Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 34

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Recap:Abhi calls Pragya

The episode starts with Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..Pragya says,Excuse me I have work n ends the call.Abhi smirked n says,She is in peak of anger..Abhi u deserved it n thinks wht to do.Purab comes to Abhi’s room n asks,Abhi have u done rehearsal.Abhi didn’t respond as he was thinking how to pacify Pragya.Purab shakes him n asks,Abhi..Abhi asks,Wht?Purab asks,Hav u done ur rehearsal.Abhi asks,For wht?Purab says,Hey..Abhi today is ur concert man.Abhi says,No..I’m not in the mood of doing concert.Purab says,What??In anger voice.Abhi says his fight btwn Pragya.Purab says,Hey..y u always taunting her n fighting with her.Abhi says,Hey..give me a idea man or else leave don’t confuse me.Purab says,OK..U dedicate ur concert to Pragya di..she ll forgive u..Abhi says,Hey man..leave the concert..Purab says,Abhi concert is important na..Its ur bday spl concert..tmrw s ur bday..Abhi says,My fuggi is on anger on me but u r thinking about concert..bady..Purab says,I don’t know wht u ll do but u wanna do the concert today..else I can’t handle ur fans n organiser n leaves.Abhi shouts,Hey..Purab..try to understand me.But Purab leaves.Abhi says,How could I concentrate now n thinks OK..lemme do the concert n dedicate to Fuggi there may b chance of forgiving n calls Purab.Purab attends the call n says,Now what?Abhi says,OK..I ll do my concert today.Purab says,Yes..U hav to do the concert..come on time..Abhi says,OK..n ends the call.

In Punjab,Pragya was upset n watching TV.Reporter says,Today Abhi is doing his bday spl concert n fans r excited n there is huge crowd coming to the gallery.Bulbul says,Di..Tmrw Jiju bday na but u r here..He ll miss u alot..Its d first bday for him with u na n smiles.Pragya says,No..he won’t miss me.Bulbul says, everything is OK..Pragya told their fight.Bulbul says,Jiju is too much di..But its not the time to be anger I could understand but tmrw is his bday na so pause ur anger n U can resume ur anger after his bday.Pragya remains silent.Bulbul says,Come on di..Pragya says,Wht would i do.Bulbul says,Go back to Mumbai.Pragya says,Have u gone could I go..Maa ll feel bad.Bulbul says,Di..I ll manage u go.Pragya says,No..Bulbul..I can’t.Bulbul asks,di..U r missing Jiju na..u wanna b with him on his bday na..Pragya nods..Bulbul says,Then..y u r thinking of such silly fight..if he is still anger on u Y should he called u..think di..he too missing u..u just go thr n give him surprise..ur forgiveness ll b his biggest bday gift.Pragya asks,Really he ll miss me uh?Bulbul says,I swear..Purab too told me that Jiju is thinking of U.Pragya asks,What shall I do now.Bulbul says,Just go back to Mumbai if u started now u ll reach by night so u just go.Pragya says,But Maa..Bulbul says,Di..I ll manage.Pragya nods n packed her stuffs n leaves to station.

Abhi in his room tune up some tunes n thinks to dedicate today’s song to my fuggi n smiles.Pragya gets into the train.Abhi thinks,ll she wish me for the concert.Train started towards Mumbai.Pragya says herself,Hey Rockstar..yes I’m coming for u but u scold me na its not fair..not at all fair I won’t forgive u for this n smiles.As it was evening Pragya has few more hours to reach Mumbai.She took her mobile to watch his live concert n she thinks to leave him a wish message.Pragya messages,”Best of luck!!Do ur best..I know u ll do the best :)”Abhi was getting ready in his vanity n reads the message n gets happy n leaves a reply,Thank u Fuggi..I need ur luck today..But I miss u badly..”Pragya reads the message n smiles.Abhi waits for the reply but she didn’t reply.Abhi says,I think still she is in anger..I ll vanish ur anger by my song n smiles.Abhi’s performance starts.Pragya was watching it on mobile.Before starting the performance Abhi said,Im dedicating my songs to all the lovers n for my love.The crowd gives a huge charm.Pragya smiles by seeing this.Abhi sings,Main tannu samjawhan..Pragya keeps on smiling all over his performance.After a hour Abhi’s concert gets over.Pragya too reached Mumbai n she calls for a taxi.Abhi came back home n Dadi Dasi Alia praises his performance.Alia teases him.Suddenly Peehu enters home n beats Abhi’s bum n says,Hey bday boy u r the talk of the town today..Abhi says,U could say that without beating me na..Peehu smiles n asks Alia,Is his performance is that much Gud.Abhi asks Peehu,Y u didn’t watched uh??Peehu says,No..Abhi says dadi,See even my sister didn’t watched.Peehu says, I attended 3 delivery so no time to watch.Abhi says,Its OK..u had done a great job..3 cute cute babies na..Peehu says,Haa..Dadi says,Abhi u too get married soon then u too get cute cute babies.Abhi shys n smiles.Dasi asks Abhi,Whr is ur sita devi.Abhi asked,who?Dasi says,Ur Pragya.Abhi says,She was in Punjab in sad voice.

Pragya reached Abhi’s home n thinks to get into his room via balcony without knowing to anyone then it ll b the perfect surprise.Abhi asks Peehu to get her mobile from his room.Dadi n Dasi says,Ok..beta its getting late v gonna sleep n Dadi Dasi Alia leaves.Peehu gets into Abhi’s room to take his phone.At the time Pragya jumped into his room.Pragya heard the noise n asks,Is anyone here..But no response.Pragya was feeling thirst n her throat becomes dry.Pragya says,Its me Peehu.As her throat was dry her voice sounds weird.Peehu scared n thinks it may b ghost n runs.Abhi comes thr n asks,Hey..y u r running..Peehu says,There is ghost in ur called me by name..Abhi scared n asks,Wht??Peehu says,Yes..Abhi asks her to come with him.Peehu says,No..I won’t u know na I’m scared of ghosts n runs away.In room Pragya was thinking y she ran.She feels thirsty..there was a glass of vodka but she drinks by thinking it as soda or water.Abhi stands alone outside his room n hesitate to enter n scared of ghosts.Abhi asks,Is anyone inside.Abhi thinks Peehu is making me fool n pranking me n gets in.

Pragya hides in changing room n she feels dizzy as she drank.Abhi gets into the room n lies n bed n covered with blanket n abt to sleep.

Pragya opens the changing room door n comes out.Abhi heard the sound n asks, Peehu said the truth n scares n asks,Is anyone thr??Pragya says,Hmmm..Abhi asks,Who??Pragya says,Aap ki fuggi..(Ur fuggi)Abhi turns n asks,Fuggi??Abhi sees Pragya standing thr n gets happy n hugs her.Abhi asks,Wht u r doing here?Are u drunken?Pragya nods.Abhi asks,What??Pragya says,I drank ur home’s this this water n shows the glass now I’m feeling dizzy(Mujhe chakkar aarahey)Abhi says, not water..its drink..Pragya says,Mmmm..uhhh??Abhi says,Are u listening to me?Pragya nods.Abhi thinks is not in steady mind.Abhi asks,How u came here.Pragya says, asks,Balcony?Pragya says, asks,Train??Pragya says,I’m anger on u.Abhi says,I know.Pragya asks,How u know n smiles..n says,U know y I came here..I came here to..n jumps over the couch..Abhi says,Hey fuggi come down else u ll fall.Pragya says,No..I won’t fall..n shouts..I came here to wish u.Abhi shuts her mouth n says,Pls pls talk silently else all ll come.Pragya says,OK..Abhi lifts her n drops her down.Pragya wraps her hand towards his neck n says,I came here to wish u..Abhi smiles n says,U r too cute..Pragya says,I know.. Abhi says,Accha..Pragya nods n abt to fall.Abhi holds her.(Allah waariyan plays)

Precap:Abhi does champi for Pragya.Pragya says,So u trying to convince me ryt.Abhi said I know u already convinced.Pragya smiles n says no I’m not

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