Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 33

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Recap:Abhi visits Pragya’s institute.
The episode starts with Pragya insisting Abhi to temple.Abhi n Pragya gets into the car.Pragya says,I wanna say this to Maa.Abhi says,I had already told her.Pragya asks,Then..Dadi..Abhi says,Ofcourse I told her.Pragya says,’m the last ryt..Abhi says,Ryt..u r becoming smarter..I think its coz of me..n no need of saying thanks..pleasure is mine n smiles.Pragya says,Ho..hello..don’t over anger voice.Abhi says,OK..madam..Pragya smirked.Abhi stops the car in temple.Pragya gets down n says,come let’s go.Abhi says,No..I’m not coming..Pragya says,Pls..come for me.Abhi says,If u wanna go then go alone if u wanna me to come then I’m Sry come let’s go home.Pragya stared n gets into the temple.Abhi says himself, Y she is insisting me to do which I don’t like n sits in the car.Pragya gets into the temple n prays.Pundit ji gives her tilak kumkum n prashad.Pragya gets that n comes out of the temple n gets into the car.Abhi says,Shall v go.Pragya says,1 minute n gives him the prashad.

Abhi says,Fuggi..can’t u understand in a word.Pragya smiles n nods no.Abhi says,I don’t need prashad.Pragya signs abhi,Just eat it..n says,it won’t boost up ur calories n smiles.Abhi smiles at her n gets the prashad from her hand n ate that n says,R u happy now.Pragya says,Very..very happy.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,something thr is in ur hair.Abhi tries to see in mirror but Pragya says,I ll see..(actually nothing is thr)Pragya puts him tilak in his forehead by pranking him by wiping the dust from hair.Abhi unaware of that.

Abhi drops Pragya in her home.While getting out of the car Pragya smiles n says,U r looking handsome n cute.Abhi says, always..n smiles.Pragya smiles.Abhi asks,Fuggi..r u mad y u r smiling like this.Pragya says,Nothing..Dadi ll b happy if she saw u.Abhi asks,Uhhh??Pragya says,Nothing n smiles n leaves.Abhi says,I think she became mad in happiness.Abhi reaches MM.Dadi n Dasi were chatting.Abhi enters MM.Dadi n Dasi sees Abhi n gets happy n surprised too.Dadi shouts Peehu n Alia.Alia n Peehu comes thr.Abhi asked what happened Dadi.Alia n Peehu comes.Dadi signs to Alia n Peehu to look at Abhi.Alia n Peehu sees Abhi n smiles.Abhi asked, Wht happened y ur smiling at me.Dadi holds Abhi’s face n says,I’m very happy today n kisses his forehead.Abhi remains Pragya’s words that dadi ll happy on seeing u n gets surprised what was the reason.Peehu askes,Bhai..hav u gone for temple.Abhi says,Haa..ya..but I was sitting in car..Pragya went in..y did u saw me thr.Peehu smiles n says,No..Abhi asked,Then how u know.Suddenly, Purab comes in by calling Abhi.Abhi turned towards him.Purab sees his tilak n says,Hey..Abhi u r too bad..Abhi asks, y all r puzzling me.Peehu says,Purab..bhabi had done this.

Purab says,I know..Abhi u r a big liar.Abhi thinks thr any lipstick marks in my face n wiped his cheeks..n says himself, No..Fuggi didn’t kissed me today then y these ppl r puzzling me n looks on.Peehu asks,Bhai..wht u r thinking.Abhi said nothing n asks Purab,What’s going on here.Purab tooks his phone camera n shows his face to him.Abhi sees tilak in his forehead n shocked n thinks the moment where pragya wiped dust from his hair n thinks,So its all that coz of fuggi.Purab says,Wht u said in morning..U won’t apply tilak even for Dadi but u applied for Pragya di na n smiles.

Abhi says,No..Dadi says,Haa..Purab I had tried tilak on him many times but he refused but today he accepted for his to be wife..n smiles.Abhi says,Nothing like that dadi n leaves to his room with anger.Abhi enters his room n shuts the door forcefully n gets infront of mirror n wiped the tilak n says,How dare she is to do like this n calls Pragya.Pragya’s phone rings.Pragya attends the call n says,Hey..Rockstar..wassup..Abhi shouts,Who is Rockstar here..u made Rockstar as ur puppet.Pragya shocked n asks,Wht happened?Abhi says,Wht u hav done to me..Do u think I ll accept all ur doings..Pragya says,Suniye..But Abhi shouts, I won’t hear anything from u n Haa..just u hear clearly wht I’m saying..I’m Abhi..Abhi the Rockstar n I’m not ur puppet to accept all ur doings n don’t ever think that I ll do the all wht u say..I know I love but I can’t tolerate all ur doings..U r making me to embrace infront of everyone..on the day u embraced me with ur lipstick marks n today with tilak..wht u thinking urself..I even doesn’t allowd my Dadi to apply tilak..Pragya gets teary n ends the call.Abhi throws the phone n lies down.

Pragya cries hard in her room by thinking Abhi’s rude words.Sarla Bulbul comes to the room.Pragya wiped her tears n acts to b normal.Bulbul says,Di..u didn’t get ready till now.Pragya asked,Whr?Sarla says,Arey beta..Just now I told na wanna go for Punjab for our relation”s wedding.Pragya says,When u said I didn’t noticed.Bulbul smiles n says,Di..U r always in dream with Jiju then how could u notice.Pragya says,No..Maa..I’m not coming..I have classes.Sarla says,No beta its important to attend the wedding so hav to come.Pragya says,But..Bulbul says,di..u hav classes or u wanna b with Jiju.Pragya says,Shut up Bulbul..I ll come..Bulbul hugs Pragya n says,That’s my di..We r going to have much fun hey na di..Pragya nods.Bulbul asks,Y u r sad.Pragya says,No I’m fine..n smiles.Abhi lies down n was in anger still.Pragya thinks herself hereafter she should never take advantage with Abhi n cries.Purab comes Sarla home n says,Bulbul r u ppl ready?Bulbul says,Yes..Purab calls,Pragya di..di..but she remained lost in mind.Purab shouts Pragya di..Pragya comes to sense n asks,Haa Purab when did u came.Purab says,Just now..Shall v go.Pragya asks,U also coming uh?Purab smiles n says,No di..I just came to send off u all.Pragya smiles.Purab asked Pragya,did u informed Abhi..Pragya says,No..he might b busy.Purab says,OK..I ll inform him.All gets into the car n reached the station even though pragya was upset with Abhi she missing him badly.All gets into the train.Purab waves his hand.As train left Purab leaves the station.

Next morning,Pragya n all reached Punjab n their relations received them to their home.Abhi wakes up in half sleep picks the phone n calls Pragya as always he do(he forgot the fight)But Pragya was surrounded by their relations n she didn’t noticed the call.Abhi then came to sense n thinks his harsh words against Pragya n feels guilty for that n says himself,She just kept me the tilak n who is she..she hav all ryts on me..but how I behaved with her sure she ll hurted alot I hate myself for this n keeps his hand on his head n thinks she ll b in institute so I ll go thr n convince her.Abhi gets fresh up n went to institute n asks about Pragya one of her colleague told she is on leave.Abhi says,Thank u n leaves.While he gets in to the car he says,She ll b upset that’s y she didn’t come today n thinks to go to her home.Abhi reached Pragya’s home n noticed that house is locked..he went to kkb hall n sees a man thr n asks,Whr r the members.The man said,Sir..they all gone to Punjab for a relation’s wedding.Abhi shocked n asks,Pragya??The man told,She too sir.Abhi asks,When they ll b back?The man told within a week.Abhi lies in his bed n says,I miss u Fuggi..Pls come back to me..atleast speak with me I’m Sry..Abhi calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call.Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya says,No one is here as fuggi..Just Pragya..Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..I know u r in anger na.Pragya says,Whom I to get anger on u.Abhi says,Come on fuggi..Pragya says,Excuse me..I hav work n ends the call.

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