Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 35

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Recap:Pragya gets drunken.
The episode starts with Abhi makes Pragya to sit in couch n kneels down before her n asks,Wht u r doing here.Pragya says,I told u na..I came here to wish u but I don’t know wht happened to me I feel dizzy..flying..Abhi smiles n says,Then..wish me..Pragya asks,Whts the time now.Abhi says,Its11:55.Pragya says,5 more minutes na then y u need ur wish now.Abhi smiles n says,Oh..OK..Suddenly some one knocks the door.Abhi takes Pragya into changing room n ask her to keep quiet n shuts the door n opens his room door.Peehu Alia n Dadi Dasi shouts”Happy birthday”n brings the cake.Abhi gets happy n lil tensed that they would see Pragya.All sings happy birthday n asks Abhi to cut the cake.Abhi cuts the cake n gives to all.Abhi gets blessings from Dadi n Dasi.Alia n Peehu wishes him.Abhi hugs them n says,Thank u my lil angels.Alia n Peehu says,Ur the best bro in the world..not only bro u r our father..mother n all.They gets emotional n hugs Dadi.Dadi says Alia n Peehu come let’s leave let him sleep.They nods n left the room.Abhi feels happy n says,I’m very lucky to get this family n smiles.He says, inside..n opens the wardrobe door.He couldn’t see Pragya thr.He calls fuggi..fuggi..She comes from the back n shouts”Happy birthday Rockstar”Abhi scared n turns back..within that she runs out of the changing room n takes the cake.Abhi comes thr Pragya applies cake on his face.Abhi makes her to eat cake.Pragya says,Cake is so tasty na..Abhi smiles n says,Yes..Ofcourse.Pragya says,Y u r smiling..Abhi says,Nothing n asks,So Whr is my bday gift.Pragya says,U always say me na..I’m ur biggest gift..but now u r asking for gift..u r too bad.

Abhi smiles n says,Come I ll vanish ur dizziness.Pragya says,I’m gonna throw into pool.Pragya says,No I don’t know how to swim.Abhi smiles her n gives her lemon water.Pragya drinks it n she falls.Abhi takes her in arms n comes down n goes outside n gets into the car n makes her to sit in car.Abhi thinks really a nice bday n smiles.Abhi n Pragya reached Pragya’s home.He noticed that door is locked from outside n seeks for key in Pragya’s purse n opens the door n gets in.Abhi makes Pragya to sleep in bed n carres her face n says,Thanks for coming back to me fuggi..U know without u my bday ll b bored..U know how I missed u..n ya..u r my biggest gift of my life n smiles..I love u Fuggi..Pragya in sleep murmers,Love u too..Abhi smiles at her n kisses in her forehead n gets out of the room.

Next morning,Pragya wakes up n finds herself in her home n her bed..n wonders how she came here n comes out of the room n tries to open main door but it was locked from outside.She opens the window n she could see Abhi sleeping in his car.She calls a man from window n asks him to wake him.The man wakes Abhi.Abhi wakes up n sees Pragya standing near window.Pragya signs him to come n open the door.Abhi comes in half sleep n opens the door.Pragya comes front but Abhi pushes her n went to her room n lies in bed n continued his sleep.Pragya wonders n says, he is sleeping n smiles at him.She freshen up n makes coffee for him.She went to wake him she saw his sleeping she smiles at him n goes near him n whispered in his ears.Happy birthday..Abhi in sleep says,Thank u Fuggi..n continued his sleep.Pragya says,Arey..wake up.Abhi doesn’t respond.Pragya shooks him n asks him to wake up.Abhi says,5mins..Pragya smiles at him n says,ur 5mins is over get up.Abhi says,Another 5 mins..Pragya keeps coffee hot mug in his cheek.Abhi shouts n wakes up.Pragya smiles.Abhi asks,Whts the time?

Pragya says,Its 7.Abhi lies down again.Pragya says,Arey..Pls wake long u ll sleep.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi its just 7 na..Pragya says,Suniye..already my head is aching pls wake up.Abhi wakes up n goes to living room.

Pragya says, says,Bring that here.Pragya gives him coffee n sits besides him n looks on.Abhi drinks coffee n asks,Wht y u r staring at me.Pragya says,Nothing n keeps her hand in head.Abhi asks,Wht happened?Head ache uh?Pragya nods.Abhi says,Its quite normal when a person drink for first time n smiles.Pragya says,I drank it unknowingly.Abhi says,Lemme give u champi.Pragya says,U know that.Abhi says,Ofcourse..I’m a Rockstar..Pragya says,Rockstar not the spa owner.Abhi says,OK..u itself handle.Pragya says,OK..I’m Sry..Abhi says,That’s gud n did champi for Pragya.Pragya feels good n says,So..U trying to convince me ryt.Abhi says,I know u r convinced.Pragya says,No..I’m not.Abhi says,Then y u didn’t opposed me when I’m kissing u.Pragya gets shocked n gets up n says,Kiss..kiss..Abhi says,Ofcourse baby..Pragya says,U kissed me here ryt n shows her forehead.Abhi says, n shows her lips.Pragya says,What?? couldn’t possible.Abhi smiles.Pragya beats him n says,U r lying.Abhi says,Yes..just joking..Pragya pinches him.Abhi says,OK..leave it..let’s go out.

Pragya says,For what?Abhi says,So..nothing spl today.Pragya says,I wished u n gave the surprise then what u need some more special.Abhi gets sad n says nothing n says,I’m leaving to home.Pragya smiles n says,OK..Abhi abt to leave.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi turns with smile.Pragya says,Wait..I ll come with u drop me in institute.Abhi asks,Is I’m looking like ur driver.Pragya says, need I ll go by myself.Abhi says,Its OK come I ll drop u.Pragya smiles n goes with him.Abhi and Pragya was in car.Pragya says,Yesterday ur concert was awesome.Abhi says,I know all my concerts ll b u came alone from Punjab to Mumbai for me ryt.Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi holds her hand n says,I’m sorry..Pragya says,Its k..Today is ur bday I don’t wana remember those things.Abhi drops Pragya in her institute.

Precap:Ishaan calls Abhi n says,Pragya Ma’am had met with an accident pls come soon I had signed for her operation pls come soon.Abhi gets panic n rushes.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. razia

    Oh no tisha .. Nowadays lots of twists n pbkms betn them .. Y so .. Romance konjo kammi aana madhri I feel .. I understand alwz happiness matum iruka mudiyadhu bt stil ..

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