Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-3


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The episode starts with Abhi and pragya moving out of the recording theatre by leaving their car there itself.They started to walk towards road-side shop people around him starts shouting Abhi!!Abhi!!.Abhi smiles at them and says I love u all and asks them to give some privacy.Pragya asks Abhi, can we go for some other restaurant,I think ur fans are all around. Abhi replies,my fans is my strength and they won’t annoy me and I would love to have some road-side foods pragya replies even I too and thinks he is still the same in some behavior.Abhi asks pragya so!!!What’s going in ur life,how is ur work,family and all.Pragya smiles and asks him now only u thought to ask all these stuffs.Abhi nods s and says u didn’t even ask me anything about me na.Pragya replies,I asked about all u ppl to ur sister Peehu.Abhi smiles and says that All India radio (Peehu)told u everything ryt.Pragya nods s.Well,then say,told Abhi.

Pragya replies work was going good(she was working as coacher in TOEFL coaching class).And mu family is all good.And I hope u know that bulbul was working in purab’s office. Abhi nods s and says I heard that u quited singing (Pragya had sung 2to3 songs but it doesn’t clicked for her,so she thinks herself as unlucky) Pragya replies yes,but you forced me alot to do this album but unfortunately today recording was cancelled. (She thinks because of her badluck that recording cancelled) Abhi says all for good.

Then they reaches a shop where Gulfi and sharbath was placed in front of the table.Abhi sees that and sings main rang sharbath o ka tu meete ghat ka paani…!!Pragya smiles and says u r proving that u r a Rockstar by singing the song in situation. Abhi smiles pragya orders Gulfi and Abhi too orders the same.(They bought and started to walk towards the studio)
Abhi asks pragya u know tanu ryt.Pragya says yes.Abhi says tanu gave huge love on his money and image but not for him.Pragya interrupts and asks I didn’t asked u anything about that.Abhi says yes u didn’t asked me but I wanna say this to u bcoz u are a boring person so u deserve my boring past and smiles at her.Pragya smiles and says if ur past I too boring then forgot that and live the present. Abhi says u r ryt even my dadi use to console me like this but one thing is clear love is not at all true it ll change according to need and cause.

Pragya says love is not predefined it is just a magic it should just happen. If it happens then u won’t let it to go off ur life at any cost. Abhi looks surprisingly. Pragya continues by saying I don’t know whether all love ll end in marriage but some love ll sustain forever by trust and friendship, such love ll give us the lots of happiness,responsibility, meaning of life,worth of relationships.Then one day the girl will feel that he is the person who is going to give her the BHAGYA of KUMKUM.Abhi looks on(Allah waariyan plays).
(they reached the studio)Abhi says ur words may be true but I don’t have trust on those what u said. Pragya says u ll feel it one day When the magic happen to u.

Abhi replies I don’t think so and says her that ur car is waiting and I think it’s the time to leave.Pragya nods and leaves by saying bye. Abhi too gets into his car and starts driving. Pragya thinks how could she told these much about love for the first time and she surprised by her speech that she given to Abhi.While driving Abhi thinks is pragya’s words are true,is the love is magic,how could it happen and says himself that,she is a good teacher so she had given him good lecture and smiles.(O rabba ki kaaran plays)

Precap:Abhi in his music room,thinks himself he should never fool his fans by fake love lyrics so he planned to compose a good and Rocking friendship song.

Hope u guys ll like this.

Credit to: Tisha

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