Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 29


Thanks for ur comments guys I know u ppl r eager on disclosing the suspense.
Recap:Peon informs Pragya that someone had came to meet u.
The episode starts with Pragya goes to meet the person.Pragya sees him n asks,Arey..Wht u r doing here.He(its Purab)replies,Pragya di..I’m Sry I couldn’t attend ur haldi yesterday..Bulbul is anger on me for not attending ur haldi she even didn’t talk with me..that’s y I came here first to apologize u..u can easily convince Bulbul.Pragya smiles n says,No problem Purab..y u r apologizing no need of that I ll talk to Bulbul.Purab says,Thank u Pragya di..Pragya says,So ur work finished very well ryt.Purab asks,How u know that?Pragya smiles n says,Haa..V all now u arranged meeting that’s y he got back to back concerts albums etc n marriage date is postponed cox of that.Purab surprised n asks,What?Abhi got back to back concerts?

Meeting?Pragya di..I didn’t arrange any meeting?Actually he cancelled all the meetings coz of haldi function n he postponed the concert after the Marriage.Pragya shocked n asks,Purab r u sure?Purab says,Haa..di..he won’t do anything without informing me..something is fishy.Pragya gets confused n in extreme sad.Purab asks,Who told all these?Pragya was in thinking his words.Purab asks,again.Pragya just came to normal n says,He only told.Purab says,Di..u just relax I ll talk to him.Purab takes his phone n could see more than 10messages from Abhi.Purab says,Arey..Abhi asked me to call n calls him.Abhi picks the call within a ring n asks, Purab whr r u..I had leaved many msgs but u didn’t response.Purab says,Abhi I came to see Pragya di..Abhi thinks asks,Did she said anything.Purab says,Haa..Whts this Abhi..concert..albums..before Abhi speaks Pragya gets the phone from Purab n hears whts Abhi saying.Abhi on other side says,Purab..Ya pls u manage that wht I’m said is true n pls don’t tell anything to her just tell that u don’t know abt the meeting.Pragya says,So..U lied.Abhi hears Pragya’s voice n shattered down.Pragya gives the phone to Purab with teary eyes n leaves.Purab asks,Pragya di wht happened?Pragya didn’t respond n leaves from thr.

Pragya goes to Abhi’s studio where Abhi is tensed n thinks how to manage pragya.Pragya sees Abhi.Abhi sees her n stood up n says,Pragya..Pragya asks,Why did u lied.Abhi goes near her n holds her hand n says,I didn’t lied..Purab doesn’t know abt the contracts.Pragya pushed his hand says,Don’t lie again n again.Abhi asks her to relax.Pragya says,I wanna know the reason.Abhi says,There is nothing as much u think.Pragya asks,So u lied ryt?Abhi says,Yes..Pragya asks,Wht was the reason for lying me..Abhi says,Somethings r thr which I couldn’t share with anyone.Pragya asks,Even u can’t share with me?Abhi says,Yes..I can’t share with u.Pragya shattered n says,No use of talking with u n I can’t manage ur ego.Abhi asks,Whr the ego comes here.Pragya says,Im not ready to answer ur questions.Abhi shouts,Even I too.Pragya cries n about to leave.Abhi thinks y he is showing anger on her n goes near her n holds her hand.Pragya shouts, Leave me..just leave me..Abhi shocked.Pragya says,Just stay with ur lie n ego leave me n left the place.Abhi breaks the things n sits in anger.Pragya cries n walks in the road.Shiva sees her n asks,Pragya Whr u r going?Pragya says,Home.Shiva asks,Y u r crying is everything is OK.Pragya says,Ya..Shiva says,Come Pragya I ll drop u in home.Pragya refuses but as Shiva forced she accepted.Peehu comes thr n sees Pragya with shiva n goes thr n asks,Bhabi..whr u r going?Pragya says,Home..Peehu says,Come I ll drop u.Shiva says,No..I ll drop her.Peehu says,Excuse me..she is my bhabi I ll drop her ok n says Pragya to gets into the car.Pragya just remains in Abhi’s thought n gets into the car.Peehu drops Pragya in her home n came to Abhi’s studio.

She sees Abhi sitting in anger.Peehu shouts at Abhi,Bhai..Wht r u dng?Y u r so dumb..Abhi shouts,Wht u wanna me to do.Peehu says,Just say the truth to bhabi.A fb shows(One day in Pragya’s institute cultural at the time Shiva used to take some photos with Pragya n he misused by editing those pictures cox he wanna marry Pragya but as he knows she was in relationship with Abhi he wanna ruin the relationship so he met Abhi n blackmails him by saying that he ll upload thos pictures on internet if he gets married with pragya Abhi tries to destroy those photos but he couldn’t do that..Abhi personally hired some persons to catch him but he escaped to some other place at the time Abhi asked Pragya for court marriage and Abhi thought he had scared n escaped fb ends)Peehu asked Abhi,So he called u on the day of haldi.Abhi says,Yes..he again blackmailing me with those fake photographs.Peehu asks,U scared of that idiot n postponed the wedding ryt?Abhi says,No..Peehu he is not an idiot n I don’t wanna ignore him I wanna destroy him so I need some time to finish him.Peehu asks,Bhai..

u r a Rockstar if u give a complaint he ll easily trapped.Abhi says,Yes..that’s the problem if those photos get into someothers hand they ll also try to trap us..but I had alerted everyone as he is here sure he gonna die in my hands.Peehu says,Atleast v hav to tell this to bhabi.Abhi asks,How could u say if she knows this she ll b shattered everyone ll become sad n they all start to worry.Peehu says,But bhabi is feeling cheated now.Abhi says,Lemme handle her.Peehu says,But bhai those were fake photos how could it ll effect.Abhi says,v know tose r fake photos but others won’t believe it..Even I don’t want anyone to point fingers on my Pragya.Peehu says,U r ryt but today that Shiva met bhabi n insist her to get in his bike but I saw them n I dropped bhabi in home..Atleast to save bhabi v hav to inform her.Abhi gets angry n says,Ur bhabi is a fool i had told her already to stay away from him but she gave me lectures abt him but see wht happened today..from tmrw even his shadow could never think of pragya..I gonna catch him red hand n gonna handover to the police by tonight.Peehu says,How could it possible.Abhi says,It is possible but I need ur help.Peehu says,Ofcourse.Abhi says,let’s go.

Abhi calls police who helped him already n says,Shiva is back n V wanna catch him immediately don’t leak the info coz its related to my family.Police said OK sir.Abhi says,We ll follow him n ll inform the place u ppl should come thr n hav to destroy all the proofs.Abhi asks Peehu to follow him n Abhi goes somewhere.Peehu follows Shiva.As Shiva was getting into the car Peehu tries to gets into the car via dickey.Peehu tries to get in at the time someone holds her n drags outside she fell down n his car moves from thr.Peehu gets angry n looks at the person.He gives her the hand n asks,Peehu y u r following him.Peehu shouts who r u?Y u dragged me outside..n how u know me.Abhi comes thr n asks Peehu Whr was Shiva.Peehu says,He left.Abhi shouts how could u r so irresponsible.Peehu says,This man drags me out.Abhi asks,Who r u?The man says,I’m Ishaan(imagine Iqbal)..I’m a doctor.Abhi asks,So u came here to ruin our plan.Ishaan says,No I came here to save ur sister..u know that guy is my cousin n he is very bad but ur sister is following him.Abhi holds his collar n asks,So he is ur u should help us n says all the matter.Ishaan smiles n says,Don’t wry Abhi I ll handle this n I ll give u all the original proofs to u.Abhi says,OK..let us do that now.Ishaan smiles n says,Its not at all a big matter but u guys r worrying for that.Abhi says,Its big matter in my view n asks him to come.

Precap: Ishaan gets into Shiva’s home n destroyed all his gadgets n they both waits for him in his house.

Credit to: Tisha

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    In this ff the characterisation of abhigya was nice .. Than the original one .. They trust each other very much

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