Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 30


Thank u guys for ur support!!Actually after reading ur comments I typed the pre episode so I upload on late night so it updated on early morning think so really Sry fr that especially Sry razia hope u slept well?
Recap:Ishaan comes thr to help Abhi.

The episode starts with Abhi asks Ishaan to come with him.Ishaan goes with Abhi by winking at Peehu.Peehu stares him.Abhi sees him n asks,Hey..Y u looking at her.Ishaan says,Nothing..Abhi informs police n asks them to come.Ishaan Abhi n police gets to Shiva’s home.Ishaan suddenly breaked all the gadgets n things.Abhi asks,r u mad?Ishaan says,Just chill..Abhi thinks,Is he is mad?n says,However he is helping.Shiva comes thr n sees Ishaan n Abhi.Ishaan keeps on breaking all the things.Shiva shouts,Ishaan wht the hell u r dng?Ishaan says,breaking the things.Shiva tries to beat him.Abhi holds Shiva’s collar n beats him hard n says,How dare u to do with my Pragya..n beats him hard.Ishaan stops Abhi n says,Rockstar instead of him u ll go to jail if u beat him like this.Police holds Shiva n asks to give him all the proofs.Shiva gets scared n says,Abhi I thought u won’t go for police that’s y I trapped u I’m Sry pls forgive me n gives all the photos n originals.Abhi asked,Ur trying to make me fool ryt?Do u hav some other backup copies.Shiva says,No n begs him to leave.Abhi says,If u betrayed me I ll forgive u bt u betrayed my Pragya I won’t leave u for that n asks,Police to arrest him.Police takes him from thr.Abhi says,Inspector..pls don’t tell this to anyone b confidential pls.Inspector says,Sure..Abhi sir n leaves.Abhi hugs Ishaan n says,Thank u..I even don’t know who u r but u helped me alot.Ishaan says,But I know u very well.Abhi asks,How?

Ishaan says,Arey..u r a Rockstar na..Abhi smiles n says,Anyways thanks dude.Ishaan says,Its OK..They both leaves from thr n came back to the place where they met.Abhi explains peehu about all the happening n says,Shiva gets arrested.Peehu smiles n says,Thank God..Abhi says,God..Whr God comes here..this man only came..Peehu argues,God ll help us in someone’s roop.Abhi says,Haa..thum Aur thumari God..they both argues n left the place.Ishaan looks on them n says himself,How weird family n leaves from thr.Peehu says, all problems solved na just call to bhabi n apologize her.Abhi says,U r ryt..I ll meet her.Peehu says, of luck n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Yes I need all ur lucks today to convince Pragya.Peehu smiles n says,Ok..I’m leaving to hospital.Abhi says,OK..

Abhi calls Pragya,Pragya picks the phone but didn’t attend the call.She says herself,Y he is calling me now?Now only he remembered me?I won’t pick the call.Abhi calls her again..she didn’t respond.Abhi says,Sure she ll be in high temper so he texts her,Fuggi as always we ll meet at 6 in evening for coffee so come to the place.Pragya reads the message n replies,U go n hav coffee with ur lies n ego.Abhi reads the msg n says,I had done all for her but she is saying me as an egoistic..ya her anger is also crct but wht to do know..Abhi texts her to attend the call n calls her.Pragya attends the call n says,I don’t wanna anything from u..I know u ll lie again n again to comfort me so I don’t need ur fake comfortness.Abhi says,Will u give me a chance to speak…I ll tell U all the truth pls come to meet me.Pragya says,No..I won’t come.Abhi says, need of u to come..Pragya says,Yes..tis is ur ego..Abhi says,Then whts ur attitude?U wanna me to bend b4 u..Pragya says,Who needs that n ends the call n anger.Abhi throws the phone n says,Go to hell..n lies down.At nyt,Peehu comes home n gets into Abhi’s room.She sees Abhi is sleeping.She wakes up Abhi n asks,Did u met bhabi..did u apologize her..wht she said.Abhi wakes up says,Now..She should apologize me..Peehu remains clueless n asks,Wht?

Abhi said all.Peehu says,So..u shouted at her..u again complicated the could u do this.Abhi shouts,Arey..she showed the attitude.Peehu says,Bcoz she hurted.Abhi says,I understand but she didn’t give me a chance.Peehu says,OK..forget all now go to her home n console her.Abhi says,Hav u gone mad?see whts the time v ll see it tmrw..I’m so tired of beating Shiva so I wanna sleep n sleeps.Peehu says, wanna do something..she calls Bulbul n says everything.Bulbul says,OK let us make them to meet now.Peehu asks,How..Bulbul says the idea.Peehu says,But I can’t come now..Bulbul says,Purab ll pick u..I ll bring Pragya di.Peehu says,Then ok..After a hour.Purab calls Peehu.Peehu attends the call n says,Haa..Purab wait I ll come n ends the call.Peehu jumps from the window n gets outside.Abhi sees someone near window n sees Peehu jumping from window.Abhi says,Arey..Whr she is going in this nyt n sees she gets into Purab’s car.Abhi says,Wht Purab is doing here..n thinks to follow them.

Purab n Peehu reached a roadside shop.Abhi follows them n watching them from a distance.Purab asks Peehu to call Abhi.Peehu says,But Bulbul didn’t came still.Purab says,she ll come.Suddenly,Ishaan comes thr n asks peehu,Wht u r dng here?with him.Peehu says,Wht u r dng here?Purab asks Peehu,Who is this?Ishaan says,First answer my question?Abhi watches this from far n gets confused what that man is doing here?Peehu smirked n says,Both of them just stop..n calls Abhi.Abhi phone vibrated.Abhi picks the phone n thinks y she is calling me..Is she seen me n attends the call.Peehu says,Bhai..someone kidnapped me pls come to save me n pretends as crying.Abhi thinks,Haa..See how she is lying n says,Haa..Peehu..Purab kidnapped u ryt.Peehu shocked n says,Bhai..Abhi asks her to turn.Peehu turned Purab too turned n shocked to see Abhi.Abhi comes thr n asks peehu,Wht r u doing here?Ishaan says,Haa..I too asking the same but she didn’t answer.Peehu smirked.Abhi says,Wait..wait..n asks Ishaan,y should she answer she is ur sister or mine.Ishaan says,Ofcourse.urs.

.Abhi asks Peehu to answer me first.Purab completely confused n stands dumbstruck.Peehu looks behind Abhi n smiles.Abhi says,I’m here..y u r looking behind me..n turns..Abhi sees,Bulbul n Pragya comes thr.Abhi asked So its ur plan ryt?Purab n Peehu nods.Ishaan asks,Who r they again 2 more new character.Peehu says,Areyy..u r the new character..y u r following us.Pragya sees Abhi n scolds Bulbul so u brought me here to meet him ryt?Bulbul nods.Bulbul sighs Purab Peehu to come with her.They all leaves.Ishaan looks on Abhi n Pragya.Purab drags him aside.
Pragya n Abhi standing in opposite direction both of them didn’t speak a long silence.Abhi thinks,I should start first n says,Pragya..Pragya doesn’t respond.Abhi hugs her from back n says,I’m sorry fuggi..Pragya pushed him n cries n says,Y u r asking me sry..u don’t wanna share me anything ryt?Thn y u r asking Sry after hurting me alot..U know I didn’t get hurted when u postpone the wedding..I didn’t get hurted when u lied me but I hurted alot when u said,I don’t wanna share my part with u..I’m a fool..I thought u r my everything but u thought me as an outsider ryt?n cries hard.Abhi remains with teary eyes n says, Nothing like that..u know na u r my everything..then y u r speaking like this.Pragya says,Ya..I know but u changed alot U r hiding everything from me n cries.Abhi hugs her n says,Hey fuggi..fuggi..U know na I love u so much.Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi says,There is a reason behind my behavior I know I’m wrong pls trust me..give me a chance.Pragya says,How could I untrust u..pls don’t say,Trust me..I trust u alot but..whts the need of lying.Abhi gets emotional by hearing Pragya’s unconditional trust n cries n hugs her tightly.(Tere bin plays)

Precap: Abhi shouts I’m gonna become a pappa..Pragya shocked n asks,What??

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. ohh god the precap is so interesting pls upload the episode as soos a possible pls pls pls or else my head will burst but awesome episode today loved abhigya’s fight.

  2. No words to explain, simply amazing amazing wnd amazing…. Creativity matters! Waiting for ur next update

  3. I was skilling and laughing when I was reading this

    1. Smiling not skilling

  4. superb epi yaar… precap is so intrsng…

  5. Omg…very nice episode.. Pragya’s character is lovely…nd the precap..??? Very interesting…y abhi s telling lyk that..I’m confused..pls update soon tisha..will their marriage happen?? Unite them soon ya..

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  10. Abhigya conversation was nice.
    Waiting for the next episode.
    Congrats for the completion of 30 days. I must say from day 1 the tempo, eagerness and cuteness didn’t reduce 🙂 🙂

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  16. Started downloading the ff from episode 1 😉

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  19. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Amazing…….

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