Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 37

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Recap:Pragya wears ring for Pragya.

The episode starts Abhi n Pragya reached Pragya’s home.Abhi asks Pragya,R u sure..we hav to end our day with such dinner.Pragya stares him.Abhi says,No..Don’t look at me like this..I mean I hav an idea.Pragya asks,Whts the idea.Abhi says,Shall v go for our favorite road side shop.Pragya asks,So u hav no interest on my cooking.Abhi says,Arey..not like that but I don’t know y..but I wish to go thr.Pragya smiles n says,OK..No problem..u r hero today..bday boy..Abhi says,Not only today..I’m the hero forever fa u.Pragya smiles.Abhi n Pragya goes to the road side shop n having their dinner.Abhi asks,Could u manage to be alone in ur home over this night.

Pragya says,Ofcourse..y not..moreover Maa n all ll come by midnight.Abhi says,So no need of my company ryt.Pragya says,No..Abhi says,OK..but b careful lock the door properly don’t open without knowing who s in out..and..Pragya says,Arey..Arey..I know y u r pampering this much.Abhi says,Last time too u said the same..but wht happened..Pragya gets upset.Abhi says,See..I don’t wanna u to see upset..just leave it.Pragya says,I’m Sry..Abhi smiles n says,Arey..its OK leave it don’t spoil ur mood.Pragya smiles.They finished their dinner n Abhi drops Pragya in her home.Pragya says,Bye..n abt to leave.Abhi says,Hey..fuggii..Pragya looks at him.Abhi asked,Can I spend some more time with u.Pragya says,Hav u gone mad..Its already late..U go..Abhi smirked n leaves from thr.Pragya smiles at him n prays God to keep him happy as always.

Abhi reached MM.Alia Dadi n Peehu asks how was the day with bhabi.Abhi says,It was awesome..Dadi says,I know n smiles..Abhi asked how u ppl know.Alia says,We know everything..they started to tease him.Dadi says,OK..enough..enough..ur bhai had came home so lets go n Sleep.All nods n goes.(Peehu n Ishaan had become Gud friends they both have special feelings for each other but they didn’t express each other..Ishaan realizes his love but Peehu doesn’t realize his love but she has a special feelings for him)

Peehu goes to her room..her phone blinks..A message from Ishaan..He had sent a proposal to Peehu.Peehu feels weird n abt to call him back.Suddenly,Alia calls to her room.Peehu goes thr n asks,Wassup Alia.Alia says,I wanna share u onething.Peehu asks what?Alia keeps on smiling.Peehu hugs her from back n asks,Di..Wht happened y u r so happy today..Something is thr na..Alia blushes n nods yes.Peehu asks,Whts the matter.Alia says,I think I’m in love.Peehu gets happy n says,Woohhh??Finally my di in love..n asks,Who s the lucky guy..Alia says,U know him very well.Peehu says,wait wait..first of all I wanna say u onething..pls don’t puzzle me just tell the name..Alia smiles n says,Ishaan..Peehu stunned n manages to smile n says,I’m really happy for u di n hugs her.Alia says,Thank u..But how to say this to bhai n Dadi..Peehu says,Don’t worry di..when I’m with u I ll manage u don’t wry.Alia hugs her n gets happy.Peehu smiles at her n leaves by saying Gud nyt..Peehu gets to her room n calls Ishaan.Ishaan attends the call.Peehu asks,Hav u gone mad or playing prank with me.Ishaan says,No..I’m serious.Peehu says,I know u r in love with don’t play prank with me.Ishaan says,Hey..she proposed me but I didn’t loved her coz I love u.Peehu says,Shut up!!Ishaan says,Peehu..Peehu says,No..I ll meet u tmrw n sort all ur confusion n ends the call.Ishaan thinks how to make her understand.Abhi lies in his room n calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call.

Abhi asked,So..wassup..Pragya says,Just reading books.Abhi says,Always..being with books..Once we got married I won’t allow any of ur books to come inside to our room.Pragya says,Achhaa!!Then I won’t allow ur system..n all.Abhi says,Hey..hello..coz of all I’m a Rockstar today.Pragya says,same here!!Bcoz of my books..I’m a teacher now.Abhi says,OK..close ur book n try to spend some time with me.Pragya smiles n says,Ok..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi I had decided..Pragya asks,Wht??Abhi says,Let’s get married after my next concert.Pragya hears that n smiles n says,Mmm..Abhi says,R u happy..Pragya says,Ofcourse..y u r not happy.Abhi says,Yes..but I gonna miss my bachelor life..Pragya says, problem be a bachelor for ur lifetime.Abhi smiles n says,Its a better option than getting married to u.Pragya says, a anger voice.Abhi says,Just joking..Pragya says,OK..leave it..n asks,How was the day.Abhi says,Awesome..u made my day very special but u didn’t gave me a single kiss till now.Pragya feels shy n says,OK..I feel sleepy..Gud nyt n ends the call n smiles.Abhi looks at the phone n says,I knew it..u ll end the call n smiles.
Next morning,In MM,All r having breakfast..

Abhi says dadi,Dadi..I ll get married after my next concert.Dadi gets happy n calls Sarla immediately..Sarla too gets happy.Dadi says Abhi,OK.. Then we have to prepare for mehandi Sangeet n haldi.Peehu asks,Again..all those functions whts the need for that.Dadi says,Arey these functions should happen before wedding but if bahi made a gap na Mehandi ll b vanished from my bahu’s hand.Abhi says,No Dadi yesterday I saw her hand mild mehandi was thr.All smiles at him.Abhi says,OK if u wanna do all the functions then I’m OK with it..but u Peehu pls don’t ask me to find my initial on her hand again.Peehu says,Don’t wry bhai..sure I ll tell U to find.Abhi says, smiles at him.

Peehu goes to meet Ishaan.Ishaan says,U know how much I love u..Still from our college days.Peehu says,I respect ur feelings but I don’t love u..My di is in love with she is ur best frnd na..Just admit the fact n accept her relationship.Ishaan says,U r lying..I had seen ur love for me in could u react so ease..n normal.Peehu gets teary eyes n says,Bcoz I love my family more than anything.Ishaan says,So u too have feelings for me na.Peehu says,No..Ishaan says,How many times u ll lie..How could u hide ur feelings.Alia too comes thr to meet Ishaan.

Precap: Abhi n Pragya are going to a long drive.Abhi says,Hey fuggi within 3 days we gonna marry n shouts whoohhhh!!

I know today less AbhiGya scenes don’t get bored keep supporting lets c Alia’s love ll bring Peehu Ishaan n AbhiGya’s love in pain keep supporting!!

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