishaan stopped saying.Alia says,We ll go somewhere n takes Ishaan from thr.Ishaan looks on Peehu n leaves the place.(Ishq risk plays).In Pragya’s home,Pragya was getting ready to the institute..She wakes up Bulbul.Bulbul in sleep says,No..di..I was so tired of traveling so pls don’t disturb me..Pragya takes the blanket from Bulbul.Bulbul shouts di..Pragya smiles at her.Sarla says,Arey..Pragya leave let her sleep.Pragya smiles n leaves the room.In dining room,Sarla makes Pragya to eat..Pragya asked,Maa..Will u feed me the food today.Sarla says,Ofcourse..beta n feeds her food.Purab comes thr.

Purab sees Pragya n Sarla n says,Wahh!!Superb scene in morning!!Pragya smiles n greets him n Sarla asks him to have breakfast.Purab says,Its OK..Maa n seeks for Bulbul..Pragya says,Ur rani is still sleeping.Purab goes to her room n tries to wakes her.Bulbul thinks him as Pragya n says,Di..pls..Purab kisses in her forehead.Bulbul jerks n wakes up n sees Purab n shouts Purab shuts her mouth.Pragya n Sarla rushes thr n asks,Wht happened Bulbul.Bulbul looks at Purab.Purab smiles n feels embraced.Pragya smiles n says,Maa..Come let’s go.Sarla says,But y did she shouted..Pragya says,Nothing Maa..Come let’s go..n leaves.Bulbul says,Purab..coz of u this embracement happened.Purab says,No u only shouted..Bulbul says,No u kissed me first n laughs.They both laughed at each other.

Sarla asks Pragya,Y the girl shouted.Pragya says,Maa..they might be playing Maa.Sarla smiles n says,Bulbul is like a kid still now.Pragya n Sarla smiles.Pragya says,Maa..its getting late so I’m leaving n waves bye.Salra too waves bye.Pragya reached institute n enrolled in register n went for the class.As she is in leave for 2 days she had back to back classes.Abhi called her but he couldn’t pick the call as she was in busy schedule.Abhi thinks,This doing too much n ends the call n tuning for his concert.At the break time,Pragya sees his missed call n calls him back.Abhi attends the call n says,Hey..Fuggi..wassup..Pragya says,Can we go for a drive today.Abhi says,Is that u?Pragya says,Ya..y..Abhi says,Usually I ll call u for drive but this time u r calling me.Pragya says, back to back classes..feeling tired.Abhi says,OK..don’t wry..I ll make u stress free.Pragya asks,That’s OK..have u rehearsed for ur concert.Abhi says,Yup..making the last part.Pragya says, well..Abhi says,Ya..OK..I ll pick u from institute.Pragya says,OK..Abhi says,Hey fuggii..our wedding invitation had came so lets give that to ur colleagues today n asks,Have u gave the leave form.Pragya says,Yes..u come before the institute time ends.Abhi says,OK..n ends the call.

In evening,Abhi came to Pragya’s institute.Pragya sees him n greets him to the staffs room.They both invited all the staff members n Pragya takes him to her class Students n invited them for the wedding.All students gets happy n shouts,Sure..its a huge invitation for us n we ll come.Pragya n Abhi smiles n leaves.Pragya and Abhi gets into the car.Pragya keeps on smiling by looking towards the invitation.Abhi asked y u r keep on smiling.Pragya says,Nothing.. Abhi says,I know n smiles.Pragya asks,then y u r asking me..Abhi holds her hand n says,We gonna get married within 3 days n shouts whoohhhh n rashes the car.Pragya shouts to stop the car.Abhi puts sudden break.A man comes opposite to their car n scares of his Sudden break.The man shouts at Abhi n threatens by he ll call the police.Pragya gets down n says the man,He man!!U only came in one way..Now I ll call the police.The man says,Arey madam..U r trying to taunt me..I ll call the police.Pragya fights with him.Abhi looks on them.Pragya holds his collar n drags him n says,Come let’s go to the police station..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..leave him.Pragya says,How dare he is to call police when mistake is his.The man says,Arey..Fuggu..Pakka name n laughs.

Pragya gets anger n says,How dare u to call me with that name.Abhi laughs at her.Pragya says,Suniyee..Don’t laugh.The man says Abhi,Arey..Rockstar..I’m feeling sad for u how u managing this ghost.Abhi gives him the hifi n laughs n says,Ur ryt bhai.Pragya drags him n says,Aap kisi ki side(Ur in whose side).Abhi comes back to Pragya n says,Ur side fuggi n comes to Pragya.The man says,Arey..Madam ji..I’m leaving u coz of this man..Coz I’m his fan..Pragya says,Oh..hello..pls don’t do us any favours come let’s go for police station.The man runs from thr.Abhi blurt out his laughter n laughs hard.

Pragya shouts stop it n gets into the car n fumes in anger.Abhi comes in n starts the car.Abhi looks at Pragya’s face n laughs.Pragya asked,Y u r laughing.. Abhi says,Ur face is exactly looks like ballon.Pragya smirked.Abhi starts the car n They struked in signal at the time two girls selling ballons by knocking their car.Abhi downs the glass n says,Im already having one cute big ballon n smiles.Pragya says,Shut up n buys ballon from the girls n the girls gets happy n runs with joy.Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..Pragya stares at him.Abhi takes the ballon n starts to talking to it by saying..U r too cute..lovely pinky face..n kisses the ballon..Pragya burst that ballon.Abhi shocks n keeps his lips pouty..n asks,Y u killed my babe..Pragya asks,Wht??Ur babe..ballon..Abhi says,Haa…y u feeling jealous.Pragya says,No..n turns her face..

(AbhiGya funny bg plays).While going he stops the car..Pragya asked,Y u stopped the car.Abhi says,For coffee..Pragya asked,How many coffee ll u drink in a day..its not good for health.Abhi says, stop ur lecture..n come.Pragya smirked n goes with him.Abhi orders one coffee n one Gulfi.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi too smiles at her.(Allah waariyan plays).Abhi says,Hey fuggi..u know onething whenever I’m seeing Gulfi shop n ballons u r the only one comes into my mind.Pragya smiles n says,Whenever I saw coffee remembers u..ur crush towards coffee.Abhi says,Yes..My biggest crush my coffee n sips the coffee..n says,But when I drank from ur hand its tastes when I drop u..u have to make me a coffee.Pragya says, many coffees yaar..then ur hair ll become grey..I know already there is two grey hair in ur beard.Abhi says, u r keeping a eye on my grey hair..Pragya smiles n says,Ofcourse..for sure I ll take ur grey hair one day.Abhi says,Let’s see.

They both gets into the car.Pragya asked,So all the best..Abhi says,for concert??Pragya says,Mmm..Abhi says,So u have to come tmrw..Pragya says,Y not..for sure I ll come..n u know I had never attended ur concert tmrw is first time I’m attending ur concert.Abhi says,Finally u became fan of mine.Pragya says,Not yet..Abhi holds her ears n asks,Not yet uhh?Pragya says, paining..Abhi leaves her ear.Pragya says,If u impressed me tmrw then I ll become ur fan forever n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Hey fuggi I know ur my fan..all girls r my fan..Pragya says,Oh..yaar..let’s see how u gonna impress me tmrw.Abhi smiles at her n says himself,Hey fuggi..see tmrw..wht I’m gonna do..

Precap:Abhi announces that he needs a dance partner the crowd n the girls raised their hands to dance with him.Pragya gets jealous n gets anger n stares Abhi.Abhi waves kisses to his fans.

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