Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 36

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Recap:Abhi drops Pragya in her institute.

The episode starts with Abhi entering MM.Dadi asked Whr u had gone beta.Abhi says,Dadi I went to see Pragya n I feel very sleepy lemme sleep pls ask no one to disturb me.Dadi nods.Abhi goes to his room n lies on bed.Purab comes thr n enters to Abhi’s room n says,Happy birthday.Abhi thanked him n says,Purab I don’t know today I’m feeling so sleepy.Purab says,If u in bed then u ll always feel sleepy go n freshup then u ll feel better.Abhi says,I think,U r ryt.Purab says,Today v hav a meeting for our next I’m going to receive the producers so u should come.Abhi nods n goes to changing room.Purab leaves.Pragya was in institute n thinks to plan for a surprise.She thinks to get peehu’s help so decides to go for her hospital.In hospital Ishaan comes thr to meet Peehu.Peehu was in her cabin n attending the patient.

Ishaan knocks the door n comes in.Peehu sees him n says,Hey..u come n sit..wait a minute I was with patient.Ishaan says,No problem I ll wait.Peehu smiles.As the patient went off.Ishaan comes thr.Peehu asks,So what’s the matter.Ishaan says,I really wanna say u one thing but I don’t know how to say.Peehu asks,Y u r puzzling.Ishaan says,Pls don’t mistake me.Peehu says,First say whts the matter.Suddenly,Pragya comes in to peehu’s cabin.Peehu sees Pragya n goes to her n hugs her n asks her to sit.Pragya says,Is I disturbed u.Peehu says,Not at all bhabi.Pragya sees Ishaan.Ishaan smiles at her.Pragya too smiles at him.Ishaan says,OK..then I’m leaving.Pragya says,Its OK no problem u stay here.Peehu asks,Whts the matter bhabi.Pragya says,I had planned a surprise for ur bhai..but I don’t know how to take him to the place..if I call him he ll b aware of my surprise n I don’t know wht to do.Peehu smiles n asks,Whts the surprise?

Pragya says the surprise.Peehu gets happy n says,Perfect bhabi..Pragya says, to call him thr.Peehu thinks.Peehu says,Let me call him n inform that someone wants to meet u in that place.Ishaan says,So bad idea.Pragya says,I too thought the same n smiles.Peehu smirked n asks Ishaan to give some idea.Ishaan says,I have an idea but it is so sensitive..Pragya n Peehu asks,Wht?Ishaan says his idea.Pragya says, its too dangerous..If it goes to Dadi or maa’s ears then it won’t b fair..suggest some ideas.Ishaan says,Arey..Pragya lemme handle carefully.Peehu says,No..Ishaan..Ishaan says,Trust me girls.Peehu looks on Pragya.

Pragya nods.
Ishaan calls Abhi n says,I think Pragya Ma’am met with an accident I had signed her operation but I’m not sure whether it is Pragya pls don’t inform anyone they may get panic n asks him to come.Abhi asks,Is she is in ur hospital.Ishaan says,No..n gives some address.Abhi rushes towards the address.Driver says,Sir..There is no hospital in this address.At the time,A man comes thr n asks Abhi,U came here for Pragya ryt.Abhi says,Yes..n how u know.The man says,Come with me.Abhi nods n goes with him.He takes Abhi to a house.Abhi enters the house it was too dark.Abhi turns but the man had gone.Abhi gets scared n calls him but he couldn’t see no one thr.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..I know u r doing something na pls dont do anything i was so tensed just come before me its enough..fuggi..u only na..u r fine na..ur accident is lie na..Suddenly he heard a huge sound.He looks for whts was the sound.Suddenly all balloons bursted with snow n blast..

Abhi gets surprised..Lights were on..a group of children shouted”Happy birthday Abhi uncle”.Abhi sees them n he could see Pragya too shout with them with a smiling face.Abhi gets happy n goes near her n says,I know u r planning something but I didn’t expect this n smiles.The kids surrounded him n takes him towards the cake n asks him to cut the cake.Abhi smiles n goes by looking on Pragya.Pragya follows him by smiling at him.Abhi cuts the cake.All singing happy birthday song..Pragya too sings with those kids.Abhi gives cake to Pragya.Pragya says,No..first bday baby n makes him to eat.Then Abhi gives cake to all the kids.The kids excited n asks,Abhi for photos.Abhi nods n goes with them.Abhi was in extreme joy by playing with kids.Pragya looks on him n smiles.

The kids asks Abhi to sing a song.Abhi asks them what song do u ppl wanna me to sing.The kids shouted in chorus n says,Main tannu…Abhi smiles n says,OK..but one condition..Pragya wanna dance with me.The kids shouted..Come on Pragya aunty..Pragya feels shy..n nods no..Abhi sings main tannu samjawhan..By singing he goes to Pragya n lift her in his arms.Pragya surprised n feels shy.He sings Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne..Tere dil diyaan raahan..Tu jo mere naal tu rehta..Turpe meriyaan saahaJeena mera.. hoye..Hun hai tera, ki main karaanTu kar aitbaar meraMain karoon intezar tera..n dances with Pragya.Pragya feels shy n hides her face in his chest n hugs him.Abhi smiles n hugs her n endup his performance.The kids all shouted woohhhh…Abhi holds pragya’s hand says,Hey kids u all made my day my bday with full of joy n happiness..Thanks to u..n thanking throned Queen of my heart..n looks on Pragya..Pragya smiles n blushes.Pragya thanked all those kids n gives them dresses n chocolates.The kids get very happy.Abhi asked Pragya,Is the place is orphanage.

Pragya nods n says,Today..these kids r very happy bcoz of u n smiles.Abhi says,No..these kids r Happy bcoz of u..u made this n one more..this kid also in extreme happy coz of u.Pragya asks,Who is that new kid.Abhi says,Its me..Pragya says,Oh..u r a kid..Abhi smirked n says,So..all r lie na.Pragya asks,What?Abhi says,U usually use to say me na I’m like a kid.Pragya says,Arey..mere bacchee..u r too small kid than these kids n smiles.Abhi wraps her in arms n says,I love u Fuggi..Pragya blushes n says,I love u Rockstar.The kids hear that n shouts,I love u Fuggi..Another group of kids shouts..I love u Rockstar..Abhi n Pragya feels embraced n smiles.Abhi n Pragya waves bye n leaves the place.

Pragya takes Abhi to the park pool which is fully lighted.Abhi says, many surprise ll u give me within a day.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,The place looks so beautiful.Pragya asked Abhi to close his eyes.Abhi asked u gonna kiss me ryt.Pragya says,Yes..close ur eyes.Abhi smiles n closed his eyes.Pragya wears him a which a word is penned with minute letters.Abhi opens his eyes n looks on the ring n reads the letters it was written as “AbhiGya”.Abhi sees it says,Hey..same as in the chain..Pragya smiles n says,Yes…Ofcourse..Abhi hugs Pragya n says,U know this is my special bday..Special day in my life..Feeling so happy..proud to hav a girl like u..I don’t whether God is thr or not but if thr I ll thank him for giving u n gets emotional.Pragya says,I’m very lucky to have u..U r everything in my life.

.I never loved a person like u..I love u..(Saason ko saason mein dhalne do zara plays).Abhi abt to kiss Pragya.Pragya smiles n nods no.Abhi too smiles n nods.Abhi asks,Do u hav any other surprises??Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi asked,Really with an excited voice.Pragya says,Really..Abhi asked,What?Pragya smiles n says,U gonna hav dinner that prepared by me.Abhi says,So u gonna take revenge for all those surprises..pls don’t end my beautiful day with such a bad dinner.Pragya punches him n asks,Ever u tasted my prepation.Abhi says,No..Pragya says,Then..y u r teasing me n pretends to b anger.Abhi says, I’m Sry.Pragya smiles n says,Don’t say sorry come let’s go.Abhi nods.

Precap: Abhi says dadi, Lemme get married after finishing my next concert.Dadi calls Sarla n convey the news.All gets happy.

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