Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 32

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Recap:Abhi signs the new contract.

The episode starts with Abhi thinking how to give a surprise visit for Pragya he thought to call Purab for idea but he says himself,No..he ll tease me..lemme handle it in my way.Abhi goes to Pragya’s institute.It was the class time students r in the class.Pragya is giving some lectures n in btwn she is sharing her life’s experience students r interestingly listening towards her.Abhi was searching Pragya class by class.But Pragya was in 3rd floor.Students in every class sees Abhi n gets excited n shouted Abhi..Abhi..Just then principal comes thr n asks,Abhi sir..U..wht r u doing here..Abhi says,I just came to give surprise visit for Pragya.Principal says,Sir..but students r diverted from the class by seeing u.Abhi smiles n says,I’m Sry sir..Principal smiles n says,No..Problem..Actually Pragya is in 3rd floor.Abhi smiles n says,Thanks to u but hav to do me a favor.Principal asks,What?Abhi says,Can u pls get Pragya out of the class for 5mins.Principal says,OK..sir I ll call her n I ll inform that u had came to meet her.

Abhi says, I wanna attend her u get Pragya out for 5mins then I ll enter the class.Principal smiles n says,So u wanna b a student.Abhi smiles n says,Yes..Principal calls Pragya.Pragya was interacting with students at the time she picks the principal’s call.Principal says,Pragya..come to my important work.Pragya says,Yes..She was abt to leave.Students asked,Ma’am pls don’t go..we r interested in ur class pls don’t change over the class.Pragya smiles n says,No..No..I ll back in few minutes n I won’t change over ur class to anyone coz u r my favorite students.Students said thank u Ma’am..v ll b waiting for u..pls come soon.Pragya nods n goes.As Pragya left the class room Abhi enters in.Students gets excited n shouted Abhi..Abhi says,Pls I hav a request for u..Today I wanna surprise my Pragya so I wanna attend her class today so I wanna hide my identity n I wanna sit with u will u all co-operate with..Will u all accept me as one among u for an hour.All students looked at each other.Abhi says,Come on guys decide soon..else fuggi ll b back.Students shouted in chorus,Fuggi???

Abhi says,I mean..Pragya..Pragya Ma’am..Students laughed n says,OK..sir ur request accepted.Abhi smiles n says,Thank u n asks,Can u guide me Whr I wanna sit..I mean which place ll b hidden that she can’t see me.A boy from last row stands up n says,Sir..come n sit here..if u sit here no one ll find u..I always use to sit here to sleep n escape from bore lectures.All laughs.Abhi smiles n sits in the place Whr that boy said.Abhi asked, is ur Ma’am ll she give boring lectures or interesting.Students shouted n says,Interesting..

Suddenly,Pragya enters the class,Abhi bends down his head.Pragya asked,Why u r making such noise..nearby classes r thr na?Students smiled at her.Pragya asked,Wht happened to u guys..Y u ppl r keep on smiling.Students said,Nothing Ma’am.Pragya says,OK..let’s go to the topic.Students shouted Ma’am let’s talk generally.Pragya says,OK..let us talk but before that hav to listen the class for 15mins.Students said OK.Pragya teaches the topic.Abhi shooks his head n looks on Pragya while she teaching (Allah waariyan plays).Pragya finishes the topic n asks all to close their notes n books pens.All closed.Pragya says,Let us talk something generally.Students excited.Pragya says,Come on start..Initiate a topic.A student gets up n asks her to share her life’s experience on family,career..Pragya says,Do u ppl think that my life’s experience ll b Gud fr all u.Students said yes,Ma’am..Abhi too shouted yes..Maam.Pragya asks,Who is that shouting separately.Students smiled.Abhi shuts his face.Pragya says,OK..leave it n starts to share her life’s experience n abt her mom n how she had became a professor her collage days.Abhi looks on Pragya by smiling.

Abhi insits a student to ask her abt love.A student asked her to tell her view abt love..Marriage..Pragya smiles n asks,Do u wanna discuss this topic in class room.Students smiles n says,Yes..Ma’am.Pragya says,Then..OK..A student asked,Mam tell abt ur love..Abhi sir..Pragya smiles n says abt her childhood with Abhi n her first meeting n abt Delhi trip n she says,It was just a moment when I feeled that he is everything n he is my bhagya.Abhi smiles by hearing all this.A student asked,What was the moment Ma’am.As Pragya abt to say..A voice from last says,It was the moment..when Abhi had fullfilled her wish..and exactly the moment was when she saw Abhi behind her in the hotel in Delhi..At the time she realized her’t it..Pragya surprised who was that.Abhi stood up..

Pragya gets surprised n gets shy n shuts her mouth with her hands.Abhi asks,That was the moment ryt..n comes front.Pragya remains surprised.Students clapped.Pragya feels shy n asks Abhi with a blushed smile,Wht r u doing here?Abhi comes n holds her hand n asks,Come on say me that was the moment ryt?Pragya nods with smiles n says,And..this moment too n blushes.Abhi smiles.Students shouted as waaahhhh!!!Abhi signed them a thanks by waving his hand.As the Bell ranged all went out.Abhi sits in first bench before Pragya.Pragya asks,Wht r u doing here?Abhi drags her his side n makes her to sit besides her in first bench along with him.Abhi asked,Really..U don’t know y I’m here.Pragya smiles n says,No..Abhi puts his hand over her shoulder n says, problem lemme tell U wht I’m doing here.Pragya says,OK..first take ur hand away this is class room n pushed his hand.Abhi again puts his hand n says,I know this is class room but no one is here..Pragya smiles n says,Ok..tell me..Y did u come here.Abhi says,Well..

A colleague of Pragya passed by the class n smiles at them.Pragya feels shy n turned her face n shuts her face in his shoulder n says, don’t know how could I gonna face all.Abhi smiles n says,Come on..Pragya says,OK..tell me..Abhi says,I’m having an happy news.Pragya gets excited n asks,Wht it is?Abhi says,Well..Pragya was looking into his face.Abhi says,Well..Pragya says,Arey..tell..Abhi says,Well..I love u..Pragya stares at him n asks,Is the happy news?Abhi says,Y the words doesn’t make u happy?Pragya says,Suniye..Whts the matter tell me..Abhi says,I was in very good giv me a kiss like a golden fish(as Abhi usually say in kkb na)then I ll tell u.Pragya stares at him n says,I know..thr is nothing..for a kiss u r creating a story n stood up n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n jumps n sits in the table n makes Pragya to stand before him n rests his arms on her shoulder n says,Fuggi..u need some more patience..Pragya asked,Then really u hav a happy news?Abhi says,Ofcourse..Pragya says,Then say me..Abhi says,Well..Pragya says,Mmm..Abhi says,I had lied earlier na?

Pragya asks,Which lie?Abhi asked,Arey..How many times I would hav lied u?Pragya smiles n says,Many times..Abhi says,OK..just leave n abt to move.Pragya says,Just joking..joking..U had lied abt ur concert to postpone the wedding.Abhi says,Smartyy..U r ryt..those lies r became true.Pragya asks,Which means?Abhi said,Which means I had signed more contracts.Pragya smiles n gets happy n said,Wow..that’s great I’m really happy..Congratulations!!n gives her hand.Abhi says,U asked me na?Wht I’m doing here..I just wanna see ur smile n happy face when I’m saying this news.Pragya says,Whatever..I’m really really happy for u.Abhi smiles as Abhi pulls her towards him..she hugged him.Abhi says,thank u for ur hug.Pragya beats him in shoulder n says,U r becoming more naughtier day by day.Abhi smiles n gets down.Pragya says,OK..come let’s go for temple n drags him out of the class room.Abhi smirked n goes with her.

Due to words limitation can’t upload it fully the next part I.e., the previous precap ll b on next episode.Hope u guys r enjoying!!Keep supporting!!Love u all!!

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