Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 31

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Recap:Abhi consoles Pragya.

The episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi whats the reason for lying her.Abhi says,There is a reason.Pragya asks,Then whts the reason.Abhi remains silent n makes her to sit in a park bench.Pragya looks on.Abhi sits besides her n holds her hand n says,first promise me After knowing the truth u should never get upset or u should not cry.Pragya says,OK..Abhi says,Promise me!!Pragya says,OK..Promise..Abhi says,Pakka..Pragya says,Arey..Pakka promise.Abhi said everything to Pragya.Pragya shattered n broke in tears.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..fuggi..u promised me na u won’t cry but see pls don’t cry.Pragya says,I’m Sry..I’m such a big fool.Abhi says,fuggi..u r not a fool..u r innocent n caring so u trusted everyone so its not ur mistake..

pls don’t cry..Pragya says,Bcox of me u got scoldings from ur Dadi n all..I’m Sry.Abhi says,Hey..I know u ll react like this that’s y I didn’t told u anything.Pragya looks on.Abhi wiped her tears n says,Don’t wry don’t feel guilty everything is sorted out nothing to worry..But one kind advice don’t be so kind to Everyone some ll take advantage over ur kindness OK.Pragya nods n says,I’m Sry..Abhi says,Arey..Don’t say Sry..n smiles.Pragya nods n smiles.Abhi says,That’s gud..that’s my fuggi..n asks,Did u had ur dinner? Pragya says,No..wht abt u?Abhi says,No..But now I feel hunger..wait here I ll get something to eat from our regular road-side shop n leaves.Pragya smiles n thinks,He had done alot for me n thanked God for giving her such a world’s best companion n soulmate..I feel blessed to have him in my life n prays God to make him happy always.

On otherside,Peehu Bulbul Purab Ishaan saw Abhi n Pragya n gets happy n they gave hifi.Purab says,Excuse me n takes Bulbul aside from Peehu n Ishaan.Peehu smiles at them.Ishaan asks Peehu,So,they both r lovers.Peehu smiles n says,Haa..Ishaan says,BTW..I’m Ishaan Malhotra.Peehu says,Peehu Mehra.Ishaan says,Hey..I know u b4..I completed my MBBS in same college Whr u done but I’m senior to u.Peehu says,Oh..but I don’t know.Ishaan asks,So..Whr u done ur specialist degree.Peehu says,In Delhi..u..Ishaan says,London..

Peehu asks,London??Ishaan says,Haa..I know ur sister Alia too.Peehu asks,How?Ishaan smiles n says,Hey..come on..She too done her PG in London na so there is awareness btwn Indians in London..n moreover u r from celebrity family na.Peehu smiles n says,Ok..Ok..Abhi gets coffee n some samosas.Pragya says, says,Samosa too n smiles.Pragya says,But I wont like this samosa..Its non-veg ryt.Abhi nods n drinks coffee n having samosa n says,Yummy!!!Pragya smirked at him.Abhi says,Arey..its my favorite u know na?Pragya says,Haa..n smiles.Abhi says,Just hav an bite.Pragya says,Chii..I won’t like that..don’t force me.Abhi says,OK..leave it..Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya says,I love u..Abhi says,I know..Pragya pretend to be anger n says,So there is no value for this words now.Abhi says,Haa..No need of the words when u know the fact.Pragya smiles n says,U r the best in convincing me.Abhi gets near Pragya n rests his hand in shoulder n says, u think its easy to convince u.Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,Arey..its the most difficult part..u know how I’m struggling to convince this strict professor.Pragya pinches him n says,Is I’m that much rude on u.Abhi says, not at all..u r such a cute..cute..girl n smiles.As they were talking Abhi stuffed those samosa into her mouth forcefully n laughs.Pragya shouts n splits.

Abhi says,How it tastes..tastes Gud na..Pragya says,Chi..I said na I don’t like that..y u r doing like this n fumes in anger.Abhi says,Just chill baby..n abt to hug her.Pragya pushed him.Abhi says,Come on..give me a hug like a Gud girl.Pragya says,No..coz u r a bad boy.Abhi says,Really..Pragya says,Haa..really..Abhi smiles n says,U know wht bad boy ll do..Pragya feels vomiting sensation n feels bad.Abhi asks,Hey..fuggi..wht happened..Pragya says,Nothing..n vomitted.Abhi gives her water n says,I’m Sry..hereafter i won’t give such foods for u..I’m Sry..Pragya says,its OK.n sits.Abhi smiles at her n says,U r too weak..Pragya stares at him.Suddenly, Abhi shouts, I’m gonna b pappa.Pragya shuts his mouth n asks,what???Abhi laughs.Pragya asks,Hav u gone mad?Abhi says,Just joking yaar..Pragya says,How could u shout like this.Abhi says,However in future gonna experience this moment na so I’m just took an practice for that enjoyment.Pragya says,Chi…Can’t u hav any sense..Abhi asks,Whts wrong in that.Pragya says,Its not ur concert to make rehearsals..its a fatherhood so divine..Abhi says,Arey..Arey..stop ur lecture..Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,OK..OK..leave it lets go home.Pragya nods.

Abhi calls Peehu Ishaan Purab n Bulbul n introduced Ishaan to Pragya Purab n Bulbul n says,He is the man who helped me.Pragya thanked him.Peehu says,Bhai..he is Alia’s frnd..they both know each other while they were in London.Abhi says,Wow..that’s great n smiles.Abhi says,OK..let us meet tmrw..Abhi drops Pragya in her home.Purab drops Bulbul.Abhi n Peehu r goes to MM.Abhi hugs Peehu n says,Thank u..Peehu asks,Thank u uh??For what.Abhi says,For everything.Peehu says,No..need of thanks..Bhai..Go n sleep well.Abhi says,Ya..OK..Gud nyt.They both leaves.

Next morning,Purab calls Abhi n says,Abhi ur lies are came out as true.Abhi asks,Wht??Purab says, got back to back 3 huge concerts n albums.Abhi says,Really..Purab says,Do u think I ll lie like u n smiles.Abhi asks,Arey..come on..tell me..Purab says,Really bro..Come to the office ryt now n sign the papers.Abhi goes to Dadi n says,Dadi..gonna sign papers today bless me.Dadi blessed him n smiles n says,All the best well..Abhi says,Sure Dadi n leaves.Abhi gets into the office.Purab was waiting n sees him.Purab hugs n congratulates him.Abhi says,I don’t know wht I’m gonna do without u..n says,If u were a girl then sure I ll marry u.Purab says,Chi..Abhi says,Arey..its my love yaar..Purab says,OK..come n sign the papers.Abhi says,Sure..Purab says,Wait a minute n prays god.Abhi says,See again u r proving my words.Purab smiles n abt to keep him tilak but Abhi stops him n says,No..No..don’t put tilak.Purab says, I can’t fullfil this but if Pragya di here to keep u tilak u won’t stop her n U ll accept the tilak na.Abhi says,No..even if Dadi here I won’t accept.Purab says,Its OK..leave it come n sign.Abhi signs the contract.

Abhi calls Sarla n says,Maa I had signed the contracts.Sarla wishes him the best.Abhi asks about Pragya.Sarla says,She went to work.Abhi says,Ok..Maa n ends the call.Purab says,Abhi..u practice well I’m leaving now meet u in evening.Abhi nods n smiles.Abhi thinks to give surprise visit to Pragya’s institute.

Precap:Pragya makes Abhi to put tilak(Allah waariyan plays)

Hope u guys r enjoying n I know u all r excited about previous episode’s precap its turned to be lil bit naughtier??

Credit to: Tisha


  1. durga

    Soooo funny n cute… I loved today’s episode also… Today’s episode s also rocking like previous episodes… Keep rocking

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    nice episode… i wish some of cuttest moments of abhigya u mentioned in this and previous episodes present in kkb means it l be awesome.. well going..

  3. vaishali

    Ohhh my god simply superb yaar I can’t stop laughing.even now u r rocking pls update soon the next episode

  4. Surbhi

    hey Tisha it was awesome I was smiling while reading the episode and my laughter increased at that abhigya moment. πŸ˜€

  5. hani

    Wowww its so nice good excellent awesome idk how to express my feeling and u have an excellent work I love u r ff

  6. Lovely dude…
    I hope u know that I always say only one ohras fo ur ff and ur creation so ym repeating it again….u rock to the core…!!!!

  7. razia

    I knoe wat tisha .. As I told u I downloaded n saved al the episodes from epi 1-30 n started readn from sterday morning ..went to my room lying on bed .. N wen I read AK the episodes it was jus lyk I was in a dream n I felt soo sooo sooooo happie tat .. I felt lyk I’m in love n Im so obsessed with this .. N even started behaving like pragya of this ff .. U knoe wt .. I really wanna chat wid u tisha .. I knoe tisha means sriTISHAbbir .. So temme yua girl ? Or boy ? Love u dear fa giving me dis much happiness n m so happy dunno how many tymz I’ll say dis .. May God bless u n u b happy as alwz πŸ™‚

  8. razia

    Hey gal WHR is the next episode the whole day I’m waitn .. Y its getn late ? U uploaded n hasan dint approve ah ? Waassup

  9. Tisha

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